Lindsey Graham Slams Russia Probe, Releases New Documents

The White House from Washington, DC / Public domain

Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham released a free set of documents pertaining to his panel’s investigation into the origins and consequences of the Trump-Russia probe. While delivering remarks, Senator Graham blasted the FBI’s handling of the investigation as well as the bureau’s former director James Comey.

Graham released transcripts of interviews with FBI and Justice Department officials conducted by the committee, between March 3, 2020 and October 29, 2020.

Fox News reports:

“I consider the Crossfire Hurricane investigation a massive system failure by senior leadership, but not representative of the dedicated, hardworking patriots who protect our nation every day at Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice,” Graham said in a statement Friday, saying his committee has released “as much material as possible,” but noted that “some classified material has still been withheld.”

“The FISA court was lied to. Exculpatory information was withheld on those being investigated. The investigators, with some notable exceptions, were incredibly biased and used the powers of law enforcement for political purposes,” Graham said. “The subjects of the investigation had their lives turned upside down. It is my hope that counterintelligence investigations will be reined in and this never happens again in America.”

“There was no ‘there’ there,” Graham said. “The investigation was pushed when it should have been stopped and the only logical explanation is that the investigators wanted an outcome because of their bias.”

Graham said he would continue to pursue reforms of counterintelligence investigations and warrant applications, and said he hopes his “Democratic and Republican colleagues can find common ground on these matters,” while also urging FBI Director Wray to “continue the reforms he has started.”

Former Attorney General Bill Barr selected U.S. Attorney John Durham as special counsel to ensure he could continue his investigation into the origins of the Russia probe through the Biden administration.

  1. I cannot even lower myself to read things like this. Graham, McConnell, and the whole list of those “conservatives” who just couldn’t wait to vote that Biden is our next president, can go straight to hell. They are nothing but a bunch of traitors, so why do they care about sharing stuff with us now? Unless a miracle happens, Communism begins on January 20th.

    1. Suzie do I ever agree with you, I’m from SC and the only reason I voted for Lindsey was he was the best of the two evils running. I refuse to stand as a GOP member now, I will stand independent and hope we will get a good independent to run against Lindsey.

          1. Trump and his followers are the dumbasses.
            That is why he is taking his last ride on Air Force One on the 20th.

        1. But then you’re are a fool of the highest order and obviously don’t have the good sense to come in out of the left field fog.

          1. Trump lost for the same reason my son lost his last basketball game.
            Those people cheated.
            We are going to trash those People’s Houses.

          1. Albert don’t you realize that Trump is working right up to the 20th of January and although he never took a dime of money for his hard work I thank God he doesn’t need to be hassled anymore from idiots like you who obviously is waiting for some payback for voting socialist, welfare, food stamps, free medical which is your benefit?? We Trump supporters only want to be left alone and live our lives without government help. God bless President Trump and may he live out his life knowing we were becoming a great nation again under his leadership.

          1. You are absolutely right, the majority of Americans are butt-lickers.
            They prefer Biden’s butt over Trump’s $hathole.
            It is a matter of taste.

      1. Graham is typical of today’s Republicans; gutless cowards. I pray for the day a new American Conservative Party is started. I too am NOT a Republican so I had to vote for the lesser of two evils all my life. Both current main parties are totally corrupt and should be punished big time.

    2. YEA
      NOW !!!!!

          1. Graham is Trump’s bootlicker.
            Inspecting the Big Beautiful Concrete Wall is a dusty bit of business.

    3. Keep the faith Trump not Biden will be inaugurated on the 20th. And wait for the fireworks when that old master Devils loses again.

      1. Barbara, you are correct. God is about to breath and people on earth will be shocked by what is revealed. God’s hand is upon President Trump and the Lion of Judah shall roar on January 19th. God has made up his mind and will not change it.

        1. Oh please stop with the God crap will ya.
          On the19th Trump will packing up the last of his crap.
          God Damn him to Hell.

          1. I believe you will be the first one to get to hell, and that will be VERY APPROPRIATE loser!

      2. Damn right.
        Keep it faith based.
        If Biden even tries to take to the podium we will bash his brains in with a fire extinguisher and then run off with his podium. .
        And then march to the Capitol and burn it down.
        That will be the last impeachment this country ever sees.

          1. Trump is a great source for comedy.
            Biden is going to put a lot of comedians out of business.

    4. Yes, the vast majority of registered Republicans are in fact traitors.
      They and the Democrats make up 70% of the electorate.

      1. You don’t get it. Too stupid to see all the evidence piled higher than the Washington Monument. Only problem is the corrupt are the corrupt.

        1. please do not reply to Albert…he is irrelevant….stop replying to him….You feed his need for attention….Nothing he says is worth a reply….so ignore him….ignorance is bliss and Albert is a lost cause…he will never be able to see the truth ..

      2. Your daddy CornPop is without a clue. The poor demented fool doesn’t even know where he is most of the time. Says a lot about you little flake.

        1. We have a Democratic form of government.
          A Democratic Republic.
          The word Democratic comes first.
          Do you know what the one feature of our government is that makes it a Democratic Republic?
          We used to have two, any idea what the second was?

  2. Big surprise there. That’s the top Dems at the early stages of their anti-Trump campaign. What hateful people. I hope the fools who backed and voted for these criminals realize what they’ve done though I doubt most of them have common sense or open hearts to arrive at that conclusion.

    1. Dan, you are correct about the corruption, lies and sell outs. However, you are wrong about the dark one. He has lost the spiritual battle and God is now bringing His justice on earth in real time. Be patient, things are happening. God is about to reveal things to the people here and abroad that will be shocking and will change our great Country forever. God’s hand is upon President Trump and the Lion of Judah will roar on January 19th. Do you think that our President could have withstood the constant beatings without God holding him steady? God has made up His mind and will not change it.

          1. Yes, God is very funny.
            If you do not believe me read the Bible.
            It is a real knee slapper.

      1. Here’s a dumbass who voted for Biden who says he knows all the inside information about what’s going on inside Trump’s circle…


  4. The new communist party has taken control through election fraud. We can thank the spineless,incompetent, repukes for that, busy impeaching our president, for something he didn’t do. They scewed us 75,000,000 that backed Trump, now we need to make sure we vote out every rhino, and the rest of the sheepies, in wolves clothing, they could care less about the American people. Trump is here in this party to stay, whether u like it or not, we will re=elect him, if hidenbiden gets away with the fraudlent steal of our election. So much evidence coming to light, dementia,slo,joe will never be a ligitament president,when hell freezes over.

    1. The Treasous dems will never allow another Republican to be President of the United States again> They have shown how deviant they are. They hire criminals off the streets to coerse our citizens, releasing them if caught, even of murder. All dems should hang !

      1. God will take you to “the edge & beyond just about the time you think all is lost, he reaches form and pulls you back to safety – did you hear God laugh when they reported the electoral win for Biden—- that is how much of a joke it is was to god

      2. Exactly. Even State elections will be dominion machines run like they are in Russia and Venezuela. The left will never be defeated again. Worse than the Revolution.

    2. I don’t believe we will have another honest election in the future. They committed vote fraud and got away with it. They will do it again and again until we are a fully communist country. This was the election to stop it, and the gop failed to stand up! We have only seen the beginning of the tyranny that we will face as the fraud Biden and unconstitutional Harris take our country over.

    3. God bless you Joe. Unfortunately, my open opposition has resulted in terrible things happening to me. Look, we are no longer a free people, we cannot be critics of the democratic communist party they control all news and entertainment like in other left wing countries. Since no investigation allowed, from this day forward all elections will be rigged and protected by federal law agencies and our military. We are nit violent or plan violence we are victims of communist propaganda news and leftest congress members. There s no solution until this election is fairly investigated to put these feelings to rest. However, they r3fuse to investigate.

      1. Why do Conservatives have no control over the Press?
        Are they prohibited from owning news outlets?
        Conservatives are free to investigate what ever they want.

         “We are nit violent or plan violence”
        Who planned and committed the violence at the Capitol?

    4. I believe every one of those who voted for Biden should not be allowed to get the vaccine since they say Trump handled Covid so badly. Or at least they should be the very last in line

  5. I will be dead before anything comes out, much less anyone actually hold accountable. But March to the Capital and all hell breaks loose. (No I am not condoning violence, but neither do I support a system that protects government wrongdoers in our bureaucracy.) Our government is a joke. Representative government…yeah right!

    1. Yeah right. When Lindsay asked his questions in senate hearings, he asked the questions and interrupted them to give an answer that absolved them of any wrong doing. He made a mockery of senate hearings.

  6. All this smell like a sewer, all perpetrated to to bury Trump with fake evidence reported to fake news organizations. Well it worked, I hope all those political swamp rats are satisfied and may they burn in Hell for their crimes, every stinking one of them.

  7. Pelosi organized ALL RIOTS in the USA.

    Linsey has no balls.

    All this “Conservative” sites should disconnect from Twitter and facebook use something else why anyone is sharing to FB or Twitter they are banning every conservative.

    • Twitter down 14% from last week make sure everyone keeps telling everyone else to help this is the war we are fighting..
    • This is the next path forward, first Blocksite twitter and facebook from your internet provider, the state of Idaho internet provider blocked them both, in North Dakota banned users can sue Twitter and Facebook.
    • Use Ramble, GaB instead.
    • Tech bubble is imminent, close twitter, FB, Instagram accounts, dump their stock if own any from your IRA, 401K check your mutual funds that have Twitter or FB included, Twitter down again, dump before they go to zero, stop buying from Amazon, NO more made in the CCP purchases, buy direct from the mom’s and pop’s stores near you, made in America only, don’t wait DO IT TODAY.
  8. Too little too late Graham! You’re a failure like the rest of the clowns who supported this outrageous sham!

  9. Well whoop dee do. My bet is nothing happens. I had such high hopes when Graham stated a couple of years ago” somebody is gonna pay”. Here we are and nothing, nothing will be done. he is full of crap when he says ” he hopes this never happens again” total BS. pUT THEM IN JAIN , THE GREATEST DETERRENT.

  10. So the crooked FBI continues to withhold important information to protect WHO? The FBI constantly threatens people with a charge of withholding evidence yet they have been doing this themselves with consistency. Their actions are criminal and miscreants like James Comey write books make personal financially rewarding speaking engagements while continuing to get rich spreading his pernicious mendacity. WE AMERICANS ARE ALL BEING TAKEN FOR A RIDE INCLUDING THOSE WHO VOTED FOR BIDEN WE WILL ALL PAY FOR THIS IN THE END – IF WE DON’T DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

  11. I almost find it funny that each of these political figures are constantly using the words “to keep it from happening again” when the law is broken. I wonder if I could rob a bank and when caught plead I will stop and it “won’t happen again” and get to keep the money?

  12. Graham with McConnell and ten members of the House stabbed us in the back to included GOP cowards that did not vote on the House. We need to stop funding nrc and NRCC and only donate to republicans who risked everything to defend our views and risked losing their careers in congress. We must have term limits in congress and get term limits immediately since members with 20 to 30 years worth tens of millions of dollars on. 200,000 a year salary plus secret gifts like insider information. I lost a bundle in the market, but GOP Senator from Georgia she had inside information and with drew her money and she is worth 500 million even before she got her license to information to use illegally. The RINOs are now known, do not donate to any group that includes those cowards amongst our risk everything heroes.

    1. Absolutely correct! I am unsubscribing from every political donation trolling site except for those of the heroes for our cause. Again, money is the only language most politicians understand. NRSC of dread to my pocket book!

  13. It is rather late now for the republicans to be raising these issues, Democracy died in the USA in the early days of November 2020 and unfortunately the republican politicians, with a few notable exceptions, remained silent.. The evil democrats aided by their anarchist and communist friends staged a coup at the ballot boxes and counting centers in the key swing states. The courts by their decisions rubber stamped the coup. Chief Justice Roberts failed miserably to deal with the cases brought before the Supreme Court, he ignored the precedent set in 2000 by the Rehnquist Court in Bush v Gore.

  14. The first thing I want to write as strongly as I know how…I am not a religious fanatic and I am certainly not a nut case! America is about to enter a time like we have never seen or had to endure in history! Even our intel community is warning of the high probability of violent protests, riots and danger in the time to come. We are even reading in the comments on these sites of revolution, civil war, violence, blood shed and death! If these things come to pass and I don’t believe at this point there is anything we can do to change things and, only God knows what the outcome will be. Some of you will not understand and some will when I say…..there are worse things than death. There is hell and there is hell on earth and neither is desirable! If the situation in America becomes as bad as it possibly could, I believe more and more Christians will be on their knees begging the Lord to come quickly and when He gets enough of us He will come back. I don’t want anyone to go to hell and I am doing what I can to help.
    Everyone who is not a born again Christian and ready for Christ to come and reclaim the earth as His kingdom, I can only advise you to find a minister you trust or can trust and let him teach you what you must do to be ready to be in the kingdom of God. You don’t have to have a minister but you need someone to help you if you do not know what to do.
    Some who read this will laugh and make fun of me and that’s okay, I will spend eternity in heaven and I want you there as well.
    God bless and save America!

    1. You are so right…read revelation in the Bible….so far everything is coming to pass…ask for forgiveness for your sins …choose Jesus for your savior..give your life to God…we are facing the end of times….I don’t know how long it will take to come to its end…no one but the Father, will know the time, the day but the signs are all here..the terrible days ahead will be hard to accept ..and to live through but I pray God will accept those of us who pray for forgiveness and truly mean it…And, we will be accepted into Gods kingdom forever !

  15. Lindsey Graham is an absolute snake and he was able, I am sure, to procure this information a whole long time ago. Here he told President Trump that he had to accept defeat even though he was cheated. What kind of absolute crap is that! He is a low down lying snake!

  16. If this had been released in August we would be seeing a smooth transition from Trump to Trump.
    The Capitol would not have been trashed, by Trump supporters.

  17. Whenever ever my son gets down about losing a basketball game I just tell him to cheer up, his team didn’t lose, the other team cheated.

    1. Here’s a loser who voted for Biden who wants you to think he actually had sex with a woman who had his son….

      1. There was nothing to fight for.
        I just told him that to make him feel good.
        I told him that because his team was up by 23 points after the end of the third quarter there was no way the other team could win, without cheating.
        I lied to him, I couldn’t stand his tears.

  18. The absolute worst outcome if Biden, is seated is they will have gotten away with everything they’ve committed the past 20 years. If that don’t piss you off then get the hell out of our America.

  19. There’s something going on with the up votes here. Every vote goes up 6-20 instead of just 1. Sorta like Dominion voting machines.

  20. Sadly, I see little to no reforms inside of the FBI, DOJ, or Intelligence Community. I see little to no reforms inside the FISA Court. About all we’ve seen are a few people who were allowed to retire with a full pension and no indictments–much less convictions save a couple minor scapegoats.

    1. It is sad.
      Four long years and no reforms inside of FBI, DOJ, or Intelligence Community. I see little to no reforms inside the FISA Court.
      About all we’ve seen are a few Trump people who were allowed to retire with a full pension and no indictments–much less convictions save a couple minor scapegoats.

    1. Republicans are incompetent.
      Starting with Trump.
      But then again he is not really a Republican.
      Republicans do not make political donations to Bill and Hillary.

      1. I’ve been reading the Albert comments and his responses; Albert is a lunatic, everyone knows it except Albert. You almost feel sorry for someone that deranged. Albert. You need help, for your sake I hope you get some serious counseling before you end up in a padded cell. That’s where you are headed.

  21. Watch how the big hypocrites on the left excuse their violence and all the burned out cities this summer in Portland, Kenosha, Twin Cities, and Seattle, and (their so called blocks of Summers of Hate where their disciples burnt cities and businesses to the ground.). Where was the call for reduced violence then??? Lets observe Maxine Waters inciting violence by telling her disciples to get in people’s faces and tell them they’re not welcome. Thats called stalking people or seeking them out to intimidate them. Look at what came out of her mouth and how she caused trouble Sarah Sanders and her family who went to the Red Hen restaurant. Look at the words of the left and you will understand how they live by a double standard and think they can get away with anything.


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