New Poll Finds Majority Republicans Would Back Trump-Founded Party

Donald Trump via Gage Skidmore Flickr

A recent poll shows that majority of Republicans would ultimately support a new party founded by former President Trump.

According to a report from Political Wire:

A new The Hill/HarrisX poll finds 64% of registered Republicans say they would be likely to join a new political party started by Donald Trump.

While leaving the White House on Inauguration Day, Trump floated the idea of forming a new political party, the Patriot Party during a farewell address. However, those close to the former president have said he does not in fact plan on forming a new party.

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    1. The old and outdated WHIG Party was thrown out in Abraham Lincoln’s Day—why not Today start the Make America Great Again ( MAGA ) Party? Gary

  1. This Octopus would join it! With leaders like Turtleface McConnell, who needs the Republican Party? I now consider myself an independent.

    1. The RINOs could just get a burger flipping job—or just live off the graft that they have accumulated over the decades doing the bidding for LOBBYISTS. Gary

  2. This definitely would be a positive move to help eliminate the swamp creators that have spent a life time in the political arena and looking to their own benefit rather than representing the people who put them in office.

  3. The Republican Party is only slightly better than the Democrat Party.
    I would welcome ANY relief from these fools!

  4. It might be the best thing to happen to this country. Conservatives have no avenue. Both democrats and republicans do not represent what we’ve all come to expect from a President or our politicians. Every time we head for the ballot box, we’re being slapped in the face. No more.


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