Trump Reportedly Instructs Aides Not to Pay Guiliani

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President Trump has reportedly instructed his aides to halt all pending payments to his personal attorney Rudy Guiliani after weeks of continually pressed the lawyer to challenge the results of the election in courts across the country. Reports indicate that President Trump is now personally approving pending expenses for Guiliani now that Trump has ceased efforts to overturn the election and shifted focus to ensuring a peaceful transition into the Biden administration.

Yesterday, President Trump released a statement condemning all violence as reports of aggressive demonstrations planned in the capital and across the nation ahead of Biden’s inauguration have begun circulating.

“In light of reports of more demonstrations, I urge that there must be NO violence, NO lawbreaking, and NO vandalism of any kind. That is not what I stand for, and it is not what America stands for. I call on ALL Americans to help ease tensions and calm tempers. Thank you,” President Trump wrote.

AMS Staff screenshot

The Hill reports:

Giuliani did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Hill. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), a close ally of the president who has spoken with Trump in recent days, told the Post that Trump has come to terms with his election defeat.

“The president has come to grips with it’s over,” Graham told the Post. “That’s tough. He thinks he was cheated, but nothing’s going to change that.”

The apparent end of the president’s efforts to legally challenge the results of the presidential election comes nearly two months after the election itself and days after a mob of his supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol in a violent riot that resulted in five deaths, including a Capitol Police officer. A second officer responding to the scene died days later.

Upon learning that President Trump has halted payments to Guiliani, Michael Cohen tweeted about the incident calling on Guiliani to follow suit and sue Trump. Cohen was Trump’s former personal attorney and fixer.

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        1. You are so right !! BUT probably we should ignore the PJ boy troll altogether. Ask TTN to allow blocking of trolls as I did.

        1. You do not have the balls to do something like that.
          You did not have the balls to go DC on the 6th.
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      2. Well Mr. Hess, you have made many claims about President Trump. They are almost all rather negative in nature. How well do you actually know President Trump and his family to be so certain about the accusations and conclusions you usually draw? Are your comments factual or , as I suspect, emotional and simply conjecture? I suspect that you cannot prove anything you say and it is simply baseless, hot air. Hot air rises like other things that float. The fact is that in this forum, I suspect that no one really cares about your baseless and childlike comments.

        1. Are any of my claims not true.
          Please be specific.

          Is Obamacare still the law of the land?
          Does NK still have Nukes?
          Have our imports from China gone down significantly?
          How about exports, too?
          What percent of the the big beautiful concrete wall is complete?

          I know more about Trump than any other President.
          I know more about Trump’s family than any other President.
          They turn my stomach.
          Even more that Billy Carter.

          1. Albert, you are just the same as all demonrats… A big douche looking for attention!

    1. Honest lawyers do not have a magic wand to wave to make an honest person out of a deep state establishment INSIDER enemy combatant – especially when that person is in the judicial system or a congressional member.

    2. How do you even know that. I think Guiliani was trying very hard for President Trump and I think he is a good man and very loyal to him unless there is something significant that none of us know.

      1. Hard with you and all the Dems piled up on the other side. That’s the bad. The good is that now they’re all fully indistinguishable from the muck they’re living in.

  1. Giuliani seem to lied
    Nothing big ever come out, but he promised explosive dark materials before the election and recently

    G could be a double face deep state agent. Why not work with Powell & Wood? G could be selfish or he is a secret agent, traitor too

    1. Every one Around Trump is Deep State.
      It is is all slowly coming out.
      Trump is such a bad judge of people.

      1. hey albert, All you demonRats are going to get what you wished for, higher taxes, No first amendment, 2 nd amendment , flood contry with illegals (that You will pay for) Unemployment over the top, Forced Vaccines & on & on the commies are taking over. You Total MORONS!!

    1. What are you talking about? Trump is not a shyster lawyer! You Sir are talkin out your A$$ ’cause your face knows better!!

  2. President Trump did not loose the election. It was stolen from him by the stealing and fraud by the demoncrats. I’m so sick and tired of the endless LIES from the diabolical corporate press. They are now and always have been incapable of telling the Truth.

  3. Don’t pay Giuliani, he is greedy and show zero results and bad press
    Don’t be surprised if he is a traitor as well
    He charged megabucks to foreign gov’t & corporations

    Why Trump keep getting conned by so many close associates!

  4. Who writes this propaganda Lindsey is a Rino, and why Trump would tell an aid to pay Giuliani, when the payments are from the RNC campaign not WH funds.

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    1. What day did Lindsey become a RINO?
      You fool.

      The RNC does not fund the lawyers defending the President in the Senate.
      That is a personal expense, just like last time.
      You fool.

      Idaho has 44 terrestrial internet providers.
      Not to mention all the extraterrestrial providers.
      You fool.

      Dump your high tech stocks, all at once, drive their prices down so that they can do share buy backs.
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      “NO more made in the CCP purchases, buy direct from the mom’s and pop’s stores near you, made in America only,”
      80+ percent of the non food items in a mop and pop bodega are made in China.
      Most all of our mom and pop bodegas are owned by immigrants.
      You fool.
      You Trump Humping fool.

      See you on the 20th, in DC.

  5. The biggest mistake Trump made was sticking with Guliani and getting rid of Sidney. She is a fighter, and rwally smart. Guliani is not.

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking! Sidney Powell stood “stage front & center;” but when Giuliani publicly dumped Sidney Powell, I was quite surprised. Now, however, I’m not – and (MAYBE) more TRUTH will emerge. Giuliani had his opportunity – and his “moment in the sun” – but Trump has to “cut his losses” and move on! And We the People will stand with him ’til somehow this ugly moment is behind all of us!!

  6. This sounds like fake news. Just because Michael Cohen wasn’t paid doesn’t mean Guiliani wasn’t paid. However, I do think that President Trump may be disappointed with the outcome, considering that Guiliani assured that they could get the courts to overturn some of the challenges presented. However, I don’t see Trump not paying Guiliani.

    1. Giuliani is a personal friend of Donald Trump for thirty plus years. He doesn’t want money. He’s well off.

        1. The CCP is taking over Trump?
          I thought Trump was going to neuter the CCP.
          Just like he did to North Korea.

  7. Bull Crap One more piece of Garbage Fake News
    and dont listen to Graham He is nothing but a back stabbing too faces rat and should never have gotten in to talk to the President
    Back stabbing slime bag Graham

    1. What day did Graham become a rat?
      You will see Biden sworn in on the 20th.
      Unless some Trump Humper blows him away.
      If so it will Harris.
      If they make her bleed out it will be Pelosi.
      She has no blood.
      What fun.

      1. He has been a RINO from day one in office. He just goes where he thinks is the best for him politically at the time. He Won’t change.. Nothing but a piece of Trash

    1. The Trump Train has run off the tracks, rolled over and sunk into the swamp, the swamp that Trump did not drain.

    1. Giuliani farts and leaks.
      Trump has not spoken to him since he ripped the big one.
      That kind of behavior disgusts Trump.

  8. We do not have all the facts. Was Rudy compensated at all? This could be a Stop and Desist type of order.
    IT could be Trump’s contract was on commission if we won!
    No-one really knows but a few insiders.

  9. Rudy is still stumping for the President. I follow him. This Trump Train News has been hijacked. It’s probably The Lincoln Project arm of the CCP. GO TO HECK CCP.

  10. Lindsey Graham: “He thinks he was cheated, but nothing’s going to change that.” The point isn’t that POTUS “thinks” he was cheated. HE WAS cheated as were we all! It seems that the only ones “worthy” of occupying the People’s House are Crime families. Clintons, Bushes, Obamas, Bidens. WOW! pretty shameful. The whole world watched the coup.

  11. If you all just ignore the comments this Albert guy keeps making, he will not get the attention he craves…and he will Go away….some of the things he says are really gross and rude….and X rated…If anything should be .censured …his X RATED comments Should…

  12. The American people were cheated, not just our President and the offices and departments in our government who were trusted to defend the constitution and uphold the law have betrayed America.

  13. I agree with my President that violence is not the answer. It has enabled the left to focus on President Trump and draw attention away from all the violence perpetrated by them. Biden will never be my president. The America that is coming with the left in power will never be recognizable

      1. Not for trump there was…thanks for agreeing that he didn’t say what he’s accused of! Maybe ur heart is softening!

  14. Maybe his services are no longer needed. Just another cub reporter trying to make a name for himself with eye catching titles, but no meat in the article. There must be a course on this in “journalism” school.

  15. I love the article. It is one that will go down in history. God just spoke to me at 1208 am I’m in control. Let my will be done. My job to let others know, do not loose faith.

  16. Hey someone paid them already it seem. Why else would you not do what the guy who hired you to do? soros’s 18 billion goes a long way. I would bet dime to a dollar when the demonic democrat dictatorship liars rigged the election by fraudulent coup. The right hands stuck out as like they did before the PRESIDENT St. DONALD TRUMP kicked out the lobbyist. My dime says the scum suckers have both hands out now with republican rino’s slobbering all over soros’s billions. Why else would ole mitch try to keep the fng’s mouth shut. AMERICANS WERE SOLD OUT BY NOTHING BUT TRASHY SCUMBAG GROWDAMITES. WE THE PEOPLE know groping joe might have gotten a thousand votes with luck on his side I might add. SEMPER FIDELIS

  17. I call BS, “TTN Staff”
    “A mob of his supporters” stormed the Capital?
    You sound like a bunch of Commie Bandwagoneers.
    Everyone knows The Left set this up.
    Ya got 100K Peaceful, Useful and Recourceful Patriots Rallying (not protesting) and a handful muck it up!
    Last summer, 1000 Leftists ( not peaceful and not Patriots) DESTROYED Cities while cops stood by with thumb-up-ASS.
    See ya ASSHATS…
    Your reporting Stinks!

  18. Before anyone jumps to conclusions jsut wait and see the real truth. Rudi and Potus have been friends for many many eyars. I dont believe this. President trump has not conceded and never will . Alltn his was to make sure only the Military take over now. DOJ , and all other forms of Government have failed the Country, hence the Insurection act. All pre planned.

  19. Guiliani has always stood by President Trump as far as I know. I have always really liked him and feel that he is very similar to Roger Stone. Sometimes they both say a bit too much, but they are both very smart and are really loyal to President Trump. So, I hope that all is well in that regard.


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