Pelosi Asks Joint Chiefs to Put Country at Risk?

Office of U.S. House Speaker's Speaker Office, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Nancy Pelosi reportedly asked the Joint Chiefs of Staff what precautions could be taken to prevent Trump from launching a nuclear attack.

According to CNBC:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Friday that she spoke to Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley about available precautions that would block “an unstable president” — Donald Trump — from “ordering a nuclear strike,” or even accessing nuclear launch codes and starting other military hostilities.

“The situation of this unhinged President could not be more dangerous, and we must do everything that we can to protect the American people from his unbalanced assault on our country and our democracy,” Pelosi, D-Calif., said in a letter to fellow Democratic lawmakers.

A spokesman for the Office of the Joint Chiefs said Pelosi initiated a call with Milley and “he answered her questions regarding the process of nuclear command authority.”

The Pentagon and the National Security Council did not respond to CNBC’s requests for comment.

Trump’s inability to fulfill his duties as commander in chief could leave the United States susceptible to attack from enemies abroad, something Pelosi unlikely thought of before making er request public.

  1. So Nancy is trying to agitate her party into an uprising by promoting all these theories about what Trump MIGHT? do. All to get her base to start a riot to blame on the Republicans. This in turn will get the Repubs so pi..ed that they will also start a riot so she can blame Trump again. It isn’t enough to so she needs another reason to try for impeachment. WHAT A FILTHY BI..H. Hate overrules her immorality.

    1. I GET SICK JUST LOOKING AT HER. She is obsessed with power. What did she and her senile great friend . Biden do for our country and the people? NOTHING. It is high time for them and other seniors to retire. They were getting OUR money sitting in Congress and Senate for decades selling their influence to Chinese crooks.

          1. Albert, I am not interested in walking around a golf course following a ball, too much like a job

          2. So I guess it’s ok if Obama goes on the golf course because he has the letter :D” behind his name ? in 8 years it was around 110 golf outings….so that’s basically once a week. If liberals didn’t have double standards they would have no standards at all !

        1. All I see of her is a carbon copy of her father, he ruined Baltimore Md, Just look up her father and brother. I used to love visiting my Aunts, Uncles and older sister, all were forced to move out of Balto. when it became a huge crime area.

          1. Interesting Jeanne RS. It does follow in Families after All. Thank you. Happy new year from Western Australia.

          2. l use to hear about the D’Alessandro’s when I was growing up but I don’t remember either one of them being as evil as she is.

        2. Hey Fey, you noticed that, too? That woman is so ugly I would be afraid to look at her face to face. That’s where all those familiar looking statues come from in DC, people looking at Nancy P. and turning to stone. Yeah I believe she was the inspiration for that old Greek legend. She has been around since way back then, you know.

          1. Wasn’t pelosi a bit player in a vampire flick? The poor vampire died from dem poisoning after it bit the hag from hell.

          1. What a combo, a raging LOONATIC and a raging ALCOHALIC. No damned wonder it’s a demoncrat.

      1. Ditto , the best part of the mask rule though is that we don’t have to look at that smirk when we is talking .
        God Help America as I fear now it will be destroyed .

          1. Albert your really not worth a responce. You really should try to get away from CNN and the dem party line, I know it’s asking a lot of you sheeple but you might want to think for yourself every once and a while. Just be careful not to overtaxed that pea brain of yours

        1. You idiot. He was obsessed with helping the American people. Wait till the jackasses you voted for start destroying America, then you will see who is obsessed with power. Educate yourself.

          1. No truer words have ever been said Maryann. Absolute Power……………. Ain’t that the Truth! Thank you.

        2. And you are obsessed with causing controversy, as are most myopic Democrats. Because of people like you who are unwilling or are incapable of reading the writing on the wall, the world will have to learn all over what it means to fight for freedom. The Left has just released the Kraken.

        3. Hey—think you hAve wrong party—Dems are the ones obscessed
          with power—Trump is the people’s President!!

        4. I’m sure all TRUMPERS will tell you our PRESIDENT TRUMP isn’t done and 2022 and 2024 look out demoRATS and RINOS!!!!!!!!!!! That is one way to get revenge!!!!!!!!!!

          1. We hope! If I was voting in person I would take bricks to where the Voting Machines are and Smash Them. That would teach the Powers that be a lesson that the ppl are Not to be Trifled with! Thanks Artell.

        5. Obviously, you enjoy having Pelosi and her gang that have reigned in these positions for decades taking our Social security, and our tax dollars and placing them in sheltered bank accounts to continue to fund their power over the people! Example would be the bullshit 100 million dollar pork fund to Cambodia for their transgenders, the 50o million dollars for the arts, and much more for non covid important items! These are clearly great causes for the tax payers money to be spent! These people don’t give an ounce of shit about you, or this country! They only care about the money and power! Pull your head out of your ass!

      2. Amen. The only change to be made in your comment is instead of retiring I think they should take a long nap, a long dirt nap. That is the only way to get rid of pests and vermin like Nancy and her chum.

          1. She is Older than Slow Blow Y’Know. I agree with you GJB, hope she breaks her neck or at least a Leg to slow her down a bit with her Totalitarian Quest!

          1. Talk about ignorance! ‘Awoman’ I could not stop laughing and shaking my head when I saw that news clip.

      3. I get it with the retiring or recall of many of these persons; however, please don’t make the ridiculous assumption that it is only about age (seniors), gender, or political persuasion. A bottom feeder and cream topper comes in all shapes and colors. Just look at AOC and her pimped tribe of hoes. They have caused a great deal of damage to our nation.

        1. Well the Squad haven’t done too much damage yet. But give them Time and older leaders teaching them and we’ll see what they can do! That’s why the American ppl needs to Primary and Vote these Greedy Vermin Out in 2 years and 4 years time. I hope President Trump comes up with a Party of his own and soon. After he is out of Power he’ll be in the perfect place to Decimate the Repubs and take some Conservative Dumbs as well. MAGA Party On, Yee-Haa! Go get’em President Trump or if Banned, Jim Jordan and Josh Hawley. They are both Really impressive but that’s just my perspective from afar! Good Luck America, the good Repubs and President Trump!

        1. Forget her age…she is just f***ing STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As are her constitutents who keep sending her back at our great expense.

        2. Foreget her age…she is just plain STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As are her constituents who keep sending her back at our great expense.

        1. The guy that sat at her desk was a huge improvement over the usual tenant! He certainly did not pass any legislature while he was “In Office”.

        2. Kudos to the guy who sat at NP’s desk. He should be given an award! Good for him. He speaks for millions of us against whom one of the biggest acts of fraud was recently committed! This entire “assault” on the Capital were the actions of a huge collective body of Americans who are able to recognize fraud when they see it – plain and simple!

        3. Oh yeah, that’s the guy who stole the old boozer’s stash of alcohol! You know the same booze that makes her tongue so thick she can’t complete sentences and her brain so saturated her eyes get big and her brain freezes when she is on camera!

          1. I think the eyes are big because of all the plastic surgery. After awhile the skin get pulled so tight the eyes pop open. It’s either that or her thyroid, but I’m going with the face jobs.

      1. Anything that happens in the next four years will be blamed on Trump whether he had anything to do with or not. How many politicians have stated in the the borders should be secured when are running for office only to have a different tune once they get elected.

        1. Let’s see what happens when good ole Uncle Joe decides to take down the wall – you want protests – you’re bound to get them! Even the Mexicans will protest!

    2. Her hate doesn’t overrule her immorality, her immorality fuels her hate. Unless she’s a total idiot, a discussion for another time, as a Catholic (in name only) she knows she’s on a Fast Track to Hell.
      Where, no doubt, she’ll be joined by so many of her fellow Democrats of the past and surely into the future. They just aren’t there yet.

      1. Not until they have accomplished their dirty work. She must be stopped. She and her followers are dangerous people. Look what is running California and the problems it has. She chose that governor. People and businesses are jumping ship to get away from the controlling Demo-rats. Imagine what will now happen to the USA with Kamala at the helm.

        1. Satan plants thoughts into ppl’s minds AchooS. The Lord knows them that are His and He will destroy anyone who follows Satan. Better start Praying in the Spirit and not just your native tongue. Good Luck.

      2. They Have to Wreck the American Economy! They are Hell-Bound to do it with their Stupid Policies. The GND Alone will Bankrupt the US. Then there’s the stopping of the Fossil Fuel Industry, how many Jobs will that cost? Just 2 Examples of the Folly that Now will happen. Not too mention the Money they will make with options on the Destruction of the Energy Markets. All Legal but Not Right for the American People or Worldwide either! Good Luck America, the good Repubs and President Trump.

    3. lavron — you have her intentions nailed !!!!! She is looking to initiate trouble to further her wanting to get Trump out of the White House, not only sooner but in disgrace. The only unstable people we have to deal with are every member of the demoTRASH party. She is nothing but a dementia/alcohol ladened insane no-class low-life POS.

    4. She’s going off the Deep End! She seems to be Projecting what she wants to do when everything is handed over to her side of Politics. It is meant to Scare All of US Worldwide and create Panic and FUD to distract US From what they have done to get this far! Killary, CFIUS and Uranium 1, (not so) Secret Email Server so she could talk to the Savages who could fund her assault on American Values, Stinky (B.O.) Using the Dumb-Telligence Services and the media to Spy and Libel the opposition (Candidate, President-Elect and President Trump). Using the FISC by Lying to them to keep him under Surveillance and so on…… The only way this is going to stop is if the People stop paying Taxes by their Employers saying Enough is Enough of ALL This BullShit! Does that spell it out for ALL of You in the US! BTW, I am just a lone Englishman, living in Ashfield, Western Australia. If I can think this way, how many of you can?

  2. All of this crap being done by the democrats total bs. I just left Twitter and have moved on to clout. Twitter can go to hell I don’t need to associate with an organization that is going to tell me how to think and what to say.

    1. For Google and Apple to try to destroy their competition it outrageous. Where’s Congress in this mess. They work overtime putting an end to monopolies, well, where’s Congress is stopping the monopoly that Google and Apple have created??????????? It’s all talk and no action!

    1. I just saw an article where Nancy calls herself a Lioness. The title was turned into “Lying Ass” and that is such a perfect name for her and description. I closed my twitter account and suggest millions more conservatives follow. You can also get on parler without using the Apple app. Go to I changed from google to DuckDuckGo search engine and they are great.

      1. Ex Senator ex Vice President, president-Select Senior imbecile, leader of the decietocrats and Chinese puppet

    1. Totally Unhinged? Hasn’t this Bitch looked at herself in the mirror just one time a day? WHY in God Almighty, is this woman still allowed to roam the Halls of the Capitol? One day, she will be kicked out on her Vile mouth and pulled down the steps of congress with her skinny body hitting each step for what she has done for all of her useless years in congress and there will be a joyous cheer for each step that hits her vicious head! Keep it up, Nancy and you will Reap what you have sewn!

    2. In old age homes there is usually a wing devoted to people like her . It’s the Non-Rash ward for those who are non-rational . Sad that Congress is being led by someone who belongs there .

    3. No she’s still mad. This time for more power. She could be the one who will get Schiff to impeachment Biden once he moves towards the center. That will then get Californian and fellow leftist “Fweedom Harris” sworn in

  3. If anyone is unhinged it’s this pile of rotting flesh piglosji she belongs in prison with the rest of the corrupt POS running our country,they have way forgotten they work for us,time these sorry people get their just rewards!!!!

  4. Iran just seized a South Korean ship, (an ally of the US) and made demands to get it back.
    Biden will, of course, pay them whatever they want after bending over and kissing the Ayatollahs asses just as Obama did.
    Wait and watch. Needless to say the ‘media’ will do their best to cover it all up.

      1. That was the first excuse for boarding the vessel. Then the government said that two years ago South Korea froze an Iranian bank account containing 7 billion dollars. They have demanded South Korea unfreeze the account. That much money can provide a huge amount of weapons to the terrorists they support.

  5. The real unhinged actor in this ridiculous, never-ending play is the lame-brain Nancy Pelosi. When when when can we finally be rid of her!

      1. Of course she did. What else would you expect with all the mentally-diseased CA leftie constituents in her district. She could not muster more than 3% of the total vote in any rational thinking congressional district. That Bay Area herd of sheep keep her in office and that speaks volumes of their infantile knowledge of reality.
        I’m sure all the ballot harvesting from all the homeless didn’t hurt her chances either !

  6. The reason is because there is a possibility that her co-conspirators, China, invades the USA.
    She is as crazy as a fox.

  7. This I do not how to call her is beyond crazy. People who vote this on to be speaker of house again must be giving some kool aid before.

  8. Pigleosi, schmucker mcconell, pence, romney schiffer, biden are all anti American communists. May God have mercy on there souls. Just remember God’s watching and listening always. You don’t destroy his nation whatsoever. In God we trust. God bless America 🇺🇸. 🇺🇸. Lord hear this prayer, in Jesus name I pray AMEN 🙏

      1. No he didn’t. He wants us all to wake up before it’s too late. Don’t think like left , they all will be sucked back to hell one day just look to our savior

      2. All in his plan. Remember, God tests Us daily. Pray for America. This will be our time of trial and with prayer we will over come this travesty

    1. Hopefull she will die the most slow painful death ever for a person of her means. She will be begging for her expensive ice cream in HELL.

  9. The person she should be worried about is her beloved Biden. The man is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. Of course, the idea of Biden making decisions about nuclear war doesn’t bother her because she knows his puppet masters won’t let him anywhere near anything important. Speaking of dim bulbs…Pelosi’s bulb needs a few turns to just connect with the power source.

  10. Greetings from red state, Utah.
    This A-woman is dispicable. She, accusing Trump of mental instability!!?? Look within, Nancy. Oh, btw you still prayin’ Nance; YOU STILL PRAYIN’!?!?

  11. The hate really runs deep. The hate Trump so much and his BIG crime is that he “loves America” and they can’t stand anyone that puts Country before politics.

  12. dear Nancy Pelosi, this time those rioters were sitting in your chair but next time they’ll join your funeral service.

  13. The ONLY ones that are “unstable” are the terrified democommunists that used a Italian IT Tech, military-grade cyber warfare technology, and a military satellite based in Italy at our embassy to use “data manipulation” and a virus to upload the ” vote changes” to a “server” in Frankfurt germany that changed votes from President Trump, to dementia-Joe and his ineligible “anchor baby” “HO”. He was CAUGHT by Italian security, and will testify and name names, as long as he and his familily are protected from the corrupt, TREASONOUS, U.S. “alphabet agencies” that hired him to do so, and ILLEGALLY gave him to “codes” to accress our technology.

    1. Yep, the truth always comes out., Be patient, have faith, keep your eyes toward God. :). He is still on the Throne. 🙌

  14. There is somebody “UNHINGED” alright. It is Nancy Pelosi and the ENTIRE Democrat Political Party.

    Anybody who identifies as a liberal Democrat should be embarrassed for being that stupid. You don’t need to be a Republican (I’m not) but at least the Republicans are not insane or stupid.

  15. More and More Nancy sounds like a rejected angry woman …Could she be a HELL HATH NO FURY ..example ? So much hatred takes a lot of energy so just what drives her ?? OR is she just plain CRAZY ?????

    1. “Our Acts of Rebellion against THEE are past counting.
      And Our Sins bear witness against us” Isaiah 59:12

      Speaker Pelosi is frantic to clear the way for all the backdoor business deals she & others agreed to bring to fruition. There is only only ONE person could expose and destroy her and those who have participated in this ongoing Plan ( 6 decades)
      Biden and Harris are an arm of this Plan to the finish line.

  16. Its not just apparent, its right up front that Nancy Pelosi seriously ought to be mentioning Joe Biden as he is as stable as a cork-screw is straight.

  17. Seems to me, all the hype over the Capitol incident, has distracted from the election fraud. Are we ever going to get answers on what we saw with our own eyes? Heard with our own ears? And by the way, Pelosi seems to be the one unhinged. Maybe the narrative should be reversed to target an unstable 80 year old lady that has completely lost her sense of mind.

    1. Point well made. Pelosi, Waters the squad, and many many more Democratics have worked hard against President Trump by exciting violence and disrespecting President Trump and the Office. Now they want the country to come together. I do not believe they are capable to look within and to see the hypocrisy of their party let alone the election fraud they skillfully organized. With the actions listed and many others it will be very hard for unity of our country to happen especially reading the far left itinerary they have listed. The direction our country is going makes me glad I am going out of this life and not in. May God bless and protect us!

  18. Free-speech platform gab’s traffic just grew by 750%. They have their own servers, are funded by donations from their members, not from any Silicon Valley masters.

  19. She knows damn well that President Trump is not going to launch a nuclear attack. She makes up stuff to try to make him look bad. If anyone will push the button, it’s Hiden Biden – perhaps the stupidest politician on the planet. Duh, er, I meant, what did I say?

    1. President Truman launched a nuclear attack.
      Was he wrong to do so?

      Trump has the ability to make us safe from Iran and North Korea.
      Does he have the will?

      1. If you are able to, check the facts, the President can not declare war, only CONGRESS can. You really are a chump. Get off all forms of social media, before you prove you are stupid.

  20. Pelosi is the mentally deraigned and unstable member of the congress of the US. She should be in a mental institution for further evaluation to determine her mental capabilities. The entire country already know that she is hopeless drunk that stumbles around DC constantly even while at the house podium she slurs her words and talks incoherently all the time. She should be ousted and replaced with a sober sane person who can speak without mixing their words with jiberish. Her and Biden can;t seem to do that. A conversation between the two would be like two infants in a playpen. This is what Washington has become. Two idiots both with alshiemers running the country and a vice president trying to figure our who she can get laid by next.

  21. The only unhinged person around DC is Nancy Pelosi . The pure venom and hatred displayed by this person over the past four years has never before been seen in America . The wilful obstruction of policies that could be of benefit to Americans simply because of her dislike of a DC and political outsider is disgraceful .
    Congressmen and women are elected to serve the people of America not the interests of their party or themselves but those of ALL of America . Nancy Pelosi seems to think it is okay to use her Posistion to oppose any act of the President that would benefit the people of America or be to the benefit of the nation simply because it would make the opposing party or the President look good . During this pandemic she has more or less bragged about sitting home comforted by her freezer full of designer ice creams while hard working Americans are often pressed to provide for their families . Stalling action on a second round of stimulus payments until after her party’s candidate won the Nov.3 elections .
    If indeed any person should be barred from exercising their powers and if anyone should be removed from Washington it is Nancy Pelosi . No one should be allowed to hold the people of America hostage to serve their political agenda or to defy a legally elected President because he is not of their political party . At her age (80+ years) she belongs in a home not in Congress let alone the Speakers Chair in Congress .

      1. What is it you don’t get? Trump won if for no reason other than any intelligent life form would have voted against Biden…But he’ll be hauled off soon enough so actually they stupidly voted for “on her knees” Kamala. Is this the best feminism can offer?

  22. President Trump is not unstable, if anyone is unstable it is Piglosi.
    They certified Fraudulent votes from swing States, that should have been looked at by
    the Supreme Court! They all know in their hearts it is wrong what they are doing, it is TREASON to the highest level.

    1. Yes she is. And should be able to be removed from office. They should all be forced to leave office at least at 70 as they start loosing reality. Unable to concentrate adequately, dying and uncaring of others or even America.
      Americans have lost the basics of America and what it stands for. When you place crime, illegals and terrorist it is nothing less than socialisms and communistic value.

  23. Can’t you see what is going on? They are so afraid of Trump running again the so call capitol siege had BLM planted into the rally to make it look as If Trump put them there to destroy, then get him impeached so he can’t run. The only way they beat him is cheat, cheat, cheat!!

    1. when Reps. had covid, she enabled building a plexiglas enclosure so those dems Sick With COVID could vote for her as Speaker… that is how she had ‘just enough’ votes to get it

  24. I think we all know who she is and what she is. This makes us stronger in our personal beliefs and drives us to support far better things than her pettiness. We also recognize that this in not true quality leadership that she promotes. It does show us to see the goodness and honorable leadership President Trump has offered to everyone in this nation. God has blessed this man and will protect him as well as his supporters. The things that are taking place right now have the democrats scared beyond their wits for fear of exposure for what they have done that is why they want President Trump out of the political arena forever. It’s not over so keep the faith.

  25. It would be interesting to do an autopsy on this creatures brain, after her death of course. They may find nothing but tangles, twists and plaque!

  26. Oh for Pete’s sake, he’s the only one who exercised restraint when Iran took down our drone and put mines on our ships. He’s the only one in recent history who hasn’t got us into new wars, and tried to end existing conflicts. The accusation itself serves only to cause mistrust. This is a passive aggressive move and is strictly political.

  27. I predict this will enable Dems to announce after the coronation of Biden that the stress of dealing with all this furor caused by Trump and the evil GOP that he is overwrought, stroked out, or similar medical emergency and has to “retire” from the presidency immediately. Harris will assume command and tearfully ascend to the throne while delivering a speech that has been honed by experts for months–like the plan set forth in the original “Manchurian Candidate” film with Frank Sinatra, Angela Lansbury, Janet Leigh.

    1. Ho Harris is quite a liar, did you see where she lied about saying when she was a little girl marching in some kind of protest or something with her mom and someone asked he what she was marching for and she said Feedom, it was actually Martin luther kings daughter that said that years before. I would not believe a thing ho ho harris says.

  28. I have always found Pelosi somewhat short of the mark but asking the ;joint chiefs to prevent Pres. Trump from launching a NUCLEAR ATTACK is beyond anything I would have expected from Pelosi!

  29. Fancy Nancy botox brain is the demented puppet. President Donald J. Trump does not swill or smoke or eat expensive ice cream—

  30. So she thinks our GREAT President in not mentally fix for nuclear codes but can’t wait to give them to creepy joe who is obviously suffering from dementia. Boy that makes a lot of sense. She afraid that the President that has done the most to get us out of foreign conflicts and bring troops home is going to start a conflict now. The woman is as mentally impaired as biden. Both should have to take mental competency test, her immediately because of her speakers position and joe before his “inauguration”. CHEATERS SHOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED TO PROFIT FROM CHESTING

      1. Loved your comment, I laughed so hard I had tears rolling, I could just see a mental picture of poor old stupid joe trying to figure out what to do with this thing.

  31. The politicians that claim to be Democrats are actually Socialists and thus are frauds. Posing as a Democrat when in philosophy they’re walking and talking Socialist or Communism is a “clear and present danger” from enemies within. Our Military, our Police have taken an Oath to support and defend the Constitution. If a protest by BLM and ANTIFA is considered Constitutional, yet when Conservatives protest it’s called insurrection we have the “smoking gun” the Republic is in danger. The only violence seen in recent protests were from Democratic supported anti-American rioters. Both Antifa and BLM have been looting and rioting for months yet saw no police reaction. A female protester last weekend was executed by a person in plainclothes who was not identified as a policeman which is required by law. NO ONE HAS BROUGHT THIS OUT IN THE MEDIA.

  32. Nancy Pelosi is certifiably crazy and megalomaniacal. As head of the democrats she is probably the individual responsible for current state of affairs in the Country today. The democrats are the most corrupt entity in our Country today! I so look forward to the day she retires.

  33. I’m pretty sure that the joint Chiefs of staff are not going to listen to her at all, I pretty sure they’ve already made up their mind that she’s a loony!! So I really don’t have to worry about them.It’s the new one who’s gonna take over the Chiefs of staff really don’t know not too much about him but going to check

  34. Pelosi is trying to instigate violence. She and her corrupt cronies should be forced from congress and should be restricted from pushing any of her agendas.

  35. And she accused Trump of initiating a coup!?! H et actions while maybe not being legal are at least morally objectionable. Actually believe there is something 8n the constitution about going around the President to get control

  36. She’s the one who is unbalanced and should be impeached, but the Republicans are too chicken to do anything about her and there are no moderate Dems anymore.

  37. Why would anyone be surprised that Nanzi wanted a junta? She is a communist and funder of ISIS, after all.

  38. Do you suppose that it is the democrats who have placed nuclear bombs in secret places? Then if they detonate them, they can blame President Trump. Maybe she is telling us in advance what she plans to order.

  39. This woman is totally insane. She is so afraid that Trump has an ace up his
    sleeve and Joe won’t get in….. well he does. She has tortured President Trump
    for four years. She needs to go.

  40. Nancy has lost what little brain she ever had..If you think that Joe is senile, she has passed him long ago .Even the Democrats are embarrassed when she speaks.
    OMG what have they done….it’s so hard to believe that the Dem’s could be so stupid.

  41. This lunatic is doing nothing but setting the ground work for her and her band of total criminals to bring on the destruction of America. You ALL better believe big trouble is on the horizon and we are going to have to “FIGHT” to keep America and many many people are going to die in the struggle unless of course you want to be like the — not so supreme court and the rinos and just cave in to all their demands and live like a bunch of cowardly cattle.

  42. Nancy Pelosi is the epitomy of a functional idiot. And as I read and believe to be true, from another article on her crime, by doing this Pelosi attempted a military coup which is sedition and should be arrested and prosecuted. All patriotic Americans would just love to see her perp walked off the House floor.

  43. You never hear Democrats say they love this great country, the United States of America.
    They certainly enriched their lives here.

  44. Pelosi is out of control. Ever since she arrived in Congress she has felt she has a right to govern this country internally and even in foreign policy. She does not have that right.
    Apparently, she is a person out of control just like when she tore up the State of the Union speech inciting over 50 % if the people.

  45. if there is anyone that is out of control and dangerous to our country is Pelosi, Schumer, Biden and Harris plus many more,This act on Wednesday was definetly started by the Dems themselves and wanted to make look like Trump and his followers were behind it. God help us all with Biden whom is a know liar, Harris whom is Anti semtic and the rest of this bunch who are our to destroy our Great Country and freedom we once had and is going away day by day.

  46. Can’t we just lock up Nancy as a “loon” and put her in an ice cream factory tasting the new Hemlock flavor of ice cream?

  47. peloise is one fly over the cocoos nest. she going to ruin the us somemore along with her gang of thugs. hello socialisum

  48. Pelosi is seriously bat sh– crazy–she needs Article 25 for sure!!
    Trump would never use nuclear weapons–that would be the Democrats
    a party that used to be against wars but now can’t start them fast enough
    Trump should bring all troops home from Middle East–we are done there
    let them fend for themselves–that’s called 70’s parenting!!

  49. “…and starting another military hostility?” Really?

    Are we talking about the only president who HASN’T gotten us into a foreign war for decades?

  50. One can only wonder, how soon they will put Crazy Nancy to pasture. One can only hope it is sooner, rather than later.

  51. Nancy Pelosi is the one that is unable to fulfill her position, not the President. She is a drunk wacko that needs to be put out of office.

  52. Pelosi needs to step down, she’s nuts. We need a new party, Democrats are crazy, Republicans are ball less, they roll over to easy, Trump was the best president we ever had. He needs to start a new party, and we only need people who will stand their ground and won’t kiss foreign leaders ass. We have a real mess right now.

  53. Charge pelosi for the Logan Act. She traveled to China to get them to provide her demonic democrat dictatorship liars party with thousands of fake mail in ballots. biden, gates, schumer, soros, and pelosi cut a deal with China for the fake ballots. U-tube had the whole bunch showing the ballots being made . SEMPER FIDELIS

  54. For those who don’t know, Piglosi’s Daddy as the Mayor who totally destroyed Baltimore and her Grand Daddy was the Head Mafia Boss of many areas of the east coast, plus her nephew is the Gov of CA with her son Paul Jr having direct ties to the Biden clan!!!!!

  55. She needs to look in the mirror. She is as unstable and sick (and UGLY) as she is accusing the POTUS of being. THANK THE LORD, that she doesn’t have access to any of the nuke codes. She would probably use it on us deplorable, insurrectionist, terrorist conservative Americans that voted for President Trump.

  56. What? He is soon not to be the presiding president, so what is her problem? They are only trying to prove he is unstable to prevent him from running again. If all the people who continue to vote this same idiots in office and the people holding office that were supposed to back up our President to begin with believe and vote for what this unstable woman says, then the whole country is screwed. At that point the only way to get ourselves back on track is a civil war to bring down a government that believes they are above the law, They are above all of us, and they are the rulers and are the powers to be. They have forgotten they serve us and not the other way around

  57. P e l o s i accuses DJT of what she is and that would be……….deranged! If anyone is a danger to America and a candidate to have the 25th amendment applied and removed from office it is P E L O S I !
    To prove that point, her alcohol/vodka saturated pickled brain did not consider consequences beyond DJT starting a nuclear war to the his ability to respond if a country or terrorist group launched against America! DJT has lived in her head 24/7 rendering her unable to do anything unless it pertained to spiteful things against him!
    The entire country knows P e l o s i suffers from alcohol induced dementia from years of abusing her body and brain with it and other drugs! Speaking of which, the guy who broke into her office said he took her alcohol. I’ll bet dollars to donuts she replenished that immediately and promptly took a big drink!

  58. That is so hilarious! Pelosi has always been known as being brain dead but acting in front of the cameras like she is worried that Trump would launch a strike just makes us laugh hard. This is what the Dems chose, a full blown retard. Trump has had no military american war and has actually for the most part got us out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Even squashing the thought of Noth Korea launching strikes. But now this stupid retard wants to show boat for the Erica people! Brain dead people, Pelosi is in deep retardation!

  59. Pelosi is afraid Trump will release and declassify a lot of deep state information that will make a whole lot of people nervous or at least embarrassed in Washington !

  60. Hey, California, See how smart your Piglousy is. Doesn’t know proper protocol, except when She able to extort your money. We The People are feed up with the dumbass’s you send to Congress.

  61. Nancy has been insane for years. She has proven time and time again, she is more danger to the country than the President could ever be. Put Pelosi, Schumer, Schitf, and her other toadies in a box and mix them together and you have a nuclear bomb right there. They are as dangerous as any terrorist group. Just looking at anyone of them makes me nauseous. They should all have been removed from office years ago Their anti American, seditious acts over the last 4 plus should have gotten them removed and prosecuted, but no one holds them accountable. It’s a liberal thing..

  62. Everyone should close tweeter, FB, Instagram accounts, dump their stock if own any before they are worthless, stop buying from Amazon, buy direct from the seller/merchant don’t wait.

  63. What a vile photo, Pelosi the devils representative, and Lessy Bigfoot. They should have included Hillary and Tranny Michael (aka Michelle),and the former call girl, soon to be No.2 to the Pedo. Strange that so many sexual deviants are prominent in the D Party.

  64. This stupid communist pig has the idiocy to call President Trump a war monger who will start a nuke war. She is way too pathetic and doddering to believe she can even tie her own shoes. Stupid is the logo of demoncrats.

  65. Pelosi calling President Trump unhinged is like the pot calling the kettle black. Insanity seems to be rampant in Washington with Pelosi leading the pack. Look and listen to that vicious pack of ingrates and you’ll see what giving positions of power to the insane does too them. They will stab each other in the back to maintain their own power. A good example ( AOC ) has already said “Pelosi and Schumer must go” and those two are scared to death of AOC and her squad.
    We The People must demand term limits in order to drain the swamp of those parasites and save the America we know.
    Also the people need to work on Big tech and all the main stream news media’s infidelity, that is them, ( sleeping ) with Pelosi uugghh. What a gross thought…


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