Former GOP Mayor of San Diego Announces Challenge to Cali’s Newsom

Charlie Nguyen from Berkeley, CA, United States of America [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Kevin Faulconer, the former GOP mayor of San Diego, has announced he will run for governor in hopes of challenging California’s current governor Gavin Newsom when he runs for reelection.

The announcement came at a public school that has been shuttered by Newsom’s policies which is located next to a private school that remains open.

According to Fox News:

Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer on Tuesday formally threw his name in the ring to replace Gavin Newsom as governor of California, becoming the first major Republican to challenge the Democrat who is facing a growing recall threat over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking at a public elementary school in Los Angeles where schools remain closed — Faulconer spoke of Sacramento’s failed leadership and the need to get kids back in school.

“It’s become the land of broken promises. And the promise breaker and chief is Gavin Newsom,” Faulconer said after arriving by bus to announce his run for governor.

“Governor Newsom has botched the basics during this crisis. Millions of our public school children are being left behind. He’s unable to give unemployment to Californians while racking up $31 billion in fraud,” Faulconer said. “And our great state is one of the slowest at distributing life-saving vaccines. His continuous failures are an immediate hazard to the state of California, and he must be replaced.”

Faulconer also mentioned the exodus of businesses from the state and his desire to stop that from happening.

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    1. He won’t be the only Republican running. But any Republican has got to be better than what we have had for years.

  2. I really hope he wins! Anything but the current kkkreeep in office is an improvement. Since Ronald Reagan, CA has gone down the tubes.
    People, organize and head to the polls in droves.
    You guys are under one party rule. What they say goes. If you don’t wake up, soon you will ALL be HOMELESS!

  3. When higher property taxes, business taxes, income taxes and the much increased cost of goods and services due to leftist policies kick in with other resultant economic failures of the Biden and Newsom regime – maybe then, the left will also wake up and realize how good we had it under Trump economics. The trouble is – will our failed state put us in total control by China who is currently placing all or nothing demands on him to fall in line with what they want or else . . .

    1. no they won’t. Many are so brainwashed they don’t know right from wrong. left from right, can’t find their butt with their hands, and then they complain about the taxes, and move to Idaho and F up that state by voting for liberals.

  4. He tries to act cool by the way he dresses but that’s the only think cool about him cause he is a creep and a traitor.

  5. Doesn’t much matter at this point. It’s beyond saving. They have taken all they needed from the tax payers and now they will let them wallow in the waste!

  6. I gag just seeing newsoms face. Knowing he’s got any ties to pelosi, it’s a given he cares less about the people of the state,& is only after power,& money!

  7. San Francisco has been turned into a giant sewer,& it’s only going to continue to take over the whole state,if the sheeple don’t wake up,& get rid of all the demonrats! let’s start gov newsance,& then auntie nancy, diane Feinstein,& don’t stop till they’re all gone for good!


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