Senate Reaches Deal Giving Dems Control

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Leaders in the Senate have reached a deal that will give control to the Democrats in the 50-50 Senate.

According to CNBC:

Senate leaders reached a deal to transfer control of committees to Democrats, two weeks after the party took control of the chamber, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Wednesday.

The New York Democrat came to a deal with Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., on how to share power in a Senate split 50-50. The two wrangled for weeks over how to structure Senate rules, technically leaving Republicans in control of committees that decide when to move ahead with nominations and legislation.

Republicans worked with Democrats to confirm several of President Joe Biden’s nominees while they still held committee power. The Senate approved Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Tuesday, giving Biden six Cabinet members confirmed by the chamber.

Even so, GOP control threatened to delay approval of at least one of Biden’s nominees. The top Republican and Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Dick Durbin of Illinois, respectively, had disagreed over when to hold a confirmation hearing for Attorney General nominee Merrick Garland.

Republicans keeping control of nominations and legislation while also retaining the filibuster gives them a lot of leverage in fighting against the radical policies some Democrats want to push through.

    1. what exactly did the Repooplicans gain in this little trick endeavor? Not a whole lot of anything as far as I can tell. I should say lame attempt at being kicked in the balls as usual, what a bunch of losers..Mitch looks like he’s dressed as a Mafia kingpin, what the hell is with that pin striped ug suit? he really is a idiot.

          1. America learned that America rejected Trump.
            By six million votes.
            Bad Presidents do not win second terms.
            Think Carter and Bush one.

          2. Yep — all it took were six million plus ILLEGAL votes, Al! Liberals don’t care though. With you it’s win by any methods necessary — lies, deceipt, treason — all are acceptable in your book, right? Know who the real losers are, though? All Americans, because our Constitution, and the freedoms and liberties that have heretofore made us the greatest country in the world, are quickly falling by the wayside as MISTER Biden’s puppeteers dictate via executive order! Perhaps you and others who voted for this puppet like being told what to do, what to say, where you can go, how much money you can have, etc., but I and millions of true Americans out here DON’T!! So enjoy it while you can.

          3. Since my first reply is “awaiting approval,” let me simplify and see if I can get by the reviewers! If President Trump — best President our country has seen for years — was “rejected,” it wasn’t by the voters and country, but by the questionable, and invalid votes/voters that should never have been counted. The reality of it is, President Trump was too good a President, and because he put country, the people’s interests, and Constitution first, he was a threat to the long-standing politicial SOPs. And the liberals couldn’t have that now, could they? God forbid their apple cart should be upset!!

          4. Did you enjoy the theft of a election from someone that stayed in his basement because he knew the fix was in.

          5. Trump got 80 million votes, more than any other President. The Country was and is totally fed up with Socialism, corruption, and shady deals reached in dark rooms. The Socialist of America have lied and manipulated the political system making deals with rinos and globalists…thats the whole truth! Americans know it!

          6. unfortunately they are back in power and may be able to stay there. If they could rig the election as they clearly managed to do I fear subsequent elections will be easier

          7. Moron Alert!…Moron Alert!     Albert “The Troll” Hess is in the building. Moron Alert!

          8. He was a wonderful President! He did so many good things for the people of America. Employment was up, taxes were lowered, other countries had to step up and pay their share in NATO and the UN. America was once again respected in the world, thanks to Pres. Trump. Weren’t you listening??

          9. “America” did NOT reject TRUMP! A proven fraudulent election enabled Biden to ‘collect’ sufficient generated votes to be declared the winner. The evidence never was allowed to be reviewed by politically biased courts, and the Supreme Court chickened out and ducked its Constitutional responsibilities. Trump received more than 76 MILLION VALID VOTES; how many more of his votes were switched to Biden by fraud is unknown.

          10. sure they do Obama got a second term and he is one of the worst ever Biden is already in the running to be the worst ever he is a tool and front man who clearly is out of his element he should stay in the cellar.

          11. Still the POS TROLL that you are huh? You must have a very hard time looking in the mirror. I guess the TDS will stay with you these next 4 years. They are still talking about President Trump more than Sleepy Joe and the HOE

          1. It is typically the Demon-Rats agenda to pursue demonic ways to defy truth and the truth is not in them.
            The truth to Demon-Rats is like salt in wound but their ways are clear and truth in their dark world..
            Hess knows the truth sets you free, but he much rather live in the darkness where schemes can not be seen. Oh my how confine is the darkness that will forever end in the brightness of the light. Hess needs to do the most toughest task in his life and that is to surrender his life to Jesus Christ.

          1. Again in the closet albert Hess loves seeing his name in text .trump will always be my president 2022 will be as red as your ass

        1. NO HE DIDN’T. The election was rigged. I KNOW THIS FOR A FACT. I was sent 3 official mail-ballots and did NOT request ANY. I live in a state OTHER than what was contested. I reported to 3 different state and county officials yet they REFUSED to look into it. Trump-although not perfect- was the BEST president in modern years…the deep state would not permit their evil, biased agenda to be rooted out. Witness the start of the downfall of America-‘Babylon the Great’…God’s kingdom can not get here fast enough.

          1. There is no Dominion machines here
            we got ripped off the first one, fraudulently now with this new agendas watch how many times we will be ripped off again and paying more TAXES…without REPRESENTATION!

          2. I am a registered voter-independent. The government has ALL my voter information on computers…I am also disabled. I wanted to know just WHY I was sent ANY mail-in ballots when I did NOT request them-let alone 3 of them. ALL THE GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS I CONTACTED REFUSED TO LOOK INTO IT. Computers can and ARE hacked. My being disabled most likely had something to do with it-but we will never know-the state and local governments refused to investigate and the vile, corrupt pos Supreme Court refused to hear ALL and EVERY proof and testimony. America is falling into communism!!!!

          3. My friend and her husband have been the only ones living at their address for years, and they received seven ballots. Read Peter Navarro’s report on “The Immaculate Deception” which gives specifics on six categories of voter fraud.

          4. We have a socialistic dictatorship president now….How do you like it now?.Are you glad you voted for Biden?..

          5. I don’t know why you think I would have voted for that EVIL VILE POS! I HATE biden!!! I voted for Trump both elections. Perhaps you should read a little more carefully…

        2. Unril rhe massive evidence is evaluared by a grrand juey and a juey of 12 rhar wil remain an unanswered qyestion.

  1. Republican leadership acting like a fool again. They never learn. Grab your ankles – your about to receive what you deserve.

          1. I fantasize about a menage a troix between myself, Sassy Sasse and Saucy Sauci! So delish! 😚

        1. LED by BLM and Antifa supporters hmm see the color of the Pelosi leaders. Hell they knew trouble was coming and let it happen for their lies.

  2. Just what was the deal? The article states that there will be a transfer of control over Senate Committees to the Democrats. What are the Republicans in control of in this 50-50 Senate?

    1. NOTHING. Because if they DON’T agree with an appointee, all the Left has to do is push them through with Nuclear Option!!

          1. Better luck in 2024.
            You will not have the burden of incumbency.
            You will not have to defend performance in office.

        1. Exactly. You lost, so you will get nothing and be happy about it. Let us know how the few crumbs you get taste.

  3. Rinos on parade. You have effectively destroyed what was left of the Republican Party. Congratulations. I am now an Independent.By the way RNC, please don’t ever ask me for a penny.

    1. Trump destroyed the Republican Party.
      Independents have no power.
      Trump has no power.
      Trump is a has been.
      A very bad has been.

  4. Well it looks like they sold us (trump) out…..again…..looks like we can start to call, mcconnell a true RINO and needs to be removed asap But since we elected him back, we have 6 years, before we vote to remove it. But I am sure there are a lot of things that can/well remove him when he is invested….Same goes for the other five rinos.

  5. Republican very expert on PLAY-DEATH & ROLLOVER, every time Corrupted Crooked Communist Socialist Pedophiles Democrat coughing Republican will play death to American people & they rollover for the CCCSP Democrat, we AMERICAN on OUR OWN now, the WH belong to VOTER FRAUD president & CCCSP Democrat ran the country

  6. The Republican party won’t get any more donations from me. Appointing Buttigieg to Transportation Secretary(as well as some others) is a slap in the fact to all conservatives. Now I suspect it is just a matter of time before Garland is appointed. The Republicans better wake up!

    1. The two Independents want nothing to do with Trump and his merry band of Humpers.
      They work very well Republicans.

    1. The Democrats get to decide who is tried for sedition and treason.
      Next week XpresidentRump will be going on trial for sedition and treason.
      Such fun.

    1. You screwed yourself.
      You supported a New York City real estate shyster.
      The recent Democrat has no morals.
      Three wives, and counting?
      How many grabs?

  7. We have no one. Trump was our only hope. Republicans suck. I don’t think I will be voting ever again. I hope these idiots get exactly what they deserve

    1. Please never vote again.
      You will be in the company of idiots.
      Like the idiots who lost the GA Senate seats.

  8. Get a good look at all those RINOs in on this ‘deal’. The ‘deal’, in reality, is a backstabbing to each person that voted for these RINOs. REMEMBER THAT when the next election comes.
    I suggest we PRIMARY each and everyone of these RINOs out of sitting on their butts and stabbing each of us that voted for them in the back.

  9. What no locked arms, those ungrateful Democrats, they do realize without the help of POS Republicans their coup would have been stopped in its tract.
    Now Mitch can again focus on picking off members of his own party, because by no means is he finished burning down bridges.

    1. True. For all the Biden voters, smile while you can because govt infiltrated enough with corrupt people in EVERY dept. AFter 4 more years they won’t need YOUR vote either and they will need lots of money to continue their plans while making themselves rich….that will include taking away from ALL of us!

  10. You know, I have been reading through the comments and I have a couple of my own. First off, the Republicans didn’t have the space to do too much, the democraps held all the cards, 51 votes against 50 Republican. At least they were given the filibuster and that allowed them something. Second, as a nation, we got screwed big time and we couldn’t stop it from happening. The “deep State” is alive and well, they demanded that our president, Donald John Trump MUST be removed before he reveals who they are. You can’t fight the bastards. We are stuck until “hopefully” in 2022 we have a slim chance of at least getting back one of the legislative branches,,, although!!!!!!!

  11. The Republicans cave to the Democrats and “Cryin’ Chuck Schumer by allowing the Merrick Garland to be confirmed as AG. That, of course, opens the door for the Socialist Dems to pursue even more attacks and charges against President Trump and initiate more non-stop harassment! The GOP just Phucked over Trump again to save their miserable asses in the political meal line!

  12. Look like a bunch of goons. They look pathetic. Mitch has to be hugged up to Peloski so she can protect him from all his crooked dealings.

  13. Have you ever noticed how Mitch and Pelosi are always sitting together and smiling at each other? We definitely need term limits! We need to get them ” Rats ” out of office, both parties!!! PS. Albert Hess is a “TROLL”! How would you like to get your ” ASS KICKED ” by an old fart, Albert?

  14. mcconnell is NOT a republican! mcconnell is a democrat. So he has no authority to give control of the senate to the democrats. A democrat cannot give control of the senate to another democrat.

  15. Dems will go after Trump FOREVER, until they find a loophole to nail him. The President who was “nailed” by Socialist Dems for doing nothing more than placing America First. Pathetic. McConnell should be ashamed of himself. There should be NO agreement without it clear the Dems STOP pursuing Trump. Or maybe McConnell wants to be rid of Trump as well, stepping on the heads of 74m of us… Could a “Patriot Party” find 500 people in this country to primary against Repubs, then beat Dems?

  16. Protecting the filibuster will probably save our nation.
    Guys, in 2022, Republicans must expand their control of the Senate & take back the House. We’re excellently positioned to succeed. But we must not let up this fight.
    Our future is at grave risk at this moment. God help us all if we fail.

  17. As long as the Republicans can stop the democrats in their quest for complete control. And the R’s better not cave to any radical BS the dems want!

  18. You will be sorry when the Democrats sign away our country to the new world order. Maybe that was your plan all the time I give up on all of you!

  19. President Trump will always be my President. I can’t change what happened but I will tell you this God is not done with this man just wait and see.

  20. You sold us down the river for keeping your job that is treasonious in my mind now we just have to bend and take it thanks to you . Dictatorship thanks for what.




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