Mike Pence gets New Job

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Former Vice President Mike Pence has a new gig. Pence will be joining conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation as a distinguished visiting fellow. The Heritage Foundation is a conservation D.C.-based think tank that has worked closely with Pence and the Trump administration in the past.

Pence will deliver a series of speeches as a distinguished fellow and also write a monthly column for its publication The Daily Signal.

The Daily Wire reports:

“Over the course of the past four years, our team at Heritage has worked closely with members of the Trump administration on a host of policy accomplishments,” said Heritage President Kay C. James in a statement provided to The Daily Wire.

“That’s why I am excited Vice President Mike Pence will join forces with Heritage to ensure we continue to advance conservative principles and policy solutions. His allegiance to the Constitution and commitment to advancing a conservative policy agenda make him an outstanding fit for The Heritage Foundation.”

“The Heritage Foundation is a flagship of the conservative movement and I am profoundly honored to join them as a distinguished visiting fellow to advance conservative policies that will benefit every American,” Pence said. “The Heritage Foundation helped shape my conservative philosophy for decades and played a pivotal role advancing conservative policies throughout the Trump Administration.

“I look forward to rolling up my sleeves and working with the all-star team at Heritage as we continue to take the case for a strong national defense, free markets and traditional values to policymakers across the Nation and to every American who cherishes our Heritage of Freedom,” the former vice president added.

The Heritage Foundation inspired Pence to create the Indiana Policy Review Foundation (IPR), a conservative think tank in Indiana he led as president. Pence praised them as the model for IPR, which he described as “the seed corn Heritage Foundation was spreading around the country in the state think tank movement.”

Pence is just the latest Trump administration official to join forces with a conservative think tank. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced he is joining the Hudson Institute and Dr. Ben Carson announced he is launching his own think tank, American Cornerstone Institute.

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  1. Well, guess I won’t be donating to the Heritage Foundation. What happens to the former VP is of no interest to me.

    1. good idea, the Judas betrayed
      now we will always remember that JUDAS
      IF HE moves into that direction
      We will go elsewhere
      now the prestige Heritage Foundation will have to work harder to earn our trust no because they hire a Judas for 30 pieces of gold trinkets

    2. Me too. I occasionally donate to Heritage Foundation but with Pence joining. I guess I have to spend my money to other truly conservative organizations.

    1. Pence is not a turncoat. I love Trump to death but he got a bit out over his skis thinking he was going to change the outcome of the election at that late date in some dramatic move. His antics the last month in office destroyed any chance he has of ever winning again, I wish he had a second term but I am afraid it won’t happen. Oh, if he’s the nominee I will again have a Trump sign in my yard but him winning after this stuff at the end is farfetched because it is the lasting memory that will linger. Wish it weren’t so.

      And of course I would vote for Trump over Pence. But I would vote for Hawley or Cotton over Trump at this point, I want to win.

      1. I agree, for the most part, P W. Scorpion is wrong–Pence is a loyal and devoted conservative, and his voice needs to be heard on a continuing basis. He (Pence) needs to explain his viewpoint and his current status/state of mind. We just don’t know how much anger exists between him and President Trump. Pence did what he could under the Constitution. We need to be careful not to tie Trump to the riot and invasion of the Capitol Building, as it looks like it was preplanned by Antifa and some angry Americans (some, Trump supporters) who were disgusted with the election results.

          1. Me too. I also have watch in one of the you tubers that Pence is a swamper too which not many knew about. His name is on the list of the top swampers. And he was also a puppet of the Kock Brothers. He is a silent usurper.

        1. Trump supporters try to stop it it was stage by the left Antifa and BLM. If you was a Trump supporter you know vandalism the capitol would hurt the person you care about.which is Trump.The person who done this is not a Trump supporter.

          1. He thought that the most powerful man in the world was all powerful.
            We the people just showed him how wrong he is.

    2. What day did Pence become a turncoat?
      The day he pulled his nose out of Trump’s but crack, because of the stench?

  2. Better ask Mike Pence if it’s ok with Karen. Did she give her permission or will she go with him everywhere . He is not a puppy?

  3. His “new” job certainly must be as a Democrat something-or-other. The gutless, traitorous Pence is the reason the country is in the mess it’s now in. All Pence had to do was to refer all dueling electors back to their state legislatures and Trump would still be president. Not only is this what he SHOULD have done, he had a precedent in Thomas Jefferson. Too dishonest for a true American.

    Pence is a bumbling fool.

    1. Agreed. He had the opportunity to save this Republic.

      Let’s see what “conservative policies to benefit every American” he and the Foundation will advance in the new, evil, leftist Biden climate.

  4. He ought to be battling censorship and fighting for fair elections. The Heritage Foundation is a quality organization but their voice will be crushed along with all conservatives by the new Fraudulent Socialist Biden Regime, Fake Media, and Big Tech. He may be giving speeches and writing articles but nobody will be hearing him or reading his articles. He should be on the front lines with President Trump fighting against the Swamp.

    1. Trump drained the swamp, as promised.
      Like the Big Beautiful Concrete Wall From Sea to Shinning Sea.
      And Obamacare, too……….

    2. Apparently WAS A QUALITY ORGANIZATION. I don’t believe they are anymore. Want to bet the dnc is donating to them?

    1. Don’t be a fool, Purple twig. You sound like a Democrat or, at least, one of those who spent all summer rioting, burning, looting in OR or WA. You know Heritage is still one of the best sources preventing a total takeover by the socialists.

    2. Best to send Heritage a lot of feedback regarding Pence before you dump them so they know the feelings and why. Perhaps they have an explanation but I highly doubt it!

  5. I’m not sure about Pence any more. He seems to be a bit shaky as a conservative and one who took a stand against his own job and his boss. If this is what the Heritage Foundation is about now, I won’t be donating.

    1. Maybe, but we need to hear from him and how his thinking and Constitutional understanding affected the outvome. Time will tell.

  6. If the ideas coming from the “think tank” are all based on Pence’s tuck tail and run policy then they aught to go home. We need our public servants to want to fight to the death for this county and never give the socialists an inch.

  7. Great to hear that VP Pence has joined the Heritage Foundation in a special status. We need him and other conservatives to stay in the public eye.

  8. Heritage Foundation has always been Establishment-gop. No surprise here with Pence. Only wish he was polishing floors at Gitmo along with 0bama and company. Pence was just as guilty of throwing the Election to Biden.

    REMEMBER: during the 2016 Election when Paul Ryno was trying to get Trump removed from the Ticket, Pence and Ryno started a PAC. Pence also started another PACAFTER taking office (a HIGHLY UNUSUAL move…).

  9. Well, I hope the Heritage Foundation has Back Stabbing Insurance!

    I mean now we know Mike Pence is a liar – cheat and backstabber.

  10. Pence is my brother in Christ Jesus. Yet he betrayed me, trump, and millions of other patriots when he refused to stand up against the horrible evil election theft and invalid certification. he even attended the invalid inauguaration of sick puppet biden. Now barack, kamala, and other evil marxists control our once wonderful country. I am heartbroken , grieving, and mourning over being disenfranchised and now trump and i are falsely accused of inciting the 200 loony anarchists who broke into the capitol.in addition to our suffering, we are now also slandered and persecuting. i want nothing to do with Pence nor you. i forgive you ,but I do not support you. you do not represent me.

    1. As a Christian I could never agree with evil. He took an oath to uphold the Constitution, but allowing evil to prevail is a higher calling than an oath to the government. We can never allow evil to win. This is what I have against him. He could have sent the issue to the House for resolution and been perfectly aligned with his Constitutional oath and his Christian principles.

  11. I guess Heritage is getting hard up for “distinguished fellows” these days… There’s nothing “distinguished” about this POS traitor, in my opinion.

  12. I used to donate to the Heritage Foundation when Senator Jim DeMint was in charge and then I heard that “they” made him step down, so I quit donating.
    Now for certain, I won’t be donating to this organization……run by RINOs…..

    1. Wow, I didn’t know that HF made Jim Demint step down. Now I think where this HF headed. No more support or donations coming from me. Goodbye HF.

  13. congratulations to all those who stood firm for President Trump.. they all worked very hard for ALL the American people.. I would vote for Trump again in a split second.. neither Hawley or Cotton would get my vote over Trump and Tom Cotton wouldn’t get my vote at all.. I’m an Arkansan and I can still say that.. I almost put him in the same category as our last President from Arkansas… guess everyone remembers him

  14. Think tanks are where the elites escape to to make a living between government jobs. Heaven forbid they venture into the private sector.

  15. Gee, I thought he might now be Pislosi’s right hand man, He has been a big disappointment and borderline RINO (perhaps even more than borderline)!

  16. I just sent heritage Foundation an email, requesting and explanation of why they felt it was okay to hire Mike Pence. Will see if I get a reply.

  17. Our country has gone down the tubes. Welcome to Amerazuela. We will never recover. The Dems will see to that.

  18. Here is my question: Does he really deserve this job? In my humble opinion, I believe he should have just been in the basement just like old fart Joe. He wasn’t that good being a VP. He is gutless pos for not supporting our Great President America will ever have.

  19. I’m a big conservative with a strong ideology rooted in Christian principles. Vice President Mike Pence has my deepest respect for his consistent love for Jesus Christ and humanity. He can not be blamed for President Trump’s demise no more than I . I love and have the deepest commitment to President Trump and his policies. I wish Vice President Pence the best and I am looking forward to his contributions to the Heritage Foundation.

  20. Sorry to see Heritage Foundation taken with a misguided, near-sighted, cowardly RINO. Just a matter of time before his ailments strike them.
    I will pray for their work and alert others.
    I will not be financially supporting the foundation now.

  21. He should have done (January 20th 2021) instead going to the fake Inauguration, final act what Judah did, perhaps than we would forgive him his treason against WE THE PEOPLE

  22. While I’m not convinced either way, from what I have seen over the past 4 years I am skeptical about everybody. And now I’m not sure about Pence. I always liked him since he came on scene but have read some negative things about before the election and in the certifying the electors. I read where he could have sent them back to the state legislatures for certification which they have the Constitutional authority to do instead of accepting certification by the Secretary of State’s of the states from where the vote tally was in question. I’m no Constitutional scholar so I don’t know but like I said, at this point I trust nobody in government now.


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