Erased from History: Lawmakers Reveal Bills Ensuring No Landmarks Bear Trump Name

President of the United States Donald Trump speaking with supporters at an "An Address to Young Americans" event hosted by Students for Trump and Turning Point Action at Dream City Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Gage Skidmore Flickr.

California lawmaker Rep. Linda Sanchez wants President Trump erased from American history and her latest piece of legislation would help accomplish that. Rep. Sanchez has announced her plan to introduce legislation that would bar basically everything from bearing President Trump’s name. It’s customary for each president to have buildings or landmarks eventually named after him but if Sanchez is successful the legacy of President Trump will slowly fade away.

The Hill reports:

“I don’t believe that a seditious occupant of the White House should have ever have anything named after him,” the California Democrat said of Trump in an interview with People published Monday, referring to Trump’s efforts to cast doubt on the results of the 2020 election and his words of encouragement to a crowd of supporters before they laid siege to the Capitol on Wednesday.

“I don’t think that he deserves any of the benefits that are conferred on prior presidents,” Sánchez said.

“I am working on a bill that would mean that nothing — not even a bench, no airport, no highway, no school — nothing — ever bear the name of this traitor.”

Sánchez opened up about her experience using desks to barricade the doors inside her rooms in the Rayburn House Office Building in attempt to keep the growing mob out. The lawmaker said she and her chief of staff grabbed baseball bats she stores in her office as a player on the Congressional Women’s Softball team as rioters were “gleefully desecrating” the Capitol in an effort to prevent the certification of President-elect Joe Biden‘s Electoral College victory.

Rep. Sanchez’s proposed legislation is similar to a bill from Rep. Joaquin Castro, a Democrat from Texas. Rep. Castro is also seeking to have Trump’s name barred from ever appearing on any US building or landmarks citing the Capitol violence as his reason behind the legislation.

  1. Enough is enough they are all completely off the rails. Can’t scrub him from our
    minds will never happen. Also the Europeans adore him. Suck on that Nancy.

    1. Trump’s approval rate has gone up to its highest level yet since the January 6, 2021 incident. This according to a Rasmussen Poll. Guess people like him more than democrats think.

      1. That’s a FACT….more people VOTED for Trump so they DO like him more…LOVE him….!! God Bless President Trump..!! God Bless America..!!

        1. Amen to that I do agree. Why are the Dems so jealous of him. It really is pitiful. Why else would they have to be ridding the world of all signs of him? How childish.

          1. Jealous is exactly correct. They are jealous of all his accomplishments before, of what he has done while president, of the massive gathering at the Save America Rally and all previous rallies. And their jealousness turned to hate and hate is extremely dangerous and we have seen.

          2. Just one of many moves that the Democrat Party of Lies and Retribution will be pushing for in the coming weeks. Their success depends on an uninformed public. Get your news from reliable sources, like Newsmax TV.

      2. That’s right and it’s driving them crazy. They are so afraid he’s not finished they’ll do anything to stop him. Non of them are smart enough to understand that all they have to do is what’s best for the country instead of themselves.

    2. I’m an Englishman and I love President Trump, who has achieved so much for America despite the hate and tyrannical behaviour of the dimocrats. They hate him so much because, unlike them, he isn’t sitting in the pockets of big business or the Chinese…and it scares them

    3. President Trump, The only legit President, can’t NEVER be erased. But we should start erasing Sanchez Pelosi and rest of them. LONG TIME OVERDUE!!!

    4. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP, WE THE PEOPLE STAY WITH HIM FOR ALWAYS (not like his “supposedly” Cabinet and etc).Legitimate 2020 President of USA = President Donald J. Trump

      1. Really? Trump produced the greatest economy in my lifetime, created the lowest poverty rate, brought prosperity to millions of minorities, defeated ISIS, calmed North Korea, equalized trade with many countries, brought us lower taxes, stopped Iran from developing nuclear weapons, brokered peace between Israel and several Muslim nations, built much of the wall he promised and stopped most illegal immigration. He did all this with constant disrespect thrown at him. He stood up for the average American. Even though he is a billionaire he is one of us. What has Biden ever done in his 47 years of being in Congress? Nothing!

        1. Daisy — you just posted several but not all the reasons the libtard/socialists hate Trump. He is and has accomplished all the things they can’t accomplish or even come close to accomplishing. As for biden — just like piglosi, schumer and many demoTRASH — careers of failures and non-accomplishments.

        2. What has Biden done in his 47 years of sucking off the people? he has helped his family and friends become millionaires, not the senile old goat will turn the county over to the communist is the next couple of months, that is what he has done and what he will do.

    1. She is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. Trumsp has been one of the biggest DISGRACES in
      American History. He contributed to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of
      Americans. Did NOTHING to address the Virus and almost destroyed our economy.
      LOVES Dictators. Bragged about how he exchanged LOVE LETTERS with
      Kim Jong Un. He is TOTALLY EVIL and Stupid.

        1. Great! That’s FUNNY!

          One small problem: Which one of the nearly constant stream of men making deposits at his mom’s cardboard box in the alley behind the liquor store was he?

          1. Double Eagle – who appointed you the grammar police? Nothing better to do with you time? Go away!!!!

      1. Really? Where is your proof? Because there is plenty of proof that he did try to ban travel to and from China in January. Then was called ridiculous and a xenophobic by Pelosi for doing that. What dictators does he love, exactly? He never bragged about love letters to Kim Jong Un. Wow, could you BE more gullible? Or wrong? Nothing that you’ve stated is even close to being true.

        1. C Dav – he is just another brain dead zombie with NOTHING of importance to say, craves attention since he gets very little in that cave of ignorance he resides in.

          1. Nope! I have it on good authority that there’s WAY too much traffic there already!!

        1. Sorry Jason, Elliot, if that is his real name, has been feed and cared for all his cowardly life. He isn’t about to tell anyone where he lives. I am guessing he lives in California where he can be pumped in the keister by Adam Shifty Shift.

      2. Elliot, apparently you totally blanked out the FACT that Pres. Trump was able to order $billions of public funds to be assigned to the public/private collaboration effort to create a vaccine that would be used against COVID. If government had waited for the private sector to be able to come up with the equivalent on their own, it would have taken 5-10 YEARS. It actually took 9 MONTHS. Our economy did take a hit since COVID kicked in but that was caused by local governors (mostly Democrat) closing businesses. Florida did not follow that template and their economy has remained strong.

        Trump did attempt to find a solution to North Korea by meeting with Kim to build a personal rapport. He did manage to stop Kim from firing off more test missiles. If you will recall, Obama met with Iran’s leadership and PAID them $billions, but that hasn’t stopped the Iranians from building the nukes. Instead that money was used to continue Iranian aggression in the Middle East.

        Trump was able to make USA independent of Middle East oil, which has reduced the cost of gas by nearly $2 per gallon here. He cut new trade deals and reduced government unnecessary and burdensome government regulations that helped create a strong and growing AMERICAN economy and a thriving stock market. He has completed 450 miles of border walls that have reduced ILLEGAL trafficking and crossings markedly. Trump also cut taxes that saved the average family $6,000. Biden intends to reverse that tax cut. Congratulations for voting for a tax hike on yourself.

        If you only listen to MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, you have been brainwashed to believe Trump is evil. Try balancing your news intake with some conservative stations to get the full picture and then revisit your conclusions. You might just be WOKE to a new vantage point.

        1. You might have added, that since Dumbass Joe has been elected gas prices have began to rise. Just you wait, by this time next year, we may all not be able to afford a tank of gas.

        2. I remember it like yesterday when Trump got on Nationwide TV and said the Corona Virus is a hoax made up by the Democrats. It made every person that believes in him and what he said vulnerable to catch the virus. Now over 350,000 people are dead. Maybe it could have been 100,000 if he listened to the experts

          1. If Our President had not ordered the travel ban for China and certain parts of Europe, millions more would have expired. One of the might have been you Sid.

          2. Did you forget about piglosi and he walk through china town saying come on down — nothing to worry about or have you conveniently forgotten that ?????

          3. If the left didn’t let it out to get mail in votes things would be going strong still cuz of Trump. You fool

          4. They didn’t know what it was at the time… if y’all live socialism so much go move to a socialist country and leave us alone. We will fight till the death to keep America

        3. Thank you. Trump has done more for this country in four years than any other President has done in eight!! Biden has done a damn thing for this country in 50 years!!

        4. Joan… love all your FACTS…. and others.
          But your fingers don’t need to type so much. Elliot and his brain dead lefty communists will never listen nor comprehend the truth.
          We know the truth and so does GOD!

          1. Truth Lee once Satan digs his nails in you ppl become blooming idiots and bite there own noses off their faces

        5. Absolutely beautifully said! I hope he opens his pea brain as well as many many others! Thank you for this! God bless trump …USA

      3. You are miserable human being Elliot. He has been one hardest working Presidents ever. The election was a disgrace of 🇺🇸 American democracy. Democrats and some Republicans are truly evil. He has to put up with slanderous charges for 5 years. All have been disproven. Back to your basement like “you know the thing” Biden.

      4. And every president before him has no blood on their hands? Wow I can’t believe you want to erase history but that’s what you are all about. Stupid people and you are everywhere.

        1. These marginally useful trolls will be discarded now that they’ve fulfilled their purpose. Any day now the squealing from the troll squad will begin.

      5. Trump has done way more that ended with positive results than the whole demorat army that has Nutbag Nancy, shitheads schumer and schiff and the rest of the dumbass democrats impeachmeant army combined. If you people would pull your heads outta your a_____ sand take a breath of fresh air maybe then be really honest about everything that has happened during the last four years you should be able to see the positives that has come from Trump’s efforts even despite everyone being hell-bent on defying any positive recognition coming from the end results of his actions. You can’t honesty say anybody would have done anything better with the covid 19 problems than Trump when everything he did or tried to do was critized even before any results were available. At least he didn’t tell everyone to go to China Town like Nutbag Nancy and other big time demorats did. As it was everything he did was considered wrong even though there were plenty of good results. You people need to take a deep breath and admit how wrong you are. But I know that the democracks just can’t let that happen or else y’all would be laying on the floor kicking and screaming that a bully was mean to you.

      6. Elliot, you are really too dumb for me to even bother responding in full to that delusional nonsense. I feel like my IQ drop 10 points from just reading such drivel

      7. He did nothing to address the virus???? Ass clowns like you defamed him for closing the borders calling him a xenophobe. Saying he was racist. NOW because it’s your communist party line, you say he didn’t do anything. You’re a pathetic liar and s more pathetic person. Without Trump’s conversation of industry into making medical supplies, many more would have died. You honestly think the numbers shown by the communist media are correct? Oops! Sorry, I used the word honestly with a dimorat. Find a new page commie!!! You’re kind isn’t welcome here or in this country.

      8. No actually she is absolutely LEFT. FAR LEFT. The only statues she would embrace would be of Joseph Stalin or Chairman Mao the greatest murderers in all of human history.It does appear you too may be stupid or at least duped.

        If you are referring to President Trump’s early intervention to suspend travel with China our President’s action saved many many lives. He also was the one person most responsible for eliminating the shortage of ventilators and pushed hard to get vaccines available in record time.Fool On.

      9. Pretty much EVERYTHING you just said is wrong …. But…. Here is your chance. Tell us of all of the correct things Biden would have done differently about fighting this virus ? Would he have done the same thing he and Obama did when we had the SARS virus problem ?

      1. I have friends there, they say it’s a drug addicts haven, free drugs, free housing for addicts, needles all over in parks, the dopers crap in the street, they are afraid to walk in parks, go out at night, dangerous to even go out to walk the dog, each carry a gun wherever they go! What a horrible place to live! California is a disgrace to to the Country!

        1. It totally is. Look at what they vote for. Many have wished they would go ahead and secede from the US and take washington and oregon with them

  2. The democrates are still trying to remove history rather than learn form it. I say we remove congress and start over or just remove Pelosi.

  3. Why not they are erasing other things in history. Tearing down statues so children don’t know anything that happen in our country

  4. Trump doesn’t need a monument, etc. We who love Trump will never forget him and believe he will be our president for a long time to come. Biden will not be our president. The monuments he will leave with will be in our hearts and that is way more important than a stone statue. Ms Sanchez can stick her thoughts up where the sun doesnt shine as far as we are concerned.

    1. We love our President and he will be remembered for a long time – he does not need names on anything – he has names on his hotels and planes, etc everybody knows Trump all around the world and you Ms Sanchez can eat your heart out

    2. Shut up Sanchez u stupid liberal….trump was for a lot of Latinos and cared if they had jobs…so they got more and more…he was real good to Latinos Mexicans etc! U libs out there know dam well what ur doing and u can’t control trump….I know that if u dum fucks didn’t try and crush trump he would be so powerful that it would be wonderful….he is very very big in this country! He would never hurt any one he is a father is a grandfather and family man I know people that know him up and close! So shut the fuck up everyone that talks shit about. Trump!

  5. Ms Sanchez. Clean up your State and do something for the HOMELESS so that they don’t need to use your streets for a TOILET. All that should keep you very busy.

  6. Well, well. It looks as though all dems are alike. They are all vile and spiteful. If they want to look for the real instigators of the riot at the Capitol, they need go no further than their own mirrors. If they hadn’t cheated and committed fraud to get their beloved nincompoop biden into the White House, there’d have been no need for anyone to march on the Capitol. The fault is with them. They were the ultimate transgressors.

  7. They are totally determine to wiped out history about the 4 years of President Trump’s administration. That is why they are determine to delete every tweet written by him, etc.

  8. Hmm, speaking of seditious scum that doesn’t deserve remembering, how about Obomber? Or McLame? Or any Bush? Or Clinton?
    Funny how that works eh. The best president in history and these hateful, evil,jealous traitors want him forgotten? What are you so afraid of any way?

    1. Is it merely a coincidence that both Sanchez and Castro (remember the name that brought the red dog and his nukes to the US back door in 1963) are both Latinos, probably annoyed with President Trump for taking action to prevent murderers, rapists, sex and child traffickers and drug smugglers from coming here from their home countries.

  9. Trump is not the problem, it Dems like Sanchez are the problem all they
    Know is hatred and power. Very unamerican.

  10. There is a long list of Democrats that needs to be removed from office and history! Pelosi, Shurmer, Biden, Harris, never ending list of Socialist Communist!

    1. All the delusional radical Democratic politicians in The U.S. Congress-
      should be Recalled as soon as possible. How they ever got Re Elected-
      I don’t know. Especially the idiots from Minnesota and New York. The –
      whole Delusional Democratic Party is a Socialist Communist. Being a
      Proud Republican, I am very disappointed with Vice President Mike-
      Pence for allowing the certification of Delusional Sleepy Joe Biden to-
      be President-Elect. Knowing that he stole the 2020 Presidential Election from President Trump. He knew better. If Vice President Mike Pence ever ran for President. Rest assured he would never get my Vote.

  11. This is the same thing Communists have done. The American people who have been asleep at the wheel, had better wake up to see this is a coup to take down our country.

  12. She may not have noticed, but President Trump’s name is on buildings all over the world already, including DC, NY, and Chicago.

  13. You are so evil to say something so horrendous about our President who has done nothing but defend the people of our country for 4 yrs. I am so tired of your hypocrisy. Go do something for your CA residents who are suffering with all of your senseless shut downs!!

    1. The sad reality of the situation is that after 4 yrs of Biden/Harris nukes from N.Korea could be targeting the US west coast and the Mullahs of Iran will have closed the straits of hormuz and trained their nukes on Israel.

  14. It is beyond ridiculous to think, let alone believe, that President Trump had any thing to do with what happened at the Capitol. Our President deserves the same respect and recognition as any other.

  15. Notwithstanding the useless Newt Gongrich, in 1996 it was proven by Rep Bob Dornan and the INS that in excess of 4500 illegal alien votes put Loretta Sanchez in office and decades later her daughter dynasty continues without any resistence since Dornan

  16. Why are you idiots so against Trump? I believe it’s because he’s smarter than you democrats and he’s done a better job in office than any of you did! And he didn’t have to cheat to win the election like Biden and Harris my prayer is that they all get found out for what they did and pay for it. They will all get what’s coming to them in the end even if it doesn’t happen til they get to the pearly gates and God sends them to Hell with Satan where they all belong. God will bring you all down. May God bless President Trump from here on out for all the good he did for this country and Biden and Harris both get out of office before 4 years because this country cannot take 4 years with them idiots. May God bless America and get them Dems out before their time is up!!!!!!

  17. Well, Trump will be in good company with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln who the socialist democrats are also trying to remove. I guess it would save time and money to either get a list of approved historical figures or just not paying any attention to the socialists.

  18. He has buildings and golf courses in his name, now. What are her plans for renaming them? People going broke and starving, schools not open, the Constitution being shredded daily and they want to spend time on this horse puckiness.

  19. Sanchez, you are so pitiful ! You will never be able to erase President Trump from our minds and hearts, You and your party are pure evil !

  20. She should start with erasing history related to her. It should not be a decision that should even be considered. It is despicable to treat ANY person the way she is treating a President of our country. A President who was voted in by the people. To “erase”, “ban” anything about him, is erasing, banning, and disrespecting all of the people who voted him in office and those who voted for him again. WE ALL COUNT!

  21. According to voting records, seventy-four million Americans voted for President Trump.Ms. Sanchez wants to remove the basic rights of that many.

  22. Well…that clinches it. I’m leaving my Trump flags up indefinitely hanging from my porch. I have two — they hang on either side of my flag of the Vendee, one of the first locations of genocide against Catholic conservatives trying to defend their priests and their country. If you don’t know about the Vendee read up on it because we are living it right now!

  23. The Demorats have the focus on Trump to where the steeling of the president election and GA senate and/or Hunter Biden along with his father Joe Biden this is all BULLPUCKY

  24. Democrats want to remove statues of our heroic past leaders and now President Trump included .Those who made our country free so todays democaps can destroy everything our nation stands for.Past President said”,No country can defeat us. Can only be defeated within our borders by our own people”. We are seeing it before our eyes by what democrats are doing.


  26. Democrats need to go see a psychiatrist. They have all gone insane, absolutely obsessed with hatred for Trump, Unbelievable!

  27. I guess Linda forgot about Senator Robert C. Byrd who currently has 54 things named for himself and ten for his wife. Recall he was a West Virginia democrat who served as Kleagle and later as KKK Exalted Cyclops. His list includes university departments, bridges, high schools, medical centers, highways, etc. Hypocritical? You decide.

  28. The more they push this division and attack Trump, the more half the country will revolt. I see secession as the only way to protect ourselves from this communist takeover. Pelosi is out of control. Biden still hides instead of “unity” the country as he claims he can, and these radical democrats should be removed from office!

  29. This is so sad. Just let him finish his term and go on. You have made your point how much you hate him from the very beginning and now to the end. Lets see how the next 4 years treats the American People and then we can make a decision as to who was so bad.

  30. Democrats need to just shut up. He is our President. He won in a landslide in 2021. But the democrats stole this election from President Trump and the American people. Biden is illegitimate president.

  31. I don’t think it matters what you think because you will soon be in jail where you belong. Since you’re such a classy her/she/it I’m sure you’ll have a lot of visitors. The one thing you will have more of than all the prisoners put together is 80,000,000 patriots had their wish fulfilled. Every lie will be revealed even if you are just a pi** ant.

  32. You Democraps have loss your mind. The best republican President we have had in my 74 year
    And you do not have the right to take his Presidency away from history. Oh I forget you don’t like American. History?!! We the people will get rid of all of you come .midterm election in 2022!

  33. how come this pig nancy never learned the lessons?? the reason why those so called “rioters” are because her impeachment of this great president….and she wanted to do more??
    she is SO SICK…..SO SICK…

  34. The Democrat Party and most people who align themselves with it are playing into Satan’s hand. You will pay dearly for what you are trying to do to God’s chosen President of the USA.

  35. All this CRAP is all part of the coup by the democrat/socialist scumbags, lies fraud more lies more fraud!!!!!!!! True Americans MUST TAKE AMERICA BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. You DumboRATS are so demented–Your hatred for a man that only wanted the best for the country that he loves and the people that live here. God will prevail in the end making sure that all you hateful DumboRATS get yours and I hope and pray that your feel every burning flame.

  37. We better all grab on to our boot straps because the next four years is going to be the Democrats dumbing as much shit on the American people as possible!! This is just the start, I’m so very sad to say.
    I never thought there would be a day when American journalism took it upon themselves to brainwash the American people, steal an election, limit our freedom of speech, secure idiots into government…..the list goes on.
    Still am and always will be a proud Republican!!

  38. Can we also do the same to the clintons and Obama’s and strip them of their legacy’s as presidents because that’s what I’d like to see. If you do it to this president you better do it to all the presidents nothing to remind us of what this country was built on. This is the most outrageous comment all of you are making. Shame on all of you calling yourselves Americans you are all a coup.

  39. They like to throw that word seditious around when Biden is the one in bed with our enemies and stole an election. Who’s the real traitor?

  40. You just can’t cure being an idiot, which a large part of our reps and senators are now days..

    Trump has been the best President since world war !!.

  41. Trying to eliminate the record of a President who has done more for the benefit of the country than ANY politician or President is not merely an act of dislike, but one of Treason for such a heinous act. Arron Burr, John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and many others have not earned such hatred and whose names have not been erased from annuls of history and they have all committed act far worse “CRIMES” than bring peace to the Mideast, restore our economy and growing it to its highest level in decades, lowering unemployment for all Americans of all races, genders, and age groups. I thought those were goals to be achieved, not ones to be declared evil and contemptable. Who is the person that despises President Trump so much that they wish to erase his name from the record? It must be someone who fears what events and activity Donald J Trump has discovered about this monger of hatred and without casting blame, has made it apparent as to his/her identity. Someone whose crimes are so unspeakable and corrupt that he/she fears having them become known to the world. Obviously, it is the person who seeks such retribution that is calling for Trump’s head to be placed on the guillotine of dishonor.


    May we all Remember who that person is and those who have gathered to her side in this mockery of our Constitution, our Country and seek to destroy freedom.

  42. I, personally, am looking forward to having a life-sized statue of my FAVORITE PRESIDENT’S GOLF SWING memoralized in Bronze and another life-sized statue of President Trump behind the podium speaking at one of his famous rallies…!!!

    God Bless President Trump..!! God Bless America…!!

  43. So funny…so ridiculous… Wonder if that’s what the Dems said about Lincoln after the slaves were set free. Best President in my lifetime!

  44. Trump was elected by the people. Not by crazy left wing officials. Trying to pretend that he was not a President is sedition itself and is insulting to the American electorate. She might get away with this in California, but I doubt it. People here are getting fed up with this tyranny.

  45. Enough is enough is right! What the hell did trump do ever that was so horrible….don’t they see what Pelosi is doing and has done…not to mentionBiden that worm should be hooked and thrown in the water for bait! He’s going to get his! I don’t like AOC but she wants Pelosi and Schumer out! I hope she gets there! I’ll vote for that! I bet the country will also!

  46. You’ve all gone mad in government. Where are the people that is supposed to be representing us the people of America. It’s not about you, but the people. You are there for the people!

  47. I see each of these vile, dimocrat hypocrites, who’ve uttered no protest throughout 5 years of hate, chaos, looting, threats, arson, violence, and even murder by dimocrat-supporting hate groups like antifa and racist, Marxist hate groups like ‘black lies matter’, or the simultaneous treasonous corruption and criminality by Washington dimocrats and their deep state operatives, are Mexican…is that why they have such selective hate for President Trump, America’s first patriotic President since Reagan? A great President who has achieved so much good for America and her people, and not one sitting in the pockets of big business, like Boeing et al, who’ve contributed large amounts of cash to corrupt, hair sniffing, lying Joe Biden’s inauguration

  48. I will post many times on many sites… the next President will be referred by me as
    “President Stolen” Won’t use his first or last name. Almost like Stalin! There’s another name for you to use President DJT!!!

  49. Will they ever grow up? They let fear influence what they were there for….should’ve waited until the next day….

  50. If you are going to moderate people, you need to let people know just how many people…in reality….are you deleting from the comments…!!!

  51. And what will those Democrats do if someone mentions this great man’s name in the future? I know what the Communists do to people with thoughts that they don’t like.

  52. This has got to be the most embarrassing selection for a president other than Obama or Bill. Hair sniffing hall assaulting corrupt perverted degenerated racist name calling democrat illegitimate candidate shoved down America’s throat.

  53. Welcome to The United States Socialist Republic Sound familiar? USSR. I guess the voters got what they wanted. Now enjoy it.Better carry your papers with you.

  54. Of course we love him, he doesn’t cow down doesn’t take bribes doesn’t give our money away to the same ppl that want us gone. Doesn’t give Wuhan labs Millions to make a virus to kill us off slowly. Doesn’t take shit from no body.
    He isn’t a whussy either. He tells it like it is….

  55. Which Way?
    When the media declares unrest, I speak peace.
    When the world looks like it’s consumed by chaos, I bring order.
    When confusion abounds, I offer clarity.
    When nothing makes sense, I come to bring my understanding.

    Which way will you look? Whose “truth” will you listen to? I am here. My Word is here. I offer a different view than the world does. Choose today which view you will take in. Choose today whose truth you’ll listen to. Choose to seek my understanding for truly I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

    John 14:16 NIV
    Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

    Proverbs 4:5-6 NIV
    Get wisdom, get understanding; do not forget my words or turn away from t
    Which Way?
    When the media declares unrest, I speak peace.
    When the world looks like it’s consumed by chaos, I bring order.
    When confusion abounds, I offer clarity.
    When nothing makes sense, I come to bring my understanding.

    Which way will you look? Whose “truth” will you listen to? I am here. My Word is here. I offer a different view than the world does. Choose today which view you will take in. Choose today whose truth you’ll listen to. Choose to seek my understanding for truly I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

    John 14:16 NIV
    Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

    Proverbs 4:5-6 NIV
    Get wisdom, get understanding; do not forget my words or turn away from them. Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will watch over you. hem. Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will watch over you.

  56. This ignorant b**** is the ******* traitor alongwith the rest of the libtard/socialist/demoTRASH scum. I have several Trump flags that will continue to fly and I want to see this stupid b**** come and take them down.

  57. Sanchez y Castro son cobardes y llanos de odio! El Senor tenga misericordia de ustedes!🇺🇸🇺🇸TRUMP👏🏽👏🏽

  58. Remember the tech bubble, close tweeter, FB, Instagram accounts, dump their stock if own any, Twiter down 12% today, before they are worthless, stop buying from Amazon, buy direct from the seller/merchant don’t wait DO IT NOW URGENT******* this is how is done, protest from your wallet.

  59. Conservatives will forever Love President Trump. He will always be Our President.
    The memory of a Great 4 years will never Fade.

  60. Fade away! This witch is not only functionally illiterate, she is also stupid. Trumps memory and followers are here to stay and might as well get use to it.

  61. Poor baby. When you consider the abuse that the LEFT has inflicted upon the entire nation they could use a little fear. Many of their ilk are endorsing killing all Trump supporters off. Suspending free speech, regulating worship, and confiscating personal protection as defined by the 1st and 2nd amendments. It’s mean spirited to attempt to legislate away someone’s potential historical affirmation just because they don’t appeal tp your own extreme LEFT sensibilities. The LEFT loves to HATE so it’s no surprise the demonization of the President and anyone who supports him has a strong deranged following. It’s refreshing to see where Congress might be headed. They spent the entire four years avenging the President’s election. They are so overwhelmed with hatred that they cannot stand a few more days of his office. Now hopefully they can waste an entire Biden term in attempts to avenge themselves on every citizen unwilling to support their bankrupt Marxist agendas. Hate has the propensity of devouring the hater. We can only hope it consumes all of them, as they chart their own course of self destruction.

  62. Friends may come and friends may go and friends may peter out you know, The democrats are no friends without a doubt peter in or peter out.

  63. Kind of tough for the dims to do. When you’ve accomplished as much as the President has in 4 years and you look at how little past dims have accomplished, there’s no need for statues, he’s forever ingrained in the psyche of the people. At least those that count.

  64. The Best PReside in the US History, The Only President ever to keep his promises of all of them, He will be remembered forever.!! And the DemonRats will be Remembered for Being the Biggest Cheats, the Biggest Crooks and Criminals, And they will be Remembered For their Creation of the very Fake Corona Virus Bomb, And for Taking down the WTC. on 09/11/01. Put the Blame on the Saudis, But attacked, Iraque, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Syria, Iran was on their list, but Killary Lost., even with 15.MILLION FAKE VOTES IN HER FAVOR, Their Creation and weaponizing of ISIS. And the list goes on and on.


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