Trump Responds to Dem Impeachment Managers Request to Testify

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Democrats House impeachment managers have formally requested that former President Trump testifies under oath in the upcoming impeachment trial set to begin next week. A letter from lead impeachment manager Jamie Raskin, alleges the former president’s defense denied “incontrovertible facts” about the events of Jan. 6th. Trump’s legal team replied to the letter calling it their “latest public relations stunt.”

The letter from the former president’s lawyers was quick and to the point simply pointing to the unconstitutionality behind the trial.

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Fox News reports:

Lead impeachment manager Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., sent a letter to the former president requesting he testify about his actions in the lead-up to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot either before or during the Senate impeachment trial.

“If you decline this invitation, we reserve any and all rights, including the right to establish at trial that your refusal to testify supports a strong adverse inference regarding your actions (and inaction) on January 6, 2021,” Raskin continued. Trump is invited to respond by Friday at 5 p.m.

Last week Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., raised a point of order, claiming that it is unconstitutional for the Senate to hold an impeachment trial of a former president.

It was defeated by a 55-45 vote, with five Republicans joining all 50 Senate Democrats to pave the way for an impeachment trial to move forward. It would take 17 Republicans siding with all Democrats to convict the president with a two-thirds majority.

Read the Democrat’s letter to Trump’s legal team HERE.

AMS Staff Twitter screenshot

    1. it’ll be backfired to those dirty Rats….; hillary c, james comey, obama, john kerry…..can be impeached sooner or later….!

      1. Demoncrats/RINOS can be RECALLED by their States. They control everything in DC, so HOW can they be impeached? I would love to see it, but it’s the STATES that have to step up and recall the demoncrats and the RINO’s. That removes them from office. By the way, none of those stated are in “office”.

    2. There is zero reasons for President Trump to appear at another phony congressional illegal unConstitutional 3-ring circus. What a bunch of disgusting pathetic dog excriment!!!!!

    3. “Why should he”

      To make them look foolish, and to be able to tell EVERYONE the TRUTH. The world is going to be watching this spectacle, they can’t tamper with it, people would know if they edit it. He should make it a condition that he gets to make a statement of his own, uninterrupted.

  1. Does this argument apply to Clinton as well? Let put her back on the stand – the one she keeps avoiding. Guilty Hillary????

    1. I just posted something, but is being held.
      Our side refuses to learn from the dirty, corrupt party. They are relentless. Our side, not so much.

    2. Wouldn’t it be magnificent if the Dimocrats snared that witch, in their effort to illegally entrap President Trump???

  2. IT’S THE only way they can keep Trump current and in the news so CNN and late night television won’t go viewerless.

    1. driven solely by a corrupt desire for headlines and willing to slander A ND DEFame our President.. to distract from the horrendous disaster of Bejin Biden’s first 2 weeks of diktats…. deflect and deceive… the dumb democrat plebs are easy to dupe… they still believe in Russian Collusion….

    2. The guy in charge of CNN is stepping down end of this year. I guess they finally figured out that his direction is costing them money?

      1. Nobody wants to watch the liberal media anymore either. Fine with me because the left uses the media to spread their lies, propaganda, and agenda.

  3. The Democrats have shown hate and Evil beyond what normal have. Democrats must be evil Demons at Birth and it gets worse as they grow older. I wish all of the Democrats would eat each

    1. When they first register as Democrats they are given a lifetime prescription for A Hole pills to be taken twice daily ! Those that double dose become leaders in the House and Senate !

  4. These incompetent, dumbocraps just keep making fools of themselves, they will never get over there TDS, it is an incurable, disease,that can kill,idiots. U just can’t fix,stupid, unless u get a labotomy, which many dummycraps need.Only hope would be prayer, and most know they don’t like that either, so more than likely they will never be healed.

  5. One day justice is going to be served against these irrational hate filled incompetent democrats. President Trump won this election…we know it and the dims know it…and this horse and pony show of a fake impeachment is nothing but theatrics. Nancy numbskull is the one who should be impeached.

    1. as well as every democrat in office now most of them in the past. We should be able to dissect their brains and I bet we would find enormous abnormalities. Or maybe even thatg no brains are present.

      1. that’s why we have to try to keep President Trump with us, his base! I think many, many of us want to see this nonsense back fire on the bully brigade! it’s sickening watching the left, rinos get away with all that they do! it’s not right – we have no one in charge, who has backbone, except Trump!

  6. Boy are the Democrat’s loading the script in their favor either testify or be found guilty. Yo do not have to testify in your defence they need to check the law but they are out to smear him what ever he does. Crooked trial from the start is Pelosi required to testify why she did nothing to stop after being informed ahead of time? Democrat’s have already found him guilty. They want a revolution to return us to where we before the Steal.

      1. miss piggie and cohort, swalwell, and the other reprobates remain in Congress by illicit means. Once they get in, it is difficult to get rid of the parasitic moochers.

    1. I think they want this impeachment on record because when all their dirty tricks come out and Biden and his ilk are removed from office for election fraud, it would for Trump to return to office if he has been impeached. The fallacy with that idea is that the left will also lose the Senate and some in the House due to fraud and at the very least the Senate would flip making their whole show a sham.

    2. The Commiecrats do not care about the LAW or the Constitution … they have proven that with this illegal impeachment !

  7. What a sham!

    A sham impeachment by a bunch of SHAM POLITICIANS, preceeded by a sham election where a sham ImPOTUS was “elected”.

    These idiots are totally consumed by Trump Derangement Syndrome, to a point where their derangement has evolved into a vendetta inspired by HATE and REVENGE.

    Hate does more damage to the vessel that contains it, than what it is poured on and you can certainly see the damage based on the actions and rhetoric.

    1. A bunch of temperamental, petulant children is what they are! Whining and stomping their feet every time they aren’t able to cut in line on the playground. I have never witnessed such immature behavior in my entire life — not even among the groups of children I’ve had the privilege of working with throughout my life!!

    2. They don’t want anyone to know their dirty secrets. I mean the real dirty ones. The ones that would make you blow chunks hearing them.

  8. What the DEMONKRAPS are showing us everyday, is what the Repubs (RINOS) refuse to learn. They (dems) are relentless and above all they stick together. What a concept.

  9. Rep. Jamie Raskin must be a dirty pig but 100% not a human being, how the F. congress impeach a private citizen? what is the impeachment for?
    btw, democRats = communist, rattlesnake.

  10. Complying with their request, implies that he has to defend himself against “Fake Charges”. They can go pound salt.

  11. This should provide an opportunity for President Trump to prove the massive electoral fraud that occurred. After all it was the lying democrats, that said he used “unfounded electoral fraud claims” to “incite” an “insurrection”. Every single element of their fake claims can be proven false. Let the games begin!

  12. the third paragraph says it all, the DEMS. know that President Trump is still the REAL President of the United States of America, game on!


    1. Beijing Beiden has usurped the legislative function entirely by issuing diktats at the rate of a dozen a day….so they the hapless Democrats in Congress, are free to engage in fatuous fraudulent and illusory, and unconstitutional proceedings….

  14. The Demomarxists remind me of a pack of Baying Hounds out for Trump Blood. They have persecuted and prosecuted President Trump from the time he took office in 2017. They could never find anything but they kept trying and lying and producing false documents. It seems that Congress has nothing better to do than to pursue President Trump waving false documents hoping to finish him off for good. .President has always disappointed them that they could never punish him–even after he has become a private CITIZEN..

  15. It is a shame that such evil has come to the democratic party. All they worry about is themselves and what they want, not what is good for the people. To think of all those cemeteries filled with bodies who died to save this country. Now they want to turn it into communism. Take your communism and buy an island and life there with it. St. President Donald Trump is the best thing that happened to this country because he knows how God want is. God, County, Family, for the people and by the people. Bitten, Palousy & Hellary are satins advocates, pray for them.
    God Bless,

  16. Impeachment Mgr Raskin:

    In case you aren’t aware:





    The above statements are factual and most Democrats refuse to see truths. Not until they “experience” loss so devastating do they finally understand that they live “Totally” in a World of MakeBelieve created in their own minds and removed from Reality.

    And Americans are tired of cleaning up their twisted mental issues because dems can never see how sad and lost their lives really are. Dems, we are done dealing with your fears and false accusations. So GROW UP OR GET OUT UNTIL YOU CAN ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR OWN SICK BEHAVIORS.

    YES, it wasn’t Trump SUPPORTERS who trashed our Capitol but the Democrat’s own ATTACK DOGS, ANTIFA AND BLM, which the dems told to dress like Trump Supporters so they could blame President Trump for their very own DESTRUCTIVE DOGS! This was planned by the democrats!

    It’s on film, on people’s cell phones, etc. And those destructive DOG people were sent there by the Dems to set up President Trump — ANTIFA AND BLM DID A GREAT SMASH UP JOB!

    President Trump had ZERO to do with the destruction of the Capitol. The Dems sent their ATTACK DOGS, ANTIFA AND BLM, dressed like/pretending to be Trump Supporters, to destroy our Capitol!

    It was easy to spot Antifa and BLM, even dressed like Trump Supporters, because they had a “CRAZY LOOK” on their faces! Sorry, but the actual Trump Supporters looked happy and calm looking at the Capitol; whereas, the DEM’S ATTACK DOGS were drooling and scratching their butts. Easy to see who was who!

  17. Democrats take heed! Matt. 7:2 “For with what judgement you judge, you shall be judged and with what measure you mete, it shall be measured to you again.” KJV I actually saw this truth played out in a family employment situation.

  18. I wrote the long one about 12 minutes ago. I want to let you know that the St. in front of President Trumps Name is Saint.

    God Bless,

  19. I am sick and tire of the Democrats attempts to persecute, obstruct, harass, censor, lie and destroy a person who made our country and its people grow, who tried to make right what previous presidents did wrong, who kept all of his promises, and who in short four years actually MADE AMERICA GREAT! No, he should not testify in this illegal, mock-up trial!

    1. President Trump managed to work endlessly without the help from Democrats or RINOs for 4 years ! Now they want to hold an illegal Kangaroo Court to punish him for doing a marvelous job !

  20. Just another TRAP, like what happenend on Jan 6th as THEIR Terrorists were already at the Capitol BREAKING IN…..If President Trump shows up in person they will convict and arrest him right away, so Mr. President DON’T even go THERE…..!!!! It should be the other way around = ALL of these TRAITORS need to be arrested and transported to GITMO….!!!!

  21. Trump should testify….on how the election was stolen, how there’s growing evidence that antifa and BLM actually were the ones that started the capitol riots, how big tech is censoring pretty much anyone that tells the truth, how Biden may have ties to our nations enemies and doing a horrid job in his 2nd week as “POTUS”. Now having said that, you sure you want the Don to talk?

  22. I keep hearing that Chief Justice Roberts declined to conduct this second impeachment trial. Then today I heard Senator Cotton say that the Dems did NOT ASK Roberts to preside! Is that constitutional? So which is it? And why didn’t they invite him? So they could put Leahy in charge!

  23. the dopity dopes think all they have to do is wave their wand and President Trump should just jump to do everything they want! get a life you idiots

  24. The Democrats have lost their minds. Maybe they didn’t pay attention in school. I like the response from the Trump team. It will be the last time.

  25. The Democrats and RINOS should read the Constitution. Their actions are UN-Constitutional as well as unAmerican. Plans and preparations for the riots were made before the President made his speech.

  26. Question: Is Anyone Safe? If Senate Democrats decide to push through a partisan conviction, they will be declaring that they have virtually unlimited power to convict private citizens…. Any Private Citizens!

  27. What a bunch of disgraceful f****** dirtbag PsOS !!!!!! These are the bottom feeding sewer dwelling scum that are supposed to be making decisions for this whole country and leading the once greatest country in the world. They are not worthy of presiding over a dog fight. never in our history has there been such a bunch of worthless,corrupt,mindless,anti-American,hypocritical,low-life,no class vermin in our congress and government agencies.

  28. Last time I checked a person has the right of not incriminating themselves and can not compelled to testify. Nor can the exercising of this right be used against them. They do not have to defend themselves, the other side has to prove their charges. In this case it is a witch hunt and kangaroo court by the Democrats and the Rino’s

  29. There’s nothing like a kangaroo court to try and get your way. One would think that our illustrious Congressional members would be above such silly things. Unfortunately, those who are participating in this kangaroo court leave the voters with the major reason for replacing/recalling them from their cushy jobs. ANY Congressional member playing in this game does NOT DESERVE TO BE REPRESENTING ANYONE OR ANYTHING.

  30. The 5th amendment says you do not have to testify against yourself and not say a word. Burden of proof lies with the accuser.

  31. Wait for it folks. Nothing or No one can impeach or hurt the man who has been chosen to be the Will of the God of Abraham. Just as the Lord did it with King Cyrus, He is doing it with Donald J. Trump.

    All of the matters you are now witnessing will help those who did not understand where Satan stands now does. Those who have ears listen and those who have eyes see it.

    The most amazing miracle you are watching as it unfolds is the light shinning upon those who are truly guilty.

    If the Military Tribunals are opened for business, which we know they are, then you will see the power of the unseen. The God of Abraham wants the soul of Barack Obama and many others. For they will hang for TREASON to the country the Lord created with a Constitution to serve it. The United States of America.

    Simply sit, watch, and be observant of the truth.


  32. Ignoring the constitution and making your own rules? Good luck with that. Show me where it says you can…LOL !! Stupid is Stupid does,..just like the last circus impeachment..

  33. Just proves what we already knew – the democrats don’t give a d**n about the constitution or its citizens. What they care about is stealing elections, pushing through their agendas legally or illegally and bullying Americans to get compliance. And they want to disarm us. what does that sound like to you?

  34. If he DOESN’T show up, those dirty Democrats will MAKE UP all kinds of LIES about him. I most definitely think he needs to be there. In any case, he’s damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t. They’ll say he didn’t show because he’s guilty.

  35. They want him to do what the Democrats including Hillary refuse to do and that’s get caught lying to Congress while under oath. They are all liars….they have all sworn an oath to protect and defend this country and the constitution and haven’t done so in years so who are they to judge anyone?


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