Biden’s Press Secretary was Treated MUCH Differently Than Trump’s

United States Department of State, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki has faced mostly friendly questions from the press while Donald Trump’s first press secretary Sean Spicer was immediately scolded and criticized by the press. This continued with Sarah Sanders and Kayleigh McEnany.

According to Fox News:

Psaki left CNN to take a gig as a senior adviser for the Biden-Harris transition team and was later named press secretary. The first question she faced was swiftly mocked as a “softball” on social media when Associated Press reporter Zeke Miller asked, “Do you see yourself–your primary role as promoting the interest of the president, or are you there to provide us the unvarnished truth so that we can share that with the American people?”

Trump press secretaries Sean Spicer, Sarah Sanders and Kayleigh McEnany were regularly scolded and criticized by the press over the past four years. President Trump eventually reduced the number of briefings as a result, as some reporters became heroes of the anti-Trump resistance for aggressively grilling the president’s spokespersons.

But on Wednesday, Psaki was asked about things like what color Biden would prefer Air Force One to be and how thoroughly staffers cleaned the White House prior to Inauguration Day.

“This is the normal honeymoon that tends to happen with presidents. Unfortunately for Donald Trump, they started off in divorce court with the press and they never let up for one day,” American Conservative Union chair Matt Schlapp said on “The Faulkner Focus.”

The reporters failed to ask Psaki about the jobs the revocation of the Keystone Pipeline permit ended, the Hunter Biden probe, or the caravan from Central America just to name a few.

Below is a video compiled by our video team showing how savage Kayleigh McEnany was versus how boring Jen Psaki is. Let us know what you think in the comments.


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  1. Typical double standards left got what it wanted now are just kissing up to show their support for the Biden Administration no mater that it may be illegal.

    1. But will we see that in our lifetime. Anything after that doesn’t matter. Like wishing to see them rot in hell. I want to see them rot now, today.

        1. So would I, but it isn’t looking very promising and he has only been in office 2 days. I don’t even want to think about how much more damage they will do in four days.

        2. You will never see that under any liberal leadership in town, city, state ,federal Not ever. Just do fact checks. Their hate is so bad, they hate themselves and everybody else has to pay the price!

      1. John, it is not for us to judge them. So, we will not see them in the afterlife. Our grandchildren, great and great great grand children will be paying for these mistakes. As you already know all of our Congressmen and women have set their families up for many generations to continue this power play over the People of America. In the minds of China, the US screwed them and they released Covid-19, accidently, wink, wink. Their hope was the entire Government would be wiped out and they could take over or we would in the very least have to start over. This is but a theory.

    2. The Almighty will never forsake us never but as the figs on the tree show they are ready for harvest so does the time we are in now. Perseution of the church has already begun. Not enough people REPENTED and turned back to The Almighty and JUDGEMENT is going to stay on our land and looking at our FREEDOM and CONSTITUTION being taken away from us by our so called Americans who want socialism which is NOT the AMERICAN way. Shedding innocent blood because you could not say no and that goes for both parties, not just the woman! It takes 2 to make must be 2 to kill. America’s sin is grave, we must fall on our knees and beg for FORGIVENESS<><

    1. I never even try to watch the national news, these days! I not only do not believe anything they “report”, I am disgusted with their theatrics in the delivery of their lies!

  2. It is sad to see how SELFISHINESS RUNS and RUINS LIVES in every Community and Situations! Selfishness is the pit that leads souls straight to HELL! Believe me, Hell is no place to be for ETERNITY! A LITTLE KINDLENSS will goes a long ways! Wishing onto others as One would wishes onto oneself! “What goes about, comes about!”

    1. Fool, what do you know of hell? Have you been there? I have. It’s called Gehenna, or Gan Hinnon, which means the Garden of Hinnon. It is right outside the Old City of Jerusalem’s walls. In the Bible it was the place where they burned garbage and bodies, and buried the dead. There the fires burned continually, and thus the place was described as the place of eternal fires. Today it is a park. Hell is not a Jewish concept but came from the Greeks, and means to many people a place where the evil go to burn forever. Judaism does not have such a concept. If a person is evil, when he dies, his soul is destroyed forever, but it is done and over with. He or she does not burn continually for eternity. When the Moshiach comes and people come out of their graves, in the resurrection, the evil will not be among them. And thus, G-d destroys all evil before the millenium of peace.

  3. We completely know who these people are…they are the COUP THUGS…!! So, none of this charade matters any longer because we’ve seen this SHITXYZSHOW before..!! We know how it ends…!! It ends with “voting irregularities and A MILITARY COUP”…!! I’m already BORED OUT OF MY MIND with their pretending, vindictiveness and PURE RAW HATE…!! I won’t watch their LIES and HATE any longer..!! The only thing Conservatives care about now it getting President Trump back in the White House..!! God Bless America..!!

    1. Well you better buy a gun or two like everybody else, because they are coming after you. Do you realize what they are doing? Read some history about Hitler and others how they made their start. They should have been stopped immediately bit the promises took people in, then it was too late!

  4. Wonder if Jen Psaki will ever be screamed at in a restaurant and told to leave like Sara Sanders? Nah! If Biden ordered the jailing of all U.S. citizens who didn’t vote for him without a trial…and the jailing began at the next press conference the “journalist” wouldn’t even ask her about it. If it was on the evening news at all they would spin it to look like Trump’s fault.

  5. Nothing but Trained Seals! Surprised? It is only going to get weaker as we go along!
    Do we need a trip down memory lane when this joke was vice-president and we will not go on about his boss because he wants to be on the Supreme Court or just the emporer who has no clothes.

  6. I don’t know how anyone can not see how the media just sucks up to her and how they completely disrespected Kayleigh. They are the biggest hypocrites.

  7. Peak I is nothing more than a CCP network news hack who schmused her way into favor with the socialist party. She is a total ass.

  8. Gee, what will happen to the individual who holds up a bloody effigy of the Usurper or the Camel? Has been Kathy got a big pass. Double standard is definitive of the Animal Farm we now reside.

    1. My bigger fear is George Orwell’s 1984, the End of times or the revelation. Both Washington and Lincoln said this country will be destroyed from inside.

  9. One thing for certain, she is no way as glamorous as Kayleigh and certainly not as competent, but that is nothing strange for the majority of dead woods that the democrats produce. She is ex CNN so enough said.

    1. Marxist tactics will never cease until all people like us are in a gulag.
      OR, a vast majority of the citizenship rises up and throws them out.
      It took the Russian’s 70 years to throw off their Soviet oppressors.
      They look at us in pure bewilderment wondering what the hell are we doing ?

  10. First of all, let’s be truthful & accurate and state that Jen Psaki is a skank and a liar. That makes her the perfect press secretary for Joe “Lying” Biden.

    This ugly dishonest Psaki is so far below someone like Kayleigh McEnany that it is embarrassing. Even with the Democrat-run fake media kissing her arse, Psaki still couldn’t match the honesty, integrity or intelligence of Ms. McEnany.

  11. Media did not give the Trump adminstration a honeymoon, yet now they give one to NOT MY PRESIDENT harris/biden?
    That’s okay.
    President Trump is still OUR President until 2024 so we don’t give a rat’s behind how/when/where/what the media does. In fact Main Street Media can kiss each of our 74 Million Plus Americans’ butts.

  12. A true American President just left office due to a fraudulent election by forked tongued socialist politicians. Jen is just another douchebag for her puppet leader.

  13. Biden’s Press Secretary is No Kayleigh McEnany. As hard as this Democrat redhead to copy the demeanor of McEnany, she failed.
    Wawing her hands constantly was horribly disturbing. Biden will never be as great for America as Trump was. And his press secretary will never be a McEnany.

  14. Oh by the way, with 75 million people voting for President Trump, I hope there is another political party formed with the same American values. I am just sick of how the republican party is now treating President Trump.

  15. Biden is already listed as a Past President on the White House web page. Is this telling us anything?

  16. They will all bend over backwards to kiss BiteMe’s butt. We knew it woul h appen as they were totally unfair to Trump at every level.

  17. THE MORONS WHO REFUSE TO SEE THE CRIMINAL DISHONESTY, SEDITION AND YES, HIGH TREASON COMMITTED AGAINST DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP RESULTING IN 4 YEARS OF OBSTRUCTION, HATRED AND MALFEASANCE ON EVERY LEVEL BY THE LUNATIC LEFT HAS BEEN REWARDED TO THE EXPENSE AND DETRIMENT OF US ALL. There is no comparison between Trump’s record of World Class Achievement and the pathetic performance record of the Democrats which has resuted in the generation of most of the current $27 trilion debt since the $8 trillion when Obama was elected in 2008 and his pandering to China and our Islamic enemy states and his own utter incompetence which is magnificent when compared to Biden who does not even know what he is or what office he was running for and should NOT be President and should have been indicted as VP for blackmailing Ukraine and ordering the firing of their special Prosecutor or lose the billions in foreign aid if they did not, and worst if all, we have video of him bragging about it and yet NOTHING was ever done about the connections with China and other undersirables by Hunter Biden or Joe’s cut of the take from it and other very questionable deals of which Hunter complained to his eqially guilty siblings. And Yes, Virginia, it IS that simpel to anyone who looks with eyes open at the utter malfasance and corruption of the Progressive Democratic Party about which there is nothing American or Constitutional when all they rule by is Executive Order which began with Obama’s misudse as a way to bypass Congress and neutralize them. there is nothing in the Constitution to permit replacement of equity with dictatorship and that is ecxactly what is being practiced. PERIOD

  18. Not one word about the PORTLAND RIOTER’S that Broke Democratic Buildings Windows. Guess What? No One Can to Stop Them? Where is the National Guard at in Portland? … When you point your finger and say all Trump Supporter’s are White? That’s a Total LIE! … You Cannot Win The Presidency on White Votes Alone Folks. … Trump helped every Nationality. … When JUSTICE WAS STILL COLORBLIND.

  19. We will be filled with soviet style double speak, half truths,
    and never the bottom line truth.
    Pravda / Tass style reporting.


  20. Should I take a knee to kiss your a$$ or will you step up onto a chair so I can kiss it while standing?

  21. You don’t want to know what I think. The democrats say they must change the way we think. Good luck with that. Maybe they’ll lock us all up because we don’t think like them. Good Luck.

  22. I hope Slimy sleepy joe gets the same respect that President Trump has gotten. (None) These people in office should be jailed for their treasonous act’s. I’m so sick of double standards. They cheated have it on tape but it’s no sign of interference BS
    The American people have been robbed in pure daylight I will never accept slimy joe as my President or that nasty bitch cumilda

  23. Everything about Biden is boring: his speeches, his rallies, his life, his appointees, his inauguration, his face…..yawn. Grandpa should be in a home or jail, not pretending to be a president.

  24. Hit the press where it hurts. Don’t watch their broadcasts, don’t buy the articles that they provide in ads (which is where the money they receive comes from), don’t buy their newspapers or magazines. If you must read them do so in the local library for free. Their ratings are dropping so just help them fall into complete filing for bankruptcy. If there is a specific individual you want to get fired the constantly complain about his/her in accuracies, lies, fraud, and double hypocrisy particularly in their live outside the studio.

  25. I hold my nose shut with one hand and my mouth shut with the other to prevent projectile vomiting. Actually I quit watching TV.


  27. I for one will really miss Kayleigh. She is the first press secretary I would watch because she handled herself so beautifully, even with the bullies. She knew how to dodge bullets. I won’t be watching anything the imposter says, since most of it will be lies.He is nothing but a front for Obama, who will be given another 4 years as the puppet master. Everything this govt does will be illegal because it is not legitimate. What a waste.

  28. I wonder if she was asked, “what kind of ice cream did Mr. President have today?” Nothing too tough. It’s only his first day after all.

  29. When is this nonsense going to end! The media and the press need to grow up….I hope one day they have family members who get treated like that….maybe they learn a lesson!

  30. Now, we will only listen to lies from Biden and his idiots. I miss our great President and his wonderful press secretary. The media will have nothing to do while these liars are in office.

  31. Your new WH Press Secretary Jen is unprepared, very boring, and she does not answer the questions from the reporters who I am not for. Please elaborate with more information.

    1. We were first introduced to Jen Psaki when she worked at the Dept of Defense. She was
      too unpopular as a rep promoting the good of Democraps…and was terminated. From
      there is was off to the Sec. of State office to act as a delivery person of lies. Thus finding
      a comfortable job at CNN. Now she’s back with us. She is strictly a programmed
      speaker so the press corps would be well served by providing her the questions in advance. Clearly, she can not think and speak at the same time as standing-up.

  32. When asked about Biden not wearing a mask, she said “We have more important matters at hand.” This is what we get, after all the BS they gave Mr. Trump? Where was David Muir’s attack dog Jonathan Karl? I believe that CBS, NBC and ABC are committed to cause insurrection, so they will have real news to report. Joe is asleep at the wheel.


  34. This country and it’s citizens are in for a painful fall from Glory, it’s a crime how these colleges and public schools are filling the future adults of this country with lies. America has never been perfect but we have always been growing to attain equality, more so than any other country in the world, Now look what the communists have bought to the White House, scary days ahead, PRAY!!!

  35. Classic example of the mainstream media tongue-bath that the Biden administration will get. Ninety-two percent of today’s media are complicit in lying to the American public.


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