Treasury Secretary and White House Economic Adviser to Fulfill Trump Term

The White House from Washington, DC / Public domain

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has confirmed he plans to remain in his position and fulfill his term with the Trump administration. During the remainder of the term, Mnuchin plans to focus on the important work that still needs to be done.

Fox Business reports:

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow will also fulfill his term, FOX Business has confirmed. Kudlow’s status was first reported by CNBC.

The confirmation of the two comes as several of Trump’s cabinet members and close advisors resigned following the storming of Capitol Hill. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos the latest to turn in her papers, following Transportation Secretary Elaine Cho. Mick Mulvaney, Envoy to Northern Ireland, and Stephanie Grisham, former White House Press Secretary and chief of staff to the first lady, also resigned.

Mnuchin and Kudlow were key architects in the rapid shoring up of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act provided American workers and businesses with fresh capital to keep going. This included the first round of $1,200 stimulus checks and PPP loans, followed by the second round of $600 checks cleared in late December giving struggling Americans another infusion of cold hard cash.

The two also worked closely with Fed Chair Jerome Powell, starting at the height of the pandemic which roiled financial markets, prompting policymakers to cut interest rates to near-zero to steady the U.S. economy and keep,liquidity flowing.

Mnuchin is currently abroad for work but condemned the violence in D.C.

      1. You got that right. Biden is neither mentally or physically fit to be president either. In the same way Democrats should not be allowed to vote. They are unable to vote personally because they could only vote once.

        1. Well stated anniedawn!!! O’Biden should concede with the fraud votes he admitted on National TV he won’t serve his term with his mental illness!

          Biden bragged about the FRAUD … here are his exact words :
           “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”
          – Joe Biden, October 24, 2020

          1. Thank you for repeating Biden’s words. The only time he spoke the truth and no one took notice of it. I wish, when this newly God hating group of people take down the words In God We Trust from the walls of congress that they put Biden’s words up. It would be so fitting for his administration.

          2. I don’ watch any left wing media outlet, I watch the news in the internet, right wing outlets like Newsmax and others, and I saw that clip. I thought for sure Trump’s legal team would run with it, because that alone is enough to put All of the devil’s party in jail for life, and death penalty, for treason and everything else to clean our democratic republic from these devils

          3. I thought so too. But it`s not over yet; those words will come back and bite him hard, sooner rather than later.

          4. No they just woke the sleeping giant, watch for the number of people registering Republican and voting in every election to purge the traitors and tyrants from our Government.

          5. Doesn’t matter, they stole 33million vote for pedo Joe and his hoe, then triple ran the only 15 million he really got equals to 45 million then 3 million dead or illegal votes they cast and got away with it and it’ll be worse next time. Look what just happened to leoffler and perdue they got the Senate seat stole the sleeze bag REPUBLICANS are cowards tuck tail to the evil Democrats it’s disgusting. They are Satan worshippers, they’ve been getting away with murder since JFK they couldn’t kill Trump so they pull their crap, we blame Trump for every evil corrupt act any Democrats committed, and the REPUBLICANS again did shit, but sit and let them harass, abuse, threaten, and bring phony charge after phony charge on our awesome loving president it’s disgusting

          6. The problem is the Democrats cheat massively. They’ll switch the numbers so they win. The fraud is what needs to be stopped.

          7. I wish I could be optimistic about the power of the vote. But we just have been victim to having our vote not counting. There will never be an opportunity for the American people to control the government again. We are now a people that are controlled by the government. The shedding of the countless lives to defend our rights as a free nation are now gone. Those hero’s of the past are now being spat upon because we the people allowed this kind of government overthrow to happen.

          8. Go to youtube and type in the name: WADE MCKINNEY. Then look for his video titled: PREPARATION FOR DAYS AHEAD LIVE. You will be surprised for what is supposed to be coming!
            Also type in Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney and watch the video titled “must watch everything explained”. This is not a schmuck off the streets. He is a certified former leader of our Armed Forces.

          9. I just tried to send you a name and a couple of videos to watch and it said awaiting approval. More censorship. EVEN HERE!

          10. His statement fits right in with mountainous amount of evidence in the election fraud in the presidential election and the Georgia runoffs. He belongs behind bars. He will be impeached before his term is finished and found guilty on all counts of fraud as well as deep state corruption.

          11. Trump bragged that he could shoot someone in the middle of fifth avenue and not one of his followers would care
            Trump is man of strong moral fiber.
            He was schooled byhis three wives and a dozen or so hookers.

          12. albert your such a asshole ill bet your obease single and live with your mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          13. You demotard$ love to project what you truly are! I will bet you like Harris because she has a camel toe you love staring at! All you trannies are alike! Talk about low lives. YOU are the lowest form of life on this planet!

          14. Susan, if you were a “Lady” or even knew how to behave like a “Lady” you wouldn’t use such foul language; you would be able to say the same thing without being so crude.

          15. I enjoy looking at myself in the mirror while wearing Mother’s wig, bra and high heels.

          16. Don’t forget scumbag Biden shacked up with a married woman, now his wife, and he loves kids feeling the hair on his legs, and he sniffs women’s hair, and feels their backs! Biden loves China, that should work out good for Biden’s bank account, but NOT for America!

          17. Biden is a pedophile like his son Hunter, by the way where is Hunter? Maybe in China raping little girls

          18. And YOU were most likely schooled by two trannies, but only in the art of having $ex with a same Sex partner!

          19. Yes, I cannot understand why this clip has not been brought forth by anyone. This is enough to put Biden and ALL in that devil’s party, in jail for life, plus the death sentence.

          20. I am not saying it didn’t happen. Does anyone have any proof of him saying it. I hasven’t seen or been able to find the alleged videos of him saying or any confirmation from news agencies or government sources. To keep repeating it with no base or proof puts us on the same level as the liberals who do the same thing.

          1. No, George Soros won this election for China and Russia. Biden, Pelosi and Kamala Harris are just their Quislings.

          2. Mentally and physically fit to commit wholesale fraud in order to steal the election.

          1. Does he have an innocent little child in hiding so you & him can ruin her life with your pedophile crimes!!!!!!!

          1. Oh, do you not insist that biden recieved the “majority of the vote? YOU just agreed with Chris’ post.

          2. So you’re assuming that the dems are the majority in America–yes, they are evil, stupid and absolutely clueless about what they’re signing up for. They all need to visit Venezuela for a preview of what’s to come if their plans for this country succeed. God help us!

          1. Which is exactly what they did and murdered an American USAF veteran in the process.

          2. He gets blacks to do it…. Is THAT what you are saying ? I think you are going to be in trouble for this one….

      2. You are the FOOL….and you will find out soon enough that the democrat party And their partner, China, is full of snakes…and snakes with bite even the hand that feeds them…in time, you will be sorry for not being aware, of the true policies and agenda, your party has in store for you…

        1. Have you ever been to China?
          Or do you just take Trump’s word for it that they are a an inferior race.

          Dictators need to focus their core supporters hatred. Hitler gave the Brownshirts the Jews, Trump gave the Proudboys the Chinks

          1. Albert, you really should talk less. It does not serve you well. Have you been to China? Maybe you should consult some of the Muslims or Christians/Catholics that have been to China and were able to escape. Or maybe you should talk to some of the Chinese in the labor neighborhoods? Oh, that’s right you like Joe Bama, come on man, china’s our friend….. And, the dictator democrats gave blm and antifa our law enforcement.

      3. Al, don’t you get tired of being an effin’ troll?? Don’t you have ANY friends in your commie camp? Guess they knew that even YOU were “unreliable!” The only advice I can offer you is to PULEEZE be (1) a little bit more original and (2) just TRY to be amusing!!!

        1. The only reason you responded to me was the originality and humor.

          I am not a partisan, I find the whack jobs from both ends of spectrum to be amuseing.

        1. At this point in time standing by Trump is being a fool.
          He encouraged an angry mob to take over and trash the Capitol.
          Trump is a class act, you can tell by how drawn he is to the color of gold. The thirty pimped out US flags he uses for a back drop for one of his God awful incoherent, rambling on just to hear his own voice ‘speeches’.

          1. I guess you are in the basement with Biden, because, the pictures, video’s, & Antifi & Blms have already spoken it was them who did the dirt. 4 bus loads of A’s & BLM’s led by the police. Also, the police removed the barricades & ushered them into the capitol. I suppose you are also blind.

          2. That was the Democraps Antifa group that caused all the problems, not the Republicans. You have not been listening to the truth.

      4. That “fool” you refer to accomplished more in 3 yrs FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE that all past presidents in our lifetime.

      5. Which is why you should support Pres. Donald John Trump; Biden can’t remember where he is most of the time. Also, Biden is in the pay of the Chinese Communist Party; as soon as he can he will drop the tariffs on Chinese goods and our manufacturing jobs follow.

      6. Yet, the government must churn on. Cabinet members are needed to the end and should stay at their posts until relieved.

      1. We have a president currently. His named is Donald J. Trump. President is the only good president we have had since President Reagan. January 20, 2021, an evil crooked illegal FAKE president will take office. This will complete the first step in taking over America just as Nikita Khrushchev said by commies. Chian is now in control.

        1. I will place my postage stamp on my mail with the flag upside down to register distress till President Trump is reelected.

      2. China has a cruel and brutal tyrant. Donald Trump is the greatest President and leader of the United States of America.

      1. Guess you were not around during the Obama administration. 13 million Americans on food stamps. Illegal aliens taking American jobs. American jobs being outsourced to China while big tech was bringing foreigners over on hb1 visas. Oh and don’t forget a WH economist came forth with job stats on the Obama era AND 94% of jobs created were part time or contract which means NO BENEFITS. AND he is the ONLY president in U.S. history that counted illegals who were stopped at the border before entering the U.S. as “deportations”. PLUS, with George Soros’ backing, allowed open borders which led to American taxpayers shelling put $134.9 BILLION for illegal aliens in (I think) 2018. AND there is a U.S. bipartisan law that was passed in 1996 that prevents noncitizens from getting government aid. Oh but Democrats are above the law. in fact, they walk all over the U.S. Constitution. Yes we do have a double standard in America. Without it Democrats would have no standards at all. (and with their cheating and lies would not be elected) Think Democrat Rep involved with Chinese spy on the House Intell Committee WITH Piglosi knowing about it.

        1. You can’t count on Commcrats. All they want is to steal the election at any cost, even to taking down our constitution and freedoms. They want to make us a third world nation. All the while packing their own pockets. And say now give me the rest of your money. God help us?

          1. Democrats have lost their way and have now become the single most dangerous threat to the United States of America.

      2. Did you actually listen to Trumps speech before everyone marched to the Capital? He did not incite the people to do what happened. The Antifa was bussed in by the Democrats to mingle with the people and start trouble. It was not the Republicans.

      1. Only chicken shit A-holes rats like you abandon ship when they THINK it’s sinking.

        Just like the rat you are!

        We will stick with the guy who MADE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN !

        Go ahead and board Burden’s ship. I’ll bet you’ll be scuttling that ship REAL SOON, you troll!

      2. Biden is already down, because, the only way he could win was through fraud. He sold himself & each morning when he looks in the mirror, he knows he is looking at a criminal. When he attempts to sleep at night, he knows he is a criminal. You probably haven’t seen the latest of his statements, wherein, he said his son Hunter is the smartest man in the world. Figure out that one Alberti……..

        1. You do understand that you are outnumbered here. Right? Or are you too stupid to do the math like the elections?

          1. This “whatever it is” has a problem.
            It has NOTHING to do with it’s time other than annoy real people. Just ignore the poor thing……………

  1. What Trump should do since DeVos quit is to get rid of the Dept of Education entirely since Education is a state’s right & therefore the Dept of Ed is unconstitutional. Anything not specifically enumerated in the Constitution belongs to the States. Wake up, America!

    1. Good idea the pubic education system and the commies in the media were who helped the dems in 2008 2012 and 2020 by indoctrinating hessi like mental midgets and they voted for a 47 year criminal, because they were told to, they have NO knowledge and no history, except which perverts recorded some worthless overly loud bumping sound heard emanating from cars dragging the ground and bouncing a lot ..

      1. I agree. The only thing is that they are NOT the media! Let’s call them what they are…an extension of the Democratic Party that uses the media platform for propaganda.

      1. Look at the national debt, all of it passed by a Democrat controlled congress.
        But, Albert, thank you for your display of absolute public liberal stupidity. you are really go at it..

  2. I have had with the Republicans and especially the dems !!!! rhino 🦏’s in in Republican seats !!!! I am done with it all!!! President Trump did GREAT Things for this Great Nation!!!!! Bozo joe ???????

      1. A company that does “face recognition” caught two Antifas who were named and a picture of a man from Utah inside the WH who identified with rioters and had been arrested for it. I have NEVER seen MAGAS riot. Even with all the rallies Trump. did. Trump is for the people

      2. Aye, and you know who will get his due when the time comes ; which won`t be soon enough for fed up Americans. USA forever !

      1. Sure hope your new America will be everything you think it will be with higher taxes, less money in your pocket because of job loss or food storage. You think people will want to keep working and paying taxes while it goes to scum like yourself. Enjoy the food lines. Unless you know how to grow it yourself or like the taste of dirt, you could see yourself making 50 cents a hour like the slaves in China. You think democrats really going to give you free stuff. It was all for show and votes. Good luck, your future is going to be rough.

        1. Unfortunately all Americans are caught in this deadly trap. It won’t take too long for the leftist voters to start complaining about taxes and illegals stealing their jobs.

  3. Will always stand with President Trump…he had an unbelievable 4 years …God Bless and please always never forget all 73 million people who love you dearly

  4. Wasn’t Chao just asked by the Dems to submit paper on her tie to China as the Secretary of Transportation. Now there is no need for that? Good timing!

    1. Yes but how much damage has she already done being married to the Senate Leader? Mayor Pete Buttigig is to become Secy of Transportation. His degree is in Literature so can we now see what our roads, streets and bridges and airports will look like under he and his husband’s management??? Yet the FAIRY TALE THAT BIDEN/HARRIS GOT 80 MILLION WINNING VOTES CONTINUES. UPCOMING OBAMA HAS A THIRD TERM.

    2. Chao is McConnels wife. She comesfrom a wealthy family and the McConnels are up to their ears in the Chinese shipping industry. She had no choice but to resign the democrats intend to make an example of her to take the heat off China Joe Biden.

  5. I never would of thought Devos would do that . President Trump loves our Republic,
    He would never do anything that they are accusing him of doing. We have a communist media and a lot of TRAITORS
    who certified a FRAUDULENT Election.
    They know in their hearts that the swing
    states had a lot of VOTER FRAUD! That
    Is Treason.

    1. What other reason would they not want to prove what they claim. If the cops want to search my car, I would be happy to step to the side…. unless I’m hiding something.

  6. Very few patriots, but plenty of spineless,incompetent, RHINOS, this party giving up like the losers they are, have shown there true colors, without Trump there nothing,now they can get back to the swamp, with the rest of the rats. Once again the deep state at is’t best, and Americans screwed over again.PATHETIC

    1. These people are cowards and are the first to run at the sign of real adversity. Four years of an attempted coup, and many RINOs protecting guilty swamp sh#t all over DC. have shown us who and what they are. Dems and RINOs have lit a fuse and continue fanning the flames of real insurrection. Be carful we may not be able to stop this when it starts. Abandoning ship only makes it easier for those starting the fire.

    2. Once again, please do not call Republican( Rhino very insulting) we are
      A Very Dignified Political Organization. The Republicans who turn their Back on us are consider Turncoat, Traitors, Benedict Arnold, not Rhino.
      Please Remember This. I’m speaking on behalf of all the Loyal Republicans Who Love Their Party. And Who Love President Trump.

    3. The Republicans, with the Democrats, are getting kickbacks from China and Iran! Follow the money! They use taxpayer money to send to China and Iran, take a trip to the other countries to pick up out money funneled through the other countries and become millionaires in big homes. Does that explain how you become a millionaire on $120,000 a year in 4 years? They literally sold us out! That doesn’t include the blackmail from visits to Epstein Island. Do you really think the government didn’t know about Epstein? That also explains John Robert’s decision since good name is on the flight logs. They didn’t like Trump from day one because he didn’t need their money and had no reason to be blackmailed!

  7. All of these events are certainly revealing who the turncoats are. We knew that there were a fair amount of swampy people around President Trump. I can’t think of any faster way to pinpoint who these people are then what is happening now.

    1. The Republican party is riddled with never Trumpers and hangers on like Romney who wouldn’t even get entry into the democratic party. One way they are smarter than we are. They won’t stand for any nonsense. If you don’t show loyalty to the party you are out of there. A good lesson for us to learn. We wouldn’t be embarrassed by Romney and the Lincoln Brigade.

  8. Now Trump needs to Pardon the people accused of hacking the Government and printing about the Illegal things they found. President Trump, Please Pardon Julian Assange and others like him. They were just trying to show what was taking place in the Political swamp of Washington. DC.

      1. Trump doesn’t hate anyone. He hates their incompetency, their laziness, their stupidity & their criminal ways.

  9. You are the greatest President in my 80 years on this earth. Come back soon! You will be missed ,we await your next arrival in 4 years from Alabama The Gleadall’s.

    1. If you could pull your head out of your liberal ass and actually breathe clean air, you might live instead of die soon.

  10. Did someone earlier say something about Biden and his bunch fearing Trump? They are justified in that. Trump is not perfect. He has made some mistakes. But he is a great man, who puts his country, and its people ahead of himself. The Dems are right to fear him. He is not done yet. Maybe they sense a power in him, that others do not. It is that power that drives him forward. It is not his own power. It has a higher source. The left leaning Dems serve an opposite, lesser power, one that rejoices at murdering babies, even. If you do not believe these powers exist, and are always at war with each other, there is this to consider. Some one who is guilty of doing wrong, and knows they are, are always fearful, because because they know retribution will eventually come. That is a good picture of the position Biden and his bunch are in. That is why they want to do something to keep Trump from ever running for president again. If he does, and he wins, Justice will be served.

  11. Elaine choa is Mitch McConnell wife so she was a plant from the start Mitch is a worthless rino P.O.S. so you should expect nothing less from his commie wife. Scumbag traitors the majority of all politicians in general republicans especially at least the scumbag democommies tell us most of the shit they want to do to us and take from us at the start. Trump should have picked every cabinet member from outside the Washington swamp. Trump was the best thing to ever happen to the USA and we pissed him away. Anyone who traded against him will find out soon enough. We ar all gonna pay for their f*ckups I feel bad for my children they’re fu*ked. People with brain cells left know it at least everyone that hasn’t drank the kool-aid does. God save us

    1. Certainly well written. I was wondering what they’ll find on poo-low-seas computer. Just hope the good stuff hits the media.

  12. According to Mr. Mnuchin…”Violence is always unacceptable. We must respect our constitution and democratic process.”

    Why is this just applicable to conservatives and conservativism? Why not preach to the Leftists, the Marxists, the Maoists etc. Maybe this same message should be sent or should have been sent to the likes of BLM and Antifa. You can bet they’ll laugh all the way to their next riot. Mr. Mnuchin, thanks for the sentiment, but get realistic.

  13. Didn’t the Secretary of Education also say he can’t step down only a few day before because of the children and education that she saw so important. All emotions and all words. Where is her dedication to the children she was talking about? Glad to see some people have the guts to stand up for the truth and know the truth. When adult kids go astray the courts doesn’t go back and arrest their parent and say you did it or maybe if you are in power they just sweep it under the rug if you are a Democrat.

  14. Really makes No difference they House and Senate Republicans screwed the American People. So did Mike Pence. Their political careers are over. No Republicans in their right mind will ever vote for any of them. So they can go and find their lobbyists jobs now. They are the scum of the earth. At least we don’t have to start from zero we have a small group of 13 to start with. We can rebuild this party with them.

    1. I too was very disappointed with Pence’s actions.
      When the corrupt administration infiltrates WA, I’m done with politics until 2022, then we’ll see who’s running. The Republican party is done and done. They don’t care about the people they represent, because they want back in the swamp!
      I wish we could form a 3rd party, but I highly doubt it that it will happen. Look to California and see what it’s like to be under one party system. People there with brains know how hard it is everyday.

  15. Will there be a special job in the White House for gay boy Pete’s husband, like Hillary’s lesbian lover was accommodated. What about Big Willie, Heels Up former Bang Bang.

  16. To Richard. Makes you famous like Judas iscariot Benedict Arnold Barack Hussein Obama Albert Hess I mean Rudolph Hess adolf hitler Joseph Stalin. Pretty much the same person over and over again

  17. It’s for a 3rd party of real patriots. If they refuse to allow Trump to run in 2024 he will be the first write in president elected under the Patriot party!! 75 million strong

  18. The capital building was a antifa merging with the Patriots. A bus laid showed up with pelosi’s son-in-law with the Buffalo head dress horns on his head and twenty eight others. SEMPER FIDELIS

  19. President Trump should sue the people , media, candidates who accused him of killing 200,000 or more people who died from coronavirus. All lies.

  20. Hey everyone…..Please IGNORE Albert Hess! DO NOT reply to him, DO NOT acknowledge he is even here! If you see his comments just skip right on by! He will then have no power at all! He comments just to get you to respond. If you make him invisible he has no power! IGNORE and he will have to find some other place to spout his crap!


  22. Who left? They are enemies of the constitution thus enemies of the people. We the people need to know who the trailers are!

  23. At least 2 of them have the balls to stand with the President until the end. The rest of them are weasels and should not have been trusted in the first place. These democrats are going to have their day in court in the end. I believe their fate is in the hands of the Lord and that Karma is a B****. The U.S. is not finished yet. We the people will stand the test of time and will prevail once again. We have to stand strong as a nation and not be defeated by the rhetoric of the left.

  24. What happened to right and wrong? All the media and Democrats think because we support The President we are evil and don’t care for our country. What make them think they are holy and only they can be right for the country. I’m sick of them and I will never knuckle under to their pressure
    and hate for Trump!

  25. Congratulations to them for being amongst the honorable minority. PEOPLE will remember the stand they’ve taken, and they will see reward for it at some point.

  26. I will remember the names of the cowards who ran just as I will remember the names of the truth seekers who stayed…the biggest cowards, those who betrayed this country the most..Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi and John Roberts..may they spend eternity in hell where they belong

  27. Trump is not going away nor are his 75 million supporters.They are the remnant that will save this country in the end.

  28. I am sick and tired of these yellow weasel, turning on our dearly beloved a President . Good riddance , and let the door hit them in the back. I cannot wait for 2022 , when we will take back the house, plus the United Senate, expect no mercy from us, Then when we recapture the Presidency in 2024 watch out socialist.

  29. Wonder if the democrats stole from the dead? How many of the voters who voted from the grave for slow Joe were republicans that had their vote stolen also?

  30. It doesn’t matter how many people register to vote Republican because it won’t do one bit of good. They will steal every election from now to dooms day.

  31. True friends/team mates are found by who stays to support a person under fire. And, if these people respect the opinion of the left and cannot stand the heat, they are the wrong people for the job.


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