Top Trump Adviser Signs Deal for New Fox Business Program

Former national economic counsel Larry Kudlow is joining Fox. According to a press release from Fox News, the former Trump adviser will be hosting a new program on Fox Business which will focus on his “expert financial analysis on domestic and global affairs.” The new program is set to begin on Feb. 8th.

Fox News‘ press release says:

“Larry’s vast experience in policy making coupled with his intuitive on-air presence will add depth and insight to our business analysis programming. We are excited to welcome him to the FOX News Media team and look forward to creating a show that utilizes his immense expertise to help guide viewers through this unprecedented time of economic uncertainty.”

Mr. Kudlow added, “FOX News Media was among the first news organizations in the country to understand the critical importance of the relationship between Washington and Wall Street. I’ve long admired their insightful coverage and am excited to join many of my former colleagues now at FBN, creating a show that speaks to the real issues truly impacting Americans.”

Prior to his role in the administration, Mr. Kudlow served as a senior contributor for CNBC where he hosted a number of programs, including his signature post-market analysis show The Kudlow Report. A staple of CNBC since its founding in 1989, he also provided economic analysis across the network’s leading business programs, including regular appearances on Squawk Box.

Previously, Mr. Kudlow served as chief economist and senior managing director of then-global investment bank, securities trading and brokerage firm Bear Stearns. He got his start in finance as a junior financial analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and later joined then Wall Street firm Paine Webber.

In 2018, Kudlow was appointed as an Assistant to the President for Economic Policy and Director of the National Economic Council. He assisted in forming the Trump administration’s domestic and economic policy agenda.

Will you be tuning in on Feb 8th? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

  1. Looks like FOX is getting all of President Trumps hand-me-downs….This is make it a little more honest…maybe?

    1. Sounds like a good guy, but I WILL NOT watch Fox!.. After the election stunt they pulled, I will NEVER watch Fox again. I am sure they are trying to lure back the Conservatives that dumped them, but for many of us, Fox will not get a second chance. We have other news options.

      1. I totally agree with you. Really like Kudlow watched him for yrs on cnbc. I believe fox news was just a user of conservatives to get ratings. Their true colors came out especially Varney. I hope newsmax doesn’t do the same.

  2. I don’t have FOX, so can’t watch him. I’ll wait for the clips. But, I always enjoyed him when he did interviews with the alphabet channels.
    I think FOX wants to try and get some of their viewers back.

  3. To little to late. Now if you would like to get me back as a viewer you need to get rid of Chris Wallace, Donna Brazile and Juan Williams. And start standing up for our President Trump. This doesn’t change the facts of the election and the way your liberal reporting said there was no fraud. Let’s also not forget the phony debate your wonderful Chris Liberal Wallace put on for America. Thanks to some of your reporters we are now the nation of America last and for that I will never forget.

    1. Don, VERY WELL SAID!!! I agree, Wallace, Brazil, Williams and I’d like to add Rivera to that list and any leftist that Fox hired. I believe it’s too little too late for Fox. they stabbed President Trump and we Conservatives in the back and we don’t forget or forgive.

      1. Now that Trump is politically dead there is more money to made moving to the political center.
        More people voted for Biden than Trump.
        Fox is owned by True Blue Capitalists.
        They follow the money.

    2. You are stickling with the 20% of Americans who are lunk heads?
      The kind of people who still enjoy smearing their feces?
      Around the Capitol….

    3. Wallace is an embarrassment to the journalism profession. The fact that Fox has kept him and Brassiere speaks volumes about their ethics.

  4. Larry Kudlow is a great addition to the Fox Business Channel, his expertise will add to Stu Varney, Lou Dobbs, Elizabeth McDonald, and Charles Payne. John Solliman and Peter Navaro are also interviewed on the Business Channel.

  5. It was clear that Fox had lost their way and was becoming more and more liberal (in other words – more and more stupid). Maybe they have regained some of their senses. The hiring of Kudlow and McEnany is certainly two steps in the right direction.

    1. Paul Ryan is EXTREMELY jealous of Trump. As long as the Murdoch sons and Ryan are running fox, all positive changes will be for show only.

  6. LOVE LARRY! He’s “the guy” who ALWAYS made financial sense & he does it calmly, states it plainly, & basically “tells it like it is”.Rupert Murdock was recently in Australia & got an award & BLASTED “the CRACKDOWN” on FREE SPEECH from “newspapers to facebook to twitter & China , & I “wonder” “if” his kids are gonna LEAN to a more CONSERVATIVE “media”. “We’ll see” who’s “running the show” @ Fox.In the “meantime”, “JUAN” & CHRIS” can take a hike to CNN, CNBC OR anybody ELSE “who” wants to listen to their biased CRAP. “ALL” America wants is NEWS & no comment. “We” have enough “brains” to figure “it” out for ourselves. ALL “we” want IS UNBIASED NEWS & straight “reporting” of “what’s” going on.That’s “why” Larry “tells it like it IS”!

  7. I noticed everyone has caught on.


    See ya Albert !

  8. Come on Hannity and other patriots on Fox… you all can live on a little less money. Move to Newsmax and see how conservative advertisers grow! Just takes 1 to get the ball rolling!


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