Pelosi’s Tweet Claiming 2016 Election was ‘Hijacked’ Gets Free Pass from Twitter

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Last week, Twitter permanently suspended President Trump’s account after a pro-Trump protest turned into a violent mob storming the Capitol building. Lawmakers were forced to take cover as impassioned protestors broke into and ransacked the building. Twitter has been cracking down on Trump and conservatives since the election when President Trump began claiming that fraud interfered with the election. The social media platform has marked many of the President’s tweets about the election as “misinformation” and has fact-checked a number of them. However, now that one of Nancy Pelosi’s tweets claiming the 2016 election was “hijacked” has received non of the same treatment.

In 2017, Speaker Pelosi tweeted, “Our election was hijacked. There is no question. Congress has a duty to #ProtectOurDemocract & #FollowTheFact.” Clearly referencing the claims that President Trump colluded with Russia to win the election. Pelosi made the statement the day before Robert Mueller’s appointment to the special counsel to investigate the Russian collusion claims.

Fox News reports:

Twitter declined to respond to Fox News’ inquiry about whether Pelosi’s tweet violates its policies on misinformation and election integrity.

Last week, Twitter concluded that allowing Trump to return to Twitter risked “further incitement of violence.”

Highlighting two relatively tame tweets from the president, one of which stated he would not attend Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 20, the company argued that they had to be viewed in a wider context.

“These two Tweets must be read in the context of broader events in the country and the ways in which the President’s statements can be mobilized by different audiences, including to incite violence, as well as in the context of the pattern of behavior from this account in recent weeks,” the company said. “After assessing the language in these Tweets against our Glorification of Violence policy, we have determined that these Tweets are in violation of the Glorification of Violence Policy and the user @realDonaldTrump should be immediately permanently suspended from the service.”

Since the tweet resurfaced critics have called out Twitter for its double standard.

  1. Pelosi is so full of envy, jealousy, resentment and revenge that she can barely function. Trump entered the scene and accomplished so much, he made the long time politicians look inadequate. Yes are inadequate and you will be inadequate forever! Pres Trump has proven to you and the world he can get things done, even while you are throwing sticks and stones. History will remember his great ability to make this country great. You will be remembered for becoming a rabid animal only capable of obsessing over and comitting corrupt acts to bring down our president. While trying to destroy destroyed yourself. You lied and plotted to get the country to hate Trump. Now, the country hates you. I ve always heard hate destroys the soul..and you are a perfect example of that. You no longer have respect, credibility or morality. God will forgive you..but the countrywill not. You have proven your hunger for power and gourmet ice cream, is more important than the people you work for. It is my hope justice will find you and do unto you as you have to others ! We will soon be bidding you a long overdue farewell🙋

    1. God may or may not forgive her for all her sins . We do not know all her sins against God and Man . She is one of the ugliest persons I have ever seen and heard of and I am almost 70 years old .I wonder how many people’s death she is responsible for according to God .

      1. I wish someone would tie her hands down! If I were ever close enough (which will NEVER happen,) to ask her a question and she tried to shake her hand in my face I would lean in and bite her finger, and then go get a tetnis (sp?)shot!

    2. She lied. Even after the investigation she continued to lie. She is corrupt, evil and anti American. She is still lying and the sooner she is gone the better for all of us. Pelosi, Schumer and Schitf should all be tried for treason.

      1. Better yet simply lined up before a firing squad of true Americans on live TV and punished for their treasonous acts!!!!!

    3. But she claimed that her religion raised her to love all people. But everything she does is out of spite and hatred and a lust for power.

    4. Tammy….Tammy… Tammy, OMG! you are a calm true spirit and your comment is so calm compared to my thoughts… I believe in good and evil, and the war we are fighting for, and we have to protect our Constitution at all cost. Love You! and all like you, God Bless and keep up the fight.

  2. That’s not evidence to Jack Dorsey of his own company’s fraud, he was just to busy taking bong hits and getting his nose pierced to follow up on that one, just an oversight, it will never happen again, but we won’t change what we did then or now!???

  3. This proves twitter is not telling the truth about why they banned Trumps account it was just to carry out silencing some one that does not agree with Dorsey.

  4. Is there no method to stop this garbage by tech companies run by a bunch of snot nosed spoiled brats who as children were never denied and now think it is there right to do whatever they want even it is wrong.

    1. Michael…the Lord will not be MOCKED! Christians, in and out of their churches , are preparing a GREAT reckoning! Take heart, my good man!

  5. Please we all know the old saying we grew up with “DO AS I SAY NOT AS I Do” The DUMBACRATS live and die by their Hypocrisy. The bad part is that they have minorities thing they care about them. They buy it hook, line and sinker. So much that they voted in a man who used the KKK to help him get elected. Watch out the snake is now in your house!!

  6. Pelosi is a sick woman and out of control. She has mistaken her gavel for a scepter and assumes she Queen Nancy of America. The world is laughing at us as she drags complicit congress through the mud with her revenge rage and sworn destruction of President Trump because she couldn’t control him like the lap dogs she controls in congress.Like a mob boss she is the money honey that can raise money and distribute favors. And they all kowtow to her every whim. Such fools! such lap dogs ! She has stepped way out of bounds and runs congress like her fiefdom, making laws and passing laws that are not her prerogative and not only illegal they are unconstitutional..The damage this woman is doing to the reputation of the Republic will be long remembered here and around the world. Her deterioration is visible in public. The twisted angry face and hand dance displayed during a 60 Minute interview was embarrassing.

  7. Maybe they need to spend more time on their duties to the American People then dealing with all the BS…Next election is time to clean out the swamp… Vote everyone new and continue each election.. This is the only way to clean it up…

  8. God bless President Trump. God bless America. Thank you President Trump for being the best President. Everyone knows, or ought to know, the 2020 election was rigged by the democrats. We pray the investigation goes forward and all perpetrators are brought to justice. The democrats have foments riots, insurrection by antifa and blm, and use stealth to get away with it and make false claims against Trump. Lord, have mercy on us.

    1. As much as I agree with your post, justice will not happen. The democrooks have all the power and will squash any and all attempts to expose the truth, as I’ve said before, they will sweep it all under the oval rug, never to be mentioned again!

      1. Maybe not justice as we know it on this Earth, but God will take care of it ultimately, and that justice is one you cannot escape.

  9. Does anyone know what the out come was of congress on the voter fraud ? did they listen to any of the evidence or did they just come back and pass the electoral vote because of the riot.

  10. Project much?
    It was hijacked. Correct. By the LEFT. They just didn’t do enough of it to win.

    Barry stole 8 years from us.

  11. I doubt that any Republican or Conservative will attend or even bother to watch it on television. If trouble arises, you can bet your last dime it’s another masquerade party with democrats in full costume.

  12. It would be so magnificent if she were to just to have a massive stroke or even better yet just drop dead on the house floor or during a live interview on any of the Fake-news networks she spews her ridiculous and hate filled B/S…… would damn sure make for MUST SEE TV!!!

  13. Seems that the FBI knew about the riot Pelosi said “was caused by President Trump’s speech” on the 5th but his speech was on the 6th. So, why could the Congress use it to impeach Trump? Let’s see FBI knew but never told on the 5th and Trump’s speech was on the 6th and Pelosi immediately started the impeachment. Now why was it that nobody brought that up?

  14. the 2020 e-lection was stolen, the demorats planned the whole thing since 2016.
    Twitter has to cease.

    “But this is going to be much bigger than just one account and it’s going to go on for much longer than just this day, and this week, and the next few weeks and go beyond the inauguration. We have to expect that, and we have to be ready for that.” Jack Dorsey Twit

    Twitter and Facebook ARE NOT Private companies they have gone PUBLIC as they are publicly traded.
    Mexican President Manuel Lopez Obrador, is also mounting an International Campaign Taking On Tech Companies After Trump Bans. All this “Conservative” sites should disconnect from Twitter and facebook use something else why anyone is sharing to FB or Twitter they are banning every conservative. Twitter down 15% from $52 to $45, from last week to today, make sure everyone keeps telling everyone else to help this is the war we are fighting.. This is the next path forward, first Blocksite twitter and facebook from your internet provider, the state of Idaho internet provider blocked them both, in North Dakota banned users can sue Twitter and Facebook. Use Ramble, GaB instead. Tech bubble is imminent, close twitter, FB, Instagram accounts, dump their stock if own any from your IRA, 401K check your mutual funds that have Twitter or FB included, Twitter down again, dump before they go to zero, stop buying from Amazon, NO more made in the CCP purchases, buy direct from the mom’s and pop’s stores near you, made in America only, don’t wait DO IT TODAY.

  15. Nancy Pelosi has stated we stole the 2016 election she was misinformed ; They definately stole this election with fraud which has been proven . Now she wants to suppress all media not to Democrat liking. Wants to reeducate over Half the nation, she is very close to Communism with the stance of Democrat’s. I feel she thinks she and them can just destroy the Constitution and force their way on everyone. She also has a do as I say not as I do, Can not even follow her own rules. ENOUGH

  16. Pelosi continues to show just how incompetent and foolish she’s really become. For such a doddering old woman, she should have been shown the door years ago. Term Limits need to be implemented immediately.

  17. the solution is simple: STOP USING FaKKKebook and Twit. Avoid Googgle as much as possible. Don’t buy from Amazon. Cut up and return your Mas(hysteria)Card.

    Maybe when they see their stock prices tumble they might begin to see the implications of their mistakes. No, wait a minute – they’re DUMBocraps, which means they’re too stupid to see even their own reflection in a mirror.

  18. Pelosi enjoys, will continue to enjoy undeserved media largess. I did not much care for Trump, but Pelosi really upsets my cast iron stomach.

  19. Impeachment against PRESIDENT St. DONALD TRUMP going to be hard to do when facts comes out antifa was already let in to the house chambers by a security officer pointing which way to go before PRESIDENT was finishing his speech . One of the antifa was pelosi’s son in law also. He was telling the ones getting off the bus what and where to go. pelosi’s laptop was picked up in the house floor desk by a white man in black tie and suite. SEMPER FIDELIS

  20. Maybe our approach is pointed in the wrong direction….listen to what we are told ccording to scripture, “But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,” Matthew 5:44.
    I know it’s a difficult thought but this is what we are called to do. I admit I struggle to do this but I am trying to find the words…I will work at it, will you?

  21. Now released. FBI knew weeks ahead of rally that groups were planning violence, they notified the Capital police. Capital police notified the Sergeant At Arms who reports to Pelosi, Capital police requested the assistance of the National Guard, denied by Pelosi and DC mayor.
    Twitter isn’t the only outlet that Pelosi gets a pass from.


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