Pelosi Names Trump Impeachment Managers

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America [CC BY-SA 2.0 (]

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has named Eric Swalwell to be one of nine impeachment managers against President Trump. The news comes as a surprise considering Swalwell is on the heels of his own scandal after being linked to suspected Chinese spy Christine Fang. Swalwell has opposed President Trump throughout his presidency being one of many Democrats to continually tout unsubstantiated claims of Russian collusion with the President.

Swalwell has been calling for Trump’s impeachment from the beginning but those calls got louder last week in the wake of the violent events at the Capitol which led to five deaths. Since last week Swalwell has pointed fingers at Republican Senators Cruz and Hawley for helping incite the so-call coup.

The California Congressman tweeted that he is “honored” to be selected as an impeachment manager.

Pelosi also named other prominent Trump hater Rep. Jamie Raskin as the lead impeachment manager alongside Democrat Reps. Ted Lieu and Joaquin Castro.

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    1. deep inside of her black heart is nothing but hatred…..all her actions are nothing but hate this president….NOT for American people.

        1. She couldn’t care less about the people she is supposed to represent. She has done nothing for the American people in all her years

      1. I really think she is INSANE and should be removed from office, There must be a way for the citizens of America can do this !!

        1. Pelosi is beyond hatred she worships the devil and all he stands for. She needs to be impeached, found guilty of treason and committing a coup twice. Jail is to good for her the verdict needs to be harsh. She should no longer be in congress……..denounce her now!

        1. 1) While everyone is fighting COVID-19, she is showing everyone ice cream in her refrigerator…totally out of touch with what the citizens are going thru. Yes a $20,000 refrigerator full of ice cream will make people rent and mortgages.
          2) None of her and Gavins winery’s have closed down
          3) She has an Air Force plane on stand by almost every week so she can go globe trotting. She wants the air force place because she can take her husband and family anytime ad they load it with $70k in liquor.
          4) She is just a self serving skanky ass hoe!

          1. She and the other demotards are scared to death. Their little party of self serving wealth building power is under attack…unfortunately they are getting away w it.

    2. This Wicked Witch of the WEST is the most hateful person I have ever seen, How do we the people remove her from office ??

      1. I live in CA and wonder the same thing. Must have to do with Dominion, hell she got her nephew in as the governor too!

  1. Swalwell work worked for China yeah he can be trusted. there is the guy that should be thrown out of congress.

      1. TRUMP
        SHOULD HAVE !!!
        LONG AGO
        NOW IT’S TO LATE
        HARRIS AS VP
        ALL !!!!!
        & COVERED UP

  2. I suggest they take about a week to review and study the matter and then call a full floor vote in about ten days. That should be productive use of their time. Oh wait, President Trump only has a week left in office.

    1. Agree. All dem are just fill with jealous of this president because he did his job. They are causing more harm than good,

  3. You really couldn’t handpick someone better for the Dems to choose than Swalwell to illustrate the height of hypocrisy, they reach a new level of it each day. Yesterday Twitter was lecturing Uganda about how they were shutting down free speech on social media leading up to their elections and how that is a violation of human rights, I thought that was the world record height for hypocrisy, but Pelosi just set a new record today!

  4. This is total bullshit!!!!! President Trump has been treated so unfairly. People should revolt against the dems biased actions

      1. Not sure that would help much. Mexico has term limits, so they just steal as much as they can within the given time.

    1. Time for a secession because the democrats are out of control. Those republicans that voted for impeachment should be outed from the republican party! They are traitors to the GOP base and our country.

    2. Wish there was something we could do. I cant believe the hate Piglosi has for our President. She and the media plus most demorats have caused all this hatred. Demos need to start see whats happening. Oh right the 70% of all politicians are corrupt. Our country is in trouble. Stop listening to these Democrats. They are cancelling us Americans. 🥲🥲🥲

  5. Term limits needed to stop empires such as Pelosi and McConnell. These two are prime examples of over 40 years in office and believe they can do whatever they want whether Constitutional or not.

  6. Let there be lots of Peaches! Piglosi and the Democrats love Peaches so give them what they love. First they impeached Trump because of the Russian Hoax. So why did they not be indicted for promoting a lie? It was slander, and invoked anger. Harris approved of rioting, and protesting, before, and after, the election. She even helped bail out the rioters. Joe was silent on the riots, but did at last feebly protest them. However he said he would like to take Trump behind then Gym and punch him out. Then of course Maxine Waters told folks to get in your face,. To interrupt your meals, to interfere with your peace, and Piglosi and Schumer attacked Trump, and Christians. Piglosi held back pandemic stimulus relief to win an election. To hell with what was good for the people. It is all about us staying in power!

    Consider this, many Bills have other items added on. So to save time, why not add these folks names to the impeachment hearings? Then perhaps they will get their fill of impeachment. So add their names, and impeach not only Trump, without him having legal representation, but impeach these folks, for they also suggested violence many times over the last several years, which effected these rioters whom eventually attacked the Capitol. Of course, we peons don’t matter. When our businesses were being destroyed, our politicians did not care, but now that they have been attacked, they are indignant. How dare they do to us what they did to the common people. We will impeach Trump so he can never stand up for America ever again. Because we have a Monopoly, and we have the numbers, so we can do what we please. To heck with UNITY or Justice for all. As long as we get our way, you can just shut up. Power to the Government, and the Billionaires, and the Monopolistic Big Businesses. Go home, and take your loud mouth leader, Donald Trump, with you. How dare you suggest impeaching us foul mouth Democrats! SELA!

    1. Trump can’t be bought that is there problem. Best man we ever had . They just want to keep him from running in 2024 that’s all


    1. Unfortunately the Democrats were playing chess while our leaders were playing checkers. Everyone I know knew the Democrats were embracing hard left Socialism but no one was listening. I left Canada because I knew it was turning left. Now there is nowhere to go.

  8. The Democrat Political Party has become laughable. Pelosi is an insane old hag who is filled with hate and stupidity. And hate & stupidity is a very bad combination.

    If you identify as a Democrat you need to think that through. If you do think it through you will move as far away from these lunatics as possible.

    1. Nothing to laugh at here. The lefts is dead set on turning the Republic into a gulag. We are being silenced. What next? Are they going to close the post office?

    1. Yes, but remember they can’t teach real history in school any longer. Why do you think they tried to erase Hitler from history and what he did. They are following the same playbook. Patriots are going to have be like Dietrich Bonhoeffer. The democrats are traitors and should all be charged with treason!

    2. It’s amazing how the left is using the the socialist/marxist playbook and not one of our leaders noticed. Many conservatives warned us. Gordon Chang along with other conservative voices warned us. I guess the level of depravity to which the left would sink was not realized till it appened..

  9. This false impeachment will make Trump a martyr and will further ignite his true base against the democrats. There will not be unity in this country for decades to come. As long the democrats keep up their attacks on Trump and Trump supporters, and keep the hatred against this country going, there cannot be any unity. I see the only solution as secession.

  10. An out of control woman on a revenge rampage against a president she couldn’t control does not earn the Republic any respect in the eyes of the world. They are laughing at us. The eye movements and hand dances Nancy has shown during cable interviews are witness to the fact that Nancy is collapsing under the stress she has created for herself and the country. Best she take a trip to a rest home before she further ruins our reputation. The order of legislation is suffering because of the delay caused by this charade.

  11. Congress in general should be held in contempt of violating their Constitutional duties!
    1.) They failed to address the Illegal Alien invasion in a timely fashion!
    2.) They failed to address the different voting laws/regulation throughout our Nation!
    3.) All the internal patrician bickering has led us to where we are today!

  12. We Need to pray for our President that this impeachment scam will not go through. This is Nancy’s way to remove him from office permanently. She has ties to the Chinese CP so why wouldn’t she want him out. Also they have things on her laptop that are undisclosed right now. She needs to get him out of office to protect herself and all the people that are involved in this corrupt setting. May God help us and expose the truth for our great President.

  13. Nancy Pelosi and her Delusional 🤡’s should be Recalled. They need to well the Republican Congressmen who are going along with –
    delusional Nancy Pelosi with the impeachment. The turncoats should-
    Be a shame of them self. Where is our Republican National Committee-
    Chairwoman? She should come forward and speak up for Our -President.and talk some sense into those Republican in Congress for –
    wanting to Impeach President Trump. President Trump did not incite any violence last Wednesday. That was the Antifa Group funded by-
    George Soro.He also funds the Black Lives Matter. His Nephew is married to crooked Hillary and Bill Clinton daughter. Birds of a feather flock together.The whole Delusional Radical Democratic politicians and Party should be locked up in Federal Prison including The Media.

  14. Maybe we could start a petition against her and chucky to demand that they get out of office and go through Rudy Guliani to do it. If we get enough signatures and we peacefully fight back who knows what would happen. Once they get out of office we could sit back and watch the rest fall.

  15. So much for unity. Trump has been the best president in decades, working to put the USA first. Incredible how people get so upset that their favorite football team loses, they cheer them on to be #1. But the country they live in and work in, raise families, etc cannot be #1 or strive to be #1? MAGA in some circles is such a bad word?

    The Chinese will not have to fire a shot.

  16. I am a Veteran and retired HP Sales Executive. Emotions are high. But here’s the deal..there has never been a better leader in our Oval Office than President Trump. We need him, and at least PEOPLE LIKE HIM. He is the kind who WILL reduce this terrible governmental monstrosity of a deep state that is strangling our country and it’s citizens! Lets support him, in office – or out of office. I would like to see him as our de-facto-leader, and lets build our own ‘party’.

  17. This idiot was the one who kept saying he had evidence Trump colluded with Russia but never presented any evidence–which means by not presenting it, he should have been charged with obstructing a Congressional Investigation. When ae Republicans going to man up and start calling Pelosi out for her deranged, vile and revengeful hated of Trump. All she is doing is trying to keep him from running for President in 2024.

  18. I will say still that what this country needs is to rid itself of Nancy Pelosi. Once that is done the country can get back to normal. She is the sole reason things are in the shape that they are in. All the people that vote democratic need to look back at what the country has done to the minorities and the poor for the last 150 years and you will see that the democrats are not for the people they are for themselves and themselves along. All the young people that are cheering the democrats need to wake up observe what Pelosi and her cronies are doing before they are devoured in the muck she has created and the country is destroyed by the very ones that they have voted for and you are under the control of more than likely China and/or Iran. If that is what you want then look out. You will not have anything even if you survive the mayhem that goes with the destruction of the country. WAKE UP YOUNG DEMS AND SEE THE WRITING ON THE WALL AND RID THE COUNTRY OF PELOSI AND HER CLAN. The only cleansing this country needs is to cleanse itself of Pelosi and the crowd that follows her around like a puppy because they don’t know what to do and what life is all about. THEY WILL HOWEVER FIND OUT IN THE LONG RUN WHEN EVERYTHING THEY HAVE IS GONE FOREVER.

  19. She, is soooo hateful she is pathetic so sad! There are people I don’t see eye to eye with but I am not venomous toward them! She is totally spewing hate and confusion! Shame, shame on you Pelosi, I though you were better than that what a disappointment you are! Not a good look for you! Perhaps it is because of your age?????

  20. Nancy is hell bend on destroying the president, she is a nervous Nellie fearing President Trump has information on her dirty dealings, like the GE thing.

  21. Pelosi does not care about the rule of law, America, or American citizens. She is doing this impeachment scam for revenge, plain and simple revenge. As a mafia princess she was used to getting her own way and still demands it to be her way or no way. Time to declassify a bunch of files on these demoscum and rinos.

  22. Are there ANY democrat lifer politicians who are not goofballs???
    If these weasels were sitting on their congressional thrones in 1941, we all would be speaking either Japanese or German.

  23. Swillwell is a typical demonrat traitor as are all those losers. With the head losers being pelosi, of course nobody’s counting the bodies of the men women and children she left wanting relief from the covid-19 package. She was waiting until after the election. How does that make you feel? Who is the one who should on trial along with swillwell and her other agents of doom?

  24. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe Forbes is now owned by a Hong Kong Entity. Maybe
    a front for the CCP. Just sayin’

  25. That’s right Nancy. Put a traitor on the list to head up your ridiculous impeachment. He fits right in with all of you traitors.

  26. The rotten democrappers will soon have to bite the bullets that are going to be putting their asses in jail. Law suits are coming and they will be on trial for their fraud, criminal activities and never respected by Patriot Americans.

  27. albert hess is a deep state shithead who is trying to set up anybody for investigations if this asshole is not he is a pathetic overweight man who still lives with his mommy has no love life or spirituality. and will bust hell wide open.

  28. Adam Schiff should be in charge. He can lie with a straight face. That is what is needed here because as usual they have no evidence for impeachement, so Adam can make some up like he did so skillfully before.

  29. This is ALL about NANCY. She will be able to go down in history, which the left is trying to cancel, to become come the FIRST Snot only the MOST CORRUPT SPEAKER, but to also become (this is the most important to her) the first speaker to try to impeach a president twice. This might be the only accomplishment she can claim.

  30. The dems are sold out to the CCP and piglosi wants impeachment before someone expose her laptop contents.
    This is the next path forward, first block twitter and facebook from your internet provider, the state of Idaho internet provider blocked them both.

    Tech bubble is imminent, close tweeter, FB, Instagram accounts, dump their stock if own any from your IRA, 401K check your mutual funds that have Twitter or FB included, Twitter down again, dump before they go to zero, stop buying from Amazon, buy direct from the mom’s and pop’s stores near you, don’t wait DO IT TODAY

  31. Good choice Nancy, Swalwell with his Chinese connection. Will he be keeping her informed as to the updates of the case?


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