These Republicans Voted ‘Yes’ to Impeachment

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Today the House of Representatives convened to debate and vote on an article of impeachment against President Trump. The House voted to send the article of impeachment to the Senate where a trial will be held on the charge of insurrection. President Trump will be the first president in history to be impeached twice. The final vote in the House was 232 to 197.

These 10 Republicans voted to impeach Trump:

  1. PRIMARY EVERY ONE OF THESE and GET THEM THE HELL OUT OF THE PARTY! When any reasonable opponent steps forward to challenge them, count me in for donating to get this SCUM out.

    1. And a message to the RNC and EVERY Republican Political organization that will be seeking money for the Mid-terms in 2022 and beyond.
      I will NEVER donate a PENNY to ANY of your fundraising requests if the Republican Party ‘leaders’ should you NOT finance and support ONLY those who would challenge these people! Liz Cheney has shown herself to be more of a Mata Hari or a Tokyo Rose than anyone currently in the House. If nothing else she needs to be STRIPPED of ALL of her Committee work and left to rot. What IS surprising is that she hasn’t jumped party since she’s just like her father who’d likely have done so the minute he thought he hawkish ways would improve.
      Make up your minds, people! NONE of these turncoats should remain in office in the next Congress. NOT. ONE. OF. THEM!

        1. That is the sad part the Rep. are not much better than the Dems and the Liberal Media. Not one dime to the RNC for any of them only support the stand up Republican’s. That means the ones with a BACKBONE. Let the rest die on the vine.

          1. It’s easy to do. JUST DON”T SEND TO the group of GOP. ONLY TO THE BEST OF THE TRUE CONSERVATIVES, DIRECTLY TO INDIVIDUALS and then only those who are true FREEDOM fighters.
            [email protected]

        2. I too was blocked on TWITTER & though I immediately switched to PARLER, I learned yesterday that the suckers shut them down too. They don’t like our message, so I can only gather from that that we must be on the right track.
          LEAVE TWITTER and sign up for a number of the alternatives; then post your messages to ALL OF THEM !!! A bit more work, but even MORE EFFECTIVE THAN TWITTER. Boy! Jack Dorsey is really going to hate us now. Maybe the sucker will have a damn CORONARY, eh, boys?

      1. I know that I and millions of other President Trump Supporters will never vote for a Republican again! They haven’t supported Our President during his entire 4 Years. They are No Different than the Demorats-Pathetic Traitors and Cowards!

        1. If we don’t vote we will be hurting ourselves. Get active! Support better people. We can do it if we stick together!

          1. There are not enough of you.
            Trump is losing supporters at twenty times the rate of Covid deaths.

          2. If the Dems did not have fake ballots and fake votes Biden would have been wiped out. If you don’t believe just check out the boxes of FAKE BALLOTS from Phoenix, AZ.

          3. That is not true. Don’t rely on just mainstream media. Read and listen to both to get the whole picture . There is upcoming conservative media that is honest and accurate. Americans are not stupid. More and more are seeing the deceptions and dishonest agendas. Some voters do not realize that the Democrats Party platform has changed over the decades. They still vote party line because they always have as did their parents. Once they realize that some of the candidates are truly radical, some very immoral and dangerous they are switching. If a candate is ok with larceny, bribery, flying the Lolita Express, pro abortion and you vote for that candidate, you are an accomplice to their ways. Legitimate voters are becoming more responsible. The rest is fraud. We know who won.

          4. Belcara: You are absolutely right! Too many people simply vote for a party without really knowing what their candidate stands for. It’s simply a habit. Unfortunately, the “left” (read that “Democrats”) has the complete support of the media whose propaganda is always pro-Democrat. A true and independent press would have investigated the reported anomalies of the past election. Very unlikely Biden actually won and we will have an illegitimate president. Worse, Kamala Harris, who couldn’t even get two percent of the Dem vote during the primary, will likely become president shortly. As for albert Hess, he really should take a laxative!

          5. Well this shows your brain, and where you come from. If you belive in this stupid Covid-19 go get the vaccine, see how you survive. Then you will look down an say shit I should of went with Republican.

          6. Thats what voters do after they vote in socialism every time. Why didn’t I vote for freedom. And when they die they always say “Why didn’t I listen to God”

          7. A true TRUMP supporter will leave quit supporting our President TRUMP!!! God be with our President and bless him and his family!!!!

          8. Your crazy lady!He has all of his American supporters! He’s not a politician and neither are we. I’m still standing with God and that’s where our president is. A half blind and half deaf person,knows he didn’t recite a riot,those were paid antifa,everyone saw it.

          9. Sorry, you are totally wrong! More supporters have come on board!
            I guess you traded freedom for communism by your vote!

          10. Albert, if we were all pessimists like you, we would have lost long ago. Confidence, direction, self-worth & focus of goals wins battles. This is a battle we must focus on. Our future is truly at stake!

          11. I’ve been a straight voting Republican since 1968. I am real close to becoming a true Independent, or to joining some 3rd party that is conservative. Anyone else with me?

          12. BB846: While your suggestion is well intended, it will only serve to dilute the conservative vote and hand victory to the Democrats.

          13. To many flip-flop, corrupt rinos in the republican party .After seeing what went on last week, the house and senate republicans have NO common sense and no back bone and are not to smart. We need a new party, The Patriot Party. And you my friend are named correctly.

          14. Yeah for saying that. It is so true. We must vote and vote Republican or we give it to the dems.

          15. It is long past time for a new party to replaced the week-kneed Republican Party. I am embarrassed to have called myself Republican. You may refer to me as a member of the Patriot Party.

          16. Ron, why are you saying that? What you stop eating apples because there was a bad one in the batch. Come on people Trump is just getting started.

          17. The 3rd party will never be strong enough to compeat with the democRATS. As suggesting we need to get REAL REPUBLICANS to run against the RINOS!!!!!!!!!!

          18. This is so on point! Vote for the right people on the local elections, at some the local people run for a national post, gotta get them young.

          19. You can vote but it won’t be counted or it will be changed. The Democrat/Communist Part controls the total voting operation.

          20. Disagree. The election proved that voting doesn’t matter. From now on the best at fraud will win.

          21. The Federal vote is controlled by the States. It is the States that need to insure election integrity. We need election reform. We need voter ID and signature verification and no more internet connected voting machines. Lock it down. We can produce counterfiet proof dollars, why can’t we produce counterfiet proof ballots with QR codes and special ink and special paper. AND NO MORE MASS MAIL IN VOTES EITHER. Absentee ballots yes, mass mail ins no.

          22. It’s not in our nature to understand how we can best support them but that is what we must do to retain those liberties dear to us. Now is not the time to whither, but to make our voices heard clearly & with strength. We know what we want!

        2. Your will never vote for a Republican again?
          What party will Trump be in in 2024.
          Will go back to the Democrat party?

          1. That’s what the demrats shysters want, that’s their plan knowing he will take votes away from the Republican party, both the Republican party and what ever Trump party decides to be will lose! We conservatives have to think smart, stamp these demrat shysters out, kick down the road of no return!

        3. For the most part, they want the swamp back.
          They’re happy to send him on his way.
          Some got reelected because the President campaigned for them. So sad!

          1. supreme court is corrupt and let the liers have there way its now insignificant any ruling they make will be viewed as biast They should have allowed a look into the aligations, because they didnt they sold Half of us out

        4. There are some good Republican Congressman and Senators. If you check with the

          Citizens Against Government Waste,
          they have the entire legislative groups monitored and graded as to how they legislate. Most , almost all the members who are fiscally attentive and responsible are Republicans. We have “superhero’s” in the House and Senate with strong financial yearly scores and life scores. Ken Buck is 100%, as is Chip Roy and many in the state of Texas. Don’t abandon the good ones. Learn how they vote. Know their scores. Most Dems are very low, some zero or 2% of 100%.
          If you or I scored in high school or college 2/100, we would not have diplomas! Who would hire us? Yet, these folks represent us. Look what they have done to our economy!


        6. If you do y vote for A Republican than your other choice is a democrat, I use to be one and will not vote for them again, after all the crooked things they have done! They are selling our country to China

      2. Do you believe that Liz Cheney is trying to defend the value of the massive amounts of Halliburton stock which usually requires a war to be valuable. It is down significantly?aher Father may have a retirement filled with this stock.

      3. Live by the sord die by the sord! You have made a statement that will come back to haunt you.
        I will not forget your name.

          1. Biden is already dead. He died during the primary last year. They must be using a body double. LOL

          1. I suppose you never use voice to text and create unintended typos in the process? Or perhaps you are too illiterate for all this new fangled technology.

      4. Absolutely agree! Cheney is a Warhawk RINO from a Warhawk RINO family. All of them arrogantly think that President Trump failed them in keeping the Senate when the truth is that the only reason any of them got financial support for their campaigns was we were asked to support them to “save the party!” That was the rhetoric! “Save the Senate!” “Flip the House!” “Save the party!”
        We knew they were weak, wishywashy, unrealizable, doubleminded, RINO s who most the time vote legislation with the Dems. But, a Republican President needs a Republican stronghold. They think they are better than the President, but they don’t measure close. They warrant no respect. We see them for who and what they are…despicable, dishonest, unethical traitors. President Trump is a patriot and a statesman. Beloved in the USA and respected worldwide.

      5. Agree 100% I was looking for an animal comparison to these republicansgoing against the president all I could fond in comparison was this anima Goats make some of the best Judas animals.

      6. Folks! I can’t believe that you are just realizing these things about the CHENEYS. Where have you been all this time? I can smell a Commie a mile away. Train your noses likewise and start being a bit more picky with your votes.

    2. I know that I and millions of other President Trump Supporters will never vote for a Republican again! They haven’t supported Our President during his entire 4 Years. They are No Different than the Demorats-Pathetic Traitors and Cowards!

      1. We need to vote for the RIGHT Republicans who did stand with Trump. We have to vote Republican but vote out these TRAITORS! Each Republican who doesn’t vote for Trump supporting Republicans is giving the votes to the horrible Democratic far left liberal communists who are trying to destroy our country. Just look what has happened already to this country and the way they want to trash America.

        1. Absolutely, during the looting and rioting the demi’s said nothing; but when it comes close to them they whine and cry

        2. I am Australian, and very concerned with what has happened to President Trump. For Americans I feel that your country is in for a horrid 4 years.

          1. The “uniter” calls it the dark winter. Might be the only prophetic thing he has ever said.

          2. My wife grew up in Australia and we have lots of ties there. A sister of hers who lives in Melbourne there got really fed up with the draconian measures (curfews, residents arriving by plane banned from returning to their own homes for two weeks, forced to quarantine in hotels, etc.) that took place in Melbourne on account of a far smaller percentage of new cases in Victoria than we have here in the USA each day.

            If you aren’t vigilant in curbing government over-reach, you may be in for some horrid years yourselves.

    3. Deplorables are are so stupid that they do not understand the power of incumbency.
      Go ahead, primary every Republican who failed to accept Trump’s infallibility. You may be able to hand a super majority in both the House and Senate.
      Stupid people are losers.
      Trump is a loser.
      Doubling down is a loser’s bet.
      You would think that the world’s most successful casino mogul would know better.

      1. You have a short memory. Don’t you remember how the dems would not accept loss in 2016?! The whines and hollered and fought and made up lies and wasted time and money on a phony impeachment.

      2. your eyes must have been shut the last 4 years if you did not see the double standart but guess what you will have a great comparisment to compare in the next 4 you are with the very ugliest group of humans ever to walk the earth you belong to the whiches garden

    4. I just posted and they withheld my post.
      Please call your reps and tell them how their constituents are feeling.

    5. You will never be able to do so as the voting process has been taken over by the Democratic Party and no valid votes will ever be processed again. It was lost when the Justice branch of the government refused to do their job and force intensive investigation of fraud in the last election.

    6. These Marxists need to leave the country, not just the party! We can’t allow their Communist influence in a free country like the USA!

  2. The vindictive measures employed by these Feckless politicians is a disgrace. What has happened to our country when the top Democrats can use their STOLEN POWER to further persecute the man who stood against their corruption and greed.
    Thru manipulation these power mad corrupt politicians stole our election, made the media their handmaiden and capitulated to China,thereby giving away our democracy. As if that is not enough chicanery they are now trying to drive a stake thru the heart of our GREAT PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP.
    How low have we sunken when we have a corrupt, dementia riden crook as our Trojon Horse president? Is this what our patriots fought and died for? For a vicious scheming woman of questionable mental power, riding these corrupt senators and congressman to hunt and kill the one man in this country who stood up to her for the sake of our country?
    Shame on everyone who accepts this horrific result of political murder, and accepts Biden as our leader.

  3. I am so disgusted with the RN that make me vomit just to think I supported this filthy Judas scariots ( worse than the real Judas ).,Take me off of all your mailing lists. I am no longer on your party. From now all my donations and votes will be for a Christian pro life and PRO AMERICA candidate, if any. You are a disgrace for our Nation. You all belong to the satanic evil pelosi and her gang. Shame on you all. Just remember the Only Judgement is from Our Lord Jesus Christ.

    1. Absolutely , and well said. Our politicians are a disgrace. This country is being run now by the most evil people in the world. You will never see a penny from me. What comes around does go around PELOSI!!!!

  4. Mr Trump deserves all the respect and honor from the honest people of America and of the world. He IS STILL the best President we ever had. Binden, pelosi, and all their gangs I flush down my toilet!

    1. I am from Illinois and I agree with you. He has to go. I will be writing to the Illinois repub’s tomorrow..

      1. Good for you! I have 10 names written down of the Traitors in the Republican party that stabbed our great president, Donald Trump, in the back. Empeachment!!! They are insane and worthless to the Republican party and true Americans.I believe these so-called Republicans were liberal idiots disguised as Republicans. All the work Trump did for this country, for the failing Republican party and for US, the American people. He didn’t incite anyone. He spoke the TRUTH to the American people.We all know the truth. These traitor “Republicans” can Never take office again. Now they are kissing up to the worst of the worst….Liberal democrats who have been trying to take down the republican party and the American patriots for years who love this country. If there are more than ten we need to know. Their NAMES must be spread around for people to know who the Traitors are and vote them out of office. They belong in the democrat party!

        1. You are correct and here is who voted to impeach Adam Kinzinger Liz Cheney Dan new house John Katko Jamie Herrera Beutler Fred Upton Peter MAIGER Anthony Gonzalez Tom Rice and David Valadao send them messages they are beneath reproach

  5. I guess anything said that does not comport with the “Democrat” (i.e., Communist) Party Line is now “inflammatory rhetoric.” Now its only a matter of time that the Republican Party will be designated as a “terrorist organization,” and its adherents declared “Enemies of the State.” Guess I’ll see you in the Gulag, Mr. Upton.

  6. Our best President ever.
    He deserves highest honors for the results he’s achieved.
    He needs us and we need him.

  7. Thank you TRUMP the swamp exposed itself.
    Everyone should close tweeter, FB, Instagram accounts, dump their stock if own any before they are worthless, stop buying from Amazon, buy direct from the seller/merchant don’t wait DO IT NOW URGENT>>>>

  8. I know that I and millions of other President Trump Supporters will never vote for a Republican again! They haven’t supported Our President during his entire 4 Years. They are No Different than the Demorats-Pathetic Traitors and Cowards!

  9. They all need to be voted out when their term comes up. They are just like the Hollywood has beens who desire attention and get their names in print. If everyone who finds this type of behavior disgusting, write, call, all above board and legal, and let them know how pathetic you find them. President Trump is and always will be awesome who has done more for this country that a whole list of the others put together. It’s really sad when a person finds out that people who you trusted are just a bunch of lying snakes.

  10. Too bad! Supposing the Capitol invasion was a set up? Yes, President J.D.Trump, said certain things that could be misconstrued, but I have a strong feeling that the Devil worthy Dems May have cashed in on it, to wreck havoc on Americans. We better look well, before we leap. America and Americans are in God’s Hands, because , in God We Trust.

  11. Cheney needs to resign! She is a disgrace to the Republican Party. She voted purely on feelings and not facts. There was no due process. Where was she during the summer when our cities were burning down?


  13. I am not going to be at all surprised if Trump comes back in 2024 for his SECOND term as President. I also expect that Joe Biden will not serve a full term, and will be replaced by Kamala Harris in the White House.

    1. There are 11 Republican Senators that definitely will vote to impeach Trump & 10 “wild card” Republican’s that probably will. The Democrat’s have all the votes they need, to impeach and I don’t believe that an impeached president by the Senate, cannot run for president. So forget about Trump running in 2024. And why would he want to put himself and his family through that persecution all over again? I don’t believe that he would.

      1. There is so much going on that we don’t know. Mainstream does not allow us to know. When …
        “The rest of the story”… bubbles to the top, it is fast censored.
        For several days YouTube was slow to censor and there was discussions like you can’t imagine. I checked tonight for follow up, and it was gone! So many of us went to other media but those lines are jammed.
        If you can find Simon Parkes and the programs he is guest, you will get balanced information about underlying information. Trump is not abandoned . He has support. Soon we will come to know what is really going on. I hope it will make sense. I pray for a good outcome.

  14. Did any person who voted to impeach our President actually review evidence? Did they investigate who was behind the riot? I do not believe they had time to fully investigate who was there and who actually invaded the Capitol. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Would the lawmakers that voted to impeach our President like to have the same judgement? I believe that less than a week of investigation is enough proof to impeach the President of the United States. This leads me to believe they were looking for an excuse (or set up excuse) to get rid of our President.

    1. Correction: I believe that less than a week of investigation is not enough proof to impeach the President of the United States.

    2. Who needs evidence, not the courts apparently when it came to the obvious election fraud across the 6 states needed. The state legislatures are inept, the courts are complicit, and the bill of rights is in deep trouble. Resist! Demonstrate endlessly!

    3. Of course it was an excuse and it was also a set-up. Because witnesses saw a bus load of Antifa members being let out at the Capital. And a BLM leader of the “Insurrection USA” confessed that he got into the Capital and took video’s of everything going on–and who do you think he was doing that for? A Left-Wing media outlet(s) and the Democrat’s led by Pelosi, who ignored the FBI’s warnings days before and didn’t have enough police or national guard at the Capital. She is in charge of the Sargent at Arms in getting that done. They wanted this to happen!!!!! It’s infuriating and Trump supporter’s that went up those steps to the Capital door, fell right into the trap, in which they should have known better. Even when they saw what was happening, they should have left and let the real instigator’s be exposed, of which was only about a 100-150.

  15. Where did they pass out the daggers to use to stab Trump in the back? All 10 of them should be primaried out of politics!

  16. If we the people can investigate the mailinbalet and find the problem and truth 💯 than the people can finally understand and unite.


  18. I am so disappointed in our electors. If they are so foolish to think trump had any hand in this they don’t deserve to be in congress. It was a hack job by Atifa and Pelosi minions .They want to get Trump and prevent him from running next election.Pelosi is a stark raving idiot. Who probably is having a bad trip on LSD.She would rather see our country torn to shreds than give the man credit for the good he has done.I personally would not blame him if he walked away and said to hell with the whole mess. He is by far the best president in my life time. He is getting us out of these foreign wars unlike his predecessors.Biden will have us in a new war or just sell us out to China either way our young men and women will bleed and die and the Biden will get richer.As a Vietnam vet I see nothing good for America in the next 4 years.If Biden lasts 6 months it will surprise me . With Kamala around Biden better hire him a food taster.I heard she bought him a 64 lincoln convertible as a present

  19. The Republicans that voted for impeaching President Trump are cowards and deserve not to be re-elected. Tragic that it was attacking the Capitol, what about Antifa – BLM?? Looting, burning, beating on innocent people, and yes killing!!

  20. My Heart is so Broken for Our President And his Family I can’t Imagine how he must feel being Betrayed by his own Party who he thought Supported him and then turned around and stabbed him in the Heart after all he’s done for our Country, He must Know That God has a Better Plan for him because God knows that for one thing he wasn’t impeached twice and he did absolutely nothing wrong this time either to impeach him this time either they think they got away with this and nothing will be revealed of all the shameful illegal shenanigans they’ve been pulling all these years behind closed doors not Realizing God has been Watching every move and taking notes on everyone of them and will be held accountable on Judgement Day I Pray they all realize how wrong they are and ask for forgiveness before it’s too late I hate to think of anyone going to Hell but that’s totally Gods decision not mine I Pray they all turn to the real Jesus the one who suffered and was also betrayed and shed his blood on the Cross for all of us to have eternal life with our King who Chooses to Accept him as their Personal Savior because he Loves sooooo Much that he came from Heaven to Earth to be born as a babe to Suffer and die for our sins I Wish more People would realize this if they did there wouldn’t be all this Hate in this World Father God Please Bring Peace And Love To Our Fallen Nation And Forgive Them Who Dont Know You Please Wake America Up like She’s never been Before In Jesus Name I Pray Amen God Bless America And Everyone

  21. I have friends in Grand Rapids that are not very happy with Peter Meijer today. They voted him over RINO Justin Amash in the primaries because Amash went against Trump. Meijer wimped out and went against the desires of his constituents. He just may be a one term Congressman.

  22. Do not count with me to make any donations to the R.P. never again. I will do it but to the new (APC) if President Trump decided to raise a new one. Almost all of Republicans senators are traitors.

  23. These fools are not representative of the people, each and everyone of them has to go, the sooner the better. Biden and Harris are the definition of “moral turpitude.” If anyone thinks this past election was not corrupt they are an idiot, and “no amount of evidence will persuade an idiot.”

    1. No he is not! He is smarter than that. It won’t be easy! We must be patient. Hang in there! Keep praying for President Trump, his family, the world we live in and especially Israel… it ain’t over, not by a long shot. Let’s keep the faith! If you are a believer, you know that God listens. I read that Trump prays every night! So must we! Our Constitution and country deserves our prayers!

  24. This impeachment doesn’t mean squat. First the insurrection act was signed a day ago. If you are paying attention pielosi was MIA for two days. She is now safely held in Greenland under indictment. The woman signing the document was her double, so therefore even if it meant something it is not legal. Now nancy tried to escape, and yes they used that term. She tried to catch a sub off the east coast, but it was made to turn back. Then she tried to board another boat to escape, and she was caught. Did you know she was in the middle of selling GE to the Chinese and the deal was supposed to take place in Pakistan. Therefore the reason Pakistan went dark. If you dig and search you will find lots of things. She wasn’t the only one indicted and most of the charges include overthrowing the government, which is treason. Good will defeat evil.

  25. If the people of these states do not primary each and everyone of these 10 they may just turn into a Blue state. Cheney is the worst of them all kick her fat BUTT out ASAP. She is a RINO and a Bitc#.

  26. I pray the the republican not only don’t give these dirtbags a dime when utd time to run again but lets find some new conservative blood and primary every one if them.

  27. Please E-mail, call, leave messages, send snail mail, whatever you have to do to contact your people in Congress. No matter what side of the isle they’re on. Be respectful, no threats, but tell them where the Patriots stand.
    RINOS can change parties if they don’t want to represent their constituents.

  28. The political elite are on lifetime pensions, their own premiere healthcare system, vote their own pay raises, and pander incessantly as they enrich themselves with lobbyist shwag. “Led” by a pathetic relic, we approach the red zone! Protection of a free way of life will depend on each and everyone of us. You can no longer rely in the maligned police. They have been neutered.

  29. Everyone of these so called Republicans should be voted out when they come up for re-election. You were elected to support the people who voted for you and everyone of you went back on your promises. RINO everyone of them

  30. Trump has been impeached and not removed in 4 years as many times as all other presidents COMBINED!. That shows a historic HATE level from the clearly deranged lunatic speaker of the house.

  31. This is an outrage of the Republicans to vote to impeach the President. I see where statements are made that the President encouraged the mob on in this terrible riot. To me that is an out right lie. If he did that why did he then call in the guard to quash the uprising. You are supposed to be thinking persons to run the government. I have not seen what you claim he has done. Tell me why you now think that the rest of the Republicans are not entitled to know the truth about the election. Your problems are you are not bible wise. So let me tell you what you have done. I am not going to place paragraphs in this statement to you because of space. If you understood Daniel and the Revelation you would know that the bible spells out two specific beast powers. Actually there are four beast so you understand that i know what i am talking about. However, the two important ones as far as the bible are concerned are Pagan Rome which became Papal Rome and the territory, (The good old USA) reserved by God Almighty for preservation of those who stood by God is the good old USA. If you check the constitution was being formed when Napoleon ordered the Pope arrested and placed into prison because he would not give him the people that he had conquered.. This is during the 1260 years of prophecy that started in 538 A.D. It ended in 1798 A.D. And then the Pope was put into prison until February 5, 1929. During that time Pagan Rome (Catholic Popes)now turned into Papal Rome murdered between 50,000,000 and 100,000,000 Christians. No one knows the actual amount for sure. But the Catholics would have the records if anyone does. The good ole USA was reserved by GOD Almighty to be a heaven of peace by God’s believers, who would not accept the Catholic (Sun) Sunday worship. The Catholics boldly claim that they changed the Sabbath that God established. They claim this act took place in 362 A.D. at the Council of Leodicia.That is why we hear Popes stating that if you keep Sunday then you should join the Catholic Church because they changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. See in your bible Daniel 7:25 the beast power is supposed to change times and Laws. The Catholics did actually this part of the prophecy by the beast in Revelation. Christ says, “I change not, I am the same yesterday, today, and forever.” The Catholics say they are 9THE pOPE) IS a God on earth, even above Christ. See Ephesians 4:5-6; “One Lord, one faith, one baptism, 6. One God and Father of all, who is above all and through all, and in you all.” Now then, what does all of this mean? You see above I stated that the Catholic Church preaches that if you keep Sunday (which is sun worship) you should become Catholics. In 1969, 69,000,000 people joined the Catholic Church. The Church of Christ; The Methodist Church; and the Lutheran Church joined the Catholic Church. The bible says the whole world will wonder after the beast (Ppal Rome). So what is that you have done for Satan’s benefit? Well, you congressman have pondered long in meetings as to how to get around the first amendment so as to make the Sunday Blue Laws mandatory (the False Sabbath).all of this is in prophecy. So now you have placed a President into the Whitehouse that would not say if he was planning to pack the Supreme Court. He will. And with a type of Democrats who will vote in the Presidents favor and then the Catholic President will drop the 1st and 2nd amendments and the vote for Sun Or Sunday Blue Laws to exist. That is Mandatory. Then persecution of the dark ages will begin all over again, that is what happened from 538A.D. to 1798 A.D. Now what do you suppose God will do when he has seen enough of that abuse all over again. The bible says in Revelation 22:11 ” He that is unjust, ley him be unjust still: and he that is filthy let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous let him be righteous still: and he that is holy let him be holy still 12. And behold I come quickly. and my reward is with me.” Now also the angels begin to pour out their vials of the plagues, we see that in Revelation 16. The fourth angel pours out his vial upon the sun and sun worshippers who want to believe that the Papal Rome Catholics had a right to change God’s Holy Sabbath will have to endure the terrible plague while we who followed the Lamb of God are saved as soon as Jesus appears. You poured your medicine in your vial for the true worshippers of God who suffered at our behest, but now you inherit the consequence. As far as I am concerned no President in the office of the USA has never done as much as President Trump has done to benefit country and people. And for the black folks he has created more jobs for them than an other President with the exception of Abraham Lincoln. So now you can sit back and enjoy the abuse that you do to this fine man, but remember God Almighty is watching. you Catholics (and those who granting the abuse of this fine man) putting everything in to position. Change your course and finish the work of 22 fraudulent acts that has to be determined to benefit this wonderful country of FREEDOM GIVEN TO US BY AN ALLMIGHTY GOD.

  32. We see and we here. Nothing left to be said…
    Job Well Done Mr. President.
    Of course I am not tired of winning but guess who else is.
    Not our type of American Patriots.
    Thank You for Boldly Protecting Our Republic!
    Remember friends just remember and NEVER FORGET!.


  34. Not surprised to hear Rep Liz Cheney is on this list. She is related to Dick Cheney who was part of the Bush Cabal, all of whom we all know hates Trump. Hope someone primary’s her and gets her out!

  35. Everyone of these supposed representative of the constituency are traitors to the Republican Party, the Constitution of the Unites States, and the Republic they took an oath to defend. They are the domestic enemies of the country. They are actively assisting in the destruction of democratic two party system of our country in favor of a one party government with dictatorial power and policies to operate this country. They are prime participants in turning the U.S.A into a Banana Republic controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

  36. People, from now on we have to really know who we’re voting for, not just because they have an R next to their name. Obviously that doesn’t mean much any longer! Way too many Rinos and those that aren’t out to help America!!!!

  37. Put them all out to pasture. They do not deserve to serve our nation. They are too blinded with rage to be of any help to the American people How do I know this???? BECAUSE they had no real charges against our President. Just some trumped up stuff!!!! They are too, too blinded with rage. Add Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer & Jerry Nadler to this bunch!!!


  39. To hell with the Republican party totally. They have proven to be weak and unpatriotic. If they would stand together like the democrats do the party could dominate the democrats and DEEP STATE but they don’t. I will no longer vote Republican unless its for a Jim Jordan or Devin Nunes or Ted Cruz. These are the republican politicians we need but to many are R’I’N’O’s and just as bad as the democrat deep state

  40. Ime to start a new / real , conservative party that will look out for the likes of their constituants and look at the real story behind the lying Speeker of the house and her ilk.
    Time to clean house on Republicans and Democraps.

  41. Every single one of you ,have zero patriotism,zero shame,and have the worth of a maggot. You’re all toast,guarantee. You’ll not be voted for again,by 80 plus million people in this country.maggots..i hope you go down for treason.thats what you’ve done here.committed treason against your country,and mercy for brought it on yourselves.

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  43. Campaign against these scumbags. Primary them out. Also give them the Maxine treatment. Get in their faces whenever they are seen in public and call them put got being Rino POS!

  44. It needed to happen. They should have run all the crooked politicians out of the country. We want an idiots like Biden and Harris in charge but we want Donald Trumps life ruined. Think of all the corruption we know about on the left and we have none on Trump. You idiot repubs have WOKE up a sleeping giant. It’s called the Always Trumper party. Washington get ready

  45. So, besides Liz Cheney, who else? I never could find any other names on this site. Are we hiding the truth from the American people again? Don’t we deserve to know what our elected leaders do?

  46. I’m from Michigan and heard fred upton was going to impeach President TRUMP and immediately contacted him and told him. I lived in Michigan and his county and come 2022 will be working with all other to upset him in that election. We will work to get a REAL REPUBLICAN to take his place. The last few years he’s had a harder time winning. I did hear he had a really good challenger in the last primary, but didn’t realize I should have voted for her. Hoping she will be willing to run in the next one.

  47. If there is no evidence why are the democrats so fearful of an audit of the ballots? Thats all the president is asking for. That is not sedition. That is common sense.

  48. I am writing each of these congress people letting them know what they have done. ” I cannot express strongly enough how your emotional decision to impeach the President has further divided our country. The only purpose to this unprecedented act is to make sure Donald Trump cannot run for election again, which is to take away the choice and will of the American people. If you only examined the facts before your knee jerk decision you will have noted that the timeline of the attack on the Capitol does not align with Trump’s speech. Further, if you took the time to listen to the speech in context, you will have seen there was nothing in it to incite violence but quite the opposite. Since you support the unconstitutional act of impeaching a sitting president without due process, I will make sure to spend my time, money and energy to make sure you are not re-elected. At this point, there would be no difference in supporting a democrat over you. We are 75 million strong and we support the constitution an will ensure people like you end up in the trash heap of history.

  49. The most disgusting thing is that the American voters will put these traitor PsOS back in office with their stupidity and ignorance(that is if we ever have another election). They all should be tried for high treason and executed.

  50. Friend’s may come and Friend’s go and friend’s may peter out you know. Democrats and a few turncoat so called Republicans are not our friends without a doubt, perter in or peter out.

  51. These fools don’t realize that the protests are not because of support for President Trump – the anger is over election fraud, loss of civil liberties and the total failure of the Senate and House, as well as many governors and courts , to fulfill their obligations as SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE and enforcers of the constitution. Instead, we have a load of self-serving, self-enriching, self-aggrandizing Stalinists – yes, history is being repeated.

  52. All of these Republicans are traitors, if the president did something wrong but he did not. It was George Soros and the Democrats who staged this by Anifita who caused this violence and the Capitol Cop should be fired for killing the AF Vet for climbing through a window. She had no weapon and all he had to do is push out. I will never support traitors like Liz Cheney who jumps when the pressure is on. All of these traitors should have received the facts and not what Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer the moron has said.

  53. I would vote against everyone on this list, but alas! Im a conservative, most closely aligned with the Republican Party , and therefore, cannot vote in all states like the democrooks do, nor can I vote MULTIPLE times.! My state did not cotow the democrooks, and so i can’t vote them out!

  54. Meijer ran rep. in MI; Was not sure if he would be any good but, who else would you vote for in last Nov. election? No One but a Dem. I’m not going to do, that being an republican. Meijer “never” said what he was going to do for the people while he ran. Hum, not sure I like him, I said at the time of the election. He’s not saying what he’s for. Well, I can tell you; “I will NOT be voting for him again” and I may NOT go shopping in a Meijer store ever again. Republican’s you better start finding some new people to represent the Republicans that are a real republican. And I will remember who voted & who did not vote to impeached Trump. That’s all I got to say.

  55. I agree, and I have all of them on my NOT Republicans and let all my friend and family know they are not for us. I will always be for Trump

  56. If you voted agianst Trump you are through in the republican part and it likely behooves you to get out of the USA,
    The Capitol was a direct warning to the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks and the SKAnKY RINOS

  57. We will remember all 10 of these traitors when voting in the next election. I would suggest they look to move over to the leftists democrats.

  58. President Trump these people are crazy. They wanted to unite the Country. Impeaching you is not trying unite this country. These were radicals’ that invaded the Capital. These were not Trump supporters. I know you did the best for our Country these past 4 years. I know we are in for trouble these next 4 years, I only hope and pray you will be able to return as our President in 2024.
    Thank you President Trump for making America great again these past 4 years.

  59. Vote these turncoat bastards out. Or bitches. We voted these idiots in. Hope you enjoy you seat now as you gone in the next election


  61. All this “Conservative” sites should disconnect from Twitter and facebook use something else why anyone is sharing to FB or Twitter they are banning every conservative.

    Twitter down 14% from last week make sure everyone keeps telling everyone else to help this is the war we are fighting..

    This is the next path forward, first Blocksite twitter and facebook from your internet provider, the state of Idaho internet provider blocked them both, in North Dakota banned users can sue Twitter and Facebook.

    Use Ramble, GaB instead.

    Tech bubble is imminent, close twitter, FB, Instagram accounts, dump their stock if own any from your IRA, 401K check your mutual funds that have Twitter or FB included, Twitter down again, dump before they go to zero, stop buying from Amazon, NO more made in the CCP purchases, buy direct from the mom’s and pop’s stores near you, made in America only, don’t wait DO IT TODAY.


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