Former 2020 Presidential Candidate Eyes Ohio Senate

Tim Evanson from Cleveland Heights, Ohio, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Former 2020 Presidential candidate and Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan is considering a bid for the US Senate held by Sen. Rob Portman. Portman announced his retirement on Monday.

“I’m overwhelmed by supporters who are reaching out to encourage me to run for Senate,” Ryan said in a tweet

“I haven’t made a decision yet but I’m looking seriously at it. Ohio deserves leaders who fight for working people,” he continued.

Ryan – for a brief moment—ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2019. The campaign which was announced on The View ended after a few months of traveling to early primary states of New Hampshire and Iowa.

Other potential candidates on the Democratic side include Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley, Former Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton, and Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley

Bob Paduchik, who oversaw Trump’s reelection in Ohio in 2020 and ran Portman’s first race, said to “expect a lot of interest in this open seat”.

He also wasn’t surprised by Portman’s retirement and said Portman “got big things done” but the politics of Washington today “just doesn’t fit for Portman”.

Some of the names being tossed around on the Republican side include former Ohio State Coach and now Youngstown State President Jim Tressel, Lt. Gov Jon Husted, and Congressman Jim Jordan.

President Trump won the state of Ohio by over 4 million votes or 8%. However, in the last midterm election, US Senator Sherrod Brown (D) defeated challenger Congressman Jim Renacci by nearly 7%.

  1. Yeah, right! The Demo Party, so “ably” led by a dottering old fool and an over-the-kill political prostitute and who just stiffed several million Americans by making their jobs go away with Executive Orders, is going to “… fight for working people,” says Tim Ryan, Democrat to the core.
    His “party” hasn’t helped working people for so many years that I can’t find anyone of any age who can tell me one specific thing they’ve done to do so.
    All you need to know, AND REMEMBER, is that Democrats will lie through their dentures and tell you whatever they think you want to hear, promise you the moon, and the second they take office turn on you like rabid wolves, and hope you don’t remember at the next election.
    Then repeat, repeat, repeat.

  2. This clown is a 100% LOSER. When he loses this election he will run for dog catcher….and if the people have any sense they won’t elect/hire him for that either.

  3. Oh HELL NO! Ryan is a LOSER and we don’t need any more LOSERS in the Senate. We need a true, red-blooded, Republican in there.

  4. Leader for the working people? No democrat is for the working people. They have proven their elitist arrogance time and time again. Do not be fooled by campaign promises they do not keep.

  5. Now that our congress both parties sanctioned questioned elections as legally acceptable without investigation, or single court hearings to oppose them, why wouldn’t the regime have even bigger plans. Why vote? You have refusal to investigate what tens of millions questioned, then that election shoved up their ass, an FBI and their DOJ justice providers working for the same party that did this as their personalized weapons, and adding the 99% of all leftest propaganda one party news to ensure that power by hunting enemies of the regime. The republicans are as responsible for our loss of basic freedom as our bias one party social media, questioned elections are now an acceptable norm and like vampires thrusting for Blood, the Democratic socialist party driven by a thirst for total dictatorship powers with past and present ability to weaponize federal agencies to crush political enemies who question their power. Democrats new suggested law that the federal government under congress now should make election laws in every state. To oppose this newest level of totalitarian power against the constitution, to question this is called an act treason? The first failed planned obama coup is not treason, the second failed coup impeachment falsely based on a crime Joe Biden himself actually committed yet was ignored by propaganda media and the pompous asses in congress claiming questioning the election by asking for a fair investigation is racist? After four months of communist thug terrorist led riots incited, and sanction by propaganda news, and democrat party congress leaders. There were few filmed suspect a hunts as for the majority of similar style capital criminals, or result of requested impeachment of inciting congress members,
    . Other congress democrats openly called for confrontation, or violence towards Trump supporters, their still sitting in congress. Yup, we got us one of them there double standard justice system democracies now under a one party system leadership. This is saving democracy according to the administration?

  6. It’s time to get it done, Joe, Harris has to go. That clown is making all the wrong moves but we knew that would happen. All the money poured into the campaign is still circling the toilet bowl. You can’t out spend thieves. Allowing transgender back into Military so tax payers pay for their operations, paying for abortions. They represent themselves not American Citizens.

  7. “Ohio deserves leaders who fight for working people,” he continued.” Unless,of course those people are working on jobs to keep America’s fuel supplies in production.

  8. I wouldn’t vote for a Democrat unless they proved beyond a shadow of a doubt
    that they were not one of those sewer rats from the swamp. I would first and foremost
    vote for Jim Jordan for the Senate seat. Get him into the Senate and then replace him
    with a fireball like him in the House. Time to clean out the Democrats who are useless and worthless like Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, Waters, Clyburn, Hirono,and Blumenthal. Then there is the little gang of thugs, AOC, Omar, Tlaib, Pressley and their new recruit Moss.
    Of course I would love to see the ilk in the Republican party gone like Romney and all of the Rino’s and No Trumpers. These people can be bought and sold to the highest bidder at a drop of a hat and are usless and worthless as well.

  9. Tim Ryan is a liberal A-Hole, Ohioans want to work——-Obama sold out OHIO and that will NEVER happen again. OHIO has had enough lies from Marxist Democrats——drop dead Commie Dems———OHIO is Republican and prosperous–unlike all Blue States!!

  10. Jim Jordan is the man to take Portman’s place. He’s smart sassy, and the best of the best. Go Jim Jordan!

  11. Ohio better come up with a stellar candidate and then have in place a more valid voting apparatus. This could spell disaster for America if Ohio turned back Blue!!!.

    1. Ohio has had absentee ballots for years (a registered voter has to request an absentee ballot) and it works well, it requires picture ID or utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck or other government document to vote in person. The last time the vote tally in Ohio was challenged was in 2004 when Democrats challenged the certification of Ohio’s electoral college vote.

  12. you know , these spineless republicans need to man up….are they all A bunch of marshmallows.??? they don’t seem to know when it’s time to stand and fight..they seem to melt or crumble…we need people like Trump …strong fighters….guts….strength…backbone….Wake up you useless Republican representatives….stand up for the people who voted for you…this is our fight for freedom and our country’s future…

      1. All they care about is keeping their cushy jobs it doesnt matter if they get anything done. They dont care about who wins elections as long as they do. Lets get them out and clean out the party for our president Trumps second term in 2024. Lets get some good men and women in. Kick out the garbage RINOs.

    1. Mitt Romney is so green with jealousy that he lost and President Trump won that he is unable to think straight. He is a Democrat in disguise. Romney is a true RINO.

  13. This guy is a whiner and a complainer…. BIG TIME.
    He represents a dead Youngstown region still filled with stupid, blue collar voters who think democrats can solve their problems.
    Whereas Pittsburgh reinvented itself….. perpetually democrat run Youngstown, Ohio continues to die on the vine.
    This guy, coupled with looney sherrod brown would be a disaster for Ohio….a state whose greatest export continues to be people and families.

    1. Although I agree with you about Ryan, blue collar workers are not stupid and you’ve missed the fact that the Youngstown area is finally waking up. Despite the fact that Youngstown itself is now a liberal college town, the rest of the county is realizing that Democrat policies are what were killing our area.
      President Trump won Trumbull county in both 2016 and 2020 and Mahoning county in 2020-first Republican Presidential candidate to win here since 1972.

  14. “Do nothing Ryan” wants to be a do nothing Senator, not what Ohio needs. The only thing he’s been good at is standing in front of cameras and claiming credit for what someone else got done. Mahoning county hasn’t voted for a Republican Presidential candidate since 1972, that is until 2020 when it went for Trump. In Trumbull county Trump won over Biden by over 10% and Niki Frenchko became the first Republican to win a county wide executive office in nearly forty years when she beat Polivka to become County Commissioner.
    In the last paragraph they brag about Sherrod Brown winning over Renacci. What they don’t mention is that Brown’s campaign spent well OVER twenty seven million dollars versus Renacci’s less than seven million. (
    Propublica shows Ryan voting with Speaker Pelosi 95% of the time during 2017/2018 and 100% during 2019/2020.


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