Florida Bank Shuts Trump Account

President of the United States Donald Trump speaking with supporters at an "An Address to Young Americans" event hosted by Students for Trump and Turning Point Action at Dream City Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Gage Skidmore Flickr.
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Enough is enough. A Florida bank is now following the historically bad advice of other U.S. companies and refusing to conduct any business with former President Trump. Banks United, the banks based out of Miami, Fl has cut ties with the former president. The bank gave little to no reason for shuttering the account simply stating, “We no longer have any depository relationship with him.” The move comes after a slew of companies severed ties with the Trump family and many Republicans by pointing singular blame for the Capitol riots on them.

The Hill reports:

In his financial disclosures, Trump had stated he had two money-market accounts with Banks United, The Washington Post reports. The accounts held somewhere between $5.1 million and $25.2 million.

Another Florida bank, Professional Bank, last week announced that it would be cutting ties with Trump, saying it would no longer conduct business with the former president or his organizations.

Signature Bank in New York and Deutsche Bank have also said they will no longer be conducting future business with Trump. Signature Bank notably took a strong stance against Trump and his allies in Congress, calling for him to resign and saying it would not conduct business with lawmakers who had objected to certifying the presidential election.

Deutsche Bank is seeking to resolve more than $300 million in loans, reportedly looking to offload the loans onto another lender due to the negative press their dealings with Trump has caused. Deutsche Bank’s relationship with the Trump Organization is under a civil investigation by New York attorney general Letitia James.

Recently, New York City canceled its pending contracts with the Trump Organization. The Trump Organization is now run by Donald’s two oldest sons.

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      1. You literally took all the words out of my mouth. Hope everyone reads your post and passes it on. Our money withdrawals will speak volumes.

          1. I am leaving the Republican Party because of their LACK of Supporting trump anytime through his tenor as POTUS. IF I had an acct with those Banks ANY of them I would cancel THEM

          2. The RINOS ( and number of) only indicate the levels of intrenchment of the Communist Party into every facet of US government, universities, Hollywood, corporations, Wall Street, banks and our society. They have been secretively and insidiously working at it for at least 5 decades if not more. The RINOS never cared about the Republican Party and have purposely ransacked the party. They are Democrats! For the sake of our children, grandchildren and future of America don’t turn your backs now! That is what the Dems and RINOS want. Don’t roll over and let them have our country. Call congressman, get political, clean up the mess that complacency has endangered. Fix the party now. Or determine to make the Patriot Party new and great. Bad banks are old news.

          3. These RINOS could not get elected as a demoRat and the republicans were dumb enough to believe their lies and that is how we ended up with so many RINOS.

          4. At first, I thought a few like Romney, Collins, Ryan, and Colorado’s Gardner, and I suspected McConnell, McCarthy. By 2021 so many came out of the woodwork. Shocking and disappointing. We’ve got to stay in touch and monitor our newly elected Republicans to stay true to the Constitution and not join the swamp club. We need to bring in lots of new candidates to challenge both democrats in office and challenge the RINOs old guard and get them out of office.
            For the past 8 years at the local levels of Republican Party meetings, the consensus has been “support the candidates that we believe “can win, “ (even though they may seem more democratic than conservative Republican). It was such an argument at the local levels, how could it be any better at National?
            The question should have been, “Why should the candidate represent the Republican Party,” not “We have to back the candidate that can win,”
            The Republican Party needs patriot participation, work and energy at local up to National.

          5. Leaving the Republican Party is not a good idea. We still have many good patriots in the party. We mustn’t abandon the good to get rid of the bad. We can fix the party we have time. Let’s just get started! Let’s fix it. The only other solution is to work very fast and hard to launch the Patriot Party. Switching is always more difficult than fixing.

          6. Probably not a good idea. That just plays into the hands of the Leftists who would love to see us divided and fighting among ourselves instead of United against them. Even though there are RINOS in the GOP, the GOP is still our best weapon with which to fight against these totalitarians.

          7. Totalitarian against totalitarian? With a few straggling conservatives? That is a uniparty. President Trump needed Republican backbone in the Congress and Senate and look how his own congressmen and Senators turned on him and on us? I sent money to RINOs as did all of you to keep glue in the party. This last election cost the average member a fortune for all their campaigns! And for what? I will never send money to a non- Constitutional candidate! Never again!

        1. Yeah Im sure the antifa and blm crowd living in their parents basements can move their money and keep the banks lucrative!!! Unreal the times we live in, scary. God help us

        2. Was it while he was kissing you?
          Did you see paradise by dash board lights.
          I wanna know right now.
          Do you even notice when he withdraws?

        1. Ditto. And there ARE lists of businesses and their products which should be widely disseminated so everyone who has any interest in their, their families, and the Nation’s future, should carry a copy of same so they can make sure to tell any stores they do business with EXACTLY why you’re not going to do business with them.
          It shouldn’t be remiss if you mention that the people whom will likely be their present and future customers also happen to fall largely into the class that does NOT have much discretionary spending money and therefore will be far less likely to be shopping with them.

          1. I just learned that DDG actually uses Bing for searches, while keeping your name out of their clutches. I suppose that’s the best option we have at present.

          2. I understand that GAB is going to come out with a phone that will have no google connection of any shape, kind or form, so they won’t be able to track us and what we do on our phones. The minute I learn anything more about it, I’m getting one!!!!! There is no need for anyone to track me. I am missing President Trump something awful. Can’t wait til he does whatever it is he’s going to do because it’s probably going to be EPIC!!!!!!

          3. Sorry, all cellphones are required to install GPS for E-911 purposes. You can turn it off (will activate temporarily when you push 9-1-1), but I hear that it can be activated remotely with permission from an authority.

          4. Oh Hess you need a pillow?. Just use Kamala’s leftist behind instead should be hard enough for rock heads>

          5. That’s ok. I buy for our household and purchase My Pillows as gifts for family,friends and others year round. Great products

          6. Me too the towels and sheets are also amazing, just ordered both for my daughters. I’m a Minnesotan and thankful he makes his products here. Heard today Mike Lindell is running for Governor I know he has my vote.

      2. You are sooooo right, this matter NOT ABOUT TRUMP but AMERICAN’S bill of right AMERICAN’S FREEDOM & AMERICAN’S DEMOCRACY, president Trump just happen stand in frond to take on the fight with all of patriot AMERICAN, he one of Us AMERICAN PEOPLE, like you said this is URGEN to FIGHT or we will LOSE OUR COUNTRY, we AMERICAN need to fight harder, they star with president TRUMP today WE AMERICAN people will be next in line they already took our VOTE away, they will shut our VOICE and everything else step by step….. enough, Vietnam VET I WILL DO exactly what you said

          1. No. Democrats cheated they had to have dead people and illegals vote for them. Videos of ballots being brought in after poll observers went hime

          2. That why dead people attending inauguration of BIDEN, they are not just victim by WUHAN virus but in the hands of traitors DEMOCRAT & BIDEN, look how Democrat treated our National Guard Troop same time BIDEN star KILLING American JOBS & cater to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT etc etc

          3. Like you? Floundering about, whining, and lying. I thought you the perfect communist dupe, and you insured it as truth.

          4. We all now better than that, president Trump won! Why do you think(if in fact you do) Biden stayed in the basement and didn’t campaign, because he didn’t have too, the fix was already in place. You are not a winner if you cheat, period!!!

      3. I for one will not pay any taxes to this corrupt administration, let’s see biden/ harris make back better without any money from over 80 million Trump Supporters! It’s their game,we can play it too!

      4. I come from a military family. My father was in the MARINE’S for 35 years! Husband Army 8 years Grandson MARINE’S 8 years.
        I want to THANK YOU SIR!

      5. Already done here…..you pull someones accounts to lock step with the Commies….we will make you suffer the consequences…no more Twitter…no more Fakebook, no more with these banks, no more with Chase, no more Bed Bath & Beyond, No more Kohl’s, no more Dick’s Sporting Garbage and the list goes on.

        1. I sure would like to have the list of banks and other companies that are BLACK BALLING our President
          I will stop using them

          1. Remember the bailout? The same banks are readying for a “bail in” when there is a monetary crash ahead. The list is easy to obtain. Those banks made banking history. Our taxpayers dollars paid the bailout money to keep them afloat. These banks are for profit even though poorly run, have become global and are infiltrated by cartels.

          1. Really, that makes you happy? What a moron, you want communism go live in China for a while. I bet you change your tune in less than a month.

      6. It IS possible to touch the ‘caps lock’ key and not have to use all caps to state your comment. In point of fact, doing so also makes such comments easier to read.
        Just a suggestion.
        More importantly, THANKS for YOUR service, Sir!

          1. The military dropped all caps decades ago.
            They found that the troops had better comprehension when presented with proper grammar (everyone using the same rules to communicate).
            If Trump had been in the military he would know that.

          1. The reason that the English language has upper and lower case letters is because it is easier to read that way. .

          1. We can read proper English presentations even better.
            I generally do not bother reading all caps.
            It is usually meaningless blather.
            Heavy on name calling and vulgarity.

      7. Agreed my friend. That is what I am doing and so should the rest of the 74M that voted for our President Trump. That is quite a bit of business and should hurt. I have never seen anything like this in this country before these nasty Dems. My God they did nothing to Nixon. Nothing. Donald Trump has done nothing but try to make our country better. So sad. They just want to ruin him so he can’t come back. Because when he does – AND HE WILL – God help all the jackasses.

        1. 74 million? It was much more probably closer to 174 million. But the voting machines were rigged and the vote counters were crooked. I seriously doubt Godfather Bi-Dung got even 8 million actual votes, not the 80 M that they claim.

          But why would you want God to help the Jackasses (unless you mean the 4-legged farm animals who will suffer from the same food shortages as the rest of us as the “Green” morons attempt to cut off the CO2 that plants need to make food from)?

          1. In your dreams. The election was fraudulent. Trump was in the lead until 11PM on election night; when all of a sudden tens of thousands of Biden votes showed up. Splain dat pleezzzz

      8. I live in Florida, and one of our Congressmen is trying to get DeSantis to end all ties with Twitter, Facebook and Amazon. Our State will make an impact. I think we should add this bank to the list.

      9. Amen! The immature, narrow-minded people managing these companies think ONLY democrats are their customers. I’ve already dropped several of them—Walmart, Kroger, HEB, Amazon, Apple, Kohl’s, BedBathandBeyond, etc. To be continued.

      10. AMEN! Thank you for your SERVICE to our Great country and advise that will get attention of those who want to do a Great Disservice to our country

      11. YES!! I did exactly that, even BBB (bed,bath beyond) Walmart, Best Buy they are in the deep state BS! we do need to stand! BBB is no longer carrying My Pillow products b/c Mike Lindelll is a big supporter of Trump Hell with these big Companies, BBB review ppl are using it as a platform it crazy never in my life have seen this crap!! I will support the smaller business who need the business right now

        Trump 2024!!!

        1. I WAS a big customer of BBB, NO MORE.
          It’s time we all give our money to decent businesses. If they get political, my money goes elsewhere.

          1. Likewise here…see ya later…maybe BLM and Antifa can bust up their stores, steal all the merchandise and then burn down the remains. As they seem to be the upstanding citizens they support.

          1. Not correct. Lower than that. The effects of the actions and enfluences of Deep Start are compounded when there is not a contradicting force in place. Complacency has a marginal effect on the powers and outcomes of the evils of Deep State. When we , the People do nothing; decline to hold evil accountable, they may seem like 80%. But, Deep State is much smaller and clandestine. When we look the other way from evil and do nothing, we are indeed accomplices. Their crimes and bloodshed is on our heads also. Once we realize this, take heart and courage, we can repent and prevail. We can take back our country. Study the “butterfly effect.” It is lovely and Godly.

      12. Yep it is a shame that the leaders in the military don’t follow the oath we took. Especially the foreign and DOMESTIC parts. Thanks for your service. A proud DAV (Taiwan, Vietnam)

      13. The only way they will get our firearms is taking it from my cold dead hands.

        Too many pissed off Patriots to ever let that happen. This country WOULD HAVE A SECOND CIVIL WAR BEFORE WE WOULD LET BIDDYBOY OR KAMALA EVER TAKE OUR GUNS. They might be just stupid enough to try, but there are more guns in American’s hands (AMERICAN PATRIOT’S HANDS HAS THE MAJORITY)than in our Military. They WOULD LOSE.

      14. Doing just that – making a list and I won’t do business with any of the companies that are cutting ties with President Trump.
        I’m also instructing my financial advisor to cut any investments in AT&T, BCBS, Douche Bank, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s, Amazon and any businesses that do what this bank has done.
        There are plenty of other businesses who are competing with these A-holes that we shouldn’t have ANY PROBLEM spending our money elsewhere.

      15. Hope our military stays out of it to stop communism and the brain washed democrats who are believing what ever the billionaire media it guiding them to do.WILL BE VERY PAINFUL. like a bad tooth your afraid to have it pulled but you’ll be better of in the long run.My dad fought fashizam NAZI,AND Japan emperalizam. In ww2 .I served in the USAF to stop communism ,my son served in the USARMY to stop communism and terrorist.Now its time to stop the insanity of the misguided left .at any cost.I will not be A socialist.or COMMUNIST.period if that means google facebook Twitter BLOOMBERG George Soros Amazon have to be wounded oh well

      16. You are exactly right, we need to cut ties with these companies. I have already done so.

        Vietnam Vet 66-69 Mobile Riverine Force “River Rats”

        1. They will make more money from Biden supporters than Trump supporters.
          Trump’s support is quickly waning.
          Even Qanon is pulling away.

      17. The best remedy for those scumbag bankers, who are the lowest form of animal life on the planet, is for customers to close their accounts and move business elsewhere, one sure way of getting those bastards to wet their pants with fright..

      18. Pulled it out and put it credit union. Trump please join indecent party an we can beat dems an Republicans an RINO. 74 million of us got robbbed.

          1. Anyone with half a brain knows that the evil dems cheated. After all, it’s the ONLY way they could win. They didn’t campaign, they hid. It was planned by the EVIL dems from the very beginning. Who would vote for a man with dementia who is unable to lead our country without the help of Obama and Clinton. It’s only a matter of time before they decide when Biden steps down so Harris can take over and ruin this great country like Obama did! MAGA

      19. I agree! Now Trump can deposit some of his millions into my bank account. In this way, no one will know it’s his money. Right?

        1. I’m sorry, it’s people like you that aren’t needed! My brother was a career man in the Marines and nearly lost his life for this great country so morons like you could ramble at the mouth. DO NOT ATTACK the people who served this great country!! If you don’t like GET OUT.

      20. These banks had better watch out…there is such a thing as BANKRUPTCY!! And it would thrill me to no end to see this happen to those filthy-rich stinkers who think they own the world!

      21. I agree. When a business chooses a political side rather than stay neutral they must evaluate the risk. They have to be willing to give up half their business in this case. That is totally appropriate. Each of us has a right to our choices and not be influenced by those we do business with.

      22. YES YES! Drop all those communist controlled companies and banks! Your post is inspiring and very very true!! With you10% I dropped Twatter but have NO affiliation with any of those other traitor Commie companies!! You are a true PATRIOT VIETNAM VET 67-68!!!!!

      23. Well said Vietnam Vet. Move it all Deplorables. Florida has a ton of retirees. Do shuffle your money and look for things that protect you interest for Old Joe and his grubby grasping claws. The banks noted will feel the pain I can assure you all. Profits rule and this will give them a big hit. ProbABLY enough to back off thier decisions but I believe Trump will not go back but forward to another entity not ruled by politics but pure capitalism.

      24. Absolutely agreed. Do NOT do any business with these banks. Pass it along! THE CORRUPTION in international banking cannot be overstated. Deutsche Bank had no problem doing business with Jeffrey Epstein, sexual predator and child sex trafficker to the international elite. Cheers to the re-awakening 2021🙏.

      25. Do not take a cashiers check, if the amount is enough, go cash, close them down, it is your money take as if you were cashing a check, turn the tables

        If they want to charge you or you feel someone was making power move and didn’t care, demand 100% the money in cash that day! or they will deduct the cashiers check from your balance as the ultimate slap in the face!

        banks do not carry much cash in their vaults, specially on Fridays and Saturdays,.

        We had a minor problem with 2 Banks many years ago and years apart,

        1) bank kept deducting small monthly fees, I always got it fixed on the phone, one day they refused to correct the problem, got tired of this, Had Wife go to that bank

        She asked them to correct things, they refused, was told if she doesn’t like it, she could close the account, and they printed cashier’s check, less $25 fee, Wife called me and I told her to demand cash to the penny,

        As she was waiting, for the cash, a manager came up and asked what the problem was, she told repeated the problem, your representative told if you don’t like it here, close the account which I am doing, and deducting $25 for a cashiers check, that’s Why!

        she got the cash money to the penny.

        next day we walked across the street from that bank and opened a new account at different bank handed them cash, they asked why, We told them. never had a problem again.

        2) years later a different bank,representative would not help, she said if you don’t like it, you can move your money elsewhere, we walked to the teller, a bank check, told them no, I want in Cash she said we cannot cover that today, come back next week, No today, It was on a Friday people cashing checks, a supervisor stepped in, fixed the problem.still use that bank, not that location,
        that bank closed within a year.

    2. no the mark of the beast , preventing from being in the Market place because he doesn’t kiss the ring of the political elites , the are trying to bring in the new world order

    3. Unless we stand strong with PERSIDENT TRUMP and stop letting the bullshit run rampant
      He let the REAL AMERICAN PEOPLE speak for themselves and he was blamed
      for starting let’s keep spreading how proud you are of his accomplishments and SMILE SMILE SMILE KEEP’S EM GUESSING

      1. Former President Trump is all in the rearview mirror.
        He lost the election.
        He knew he he was going to lose last June.
        That is why he had so many rallies July August and September.
        Screaming voter fraud.

    4. Heck with all the banks the just make money on ours. Trump deserves better. These idiots are all brain dead anyways. Trump will figure out what he needs to do.

      1. we know who they are they are friends of the Bidens, Pelosi, Schummer who are reaping monies from these companies don’t buy from them let these companies go under.

    1. All of these years I have been hearing that the Republican Party was the party of business. It surely is not anymore. Today’s CEOs are a bunch of liberal dirtbags that not only contribute to democrats they now tote the party line. Banks aren’t the only ones that have been acting like fools by punishing President Trump, there are plenty of other types of businesses playing this “he caused the riot” hogwash.

      1. If “caused a riot” is the reason, cut all ties with horseface Harris, who bailed out arrested insurrectionists burning the country.

        1. Walmart, Amazon, Kroger, HEB, Amazon, Apple, Twitter, Face Book, Kohl’s, BedBathAndBeyond, Chase, Signature, Deutsche Bank….

          1. Every company you do business with does business with at least one of them.
            Cancel culture?
            Good riddance.
            To an ever shrinking cancer in America’s gut.
            No surgery.
            No chemo.
            No radiation.
            No drugs.
            No hair loss.
            No fatigue.
            All it took was to rub little fecal matter around in the Capitol.
            It was fun to watch.
            Old fat White guys with scruffy beards.
            It must have smelled really bad.
            But not on TV!
            Those images will continue to be burned into the American mind.
            They will be included in the newly mandated (by Trump/DeVoe) history books for high school juniors.
            Did you have the balls to do DC?
            Or are you just a keyboard pounding activist?

        2. Just look at the Stock Exchange listings.
          Trump is toxic.
          That Mister Pillow guy(Marital Law) business is going right in the toilet.
          One less felon crack head who found Jesus.
          Throw the man a line.
          Or two.
          One each side.
          And one to lick?.

    2. President Trump,
      Did not incite that riot on January 6 th 2021. That was the Antifa Group-
      and Black Lives Matter all funded by George Soro’s. That’s the one –
      They should stopped conducting business with.Not President Trump.
      Enough is Enough. Hope those Banks go under.and fast.

      1. When are they going to revoke Soros’s dual citizenship. He’s funding all the Democrat’s dirty deeds including the Antifa riots. BLM started out as peaceful riots too until Antifa joined in. They were funded, transported and supplied with all types of riot gear by Soros.

        1. When you say they do you mean Trump or Biden?
          You must have been asleep this week.
          All Trump can revoke is his membership in Mary Lego, If the City does not do it first.
          Biden considers Soros a trusted advisor.
          Particularly when he wants the Jewish point of view on international matters.
          I remember when the the Jews were considered to be Globalists.
          Do you?.

      2. Trump said to his people “Please, please do not march to the Capitol.
        I have intel that Antifa/BLM are already there just waiting to blend in with my faithful followers and smear their feces. I saw, on TV how they dragged my people into the Capitol, and made them watch as they squatted down to make and smear their smells.
        The Trump Organization is going under.
        Very slowly.
        Very painfully.
        Trump is a loser.
        He will be ranked below Carter.

      3. All anyone has to do is replay Trump’s speech that day – with an audience as proof. The LEFT are a bunch of bottom-feeding liars who feast on their own lies.

  1. The swamp and deep state are moving on all fronts to destroy the “peoples president.”
    A big contrast to the rewards the Obama administration for employees and those like
    Comey. Brennan and Clapper and many more were rewarded with lucrative jobs.

      1. All presidents are electoral college presidents…We dont elect by popular vote. How is it that you dont get that ?

          1. When did Hillary concede?
            Maybe on his death bed.
            His run to sit on God’s shoulders.

        1. You can be both a popular President and an Electoral College President.
          Biden is.
          Trump was not.
          Obama was.
          Obama was.
          Bush was.
          Bush was not.

      2. It is people exactly like you…brainwashed, gullible, and just plain ignorant who knows NOTHING about why the Electoral College was so wisely enacted by the FOUNDING FATHERS. It gives a voice to people who do not have the populations of the big cities…which are mainly left wingers. Of course we all know you do not care about equity, or following the law. All you care about is screeching and rioting and running with the lunatic antifa crowd. Ignorance is abundant in this one.

      3. Alas, pitiful poor Hillary is still agrieved. After over 30 years involvement with the Federal Government, she was still unaware the Presidency is decided by the electoral college number. Poor, pitiful and extremely DUMB Hillary.

        1. Gene, please, he is at least in the 60th percentile in this group.
          At least he is not one of those all caps, no punctuation, no spelling LGMs tht usually frequent these environs.

    1. Trump drained the swamp years ago, it was the first thing he did.
      Who do Comey. Brennan and Clapper work for?
      How much do they make.

      1. You’re either ALBERT HESS, or his brother from the same communist motha!!!

        1. You got real class girl.
          Trump class.
          America is done with your kind.
          The kind who smear their feces in the Capitol

    1. By now they’ve probably infiltrated the banks and maybe the SC as in Roberts – brought in by, I think, Bush, Sr.

  2. It is Bank United, it is based in Miami and there are tons of Trump supporters who also have accounts at Bank United so my suggestion is move your accounts to another bank as well if you supported Trump. Until people realize they can’t keep bullying people into following their belief systems then they need to be taught a lesson. Whoever heard of a bank turning down deposited money? The holier than thou bankers of the world with such high morals, give me a break!!!

      1. ABSOLUTELY!

          1. If you watched any of the inauguration circus, you could not have missed the disturbing resemblance to Hitler’s installment–all government and (heavy) on military attendees, closed to the public

    1. Or maybe a bank such as TD Bank, Canadian-owned. Right now, the Canadians aren’t too thrilled with Biden where they stand to lose huge amt. of jobs that affect them. And Mexico’s president isn’t thrilled either; he had a good reciprocal border arrangement with Trump. Bite-me-Biden’s stacking up enemies already – in his first week.

  3. I have to wonder if any members of BLM or Antifa hold accounts in these banks. Double standards strike yet again. I hope the customers of these banks choose to change their accounts to a non-bias bank. One that stays out of politics.

    1. BLM is dug in with China’s financing. And I heard today that some foreign countries’ votes were piped into probably Dominion machines here. Guessing they didn’t appreciate Trump collecting way-overdue tariffs either. Biden will have that reversed.

  4. Very little of this is retaliation against Trump. Most of this is a warning to any future conservative presidents. The democrat presidents get rewarded with millions and the conservative presidents will be punished with sanctions. This is all a conspiracy by the elite to keep the country in line with their desires.

      1. Trump won Electoral College in 2016.
        He became President.
        Biden won the Electoral College and Popular Vote in 2020.
        He became President.
        That is how are democracy works.
        Thank God.
        If there is one.

  5. Protest with BOYCOTT and marching on their front steps- shut them down – SUE THEM FOR RACIST DISCRIMINATION all the way to the USSC if needed!!!!!

  6. If his account was owned by a gay person or any other race other than A white male. This would have lawyers from all over the USA wanting to take this case on.

  7. It is absolutely unbelievable to me that people can be so evil and hate-filled!! What on earth has President Trump ever done to them except allow them to use his money for their profit?? I hope and pray that the blowback from Trump supporters who do business with them, will be swift and very financially damaging!!! The bank dictator managers are very likely mega donors to the socialist/communist Democrats. I just don’t get it.

    1. TO ALL OF YOU: I am not sure if this matters to any of you or not, but I feel that I, being a Christian, should say this one thing: GOD IS STILL IN CHARGE! He gave HIS children power over satan and his fallen angels. Let us use that power? GOD IS STILL IN CHARGE and He is allowing this to happen for HIS reasons and it is written that there will be a one world order, but it won’t last long. If we want to know what tomorrow’s news is going to be, read the Holy Bible. GOD loves HIS children and those of us who are HIS children only need ask HIM to take care of the mess our country is in. I am praying that GOD will continue to lead and guide “our former president TRUMP,” and continue to give him the wisdom he needs to cope with this miserable mess.

  8. Lawsuit time…. Pres. Trump, PLEASE sue the bank and then sue the corporate officers personally….turn “political correctness” into money for you and your lawyers…. Stupid cannot be fixed so take their money through lawsuits and bad publicity…

    1. I guess when we go into our banks from now on, we better be nice, cuz if they dont like you… Well we see now what they can do..

    2. I’m sure a lot of supporters would be willing to donate to the cause. I know I would. Banks should not be allowed to get away with this.

  9. We need to be given a full list of companies that dump on Our President Donald Trump. Then “We the People” can dump on those companies. The People need to set an example of how we truly feel about these companies actions, and hit them in their pocketbook.

  10. I can not believe this – A real Mess!!! No backbone – somebody doesn’t like it – so cut ties and I am on the good side – No you are chickensXXXX. I admire Ford company when people said they did not want them to make Police Cars – they aid if you do not like it – go to work somewhere else. That is backbone!!

    1. You do not understand.
      Trump does not have any money.
      He owes money.
      The value of his ‘brand’ is in the toilet.
      He has some pretty good cash flow but his margins are slim to minus.
      Trump is not looking to deposit money.
      He is looking of easy lines of credit.
      The banks think that he is toxic, creepy, not to mention very unpredictable
      Ta ta turdo.
      If you are old wnough.

  11. Who does the bank hurt? Not Trump who can move his money elsewhere! Talk about cutting off its nose to spite its face! TDS is a dangerous ailment!

    1. Trump has no money to move.
      He needs credit.
      He needs ‘bridge loans’.
      Banks do not consider him to be a very stable genius,

  12. Obvious reason why we need term limits for congressmen and senate, they have to much time and power to gin up these cohorts!

  13. Using your business dealings just strong arm others into doing your will has a name. It’s called racketeering. Joe Biden get it, I guess the bank’s think that’s all right. Time for a cleanup. Time for some arrests.

    1. Joe Biden’s DOJ will be getting right on that.
      Elections have consequences.
      You just did not try hard enough.
      You did not take to the streets and convince people how to vote.
      You backed a loser.
      You are weak.
      You make sick.
      You are a real puke.
      Now go clean yourself up.

  14. Shame on the FL banks, and any other businesses, who are cutting ties with Trump Disgusting. I’m a Floridian who is presently living in another state, and I’m disgusted I’ve always held my head high, however, this is national disgrace not only that, tell me how your actions line up with Biden’s call for unity? Shame on you

    1. Take a look at the Capitol videos if you want to see disgrace and disgust.
      Is that your idea of unity?
      Did you cheer them on as they smeared their feces?
      That is what America will remember of Trump,.
      Not his overturning of ObamaCare.
      Not his silly little ribbon of rust fence.
      Fecal matter.
      Trump Humpers are a savage disgusting bunch.
      Shrinking into the shadows.
      Like the Mafia.

  15. These banks are only hurting themselves and customers who want loans. His money helped a lot of people. He’s going to pull out his money and go to a bank who isn’t foolish

    1. Trump has no money to deposit.
      He needs loans.
      Trump is toxic.
      Because of his previous shady dealings no bank wants to bring on the extra scrutiny tht having him as a customer will draw.
      There is no profit in that.
      Yes, are in it for the money.
      That is why you use them.

  16. There are going to be so many banks and companies renamed after Trump by next year, they’ll be as numerous as McDonalds. The only reason that these sphincters think that they can disrespect him, and do whatever they want and ignore contractual obligations is because of the examples shown by the media. Lawsuits…many, many of them……begin.

  17. Looks like the CCp is in the banking business. The papers are playing up Joe’s helping to get vaccine out while the writers know the reason there is a supply shortage and the vaccine can’t be made fast enough. Also, the dem run states are incompetent to run the show. Send the vaccine to WV and it will be used up in a few days and not sit in freezers or go to waste. Joe can do no wrong. Is the country lost to socialists/communists or is there hope?

  18. Let them go ahead and do this. Facebook tried this with trump Facebook page and when they lost $51 BILLION in the market Facebook decided to put it back. Btw this Afro American already misses you president trump, the TRUE winner of the 2020 election

      1. @Graham and Blanca, I just had to tell you both how much I love smart people.
        God bless you both. I’m a legal IMMIGRANT who came here as a child. I love America and President Donald J Trump.
        Best President of my lifetime.

  19. Watching the history / documentaries of how the Nazis took over Germany… We are watching it here. The Nazis destroyed of Jud education. Laws.. Took over all the offices ofo govtt and protection. Jews were to be destroyed. Just like the Dems are Destroying this country/ our laws/ our rights/ our respect for one another/ our right to live/create/build.

  20. I am so sick and tired of all this juvenile behavior from dumbass democrats. Everybody should close their account with any bank that shows such stupidity.

  21. In case these idiot banks are not aware – ‘Times are a-changing.’ But the idiots apparently do not realize THEY KEEP ON CHANGING and when that happens (which will be soon) I wish their employees good luck looking for new jobs. Hint: Don’t bother with bank or any economic job.

  22. President Trump did absolutely nothing to incite the Capital police to open the barricades allowing ANTIFA joined by some Trump supporters to enter the Capital building.

  23. If these financial institutions were as astute as they think they are, they would be cutting ties with those who would promote lies and fallacies against Trump, as they are more likely to stab them in the back when push comes to shove…

  24. Folks, this is getting extremely frightening and wayyyy out of hand. Some person needs to make up a list of these companies we ALL need to BOYCOTT, then turn around and support the companies being boycotted like MY PILLOW.
    I have bought more pillows and a mattress cover since the OWNER/CEO is being harassed by the left. There is currently a group (s) of lawyers coming together to help people being cancelled out by the CRAZINESS OF THE LEFT.
    God help us, President Trump and bless our country.

  25. Boycott everybody and anybody that hurts President Trump and our businesses!!!

  26. Another big anti Constitutional Move, people should move their money and
    change their credit card, if they care.It would not take much of your time!!!!!
    Remember the Holocaust? First they came after the Jews and I wasn’t a Jew, when
    they came after me, there was no one to help.Who will help when your account gets

    1. Cancelled or worse CONFISCATED as done a few years ago in some communist countries (in our future?) if not stopped NOW

  27. STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES! I hope President Trump goes after them hard! I’m so tired of the LEFT trying to control our lives! We have the right to do and think differently then the SWAMP CREATURE DEMOCRATS!

  28. People should pull their money out of that bank. All these people who are kneeling to the left need to feel push back from the right. It is the only way to regain our freedoms. The same goes for all social media that censors people. When they start to lose money and their stocks start to fall, they will have second thoughts about taking away our free speech. Trump fought for the people. We now have an administration that has no regard for the American people. They are only interested in power.

  29. All of these banks should lose their licenses and right to do business in AMERICA where such discrimination is supposedly forbidden. No rush though, they may not be enjoying things in near future.

  30. No surprise. Is anyone still not convinced the banks run the world? So now they will try to ruin our only peaceful President in recent history. No wars= bad man according to the war mongering tyrants in the banking system/swamp.

  31. So, I’m of the thought that Fl Governor Ron DeSantis should tell those banks that unless they can show a LEGAL cause for closing Pres. Trump’s accounts, he’d initiate proceeding that would prevent THEM from doing ANY business within or through the State. Meaning they could NOT hold accounts in the names of any businesses, corporations, etc, or personal accounts. Meanwhile, he should also find out if the State does any business directly with, or through contractors with the State, those accounts are to be immediately withdrawn and placed elsewhere, while also putting an indefinite hold on them being able to do business with,through, or indirectly, in the State.
    And all the Southern States that went for Trump that have branches or headquarters for any of those blocking Trump accounts, should immediately do the same.
    Tit for Tat.

  32. Dear Florida Banks Customers brought away your savings from these stupid Banks. You found others intelligent and not racist Banks. Send these Banks to fuck off. My sentiments from Italy.

  33. Screw them, then it will be, Trump doesn’t even bank in the US. Well GEEZ, why would he? With that much money, I’m sure there are a couple of banks that will be getting ahold of him. Screw the democrats. They’ll keep blaming everything on Trump for the next 4 years. Wait till they wake up and go, OH CRAP. I am waiting for that day.

  34. These people are pathetic pos i hope these pos democraps die soon and burn in hell they all can go f them self im sure they already do that

  35. Wow, that’s good that I don’t have money in those banks, but remember that God is with Donald Trump, I’m still praying for him and his family, God is going to do justice for him, he’s a good man.🙏🏻🥰😍😘🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🥰🥰

  36. These asswipe banks and other businesses will regret their poor decision making. Bank or company stockholders should sue the bank for losing bank assets due to banking operations malfeasance. Pass this along to those who can make this happen.

    1. I don’t think these banks care. I bought two repo houses from Wells Fargo where they lost 50%. If my manager lost that much he would be fired but I don’t think that happened.

  37. Banks and companies are discriminating against peoples lawful backing of an established American political party.This is called voter suppression. Start bringing them to court.

  38. Well, apparently this is NOT a bank where I would want my money held. Trump has to be one of their wealthiest customers, so they should be clamoring for his business. The fact that they aren’t tells me they don’t care about protecting their – and beyond that, your – investments

  39. And as another comment person suggested. Persons with money in those banks may want to move their money to a bank with better morals and better banking profits in mind.

  40. No explanation is given. Possibly the bank account was closed down during his Presidency. Banks do not give up money accounts. That’s an asset. For all we know, Trump moved his $$ elsewhere.

    1. Otherwise the bank will be forced to surrender the $5 MILLION to $25 MILLION on deposit. That’s not a happy situation for a bank.

  41. I didn’t realize that deceit, lying, revenge and obsession were catching.
    Obviously, these businesses have contracted the Pelosi/Shumer
    What the hell is the matter with these corporations?
    Talk about lemmings!!

  42. Florida banks are losers. New York banks can’t stand Trump’s popularity, still. So screw them. It’s their loss.

  43. I wonder what the bank’s stockholders think about the management throwing away a Bunch of money because they don’t like the man!

    1. Give us the name of the bank so patriots can close their accounts.
    2. Give us the name of the businesses so we know where to spend money and where NOT to spend money.
  44. These banks and corporations like Kroger, HEB, BedBathBeyond, Walmart, etc., are managed by immature people. Do they think ONLY liberals are using their services.

  45. The plan is much deeper then you see….they want to destroy this countries economy by making the rich richer and the poor poorer….this is being done as we speak….many of the elites in America have purchased property away from the USA where they plan to live while this country becomes a third world nation…they want inter war and high prices to drive us all under their control….once they have destroyed this nation and it’s peoples hopes and dreams then the plan real begins….as sleep Joe has stated,build back better….this is not about the American people it’s a economic war that will end all our freedoms.

    1. War is coming in the form of economic and will destroy this country….the higher the prices we pay for goods and services the more the elites gain.

      1. They will end our freedoms and destroy our nation from within….there is nothing left to do to save us…….it is already being done.

    2. They want us at war with each other….it’s the divide and conquer method of war….this war is economic.

    3. Wake up all your hopes and dreams are being destroyed by our own government….look at the stock market….every time it closes with Gaines the American people are losing more freedoms……only the elites plan on surviving this economic war.

  46. Their loss. I will love seeing President Trump take his business somewhere that appreciates it. F#ck all the liberal communist-loving businesses. Hope they all suffer under the demented pedophile, Biden.

  47. Wow that’s not look like Americans characters treated theirs opponents, look like big bullying, they are trying messages ppl in future not to against them , then only one party in America, where’s we are living now

  48. Money is almost worthless now. Shortly the country will be barter system because the Democraps will take your savings to push their commie system. Third world countries use, food, clothes, Guns, ammo for money. Anything of use can be used, tools, material, water, equipment, fuel etc.

    If your a snowflake with a degree in basket weaving or Safe Space auditing, phone gaming I think your out of luck. If you don’t have skills that are needed, So Sorry dude. You riot, you die!. Mommy and daddy won’t be there to hold your hand, tell you how special you are and the world owes you something. No trophies for coming to the ball game.

  49. Those 2 banks are about to go down anyway. Trump probably pulled out before they made this grand announcement.

  50. Not right! These banks and companies have tried and convicted Truimp without a trial! This is America and a personis inocent until proven guilty! Hipe these outfits all lose many clients. This is outrageous!

  51. What. A. Dirty shame. Nasty. Banks. Need to be. Out. I. Hope. Trump. Can. Make. His. Own. Bank. Nasty. World should. Be. Ashame. Of. Them. Selfs the
    Scumbags. Have. Basically destroyed him
    But. I. Know. In. Time. He.will. recover and. He. Should. Give. Them. All. Payback amen

  52. Don’t forget the collateral damage perpetrated against people like Mike Lindell! I’ve already sent email to Bed Bath and Beyond (which is already failing) telling them their decision to drop MyPillow products has caused ME to rethink doing business with them!

  53. So…now ALL President Trump’s supporters need to do the same thing and refuse to do business with Florida Bank.

    You wanna play cancel culture? Fine! It’s ON!

  54. Good for nothing banks run by those who have no class nor patriotism. Thkey demonstrate revenge for the riots in DC of which Trump hd noting to do with, as proven by the FBI.This is discrimination by liberal bank presidents.

  55. I dont support the “cancel culture”.
    They wont see my business…..
    They keep showing us they don’t support Americans……only Globalists…

  56. I m worried for the all World. Here in Italy many journalists write that also Italy with Switzerland were into the vote fraudorganization. In Italy is involved the USA Embassy I read into Newspapers through the Leonardo Militar Industry. And also about the CIA Frankfurt Server . In Italy many people speak about it. Some Journalist as Matteo Carnieletto wrote in the 2016 October month that Republican and Trump were worried about the use of Dominion Voting Machine….read well…2016. Now the serious question is: why the Deep Pentagon Elite made this fraud organization? Why they wanted fired Trump? Trump could to be an obstacle for what? Some new War around the world that Pentagon want planning? And incredible is the silence from Supreme Court. Now is evident. Mr Biden was used only as tool for fired Trump. Between two years Biden will be fired cause his Ukraine questions and China son business. And Kamala Harris will be new Woman President. Woman and colored.

  57. How interesting. The blind leading the deaf and dumb. What an awesome team those two make. Too bad they aren’t living in another country. Maybe we can arrange for that?

  58. I suspect there are many of us who would not buy from these people but it won’t be long until we won’t have enough money left to matter. It will be very difficult to overcome the restrictions that are being plotted now and in the near future.

  59. I’m sure Trump can find a bank to take his money.
    Maybe he should start his own bank, I will put my money there!

  60. When the “same sex marriage” crowd wants to force an artist into compelled speech by making a cake decorator or photographer treat their mock wedding as a real marriage, they claim that the businessman has no conscience rights because he’s a public accommodation and can’t discriminate.

    What happens to “public accommodations” when banks drop the former president for clearly political reasons, or when restaurants used to refuse to serve his cabinet members? Are public accommodations only public if you’re of the politically ascendant left?

  61. Trump name the bank so your supporters can take their loans and banking elsewhere. More than the BIG BOYS CAN PLAY THIS GAME — ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS STICK TOGETHER. WHAT SAY YE TRUMPERS?

  62. Join the ga malisha unite strength in numbers your skin color or religion makes no difference only constitutional followers u need be.

  63. Listen up American Patriots:
    What we are seeing in this country is not being totally orchestrated by the Democraps. Come on. They aren’t smart enough to do this crap. There is someone with mega $$ who is orchestrating this whole mess, who has turned American against American to FRAGMENT THE U.S. THAT is his plan and he has worked on this for the past decade. THIS is all he has thought about and he is doing a damn good job of destroying our infrastructure– also part of his plan.

    I have been researching this snake since before 2007 before barack took office. Those responsible (his Billionnaire croonies) are called GLOBALISTS and THEY WANT AMERICA DESTROYED, OUR FREEDOMS GONE, AND OUR INFRASTRUCTURE COLLAPSED SO THEY CAN TAKE OVER THE WORLD. .🌟🌟THIS IS NO CONSPIRACY STORY, THIS IS HAPPENING RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES!!

    Research GEORGE SORO SAND THE ONE WORLD ORDER! If you want to get
    angry or furious at someone, find them. They are behind this whole chaotic mess and they think they are untouchable– they are not. Find where they are. The rest is up to you, but they need to be arrested and all their billions of dollars confiscated and spread throughout the poor countries of our world. Soros lives in the outskirts of New York City with his family. I don’t know who the rest of these people are,but they must be found and dealt with if you want our Country back!
    Good luck!

  64. WHy are there so many banks against President Trump? He is a go getter and the fact is people can’t stand up to such great leadership. Jealousy is one of the deadly sins our country has been doing! Pelosi claims she is ?Catholic, but that can’t be true because it is sinning against Donald. She can’t get into heaven with that anger & jealousy! She is listening to the devil, Maybe her friend in disguise ! No matter what she says is is committing moral sins and that means no heaven for her!?

  65. When all said and done, most Americans stand in the middle and NOT the fringes. This “cancel culture” BS will eventually backfire on all of them, we just need to survive the storm. If we stick together, we can make it work. Some group should buy or start a bank in FL, and make Trump their primary customer. It would be a GREAT start for a start up institution…

  66. Maybe this bank should go elsewhere and play their stupid games. They have an issue with this country and Trump you have no purpose being here. Talk about a business that don’t have brain for themselves listen to a party like the democracts who ruin things.

  67. I have never seen a President as mistreated as this one. The nicest thing that could happen is for them to go out of business.

  68. Cut their nose off to spite their ugly face.
    Amazing a bank-a business would do this.
    Glad I don’t bank with any of them.
    Seems un-business like

  69. Every patriotic American must–MUST–get involved with his local GOP precinct, become a PC, or become acquainted with the existing PC. If he is not a Christian Conservative, learn how to replace him, or her. These moves vary regionally.

    Organize the Conservatives into a local bloc. Invite to, or go to, meet and greet events for local candidates and determine if such candidates are willing to commit to hard lines of policy and are uncompromising in their stance. From School Board to President, learn how to fight for ONLY those aspirants who declare PLAINLY where they stand. In 2 years–that’s all the time you have–you have to be able to obliterate the squishes and elect the ‘Hosses’ to Congress.

    America needs to replace the Democrap and the RINO with ferocious Trump-like lions. That means it needs you to do your job. If God asks, “whom shall I send?” What will you say in reply?

  70. I would suppose this is no different than anyone else, banks or corporations do not want to be associated with those with such a bad image hanging over their head, and Trump’s image is awful dark at this point. Do not worry Putin will make sure that Trump get all the help he needs, being Trump did in 4 years what Russia could not do in 60 years

  71. Business and Politics should never be mixed. Politics should be left to the people. If I had a bank account in any of those banks, I would withdraw every penny and close the account. There are MORE conservatives than there are liberals. Conservatives pay more taxes because they actually have to work to make a living. Pull your money out and it becomes 1929 bank crash.

  72. I wish I banked with either one of these banks so I could pull out all my money. Terrible. Thankfully I don’t do Twitter. One social media platform (I do use Fakebook ) is enough! I do have Amazon. Thinking of dropping both though. Sad…….. 😞

  73. Then that bank should lose its bank charter and be put out of business. If I lived there and this was my bank, my money would be removed immediately!@

  74. I was already doing that, I won’t do business with a person or a company who will censor freedom of speech and discriminate against someone who disagrees with your personal politics, then they can kiss my ass. I won’t do business with Amazon and I haven’t since March 2020. They’ve been making millions off of COVID and are severely hurting local small businesses around the Country. Consumers hold a lot of power, the best way to hurt them the most is to hurt them in the wallet. I’m boycotting Amazon and Walmart (I’ve NEVER been a fan of Target; I’ve only been in there twice since moving 5 years ago) since March and I will only do business with local small businesses and restaurants. NO RESTAURANT CHAINS, their stuff is usually crappy anyway. BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT!! 
    If they give money to the democrats, I will NOT be doing business with them EVER AGAIN, it’s pretty easy to find out which companies do. They want to play these games, then we should too. There is a reason why conservative boycotts work better than the liberal boycotts because the reason behind them matters. Democrat failed at boycotting companies such as In-N-Out Burger (they dare to give a political donation of $25,000 to the California Republican Party even though they gave the same amount to the democrats), Chick-a-Fill (they are more popular than ever), Goya Foods so name a few. Why did they fail? Because the conservatives came through for them and now, they are thriving and doing better than ever). Nike has lost a ton of money because of that crybaby Colin K, the NFL lost a huge portion of their audience, partly because of Kaepernick and the kneeing controversy during the national anthem and their audience is not returning anytime soon. Good luck getting your salaries, they can’t pay you when people don’t show up.

  75. The Leftist Fascist Dems worked to divide the Ntion for Five years before stealing the election. Now the division continues – obviously following a script. Were it not for the fact Trump didnt take a salary Bidens’saster Obama would demanding the salary be clawed back.
    This evil actio is being seen as evil the world over

  76. This is discrimination.
    Demoncrats say they want UNITY? BS
    Communism fuels bad behavior & spreads division & hatred.
    Wake up – Have’nt Dem’s learned from the past that Communism/Socialism does not work.
    Demonrats are sending America BACKWARDS.
    If Dem’s want Socialism/Communism THEN
    Leave America and go fix your own country,
    where you came from.


  78. That’s fine, there are many banks around the world who will be happy to take on the Trump family business accounts. The losers are banks who choose to close him out. Not very intelligent business sense. I think a list of the banks should be given out to conservatives so that we might decide whether we want to do business with these banks. Tit for tat.

  79. The nerve of the Democrats/Left Liberals to do all of these things to Trump. Where the hell are we living in Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, China and N. Korea. Twitter and other social media have a double standard and I believe Trump will win in Court because of the First Amendment providing our nation is no longer a democracy and capitalistic Nation. Furthermore, what right does this government, a Liberal Antifa supporting Government which led the insurrection on the Capital this past Jan. 6, 2021 and supported by the Democrats/Left Liberal, and their hatred for President Trump to ruin his life as they have many other American’s lives. Challenge all of them with court action President Trump because you will win. This is how Biden/Harris want to unite America. They are pathetic and inept leaders of our great Nation and Biden and his criminal family should be prosecuted for their treason to our Great Nation and Biden is the one who should be impeached while his son and father incarcerated. Dems impeach without any proof, but their is proof on Biden and Hunter, but when you are owned by China, Russia and the Ukraine you must be subservient to your masters..

  80. One other point, America STOP supporting Twitter, Google and Facebook as well as the banks and other businesses that have sanctioned Trump. Sell your stock and stop using the financial institutions that have closed the door on Trump. This will impact their bottom line. Stand up for what is right.

  81. Not to worry President Trump could start his own bank. Doesn’t take much to handle other people’s money. These morons will loose business. No big deal. Here’s a good name for it if available The Patriots Bank.

  82. I think someone should impeach pelosi for fraudulent mail in ballots against her rivals in the California elections paying $100. To prisoners for their signatures on blank ballots. She gave them credit cards to their commissary’s. No way anyone running against the demonic democrats dictatorship liars could ever win. SEMPER FIDELIS


  84. The commienazis are in control..the USA and Constitution no longer exist..it is up to We the People to correct this..enforce the Declaration of Independence…unite and band together…because Satan is in charge currently..support our president Trump…

  85. Can you imagine if these same businesses would have cut ties with terrorists 20 years ago where this country would be now?

  86. So be it. I have not trusted the “BANKS” for years. Trump has other more trustworthy choices to make. S&Ls are great. And no doubt these listed banks are gonna feel the pain of the MAGA bunch. We are the cash cow of the USA. And Biden wants us in line cause we are not the losers the Clinton and Cronies say we are. But the cheaters and the easily influenced BANKs need a reminder. Move it all elsewhere Deplorables. And I know the Banks are the norm but I find the S&Ls a good place for my accounts. And do not expect the secured 100k even in the S&Ls. That 1929 security blanket was removed by Bozo. Park big money elsewhere.

  87. Well this is easy. We dont bank at those banks. How much money did twitter lose when they tossed Legal President Trump out? 🙂

  88. I’ve just sent a message to my bank of over fifteen years that all my funds will be removed on Tuesday unless I hear that they have cancelled their position toward our former Head of State, President Donald J Trump. I will not do business with any of them who adhere to this stupid, childish CANCEL CULTURE!

  89. This is not just an attack on President Trump, the actions by banks, businesses and cities are an attack on every American who supported him. The leftist’s playbook, ostracize and publicly try to damage anyone who does not toe the party line-in this case the Democrat party. These actions are fundamentally un-American.

  90. I’ve never heard of these banks, but any banks should be happy to have that much money in their bank. What corrupt fools we have out there. It’s amazing how President Trump has been able to expose all of the discriminatory tactics by so many corrupt folks out there. It is time to set up businesses that don’t discriminate against conservatives.

  91. Just remember what goes round comes and what they say about pay back “it’s a mother” just hope if the rubs get back in control they elect members to congress who have a backbone and believe in payback in spades. Time to rid this country of all Marxist, Facist and Antifa as they are trying to overthrow this country. That’s call sedition punishable by hanging. Time to get tough and take back this country.

  92. I will be curious to see if any of the banks I deal with are in this disgraceful act. If so I
    will move my accounts away from them, I doubt it will effect their bottom line but why
    should I contribute a single Penney to their profit margin? It is the small investors and
    customers who helped them become rich in the first place and if enough of us move
    our accounts to others banks it might be a wake up call to their managers and CEO’s.

  93. The bank is only hurting itself. Trump can simply transfer his funds to another bank. Even if all US banks were to refuse his business he could simply take it off shore. How would that help anyone?

  94. Greatest President we ever had, believe all are jealous of his getting our country in the
    best state.

  95. Do what the ‘rats would do….

  96. The media is to blame. Instead of “investigating” the rally in WDC, they called it a “riot” and never looked at the individuals who were parading around in hard hats and gas masks. None of the Trump supporters wore any of that stuff.

  97. This is against the law and I hopefully Trump sues them. You can’t discriminate against anyone and anyone who’s has an account with these Banks’s in Florida should close the immediately, democrats and their disgusting lies make me sick. The riots at the Capital were the result of the bs liberals spew on a daily basis nothing scum!

  98. NY physician on the verge of retirement with a place in Boca Raton and between 8-10 million in assets that I will want to transfer to a Florida bank when I retire so I will have more direct access to them.

    Just informed Banks United and Professional Bank that they are out of consideration because of the way they just treated President Trump

    If he isn’t good enough for them..then neither am I.😡

  99. Makes one wonder how much cartel money they are laundering…”get rid of Trump because he draws too much unwanted attention”…


  101. Who in our Government is behind all this Communist evil? This demise of our Freedoms started in January 2009, Wake up people,Communism is here.

  102. I agree completely with Vietnam Vet 67-68 and also urge everyone to drop the banks and social media sites mentioned. I am Vietnam Vet 64-65 & 71-72. Biden, Harris, Pelosi and a dozen more traitors should be on trial right now for treason as well as fraud, accepting bribes, misutilization of our money/taxes and acting as foreign agents without registering as such. In other words violating their oaths to the Constitution of the United States.

  103. it makes u wonder why we went to vietnam in the first place if we were going to be run by a bunch of maggot commies-yes i did viet 67-68 the all famous tet offensive-a smack in the face of families who lost love ones and our combat brothers-take every thin dime out of these so-called banks-instead a sewage company would be a better business for them

  104. What are they afraid of? Losing business. It’s so funny that people who used to be friends with Trump, like certain celebrities and talk show hosts, (like Joy Behar who interviewed Trump in the 90’s and playfully asked him if he would ever consider running for president, and when he finally did……threw him under the bus. They all lost their collective minds! Why? Well to begin with their candidate didn’t win. Hillary..I voted for Bill, but Hillary? She’s a snob! And if you look at clips of things she promoted during that era and now, such as , immigration, abortion etc….she did a complete turn around on every issue. Which tells me she doesn’t really care about any issue. She just wanted their vote. Well the left just cares about the current consensus on such popular topics such as race, wokism, immigration, abortion, transgenders etc……and Trump just didn’t fit the bill in their book……They say he’s a “narcissist” (I say he is confident in who he is), he’s a “racist” ( well that term could apply to anybody or anything now), he’s corrupt Gee I’d sure like to see their financial portfolios and business dealings: I’m sure they used every tool in the toolbox to avoid paying millions or even billions in taxes. When they say “pay their fair share,” the very rich, the top 1% already pay over 80% of the total tax base in this country. The rest is split between the upper earners 2%, the middle class and the lower middle class. Then the “very” poor/poverty level pay $0.00% It’s like we encourage capitalism, start your own business, free trade, build an empire in this country,,,,,,,and then when people actually do succeed in this country……we punish them for it! Make up your minds people! Well,Trump had a big mouth, but he had a big mouth for the things I believe in. Like pride in our country, standing up for the unborn, the most helpless and vulnerable, lowering taxes for everyone! The government just pisses away our money anyway for stupid things. Make them rein it in a little. Getting rid of some of the stupid regulations that hold up progress and strangle businesses and costs that get passed down to the consumer. Standing up to China and how much they were ripping off the American people in trade deals. And actually following our immigration laws. No ones saying you can’t come here to the United States, just come legally! Why? So we can take the time to PROCESS you as you come in and make sure you don’t work for a drug cartel binging in drugs like heroin and fentanyl that kill U.S. citizens every day. Or bringing children into the country that are not yours just to get in the country, while some even molest said children on their way or even leave them to die in the desert. Or worse……MS-13 gang members. We have enough criminals of our own. We don’t need anymore! We reserve the right to check you at the border to make sure bad people are not coming into the country along with good honest hard working immigrants. And if you do come here “legally” and you like us, hang out awhile, check us out and maybe become a citizen. That’s the right way! Trump stood for all these things. Weak, limp wrist, wishy-washy politicians…..Democrats and Rhinos DO NOT HAVE THE CAJONES TO STAND UP TO THE POWERS THAT BE IN THAT CESS POOL IN D.C.AND JUST SPEAK PLAIN ENGLISH. IT TOOK A BUSINESS MAN WITH HIS OWN MONEY NOT BEHOLDING TO ANYONE IN THAT CITY OR IN CONGRESS TO CARVE THROUGH THE SLUDGE OF CORRUPT MEDIOCRITY AND MAKE MARK, A SLOW MOVE OF THE CLOCK, JUST A LITTLE BIT DURING HIS TERM…….WE MAY NEVER SEE IT AGAIN……..HE WAS ONE OF A KIND FOLKS.


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