Former White House Press Sec Signs New Fox Deal

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Editor’s Note: Fox News released the following statement that Kayleigh McEnany is not a current FNC employee but are open to hiring her in the future. 

A source familiar with the matter said conversations had been held after the presidential election in November, but had been paused. “We do not discuss the details behind contracts with any personnel,” the source said, “but we are open to hiring her in the future given we do not condone cancel culture.”

Kayleigh McEnany is coming back to your TV screen but with a different spin. The former press secretary has reportedly signed a new deal with Fox News. McEnany was a frequent guest on the news channel throughout Trump’s presidency and has earned a massive following.

According to CREW:

Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is the latest official to take advantage of the revolving door between Fox News and the Trump administration. According to her termination financial disclosure report, McEnany reached an agreement with the company in January 2021 to start working there this month. During her stint in the Trump administration, McEnany regularly appeared on the network, including more than 20 times after Trump lost the 2020 election.

The financial disclosure also shows that Turning Point USA covered a $6,500 gift for McEnany and a guest to attend an event at which she received an award. In December 2020, McEnany attended the group’s winter gala at Mar-a-Lago which was widely criticized as flouting coronavirus restrictions. In addition, McEnany reported receiving nearly $200,000 in salary and bonus from the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee. While the reporting period includes a few months before McEnany started working at the White House, Salon reported that the Trump campaign paid her $12,000 after she started her job as press secretary. After Salon’s report, McEnany explained that the $12,000 was paid back but Salon was not able to verify whether that indeed happened.

Read the financial disclosure HERE.


    1. I don’t watch Fox anymore but am curious… Donna Brezile still working at Fox?
      Sure wish Kayleigh McEnany had signed on with a conservative news outlet instead of the ex-conservative Fox! You can bet they are happy to get Kayleigh to try to entice back their 40% lost viewer followering! Kayleigh is a super intelligent Harvard educated attorney, takes no guff off anyone, is good at what she does, is knowledgeable, confident, and is a beautiful young woman! She would be an asset to any organization lucky enough to get her! She did an outstanding job as Press Secretary for DJT!

      1. TOO bad i cannot vote 4 her FOREVER B/C I would…just like Candace Owens…my new found Daughter!! LOVE HER 2 :).

          1. Nah, that would be your uncle’s ChiComm girlfriend out in Californicate…. lol lol lol
            But it wasn’t really penis love as far as she was concerned….
            your uncle just thought it was…… lol lol lol lol lol lol

          2. Filthy man, guess is not married and has no sisters and daughters. Has no respect for any female including his mom etc.etc.

          3. Go away you troll creep. You add nothing to any conversation. That makes you the perfect Democrat now doesn’t it.

        1. Better do some research Bozo, the demoncats have the most money and of course Pay for play Hillary and your uncle Joe will sell the USA to the highest bidder (aka China). Just remember if you want sleazy corruption money, just call HUNTER… He’ll hook you up.

          1. The Hunter and his old man will be in a small cold steel bar with only a double bed and a toilet. I just hope I see that day.

        1. Does any one need you advise/suggestions. You are not worth and do you have any morals. Shame on you Mr. dirt and filthy man.

      1. Amazing how Fox News fell to 3rd place because of the people that they decided to hire, all left-wingers, which brought them nothing but bad luck. Brazille, Harf, Tarlove, Wallace, Juan Williams, Martha McCallum dragged them down in their ratings, as well as the lies and smearing of President Trump.

    2. Donna Brazil is the Mayr of Washington DC’s husband, maybe that’s why Brazil is there. IN reality she belongs in jail after the debate fraud in 2016.
      I went from an extreme dedicated loyal Fox News viewer from their inception until the day Chris Wallace destroyed the 1st presidential debate, removed Fox from the remotes on my 3 tv’s and removed Fox Ch 114 from my sirus radios!

    3. OH yeah, the CHEAT and FRAUD “I am a Christian woman, but I will curse you OUT if you disagree with me” Donna Brazille!

  1. Excuse me, but Trump did not lose the election to a man who could barely summon 25 people to his rallies. Seriously!

    The election was stolen; everyone knows it! Stop the BS, we are in a coup!

    1. fox is just trying to get back the TRUMP supporters ,who Canceled the network on Nov 4th. Since they are now in the number 3 slot. NOT gonna work for me & all my TRUMP Friends! WE all BOYCOTT fox!! think your a sly fox? we are one step ahead , as we have been!!

        1. but the radical fringe group to the left of the leftists we are told is also less than 20% of Americans….. but they control the donkeys. What’s up with that?
          lol lol lol lol lol lol

      1. You didn’t just compare Trump rallies to Hitler? If so you. Just disparaged the greatest president this country has ever seen.

        1. uncle albert doesn’t care…. he’s only here to troll you
          but we can have fun with uncle albert, so we should be glad he’s here…. lol lol
          In fact, I have an albert hess brew’n right now….. too much black coffee does it every time. Gotta find a commode so I can give birth to a baby albert hess….gotta flush 3 times though, because it’s a long way to nancy pelosi’s house

        2. I suffer from incurable syphilis and it causes me to make irrational statements from time to time. Forgiveness please.

      2. President Trump could draw 50,000 people at a rally, this was obvious across the United States at his rallies. By the way the United States is a red country, Center and Right, with some blue cities.

      3. Election was stolen. He did not loose. Yes the number shows how many followers he had and how much he was liked by majority of American.

    2. Hitler had big rallies
      Hitler was a dictator.
      Hitler tryed to save the world.
      From the Jews.
      He failed.
      Trump tried to save us from the negroes.
      He failed.
      They have replaced us.
      Yet again we have negro cooties in the White House.
      Just a heart beat away.
      From negro and girl cooties.

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      2. You get your rocks off being a liar and trying to deceive people. We know your a man full of hate and must be related to Hitler’s last living known henchman Rudolph Hess. Under Trump African American and Latino Americans had the lowest unemployment ever, helped with prison reform to get many African Americans released from prison that Kamala Harris had put in there. Although not high enough yet, Trump got more African American and Latin American peoples votes than any other republican ever has. Says something huh. Your ignorance shows every time you post.

      3. You are one sick puppy….!!! thank god there are fewer people like you in our world…you need help….I hope you get the help you need….believe me , you should Seek some psychological help…not trying to hurt you…trying to help you…

      4. This one finally proves without a doubt that you, Mr. Hess, need a padded room and a strait jacket. And…..a really, really good shrink!

      5. Trump tried to save our Beloved America from radical extremists and communists who hate everything America stands for, including Freedom and God! The Left would be nowhere without the media to do their bidding and lying for them.

    3. Had the election been legit Biden would not have stayed in his basement the entire time. He knew it was rigged and didn’t need to campaign.

      1. Tom, you are so right! The worst part is that comealot will soon take his place and follow all Soros orders. God bless America.

    1. Ditto on that. Don’t think she’d cave, but many unpleasant surprises have been happening. Whatever. Best of luck, Kayleigh.

        1. None of the 74 million caved one inch! The liars were so jealous of him and his accomplishments that they connived every hour of the day to remove him, and used all kinds of voting fraud and other bogus accusations, and impeachment to do it. Then they staged another Capitol Antifa event to prevent the Evidence from being broadcast. He isn’t from the establishment or the swamp either. The Left looks incredibly bad.

          1. The democraps had to ROB the election….President Trump promised to clean the swamp and they couldn’t let that happen…..too much to hide.

    2. Cave? After what she went through I don’t see that happening. She’s one tough cookie and we need more like her!

    3. It’s probably the BIG, BIGGER PAYCHECK that made her sign-up with Fox…..It’s ALWAYS the money so I resent her even more for being on Fox = REALLY DON’T like them anymore, they could/should go on and shut them down for all I care…

    1. I can’t seem to think of anyone I call classy who has left Fox? Who am I forgetting? Oh wait…..Kimberly Guilfoyle is classy and left Fox! Who else?

  2. I totally wish her the best. I hope her contract with Fox will let her be our press secretary again when Trump get back in as president. And he will!!!!!!

      1. I hope he does. If not, then either Don Jr. will or Ivanka will. Most likely daddy will run. I don’t see him accepting a stolen second term that way, so openly and obviously done. I really can’t believe anyone who loves this country will accept this lose. No matter what! I am a seventy year old hard working man who was always a proud Democrat from the day JFK won in 1960. I always thought of the Republican Party as a group of business men who only cared for themselves and the ability to make money. I always believed that the Democrats cared for the poor with making Welfare for the poor, not knowing it was just a way of making people depend more and more for their help. Never realizing this would lead to generations of families making a living collecting and believing that they were suppose to keep on collecting and not having to work for it. I became a Social Worker thinking this was an honorable life but when we were told that we could not detain illegals who were looking for help, that really was too much for me. When I saw others not say a word and accepted this as a good thing, that made me even madder at my fellow Americans who saw no harm with this at all.
        Opening the borders not only will allow anyone to come in, but even the sick and evil. Already it is believed that 30 million illegals are in and that many more from the whole world will be allowed to come in with no clue of if they are needy or are part of a conquering army. We are being invaded, yes, INVADED by the enemy of America’s belief of freedom and the right to speak! Already there is a plan to destroy anyone who does not agree with the present Presidency and his fellow traitors. People who have been shown to have lied to Congress and the Senate roam freely and are able to continue to speak lies and make money from speaking for CNN, MSNBC, ABC,NBC,CBS and all the other news networks. Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and other techs are preventing Conservative speech to be heard. For those who hated President Trump, are you happy with what you have done to the country now? Are you questioning anything that has been accepted to be law? If not, I am very afraid for our country’s continuation and the freedom of our children and their’s. For my future grand-daughter, I will continue to express my beliefs.

    1. Let’s be optimistic. Having a restructured FOX AND Newsmax is a good thing. Yes, I switched to Newsmax too. Shortly thereafter the big “shakeup” came at FOX. Remember Sandra Smith’s arrogant statement “Hey what’s going on? WE CALLED THIS!” statement. She was removed and replaced with Bill Hammer and Dana almost immediately. You think FOX didn’t feel it when a couple of million viewers turned the dial? They might be under the control of leftists but they are money hungry leftists and they a’int that stupid.

      Having only Newsmax is too risky. They are the Parler of cable news right now. The dark forces of the broadcast industry could destroy them and then what?

    1. Yes she was a great Secretary and Spokesperson for the White House. She handled the obnoxious, deceitful, slanderous media professionally too.

    1. You are straight from the devils mouth! Your party doesn’t know what the word truth means! We just look at you & pity you that you are just another pawn for the looney, liar liberals!

  3. This might help Fox get some badly needed credibility back. Now start firing the Liberals from the network, if I wanted to watch CNN or MSNBC I would…

  4. You left wing people just don’t quit — Why don’t you remember what made America Great —- It was not socialism

    1. Keep an open mind. Hannity, Tucker and Laura are still on the main time span. Also the weekend time slots at night are still number ones. The sad part is that the daytime weekends are horrible to listen to. Something has to be done with that. Why can all the other leftist show only say one theory all the time but not conservatives? So far only OAN and Newsmax are all day conservative stations. These three are not dead but thriving, believe me.

  5. Kayleigh McEnany is too damn good for Fox News! Hopefully, she’ll replace Shannon Breen, Martha McCallum, and Susan Smith to replace all that biased bullshit reporting they did. However, Kayleigh should have considered News Max or OANN first. As far as I, like many millions more, Fox News is dead!

    1. Does Dana do any thing to conservative thoughts? I feel that she silently believes in leftist beliefs, being that she’s a devoted Bush follower. I just can’t believe she doesn’t know anything about 9/11 or other happenings.

  6. We can only hope that Fox News has learned a lesson and is trying to move in a better direction. Kate Leon Biden’s supporters weren’t summoned to his rallies they were paid and promised $2000 dollars. The next thing Fox needs to do is replace Chris Wallace with Kayleigh McEnany. Still enjoy some of the other hosts especially Greg G.

  7. I think you can do better, Kayleigh. OAN and Newsmax are better! Thank you for your service to our nation, you did ,and will do, a great job anywhere!

  8. Brazille is bad but she was expected to be but Paul Ryan was potentially a problem as well . . . .BOTH WERE AND ARE! McEnany might be as strong as Tucker ! ! (Looks like the old Murdoch is truly taking the site away from his Liberal milk-sop kids )

  9. She is amazing and glad to see her talents won’t be wasted. I left fox but will probably watch her because she’s that good. Congrats and I hope it goes well.

  10. They LOST so many Viewers and this is their idea of getting them back…I’ll still REFUSE to let them LURE me BACK…I am so ticked off and DONE with them…..!!!!

  11. Why should he run again he already won,get that POS out if there and put in our president that 80 million people voted for back in office,how can you people let them get away with this!!!!!!

  12. Kayleigh McEnany is very popular and well thought of. She is nice, honest, attractive, and sincere, and yet very strong as a woman for Conservative Values.

  13. Wonderful. She is excellent and very articulate and does not get shaken when attacked by Democrats or personnel from Progressive Left. I watched her often verbally decapitate some of her opponents in the media. Was starting to give up on FOX especially because of people like Shep Smith,Wallace,Brazille and Juan Williams. You have to lose some of these people, especially Wallace. You have some dynamite people who you can’t afford to lose any of them. I also wonder where Bayer (sp?) is half the time? Is he Conservative or Center Left Democrat.. She is white hot with her preparations and delivery. Much needed addition

  14. Great for her. Unfortunately I stopped watching Fox News immediately after Chris Wallace destroyed the 1st presidential debate.

  15. In the email it it said “it is official” that she joined Fox News. HOWEVER, when you actually read the article, it says “Editor’s Note: Fox News released the following statement that Kayleigh McEnany is not a current FNC employee but are open to hiring her in the future.”

    After reading the Editor’s Note, can someone please tell me how it is “official” that she joined Fox News”??


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