RNC Chairwoman Reveals How RNC will Respond to Biden Policies

Gage Skidmore via Wikipedia Commons

With Democrats in control of both house of Congress and the White House, the Republican National Committee (RNC) is sure to have its hands full over the next few years. Instead of supporting a Republican president and his policies now, the RNC is shifting its goal to align with keeping the new administration accountable. Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel says that the RNC has restructured to be ready to hold Democrats accountable in real-time.

Fox News reports:

McDaniel highlighted that the RNC’s research and communications departments have transitioned to a full-scale rapid response and research operation “to expose the Biden White House and hold Democrats accountable.”

The chair said that some executive orders issued in the first days of the Biden administration are already giving the GOP ammunition.

“I think we’ve shown that this week even, with the elimination of the Keystone Pipeline and the thousands of jobs that’s going to cost. Things like taking credit for Operation Warp Speed when President Trump obviously put that into place,” McDaniel argued. “And we’re going to make sure that we’re pushing back on nominees or extreme policies that are coming out of this administration.

“We foresee making sure that the voters in some of these key states recognize what Biden is doing versus what he said on the campaign trail,” said McDaniel, who was unanimously reelected earlier the month to another two-year term steering the national party committee thanks to endorsements from Trump, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the top two Republicans in Congress.

McDaniel is hoping the approach will pay off big time come next year’s midterm elections as Republicans attempt to take back the House and Senate.

  1. I’ll give a rat’s arse when the RNC disavows this illegal occupier of the office of President. As was Obama, these people are occupiers and Biden is a Resident only, not a President.

  2. First she had better concern herself with eliminating the RINOS from the Party, such as Romney and Cheney, as well as Murkowski, Collins and the rest of them. Then she has to get expert advisors, and make herself one, on propaganda and how to counter it. She also has to be able to demonstrate the effects on the U.S. economy such as how shutting an environmental friendly pipeline is worst than putting thousands of trucks on the highways carrying the oil that is daily needed to operate this country. The Great Depression was resolved not by the socialist policies of the Democratic Party but the WWII which Washington helped let happen. Therefore, she also cannot neglect making the public aware that the demands of China, with whom the Democrats are in love with and work for, are that same that Hitler and the Nazi Party made in 1939 when they demanded the Sudetenland portion of Czechoslovakia or they would start a war, PM Chamberlin appeased them and then Germany turned on Poland and took over that country. Germany said they needed living space for the German people. Now China has demanded that the world should agree to their expansionism. ALERT They intend to invade Taiwan and expect that Biden and the U.S. administration will sit by and do nothing to help defend these people who have been our friends and economic partners for decades. The rest of the world will see this and never trust the U.S.A again. You might see a WWIII brought on by the Democratic foreign policy while the idiots in Washington are still living in a fantasy dreamland.


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