Megyn Kelly: Media Partly to Blame for Capitol Riot

Exchange Associate / CC via Wikimedia Commons

Democrats are ready to throw the blame for the deadly Capitol riot on former President Trump. However, journalist former Fox News host Megyn Kelly isn’t so fast to believe that the shocking events from Jan 6th are the fault of one individual. In a recent interview, the award-winning journalist said the media played an integral role in the violent events at the Capitol because the press “couldn’t check their personal feelings” about Trump.

The Hill reports:

“They hated him so much, they checked their objectivity,” Kelly told BBC Newsnight. “It wasn’t just CNN, all of them did. They just couldn’t check their own personal feelings about him.”

Part of the reason for the rioting at the Capitol earlier this month, Kelly said, was “because there has been a complete lack of trust, a destruction of trust in the media, and people don’t know where to turn for true information.”

“The media should have tried harder to take a hard look at his policies and see him clearly,” Kelly, a former Fox News and NBC host, said during the BBC interview last Wednesday, adding that Trump was a “larger than life” figure that “sucked up all the oxygen in the room” because he was so “personally controversial.”

The former President Trump is now facing a second impeachment trial for his role in inciting an “insurrection.”

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John Reed
1 year ago

Time to remove Crybaby Romney from office one way or another. He’s a dishonest, corrupt politician and a total embarrassment to the Republican Party. We don’t need lying backstabbing and cowardly individuals calling themselves Republicans when we have so many individuals of that kind in the DemocRAT Party alreadt.

1 year ago

Megyn has a brain sometimes.

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