Corporate America Is Rejecting Trump and Republicans

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Corporate America is breaking its ties with President Trump and Republicans. After a pro-Trump rally turned violent last week and culminated in a mob storming the Capitol while members of Congress voted to certify the Electoral Colleges votes for Joe Biden. The events spurred a massive exodus of Corporate America and Big Tech from supporting President Trump and his supporters. Twitter permanently suspended Trump’s account and now a number of corporations and PACS are ending business with the President as well as pulling donations from Republican lawmakers.

These major corporations are ending business with Republicans:

  1. Then maybe Trump supporters should break ties with these company’s then. Enough with the cancel culture already!

    1. They are only getting started. I have friends, house workers, who were actually fired for being Republicans just last week.. They are Polish immigrant citizens in their 60’s. hard working people who left Poland when it was communist. They had worked for the woman for years and she told them if she had known they were Republicans she never would have hired them. They know what is coming to America. Commissar Biden already has a big army of BLM/Antifa. They have been practicing all summer. As soon as the guns are confiscated they will be coming to a town near you. .

          1. Agree, Barbara, Trump died up the swamp some and its hit the Rats where it hurt most….their pockets.

          2. It is the way of a Monopoly. They want absolute power. Trump gave us power which the greedy giants of industry did not want us to have. They be the master. You be the slave. It is going to get really ugly. In fact it already has. But it will get even worse. Our foreign enemies laugh at our dilemma. They see our great weakness. Will they strike us now?

          3. Shop Mom & Pop. Warn Congress impeach Trump and we will begin to impeach all of you who do. Count on it. There are millions of us and we are getting really fed up with Piglosi and the Scum-o-crats and RINO’s who have betrayed us!

        1. Won’t be Commandant Biden very long. Just wait til Kamala Harris becomes the Commendant! She’s just “Biden” her time. Look out. The Freight Train is on it’s way with Conductor Harris at the helm . Get ready for a rough ride!

          1. memory serves me correctly Biden said that this winter was going to be a very dark one. THAT may be the only thing he is right about !!!

          2. Biden will never be my President……nothing but a common criminal…….WAIT do not intend to insult a criminal, he is in a class by himself and this party members all know his background………. guilty by association,

          1. Shoot, Valkyrie, that man can’t find his butt to wipe it !!!! He gonna need constant care and a short leash.

        2. Godfather Commandant! Don’t forget his phone call to the President of Ukraine making him “an offer he couldn’t refuse”.

      1. I feel more sorry for people like your friends from Poland and other communist countries who came here to work hard to better themselves than I do for the spoiled, snot nosed native born traitors who hate their own country because they were taught that and were spawned by stupid, liberal parents who taught them self-entitlement and to question authority

      2. It shows what can be accomplished by not teaching history. Antifa and BLM think that by assisting the Democrats, they will be given power. They never learned about the Nazi Brown Shirts beyond how they helped Hitler assume total power. They didn’t learn that once Hitler achieved ultimate power, he had the leadership of the Brown Shirts arrested and summarily executed.

      3. There’s 36MIllion gun owners in just the Great Lake States….we are not afraid of children living in their mother’s basements.

      1. We have it paid up for a year but I told my husband we will use it for the movies but try not to shop there or Walmart. Already found some small businesses we have ordered from, they are worth helping even if its a few bucks more

    2. They need us more than we need the. I have cut ties with Amazon and I asked my financial advisor to ID funds that have Twat-ter and FaKeboob so that I can elevate those as well. Twat-ter’s stock has fallen – let’s “defund” the banks, corporations and social media companies that despise us.

      1. That is the plan. And then we will get NOTHING because China will control our products and will cut them off, delay deliveries, etc. We are already seeing delays in getting items, supposedly due to COVID. This is nothing after China takes over. Watch out – we will look like Venezuela!

    3. Most of these companies are HQ’d on the East and Left coasts. Probably need to suck up to the State leaders to save their revenues. This has the smell of the BLM tactics of last summer to get people to swear to their cause and use the signalling words to get that in the mind of the people. Sort of like challenge words when one is on guard duty.or on an undercover mission.

      We shall see when the hand is called.

    4. Agree—-already looking for ways to drop companies who won’t support the greatest President America has ever had Seldom go to Walmart

      1. I suddenly feel sooooo proud of all us deplorables !!!! We ain’t gonna take it any more !!! The BS they pass out for the Rats.

    5. These people think they are the only ones that can play hardball. I cancelled my company’s facebook advertising and cancelled my amazon prime account. I want nothing to do with them!

    6. I would Verizon except that’s the ONLY signal that works in my area without having have to drive two miles away.
      I’m considering dropping Amazon
      Won’t do other businesses


    1. Under Biden they will move to the head of the group. That is why they are doing this. They are currying favor with the in-crowd.

  3. I don’t do business with any of these companies and now I never will. This election was the direct opposite of fair and legitimate. It was a total fraud that should have been objected to

  4. Isn’t this what Communist countries do? Or China, put people in camps and sterilize the women. Hide your daughters.

  5. Not hardly. Those who have belittled Trump and supporters have shot themselves in the foot watching their business go down the drain…

  6. But they are ok with the multiple “irregularities that occurred during the election process. I get it. They are anti-American.

  7. By objecting to the Republicans who objected to the certification of the votes, which was a lawful and democratic thing to do since they had valid concerns over that matter, these companies are saying that those Republicans were undermining democracy. What these companies are really saying is that you must not question the coup, for that would be to ‘undermine democracy’. Completely illogical thinking.

    1. The democrats have done this in several of the past elections, but that was okay. They tried to overturn the 2016 election by their false impeachment. Now they are trying again. But that is okay. But patriots who are legitimately questioning the results of this election in 6 states with facts that show there was fraud or people voting who weren’t eligible are considered undermining democracy. Yet our country isn’t a democracy! Most of these companies I can do without and will boycott. With many businesses going out of business, some items are going to be difficult to obtain.

      1. Someone with the knowledge should make up a list of all the Monopoly Companies, and News Organizations so we can avoid using them. Shop Mom and Pop, should be our Motto! Keep our money local or at least confined to God fearing Conservative, Patriotic businesses, and social platforms. It is time we arm ourselves mentally, and in a business like manner.

        By the way we lost Georgia because of Mitch the Bitch. He and other Republicans poo pooed giving any stimulus money to us. Piglosi, and Schumer, had sense enough to offer it, so they bought the Senate with that promise. Only Trump asked for the stimulus money for us. Now they are blaming him, although it was them who refused to negotiate a deal with Piglosi.

        Inform the Republicans, all of them. Vote for Trump’s impeachment and youn will regret it. We will disavow you. All of you. His impeachment means you have rejected us and our platform. Vote Nay or live to regret it. We will form an independent party and both the democrats and you will become the parties of yesterday. So think long and hard on this.

    2. How dare you question your Masters the Billionaires who have a Monopoly. They bought their Monopoly, fair and square, from our wonderful Congressmen over the past few years. How dare you to think we have equality and Justice here in the good old US of A. This is why I wrote Slaves Without Chains. It was a warning to all that we were slowly being taken over. Now they have become arrogant. They are angry with Trump and all of his deplorable supporters. How dare you think you are their equals. How dare you question their integrity. The election was fair, no corruption, no fraud. Take their word for it. And yes it is ok to loot and burn our businesses, but no one had better attack them in the Capitol, or at their homes. We don’t count, only their safety matters. Inform them. You impeach Trump, then we impeach all of you bastards! Pelosi first, then send the Hussy to prison! Then Chuck Schumer and Maxine Waters.

    1. There are none but him, Bob…..Reagan to a point but pales beside Mr T. ….NEVER has been a President who loved the people as much as he does……He has done sooo much for US in 4 years while the rest of the Congress played with childish games like impeachment. But I hate that WE the People had to pay for it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRR

  8. And I expect they broke ties with Democrats and politicians after the “summer of fun and sun” this summer, with all the praising and support from dems after all the looting, burning, killings? Oh am I just imagining that?

  9. I’ll be sure to avoid doing business with those corporate fascists. They just lost 75 million customers due to their “political correctness”.

      1. Could be, they ARE in a group right not, but when they stand alone due to income coming up wayyyyyyyyyyyy short they may change their minds but tell wat…..I never use any of them again

      2. I have already opted not to use Twitter and got out of FB several years ago. Now looking at Walmart and Amazon. Need a list we can post on our fridge to remind us of who to avoid. Make Mom & Pop Stores our first choice.

  10. you are totally delusional look at the national pulse news thy have video proof with timeline showing these terrorists were at cap hill already way before supporters showed up ..

    1. They may have drug a few Trump supporters into the plot, but mostly it was a planned attack which would help solidify opposition to Trump, and justify another impeachment Kangaroo conviction to keep him silent forever.

  11. What a bunch of Pus*ys, they will dump the greatest president ever because of Pelosi’s smear campaign, that she explained a year ago, ” you start a lie, you repeat it , over and over, get the news to repeat over and over, and it becomes truth” that’s how we do it, it’s our way” Antifa works for cash,hotel, airfare, food and drinks, someone hired them, it was not Trump. You have seen Trump supporters, they all are gaudy with red white and blue clothing. and no back packs, no camouflage no helmets, no weapons. For God’s sake most are retired people , farmers, engineers, Doctors, CEO’s, Fishermen, small business owners. Not violent

    1. Yeah, we be lower class citizens and damn PROUD of it !! Grin Hillary called us ” deplorables ” I have been practicing !

  12. no breaking of support for arsonists and looters and rioters and murderers during the summer riots. Oh well looks like “they” were ok with that

  13. I am making a plea to the companies who hate Republicans to list themselves as they surely do not want our business or our money!

  14. Wow, I use comcast as my phone & internet provider, I need a new one, any suggestions, also need an alternative to best buy & apparently a new bank unless they can provide me a new bank card that is not master card. Some of these companies I’ve never heard of & some I’m surprised & some not so surprised.

    1. Go to – we went from ATT of 179.00 for two cell fones to 55.00 a month for both – the service is same exactly – they have no overhead. 6 months later still super! Started by a veteran.

    1. Hurt me to see Trump looking defeated for a day or two but this morning he has his mojo back !!! Lionheart has his spunk back, Look out Rats he does not forget either.

  15. I’d like to say how disappointed in Tucker tonight to allow Brit Hume whom said untruths about President Trump without taking another stand from ? HIT Hummer.

  16. I am cancelling all affiliation with any of these companies that reject the Best President in my lifetime ! SCREW THEM ALL ! HOPE THEY GO OUT OF BUSINESS !

    1. Only a matter of time if we do not use their services !!!! Twitter on the way out…….never used that bunch thank God

  17. If you ever needed proof that our country is corp controlled this is it.

    How about we stop all corp donations to politicians?

    1. If customers do not use them eventually they will feet the bit $$$$$$$ and perhaps they will not have to much to give to political needs, Mike………..may take a spell but can be done.

  18. Did these same companies break ties with Pelosi, Kamala, Biden and the Democrats when Antifa and BLM riots were not only breaking out, but openly encouraged and fueled by Democratic narratives. Didn’t think so. Selective outrage.

    1. NOPE, Rats are very privileged…….if they do not have donors they will come up with other ways to get $$$$$$$ and there is always Soros, FOLKS should be laws that prevent overseas interest from padding pockets of anyone running for public offices….

    2. They only cared when their butts were threatened. Same as the Democrat Mayor who said they were just having a love in as they destroyed businesses and killed innocent folks. Then they dared to show up at her residence, and she got on the hot line to the police. Get these bums out of my yard. The Party is over! That is what Congress is saying. No problem until they got scared. Well Trump did not seek them on you. He said to peacefully make their voices heard. He did not know there were plants mixed in with his followers who planned on attacking the Capitol all along. Bottom line. Impeach Trump is to impeach all of us. There are 75 Million or more Trump supporters watching you today. It would behoove you to slow down and think it over!

  19. But not to those that objected to the election of Trump in 2016 or who said he was an illegitimate President for 4 years or who lied about Russian Collusion??? So these companies object to a 10-day audit to verify the election results in disputed states, those companies are the ones that should be boycotted, all they wanted was a proper audit which would have given the 75 million voters some peace of mind and would have allowed Biden to govern more effectively. But no, these companies do not want democracy, they want their guy, the guy that bent over backwards to the credit card companies for 40 years!

    1. The only illegitimate president we ever had was obummer. Fake bc and fake license like fake voting. Scam after scam. He used all the ppl whom voted for him just like they are doing now

      1. The most moral and honest one we had was Jimmy Carter………God love him…………he did not get much done, not much of a fighter being honest that way………

    2. PW looks to me Ole Joe hid out in his basement during the campaign and made out his cabinet list…….and we all knew he was not an honest critter, look what the Bidens did in China and Ukraine !!!

    3. Illigitimate ? how did they come up with THAT ? OBAMA? His grandmother said she was present at his birth……..she had never left Africa……… talented she must have been !!!!!!!! If he is a natural born USA citizen she would have had too…………………

      1. All along we have been Slaves Without Chains, ruled by other men’s brains. Trump just brought it to the attention of all of us. Now they are showing us who is the BOSS. And it sure is not us. It is them with the clout, the money, and the Monopoly!

  20. As an individual, all I can do to protest the decisions from the above-mentioned companies is to sever all of my dealings with them. I suggest the same to all who disagree with the above-mentioned companies as well.

  21. In no way should any corporation, who currently has ties to Trump or has investments with Trump, drop their associations with Trump. He has been very supportive of them and will continue to do so. He has done so much for our economy, your businesses. Stand up and be tough for our country.

  22. I didn’t hear of these companies breaking ties with Pelosi as she fought President Trump for four years. I didn’t hear of them breaking ties with any of the politicians that went after him before he began his presidency. I have spent a lot of money with some of these businesses. I can also redirect my spending.

    1. You mean we are per ons cuz our vote don’t even count anymore. We have no power. Wrong we have the power of prayer to our savor and it works

  23. Did any of these companies break ties with the Democrats who voted against certifying Republican electoral votes in previous election cycles? Doubt that very seriously.

    1. What you saw on TV was an optical illusion. They did not really keep the Republican Poll watchers out of the polling place. They did not change any dates on mail in votes. They did not bring in truck loads of pre printed ballots late at night and run them through them machines. They did not commit fraud cause Big Tech and Fake News said they did not. You can trust them, can’t you? I mean the courts and Congress did not see nothing wrong did they/ Now shut up and obey your Masters like good little Slaves! OK!

  24. Corporate America knows they don’t need Trump anymore.
    They know they need KA-mala and company now!!!!
    Folks, this is the American way!!!!!
    Plus, anyone who still believes republicans are the political party of big business is sadly mistaken. Democrats are the political party of big business in America today,
    And the ONLY big business IN America now is Big Tech!!!
    The alliance is obvious!!!!

  25. Fellow Patriots , I’m terminating my relationships with every corporation that doesn’t support our constitutional rights that our President Trump exercised
    I will be flying my US flag upside down daily while Biden is in office. Our country is in distress and will be until Patriots are elected. Sic Semper Tyrannis.

  26. The demonrats objected to the last three Republican presidential elections… What did these weenie companies do about that?????????

  27. So the bottom line is all of these companies would rather live under a Socialist, Marxist or Communist Government, than support America and fair elections.

    1. No! They are so Vain that they think they own the world and none dare challenge their authority. But, once a Communist country gains control, they know how to shoot big mouth leaders who object to their polices. A Monopoly is not bullet proof, or poison proof. Apparent these fools never learn to read or they would know that.

  28. They found the person who made the Dominion machine in Italy that switch Trump vote to Biden low totals & the reason why they keep mocking on president Trump is they protect ing Hillary to jail remember when they have debate Trump said if he win she be lock up now second term they using this capitol riot to mess him up & blame on him to get him out so everyone wake up & fight for Trump back to the White House.TY! I have read a mail from Hillary said she will make Trump lived like a Hell in the White House!!!

  29. Every single one of these companies and their CEOs are absolute FOOLS if they believe the so-called “riot and damage” that occurred at the Capital last week was done by Trump supporters!!! This event was completely ORCHESTRATED AND CARRIED OUT BY ANTIFA AND BLM UNDER THE DIRECTION OF PELOSI AND SCHUMER!!! So now you want to align yourselves with the very people responsible for this coup and are determined to destroy this great nation??? Good luck for your futures — you are definitely going to NEED it!!!

  30. This is the next path forward, first block twitter and facebook from your internet provider, the state of Idaho internet provider blocked them both. 
     Tech bubble is imminent, close tweeter, FB, Instagram accounts, dump their stock if own any from your IRA, 401K check your mutual funds that have Twitter or FB included, Twitter down again, dump before they go to zero, stop buying from Amazon, buy direct from the mom’s and pop’s stores near you, don’t wait DO IT TODAY 

  31. These companies are trying to protect themselves from the Democrats demanding that anyone giving support of any kind to Trump be sanctioned

  32. Deutsche Bank, what a joke, this company does NOT have a squeaky clean record itself.
    Pity US doesn’t have an honest media anymore or it would have published the past misdemeanors of this Bank.
    Americans seriously need to abandon all these companies and especially ditch twitter and facebook. Again an honest media would have been pushing for Dorsey and Zuckerberg to be charged criminally for election interference big time!

  33. Have been a member of Amex since 2002, spend on average $50k plus a year, but not anymore, will definitely be cancelling my cards. Diners will be our major card from now on.

  34. Marriots also out the door now. Have stayed in their luxury collection hotels many times, no more. Luckily there are many equally good hotels to choose from.

    1. Ya know I am an ornery old woman if I feel angry I may just shop for some gum at Wal Mart and make them wait on me !!!!! hate to do that to a checker tho, not their fault…

  35. I made a list of the companies that dont need 90 million customers. I only use a few and it will be easy to stop using the rest.

    Why the Hell dont they stay out of politics and do what they do best. Just amazes me that they think they can tell us what to think and do. So goodbye

    Deutsche Bank
    American Express
    BlueCross BlueShield
    Commerce Bank
    Best Buy

  36. Likewise; every single one of the companies should refuse to allow any of their employees and/or family members to take the Covid vaccine.

  37. It saddens me that our Republican Party has turned their backs on this President. He has done more for this country for the American Public. What makes me made about this process then how come this was not done in reference to the man that the man whom is now going to run this country? Proof of so many illegal things he has done, not to mention members of Congress who have broken more laws than I can list. Shame on all of them both Republicans and Democrats. This is being done because they are afraid of this man and POWER he has shown not to mention the GUTS to fight back at the ones that are out there trying to destroy our country. Well don;t have to worry we not have a bunch of LIARS AND THIEVES in the Congress , House and most of all in the WHITEHOUSE. GOD HELP US ALL..

  38. When Biden takes office and initiates his plans those companies will rue the day they forsook Trump for Biden and the far left. The stock market will crash within three years of his term. Millions will lose their jobs. Only the giant companies will be left and their business will take a nose dive. We will become a third world country and the laughing stock of the rest of the world. Oh might America has fallen. Now she weeps form Justice, but there is none. She weeps for Mercy, but there is none. The Monopoly killed free enterprise and now the soup lines are long, but the soup is weak and hardly filling. Let your tears fall unabashedly. For America has fallen to the internal thieves, and greedy, lying power hungry scum bags of our society. The news media led the way. Our tattered flag hangs limply in the breeze. Sorrow sweeps the land and the vultures feast on the dead and dying. Dark clouds hang over the nation that only God can remove. They were warned that they had become Slaves Without Chains, but they would not listen. Now the Bells of depravity, and despair, ring sadly, their tune of sorrow to fill the air. No happiness, no hope, for all was lost long ago, in the not so hallowed Halls of Congress. The end is near!

  39. I am still a supporter of our President and that as he said yesterday, “be ca”reful what you wish for . TRUER words cannot more spoken. We are now in the peril of becoming a SOCIALIST, how scary this is. Your freedom is one step away from being taken, and if that is what this country wants, then they will deserve what they get, unfortunately the good people are going to suffer this horrible new administion Why are they so afraid of him? I cannot see him going down this impossible road again, he would have to be CRAZY. As much as I will miss seeing and hearing him it makes my heart ache not to. By the way Why wasn’t Pelosi charged when she torn up speak at State of
    The Union, believe that is a Federal Offense and the ones that were clouding with the Chinese. So much for Double Standards. God help us all.

  40. Did they cut a ties with communist China, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran??? NO. How about Antifa and BLM? NO. They love Sanders/soros warriors. They support them with whole heard. They NEVER ONCE VOICE ANY OUTRAGE OVER WALL STREET OCCUPANTS, SETTLE, MINNEAPOLIS, PORTLAND, NEW YORK, KENOSHA, NEVER THEY LOVED IT.
    WOW!!!! I love Pelose son in law picture with Viking AKA Horn Man cozening up on 01/06. are going to cut ties with Pelosi to. Wishful thinking.
    And is pure discriminatory.

  41. No business with any except Amazon and Verizon. But Etsy seems to be a good source of what we use Amazon for and I am already moving away from Amazon. Verizon has the towers in the remote areas but we are using our land line as ever Verizon is not that good. Watch the chains of these other stores and boycott the hell out of the rest. WE ARE MORE THAN HALF THE Country in consumers, we can make these businesses suffer. Glad I am a picky shopper. They should have not gone with the less than half the country liars who steer the sheeple. Good luck to then with replacement of the over half the country of buyers! Most are parking their services for jobs off shore too. I can testify to that personally as I watched Am Express outsource two decades ago. Light em up deplorables with plunging profits! Now if they would only tell us who Soros’s cash cows are. I know one is Progressive with that luney gal fronting his business there. We need to boycott that old hitler monster.

  42. Glad to see this list. I don’t have to use any of those companies but AT&T. And that’s getting questionable. Can’t get rid of Mastercard because that will screw up my credit. But I don’t have to use it. Might not amount to anything but at least I can say I put my 2¢ worth in.

  43. The Capital rioters were not Trump supporters. They were all at a meeting listening to the reasonable words of America’s most patriotic President. The rioters were implanted Antifa and BLM infiltrators put there by The Communist Democrat Party led by Pelosi, Schummer, Obama, Biden, Clinton and their sheep followers under the direction of the Nazi Soros!!!!

  44. Welcome to the new Amerika! If we don’t like your opinion we will shut you down. We will censor your speech; disarm you; then break you unless you do as we wish.

  45. I wish information like this were available in an easy printable list – I intend to sever ties with the companies listed that I do currently do business with: Amazon, Mastercard, Best Buy. I have been and will continue to compile a list of companies that admit their Anti-American stance so I can readily avoid any commerce with them.


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