These House Republicans Plan to Vote to Impeach Trump

Carol M. Highsmith, via Wikimedia Commons

Today, Congress will vote on whether to impeach President Trump on insurrection charges. House Democrats and some Republicans are blaming President Trump for the violent events at the Capitol last week which left 5 dead. Republicans and Mike Pence first blocked Democrat’s efforts to invoke the 25th Amendment against President Trump noting the Framers intended it to be used in the case of incapacity or disability. Most Democrats have already revealed their support for a second impeachment but now some Republicans are slowly joining the growing list.

These House Republicans plan to vote “yes” to Impeachment:

      1. How very true and the rinos do know about the vote fraud machines. Saw McCain use it with the payments via the backers he had. Chamber of Commerce has DEEP POCKETS.

        1. I so agree and the democrats had this all planned to plant antifa into the protest to cause trouble and to blame the president republicans will not forget those who betray the president you will regret your decisions when you know the truth it will come out

          1. One needs to read st. Mark 15: 7-15. It shows to please the people, they refuse to prosecute the real ones responsible, the innocent suffer. Mr. Trump has done more for this country than any other President. The democrats are so jealous that they can t stand it. & these. Rhinos are willing to sell our USA for a bowl of pottage. They are a bunch of cockroaches, they are showing their colors, they have no backbone, they are wishy washy. This has pulled the termites out of the wall. St. John 8:3-11 tells a story of an accused woman, all fingers were pointing to her. Jesus wrote their sins in the sand, exposing them. Jesus said he that’s without sin, let him cast the first stone. They being covicted by their own conscience, went out one by one. Jesus said to the woman, woman where are those thine accusers?? Hath no man condemned thee?? Neither do I condemn thee, go and sin no more . All these that are so quick to judge our beloved President , pointing one finger at him, have 3 pointing back at them, and one up to. God. They are the ones caught with hand in the cookie jar. Of all the corruption with the voting DONE, and tbey refuse to investigate that.?? The system is rotten to the core. When mr. Kennedy got in, every time mr. Nixon got one vote. It was set up that. Mr. Kennedy got 4. Fbi refused to do anything about it. History’s repeating again. Why don’t they go after the. Clintons ?? So many unsolved killings, wake up. America. Money, popularity, etc.

          2. Does this sound familiar? “Ah, sinful nation, a people laden with iniquities, ofdspring of evildoers, sons who deal corruptly.” Isaiah 1:4. “Your country lies in desolate, your cities are burned with fire; in your very presence aliens devour land; it is desolate, as overthrown by aliens.” Isaiah 1:7. Does this mean that without repentance that this is the end of times?

      2. They didn’t even count the votes. They used machines connected to the internet which is controlled by the same people that are ccencoring everyone and using flash drives to change the tallys.

        1. Dominion systems was specifically designed to be able to switch votes, thats why dictators in foreign countries use it, courtesy of Smartmatics, George Soros, and the Chi Coms.

          1. A Dominion engineer explained on a video how it works. His name was Culler (I think). George Soros? He is a globalist and so was Hitler.

          1. Albert Hess OOPS! “YOUR” sick mind. But you are just another empty headed braying jackazz and no doubt an Antifa or Bernie Bro who know NOTHING about history. The Antifas are copies of Hitler’s “brown shirts” and the Bros think Russian gulags are like Spas. While you and the Dems are crowing just remember fate can turn tables on evil. The /Vazis and Hitler are examples.

        1. All Republicans need to be out. Just like I needed to be out of the closet… finally. I feel so much better now! 🌈

          1. DEGENERATE Twisted Mind YOU MY FRIEND HAVE SOME MAJOR MENTAL ISSUES. Speaking as an Independent. Not all Republicans are traitors or cowards 30% are solid loyal to our nation Gop members Another 15 % are quasi Loyal so long as loyalty doesn’t interfere with their profits or power.. The rest are scumbags period. That said 85% of the Demon-rat party is treasonous cowardice ass clowns. Which of course exspains why The Demon-rat party haS lost upwards of 30% of African Americans an 40plus % of the Latino community.
            All theyvhave now is the none contributors an some arrogant ass holes .

      1. Wait a minute Fool! The Republicans are the only truthful people in Congress. Not one Democrat can be trusted starting with Creepy Joe. Wait and see….it will be an eye opener!

      2. Communist thought police. Of course you want a dictator. Cancel Culture is what Mao did and caused the death of over seventy million people in China.

        1. Mao, especially killed off the Elderly Chinese and then made chicken food out of their dead bodies. Their grandchildren never knew them and grew up minus the wisdom that is usually passed on to Grandchildren. I know because I have asked some of the wonderful Chinese people that I have met on my visits to China.

          1. Not voting is exactly what they want. We all must stand up against this theft of election and coup de’atat. We have 3 boxes that guarantee our freedoms: the ballot box (stolen), the jury box (corrupted), & the cartridge box. Our founders told us that when our government fails to represent the will of the people it’s our duty to change that government by all necessary means.
            What does that mean? Exactly what is said.

          2. Quit the businesses that fund and support these domestic terrorists Quit supporting the T.V. stations that consistently lie to the public or never report what they should. Stop the Newspapers that are not truthful. .Stop banking with the banks who co-operate with those who fund Antifa and BLM. Stop using F.B., Twitter and Parlor and any one else who would deprive us of our First Amendment. Stop buying Chinese products as Biden is back in bed with them.

        1. Don’t stop voting! A no vote is a vote for them. We need to work hard for reform and get involved. It will take all of us. Let’s stick together like the Democrats!

      1. This is exactly what the democraps want. Then they can turn us into a 3rd world sh*thole and stay in control forever. Now more than ever it is imperative that every registered Republican and conservative Independent show up and vote for the conservative candidate in every election. This fraud will be exposed, as will the democraps.

  1. These people are not stupid enough to believe that Trump is guilty of what happened, so they have their own ulterior motives for this treachery. If they succeed, the Republican Party is finished as we know it (such as it were).

    1. It is already finished! Thanks to creeps like Paul Ryan and Mitch, Mitt, etc. I went to Republican headquarters here in town and took my name off the rolls. 57 years old, lifelong Republican, and I am quitting party. No need to fight commies and RINOS the same time. Trump, Devin Nunes, and a few of them have some balls, but most are wimps, that would not seem sh#@ if they had a mouthful.

      1. Unfortunately they are all we have. The Democrats are communists who are in bed with China. Yes, many of the Republicans are flawed and weak, but they are not communists. If we splinter and don’t vote for them, the Dems will be in forever. Our real enemy is the press. They constantly twist the truth and lie. We need tea party like Republicans to primary out the bad ones. Those that vote for impeachment are signing the death warrant for their political careers.

          1. I sure hope that– WE THE PEOPLE– see through this and that the –POWERS THAT BE– stop any conspiracy before it becomes a plan

          1. we need to vote more than ever. when you don’t vote, you ate giving up. Do we want to Give up?

        1. RIGHT🇺🇸 We need true Conservative party that really listens to people. Not like these RINOS who only care about their possible political futures. We need to let them know they have no future!🇺🇸🥰

      2. Devin Nunes is so impressive. I could see him being president, someday. That is, until the Democommies were allowed to cheat in Old Slow Joe.

        1. Joe’s days are numbered. Communist DNC will
          Make sure their California communist is in the White House 😢

          1. No doubt about it. I give them 60 to 90 days and old Joe will be out and the first woman president will bevsworn it. GOD HELP US!

        1. I’d fly it inside out if I could. Just like the Democrats have turned everything inside out and upside down

      3. I agree if they don’t have the balls to stand up to the democrats then they don’t need to be running our government

      1. America is finished. No point in voting. There’s your socialist country where you’ll all die waiting in line to be approved approved for medical treatments. That’s how it works.

      2. You better hide your money and guns if you have them. America will be over with Biden. Wake up and smell the coffee fool

      3. Not even close. Cheated, yes, more and more come out about how, but the propaganda arm MSM hides it fiercely. No more Dominion, video counts to cspan, signature audit every ballot. You will see a 50 percent drop in Dem votes. Been going on for far, far too long.

      1. Yup that’s why he’s hated. There shouldn’t be such things as career politicians, look at Biden’s record 47 years and accomplished shit.

        1. The Democrats are corrupt and some Republicans but yes the real enemy is the lieing media and there bosses bug tech and they will all be brought down we will not give up our freedom period

    2. They, Dems’, are afraid that Pres. Trump will run again 2024 and revive this program he is using now, YES we should vote and vote every election local, state and Federal, in 2 years we can put Pelosi out if we vote Dems. out , This impwachment is to assure that Pres. Trump cannot run in 2024, or even in a local election, let’s do them a favor, VOTE them out then they won’t have to worry.

  2. Who is John Katko? I’ve never heard of him, and it’s a safe bet I never will again after the 2022 elections.

      1. Forgot MICHIGAN and WASHINGTON. So with the exception of Wyoming the pick is pretty much not a surprise but why are any of them GOP? Obviously their lean left. And these rinos are no longer unknown at all. Outted themselves quite clearly as who and what they are, TRAITORS!

        1. So true our party has a good symbol the animal that never forget’s we are not like democrat animal the jackass

  3. Sedition has been occurring for the past four years. Impeach all of them and put them on trial. Everyone know who the vocal ones were.

      1. Explain there Mr. Hess, What has Trump done that was found to be treasonous? Did he not call for peace? Has he started an Illegal War? Has he killed unarmed American Citizens by a drone strike? What he did, was most of what he said he would do. Now Im not happy at all with his lack of Reigning in the ATF, FBI or CIA. Im especially not happy with the bump-stock ban, but I bet you and your friends are. Let me leave you with this, those people that you think are your friends on the ‘hill, dont care about you in the slightest, and when they say hey you make too much money for…..x Reason, you’ll be picking Rice with the others that think the same why you do.

      2. For turning around Obama’s lackluster economy, creating lowest unemployment in decades, for negotiating peace treaties in the middle east, saving the United States from the globalist carbon tax, for reducing illegal immigration, for making the United States energy independent? What crime exactly do you think he should be charged with?

          1. Actually, he accomplished more when he was president-elect than most of the politicians have in their whole careers.

          2. They hate him because he wasn’t corrupt and like them but a common working man, just like the rest of us, and they couldn’t control him.

        1. If only it were that easy. Congress and I he senate cannot be impeached. They can 🥫 not be removed through a recall vote ( if your state allows it) or by 2/3 vote of whatever house they are in. And that will never happen, in fact it has never happened. They have more protections than the President.

  4. An Illinois Republican is basically a centrist democrat, but all centrist democrats have been purge from their “Big tent”.

    1. Excuse me, but I’m an Illinois Republican, but I don’t know what a centrist Democrat even is. Right now I wish I had the finances, I would like to leave Illinois.

      1. A centrist Democrat is one who is really bad but not really, really bad as the rest. They believe truth is what they say it is but don’t always believe the liberal party lies unless it’s in their best interests. Hope that clears it up.

  5. This is certainly not a list of impressive Republican representatives, most of which represent Northern liberal states.

    1. SURVIVING the switch is all these five represent. And the same for the senate switch hitters like McConnell. Romney is a nothing who wants to be a somebody. He really needs to run as a dim wit next time. Etc. as we watch the rats jump ship for the american citizens witnessing this steal of our rights even to vote meaningfully. Does anyone feel like voting again? If so, I would ask why?


  6. I live in Michigan and my Representative fred upton has said he will be voting for impeachment. I have contacted him and told him if he does that I will do everything I can to unseat him in the 2022 elections, he’s been having a hard time winning the last few year, so hoping to have a REAL REPUBLICAN in his seat in the 2022 election!!!!!!

      1. How many house seats did the Repub. lose, None, how many the Dems lose 12, 14 ? No blue wave. Lost in states houses also. Get rid of Dominion and will lose loads more. Petition for the removal of all Dominion machines for a fair election.

    1. That is a slap in the face to the Three Stooges. I definitely know Liz Cheney is not that intelligent. She could never do what the Stooges did.

  7. The Republican establishment needs house cleaning The people need to get rid of the Rinos and put in people who respect our wishes

    1. I agree with you our president exposed the democrats for who they are and also the rhino’s who don’t work work for the people who voted them in they work for there own pockets

    1. Congress took it out of his hands. Voided separation of powers. The military just lets the coup continue. Wonder how much money exchanged hands???

  8. All Republicans who voted to impeach and will not stand up for American rights and the US Constitution needs to be voted out. Conservatives need to form their own group and start up the pressure campaign.

    1. Term limits would help by getting rid of Rinos, dead wood, the crooked ones like Menendez who was found guilty in a trial of taking women and plane rides from an Eye Dr, who defrauded Medicare of Millions of dollars bur he is on appeal but I guess New Jersey justice has amnesia because the appeal retrial has never happened and Menendez was re-elected. Still in there plugging away to benefit himself more so than his constituents.

  9. It’s government protecting itself. Trump was a threat to their cozy corruption. Everyone knows that the government is totally corrupt, but you are supposed to join in it rather than expose it.
    Thus, crush Trump and all those who want a legitimate government.

  10. Why not include multiple folks for impeachment and save a lot of time? Put Biden and Harris on list along with Piglosi, and Schumer, and Maxine Waters. They all made incendiary remarks. Harris even bailed out rioters and protestors. Biden violently said he wanted to take Trump out behind the Gym and punch him out. Isn’t that violent/ And Maxine said to get in their faces even at a restaurant. Violent. All of them, plus a bunch of loud mouth news men. Impeach them all!

  11. These self interest political class “takers” have never made a contribution or sacrifice to our great country. President Trump has sacrificed his honor and treasure for our country but now the Trump haters also want his blood. I implore my fellow Patriots to fly “Old Glory” upside down once Biden takes office and until he’s out to show that our country is in distress.

    1. I agree to this this country had lost all respect of the American people at least the 75 million who vote for our President

      1. The Demomarxists cooked the voting process and ran through enough of the same ballots to make Biden an unlawful winner.

    2. Count on me. I still have my Trump 2020 flag flying from my front porch alongside the American flag.I will proudly leave my Trump flag up and will fly the American flag upside down after Biden’s stolen inauguration Jan 20.

  12. Like her Dad, it’s all about personal interest. I am extremely disappointed as I used to be a fan of Liz. “All the heroes and legends I knew as a child, have fallen to idols of clay…SHOW ME THE WAY!

  13. The rino republicans are traitors to their party and the American people. If you can’t support your party, why are you in it?

  14. These should be at the top of the list to be primarried out when they come up for re-election, along with McConnell. We need political scouts like the scouts in athletics to find young dedicated Conservatives with the Founders’ Values to replace the Phony Republicans in the party. A third party has been proven historically to work in favor of the Democrats. We need to purge the party of the RINOs and pull it back to it’s Bill of Rights supporting Conservative Roots.

  15. Wyoming, Liz is your rep? How sad. And the rest, Illinois, New York so are they only gonna have the two years? At least the dim wits are obvious. These winners are losers! Antifa, etc. did the inciting and these losers and posers in the GOP are gonna be just that losers in their next elections because they are traitors to a great president and know the activist struck again and used the morons to strike the blow.

    And the rats leaving the ship now. I guess the establishment will absorb them again. After all, the establishment has to survive no matter whose ass they kiss! Look what they do to outsiders and we as the voters of this nation are clearly witnessing their strategies. These are who run the nation, not the people!!! So what if anything is gonna be done if ever?

    1. I am not happy or proud of Liz. O am a Wyoming resident and Wy is a republican state. She is not representing us or out wishes. She will be looking for a new job next election

  16. The President has had to fight within and without the tent of government. The “Republican” Party needs to go the way of the Whigs

  17. The rioters were evidently a separate group from Trump Supporters. If Congress would pay the least bit of attention to their jobs, instead of co-conspiring with Nancy Pelosi and other radicals, America might be able to recover from Speaker Pelosi’s grandstanding, which has irreparably harmed the people of The United States of America.

      1. The Wicked Witch of the West needs to haveva bucket of diahrea (Watery Shit) thrown her and maybe she will melt into nothingness. EVIL WOMAN

    1. I think Nancy or someone in her entourage hired Antifa and BLM and others. The Chief of the Capital police told Nancy and maybe both senate leaders what was coming to town the day of Trump’s speech. You notice they did nothing and the head of W.D.C(MAYOR). cut back on her police force too.

  18. The true anti-Trump RINOs are flying out of the closet now. They spent 4 years secretly undermining Trump but now have full cover from the demonKKKrats to come forward.

    Screw the repubs. As usual, they never have and never will, amount to anything this country can be proud of.

    1. So agree a president who takes no pay for 4 years and look at the sick asses we paid to help the president and they turn on him I’ll be so glad when they are voted out of Washington

  19. Republicans are the most disloyal people in Washington , dems stick together not the Republicans RE: Lincoln Project so why should we Americans support them! No more,

  20. President Trump, push the button, stop all this you can do it. Claim State emergency Martial law arrest VP Pence for treason alone with all that you need to arrest.

    1. VP Pence is one of the few who are upright and trustworthy. He deserves to be supported and thanked for his righteous service.

  21. It is an OUTRIGHT LIE that he encouraged an angry mob to attack the White House. He did nothing of the sort. He said “ PEACEFUL PROTEST!!! As usual the nasty dumocrats repeat whatever they want to become fact long enough for dumocrats to believe it is- which is about once. Sheep.

  22. All we need to do is vote the spinless Republicans out. President Trump can run as a independent. This will end the Republican Party. I’ve voted republican now for several years, but that’s about the only choice we’ve had because the democrats are all socialist baby killers & Marxist. If McConnell is turning on President Trump he needs to be investigated, because he’s right in there with the democrats. 74 million Americans know what went on in this election. We know crooked Biden got about 58 million legal votes and if these so called republicans are for America they would be investigating this election them selves so I think several of them are in on this as well. As far as the riots that went on on 1/6/2021 most smart Americans know that these riots were planned by the deep state and did this to stop the count on the certification of crooked Biden. I hate to say this, but I think VP Pence is all in as well.

    1. Not true, Anthony. VP Pence is a very honest man who has stood by our president and is always ready to support what is righteous and turn away from what is not.

  23. Please tell the children in congress and the pin headed republicans to grow up and act like they have a couple brain cells left.

  24. The dems are doing what they wanted to do even before President Trump was sworn in . Republicans must remember that over 70,000,000 patriots voted for him and most believe that the election was indeed stolen through fraud in particular illegal mail in ballots. Those voting to impeach might as well resign after casting their vote because they will be voted out.

  25. I use to respect you Liz Chaney. NO MORE!! Your desire to impeach President Trump makes me, a born again believer in Jesus Christ, loath and hate your seemingly coming decisions!! You can definitely count me in, as one who will fight for future truth and fight against any desire, on your part, to move forward in seeking any future involvement in our government!

  26. What a waste of time and tax payers money with Covid concerns and people hungry and out of work.
    Get rid of Nancy Pelosi

  27. the republican party is over because of the wishy washiness of RINOs; for some reason republicans simply can’t stand (or at least match) the heat demoncrats bring against our Constitution; Lincoln would not have succeeded in defeating the demoncrats with todays RINOs & who knows how the CSA would have evolved? Perhaps we’re back to 1860 where demoncrats can, not only oppress blacks, but all of US; check out the most recent article of impeachment: Paul Ryan coulda written that 4 yrs ago & it woulda fit

  28. I’ll be donating to the primary opponents of all of these. Unfortunate all will land in well-compensated jobs as lobbyists, CNN contributors or in useless DC “thinktanks.” I hate these cowardly backstabbers so much more than the Bernie and AOC types who are at least transparent about where they want to take the country.

  29. All these $h it stains are not Republicans. They are commie Dems, that falsely ran as Republicans. They make me want to vomit!

  30. Everyone should close tweeter, FB, Instagram accounts, dump their stock if own any before they are worthless, stop buying from Amazon, buy direct from the seller/merchant don’t wait DO IT NOW URGENT>>>>

  31. Get rid of the Dominion machines, video every count, 2 each counters. Otherwise all elections will end up like this one.

  32. What does it matter what my thoughts are. I’d like to know what difference it would make what I think? I voted for president Trump but my vote in the end didn’t matter.

  33. Ms. Cheney, there are unpardonable sins and in the political realm you have committed one of them. The name Cheney is synonomous with “the military/industrial complex”.I’m sure that the fact that Trump was opposed to purposeless wars did not sit well with your family

  34. I will not vote for these people ever again they are back stabbers especially McConnell, they are all corrupt
    Trump should start his own party!

  35. Democrats want to disable and discredit President Trump in any way they can by, by any means they can get away with. What are they so afraid of? There is a reason for their panic mode. They also want to impeach him, so he cannot run for office again. I have never been so disappointed in our congress, the news media, and the people chosen to lead the House of Representatives (who do they represent?? $$$!!). I will continue to pray for Our Country, Our President and all the blind sheep being led to the slaughter.

  36. Pay attentions to these Rep. that are joining the Dem!! They need to be voted out!! They are all sick!!!

  37. Most dangerous people in Washington DC? Reason they are the ones who have been stabbing & American people & Trump in back for 4 years. They have let democrats committee (Treason) against Trump let democrats take over house in 2018 are truly (Traders) to American people. And they all have committed (Treason) GOP leadership & 90 % of GOP senate.
    Mitch McConnell, Cornyn, Linsey Graham,etc., FBI Wray & all agents, CIA director & all agents, DOJ Barr & all lawyers, John Roberts & other 8 justice plus 300 so called constitutional federal judges and Top leadership in Military all totally corrupted & working for US Chamber of Commerce, communist China 🇨🇳 and Globlist money.
    Don’t forget the Bush’s and Paul Ryan these are corrupted and more dangerous then democrats.
    We know what democrats are doing. GOP leadership has let China into: colleges,our public schools,media, state legislature & military leadership. Don’t forget China money got Bill Clinton elected & Clinton gave China the technology to get rocket into space.
    God bless President Trump fighting for America Silent Majority & 🇺🇸 America .

    1. Clinton let China into the World Trade Organization because they indicated that they would purchase American goods. As usual, the Chinese broke their word. Did the Clinton Foundation get a large donation from the CCP? We do not know but I will bet some in the Clinton administration know how lucrative it was for the Clintons. Since the CCP has been so overly generous with the Biden Clan–one hundred thousand U.S. dollars in gift cards to spend in China and the sweet deal of one and a half BILLION dollars to Hunter the Princeling to invest for the Chines in Militarily sensitive U.S. Corporations so they just now buy technology with the assistance of Princeling Hunter Biden. The Chinese now have the exact same military killing technology as our fighting forces but the Chinese military vastly outnumbers our fighting forces. .Hunter will be paid 30 million dollars a year to manage this U.S. Hi Tech fund for them. I am hoping that President Trump can declassify all that the government information powers that be– will permit.

  38. The Communist Party Arm which are now the DNC stole an election through subterfuge, mail-in Ghost ballots, double and Triple voting, dead voters, as well as foreign interference with the help of BO and foreign actors. Special forces got in and took fifteen laptops with key information. Many who are calling for impeachment are guilty of treason and coordinated to cause the riot, who are in high positions. “A fool is wise in their own conceit. ” These foolish RINO’S will be primaries. The TRUTH will come out.

    1. CORRECTED WORD: The foolish will be PRIMARIED. My cell phone actually changes my speech…built-in big brother.

  39. These backstabbers need to stop freaking say that election fraud claims are baseless!!! Biden did NOT win fair and square! If anyone should be impeached it’s Joe Biden for espionage

  40. how can yhey join in with the dembocraps. if the msn would report what our president said not change his words to fit their wants. there would be no impeachment. shows that the Rinos are only looking to protect their political skin not protect the constitution.

  41. Haven’t you jerks spent enough of taxpayers money on stupid things that don’t mean a crap?? Trump has 1 more week. Let him go.

  42. They are not Republicans but Democrats running as Democrats since they are from, largely, blue states but in Republican districts. State and local voters take note and put in real conservatives voting in your behalf not to keep these RHINOS in office to collect perks and our taxes.

  43. This entire impeachment issue is ridiculous! President Trump did NOT do ANYTHING wrong! Watch the damn recording. It was a set up by the democrats who are now vowing to come after us? They are threatening us! Impeach THEM!

  44. We have watched ANTIFA and BLM burning Cities down for months, but when conservatives decide they have had enough the entire Law enforcment comunity is mobilized.

  45. These politicians are all part of the RINO swamp. They deserve to be sent home next election as a bunch of cowards and traitors to America.

  46. 2nd impeachment he didn’t do anything to have the first. He was impeached for what the Democrats did. And now he’s being impeached for what they did again. Because there afraid of Trump. And his supporters. We are strong and we stand by of what we believe in. No violence we didn’t attack Capitol hill the Democrats did and blamed it on us. They all belong in jail. Along with Hillary Clinton she’s the head of it all

  47. We the 80 million will be watching the house vote closely and any Republicans that votes to impeach will regret it at election time.

  48. The 10 so called Republicans who voted to Impeach should be worried about their next election….Albert Hess, I thought you were a jerk now I know it.

  49. Remember each and every one. We will work harder than you can ever imagine to throw them out in primaries. They will claim they were fooled. They will be lying.

  50. Greed, power and protection from the vindictive and hateful Democratic Elite, the pompous media and the RINO of the the party has turned so many in Congress, the Sports and Entertainment community, the Media and the Tech Giants into selfish, self serving individuals who see themselves as superior to the everyday American.
    Trump helped many Elected Republicans develop a backbone and the average working American believe that there was finally someone who would listen to their concerns and fight for them.
    Trump scared the crap out of all of the Congress and House members who had been riding the gravy train for years, the ranking members of the FBI, CIA, INTELLIGENCE and other agency officials who worked deals to benefit themselves not the country or the people.
    Trump was exposing the fraud, deceit and selfishness of the people who are elected or hired to serve US the people.
    We pay them and they are accountable to We the people but Trump exposed the reality that they think they are better, smarter and more privileged then you or I are.

  51. Remember the goals of socialism is communism. Communism controls everything, Government becomes God with no godly principles, and freedom and liberty vanish

  52. I called Wyoming Republicans Outlet today sebd a message how outrage I am a asked to impeached this goon from Republican Party. Not like this do anything, but I hope people of Wyoming voicing their outrage also.

  53. I hope that the republicans that have hitched their wagon to the most corrupt party in the world is ready for repercussions to their action. In case they were left out in the cold something is building and the boom is coming. Those that join them can go down with them. Do you think President Trump did not see this coming and do you really think this will go down okay. You have been warned. The sea is changing course and the republicans may be caught in the same net. Well to me no great loss. Others can just kiss your career goodbye. Because we will never vote again for you. Mid terms are going to be fun. At least for We the People. Pop the corn and grab a seat the movie is about to begin.

  54. I hope each and everyone of these traitors get what they deserve. Unfortunately, if they do they will take down all of America with them. Every one of them spread the same vile lie. The President did not incite anyone. He asked if they would offer support in regard to election certification, but apparently some leftist troll wanted Antifa to know. 4 or 5 bus loads of them were reported to have arrived and inserted themselves into the group of Supporters. They incited the riot and their tormenting the Police caused one to fire on the woman who died. There was a young man, who stated he was going to make a video telling what happened, because he was so ashamed of what he had done. He said he and others were paid to come to DC and riot, which is what they did. When Pelosi goes on a rant and calls the President a clear and present danger, she is actually describing herself and her toadies. They have shown by their actions over the last 4 years, just how corrupt and evil, they are.

  55. Just let China and whoever else wants to take over do it! This country has become a spineless insult! I hope with this new president everything becomes better! Not!

  56. I think that the best method is to track her voting and send out a list every time she votes with the Democrats. Something tells me that she is a Rhino anyway.

  57. Maybe the Demomarxists in both the Demomarxist and Republican parties who testified against President Trump need to contract to have the DOME OF THE CAPITAL BUILDING painted RED and take the star field from the American flag to put in the HAMMER AND SICKLE. Soon the Communist V.P. trained by her Professor Father who taught Kamala to be a good Communist. He taught for years Marxism and Communism at Stanford University. Now we know why the younger generations all want to be Socialists–which just a beginner THEORY which blooms into full blown Communism. This prize carries with it starvation, imprisonment, denial of privileges, confiscation of all property and wealth, a large and growing Elite Class who will never want for anything and finally DEATH from murder, or being worked to death.

  58. Let’s see….They taught our kids to hate America, They sent BLM and Antifa to burn our cities, made us wear diapers on our faces , Told us where we could go, when we could go there, who we could talk to, what we could say, censored our objections, shut down dissenting views, destroyed our businesses using a virus with a 99.3 percent survival rate, attacked our president in several fake scandals and impeachment attempts, and, only after doing all that, stole our republic in a fraudulent election worthy of a Banana Republic….. and then they are surprised when some rise up to show anger and contempt… ???
    These tyrants forget that our freedom was paid for by blood of patriots who rose up against tyranny like that being imposed right now. Didn’t turn out well for the tyrants, then.
    Why is it OK for us to send our troops to squash tyrants in other countries and not our own? Our forefathers foresaw this day and said we must protect ourselves from the rise of power hungry politicians who would seize our freedoms if we grew complacent. Politicians should fear the people… not the other way around.
    What happened on Jan 6th was either Antifa plants, or a few disorganized who went too far. What WILL happen is sooner or later, the ORGANIZED will show up and the day will have a whole different feel.

  59. This is the next path forward, first block twitter and facebook from your internet provider, the state of Idaho internet provider blocked them both.

    Tech bubble is imminent, close tweeter, FB, Instagram accounts, dump their stock if own any from your IRA, 401K check your mutual funds that have Twitter or FB included, Twitter down again, dump before they go to zero, stop buying from Amazon, buy direct from the mom’s and pop’s stores near you, don’t wait DO IT TODAY

  60. most of these scumbags are guilty of treason, unfortunately due to the fact that the doj, fbi(kgb) are now nothing more than far left gestapo type organazations, they have all gotten away with it, just saying

  61. Wake up Republicans! Support Trump! Stop this sham of impeachment! Trump stood up for the Republican platform , now, stick up for him ! We should be thanking him instead of throwing him under the bus !im ashamed of our party right now !


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