Taking Their Time: Impeachment Stalls as Senate Dems ‘Won’t Whip Votes’ to Convict Trump

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The latest effort by Democrats to remove President Trump from office seems to have stalled. Last week, the House of Representatives voted to impeach Trump on insurrection charges after a violent mob stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6th. However, it seems that with less than two days left in his term, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has yet to officially put together a plan to send the article of impeachment to the Senate. However, Democrats seem to be in no rush as senior Senate Democrats are also not making moves to whip votes on the issue.

The Daily Wire reports:

But, Fox News notes, precisely when the trial will start “is up in the air.” “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, after overseeing the impeachment of Trump just one week after he riled up a group of supporters who later ransacked the Capitol while Congress was certifying the election results, has yet to send the article of impeachment to the Senate,” the outlet reported Monday.

“The Senate, once it gets the article, will be legally required to start a trial forthwith,” Fox News continued. “This would take up much of the body’s calendar even as President-elect Joe Biden will need it to confirm some of his most important nominees. This could be a reason why Pelosi has not sent over the article — to give Schumer time to confirm some Biden nominees or pass some legislation before a trial starts.”

Durbin told CNN’s State of the Union that Democrats are not making a formal push for conviction. “We will, of course, try to find out how members feel,” had said. “But in terms of arm-twisting, when it comes to impeachment, you just don’t do that.”

“When it comes to an issue of this gravity and constitutional importance, members really have to follow their own conscience. It isn’t a matter of saying, ‘Well, the team has to all vote together.’ It just doesn’t happen,” he continued.

President-elect Joe Biden has also raised concerns regarding the timing of impeachment. The Senate will have its schedule full as Biden seeks to enact his agenda.

  1. Can’t have a Trial After he is Out of office. He would be a Private Citizen and it would Not follow the Constitution. Not that the Democrats in office follow it in the first place, it is a Moot Point to even try


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