Fox News Shows Longtime Host the Door

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Longtime Fox News personality Lou Dobbs is on his way out.

Fox News Media has canceled his show, “Lou Dobbs Tonight”, according to a report.

The termination of Dobbs’ program comes just one day after voting software company Smartmatic filed a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against Dobbs, Fox News, fellow on-air personalities, and some of Trump’s past and present legal counsel.

According to Axios:

The 285-page lawsuit, which was filed in the New York State Supreme Court, specifically accuses Giuliani, Powell, Fox News, and hosts Lou Dobbs, Maria Bartiromo, and Jeanine Pirro of lying about Smartmatic to convince the public that the 2020 presidential election was plagued with fraud.

“Defendants did not want Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to win the election. They wanted President Donald Trump and Vice President Michael Pence to win re-election. Defendants were disappointed. But they also saw an opportunity to capitalize on President Trump’s popularity by investing a story,” the lawsuit says.

Some familiar with the behind-the-scenes decision making at Fox News have said ending Dobb’s program was already under consideration prior to the lawsuit.

Fox News’ issued a statement about Dobb’s firing:

As we said in October, Fox News Media regularly considers programming changes and plans have been in place to launch new formats as appropriate post-election, including on Fox Business.

This is part of those planned changes. A new 5 p.m. program will be announced in the near future.

Dobbs, 75, launched his television career in Phoenix in the mid-’70s where he served in the anchor seat.

In 1980, Dobbs was recruited by Ted Turner to join CNN as its chief economics correspondent when the network first launched. He eventually became the president of CNN’s financial news division and anchored various financial programs for the network.

In the late 90’s Dobbs left the network after clashing with CNN President Rick Kaplan over editorial differences. Dobbs believed Kaplan, a friend of then-President Bill Clinton, was “pushing” Clinton stories and operating in a “clearly partisan” manner.

After a brief stint away from the network, Dobbs returned for another 9-year run with the network before becoming a radio host.

He made a return to television with Fox Business Network in 2011 which gave birth to the now-defunct program Lou Dobbs Tonight.

  1. Well, now I no longer have any reason to turn on that station. With their leanings more and more too the left I can’t believe most of what they say anyway. I will miss Maria though.

    1. They started turning communist the minute they put the corrupt Paul Ryan on the Board of Directors. I will selectively watch Fox, but only very few opinion hosts. If Dobbs goes elsewhere I will move with him.

      1. Lous’ show was intelligent and always informative. A real professional! I will surely miss him! I Hope to see him elsewhere.

      2. Paul Ryan was and is a Judas, a traitor. But look who owns/runs Fox News now. Rupert Murdock’s London born leftist spawn, Lachlan and James Murdock. No one will ever confuse them as American patriots

      3. “selectively watch” WHAT????? Does it take a rock to fall on your head to realize FOX was a pretend conservative site – just enough anchors who were conservative – or at least appeared so – to garner our trust while giving a “bully pulpit” to far left liberals. “Fool me once – shame on you. Fool me twice – shame on me.” Since you “selectively watch” FOX, double and triple shame on you.

  2. That does it for me. Fox shows their true colors. Dobbs is a real truth teller and they can’t handle it. Lou should go to Newsmax, OAN, or America’s Voice. We will follow, we get all our news and business news from Lou Dobbs. If Tucker, Hannity, and Ingraham tell Fox News to shove it, they are finished! Their viewership has already fallen by half.

      1. God forbid that they fire Juan! I watch the shows he is on, just to watch his facial reactions and listen to him find excuses for even the most obnoxious news from the left. His family must really love him!

        1. Actually his Son is a CONSERVATIVE!! and you are RIGHT about him coming up with EXCUSES for all of the LIBS ideas and SCREWUPS!! That is his ONLY WORTH!!

      2. Fox keeps Juan as the token liberal, same with Tarlov, Brazille, and a few other libs. Remember Paul ryan is on th board now so I expect more firings of any truth tellers! Rayn the RINO!

    1. Guess you are no longer able to tell the truth!!! If I was those people involved I would sue them right back.!!! Because it’s been proven !! I hope Tucker… Hannity .. and Laura jump on the life boat before the ship sinks….they don t deserve this …guess FOX NEWS is off my list !!!

      1. (What are you talking about?) Don’t try to twist words here! I said if Tucker, Laura, or Hannity left Fox News, they would be finished. Don’t read other things into my words. I still support them!

      2. So tell me how you changed what I said. How is it a lie what I said about Tucker, Hannity, and Laura leaving Fox News would finish them. How is that lying, what kind of malarkey are you trying to pull here? I want an answer.

        1. Laura Ingraham should go she’s a liar—she played nice when she was interviewing Trump and the day after the election she said and I quote, ” get over it Trump lost and Biden won”……she is a traitor and she can stay with the sinking ship of fox. Hannity and Tucker and Steve Hilton and Judge Jeanine need to move to Newsmax.

    2. By the way moderator. I DID NOT SAY FOR TUCKER, HANNITY, AND INGRAHAM TO TELL FOX NEWS TO SHOVE IT. My words were if they left, Fox would be finished. How did my words get changed?

    1. FOX…no doubt….has been on the CCP payroll for quite a while now…!! There are so many “journalists” who make upwards of $1.5 million/week (!!!!!!$$$$$) paid for by CCP..!!

    1. Their are several people on Fox News that are great. But there are also some that I just turn off. They do show the left speaking points but that’s what a good news station does. I turn off Wallace, Juan, Tarlov and a few others when they get into their Obama and liberal talk. Dobbs should not have been let go as he was interesting to listen to and spoke what he believed and was good at his job. Shame on Fox for this move. As far as Ryan, he’s a snake in the grass and a political hack. Like diversity in news but people like him are insulting.

  3. Bye, bye forever FOX. Lou Dobbs was good. The Dominion lawsuit is intended to intimidate and not be litigated fairly.

  4. I had three reasons to watch Fox news; Lou Dobbs, Marie Bartiromo and Jennie Pirro. They have removed Lou Dobbs. Only two left; when that happens Fox news will be history.

  5. Just goes to show the height of their ignorance. Fox is becoming pitiful. Taking ones with any sense off the air. Maybe that is what they want. Keep digging, Fox, you will get there soon!

  6. Just another reason not to watch Fox. Lou was one of 2 shows that I tuned into Fox to see. Now it’s just one. Paul Ryan and the other libs running the network are destroying the formerly conservative network.

    1. Paul Ryan and Mitch did a good job of destroying a majority congress, both ruin everything they touch, the mark of a successful lib.

  7. FOX is going straight to HE// where they belong..!! They did you a favor, Lou…Thank them, move on and now find a FREE SPEECH REAL JOURNALIST ZONE..!!

    1. Are there any left (left, pun)? When they create a podium for ALL the people the big boys shut them down (Parlar) Pray that God will reveal all the lies and evil doings of madmen.

    1. The secret is out there. Everyone know the Democrats cheated big time in the 2020 election. Even they admit it and have told everyone how they did it and they are proud of it. If the Supreme Court hadn’t refused to hear the mountains of evidence the Republicans had the might not have gotten away with it. But that’s another story and Justice Roberts might have to face his maker for destroying the Republic. For FOX and all the other news outlets to keep on denying it is futile. THE SECRET IS OUT. !

  8. What a shame that the media giant is caving to the pressure from this company which was involved in a crooked election. Firing Dobbs and anyone else because of this nonsense, it an abandonment by Fox of the principles involved in free expression and reporting of the news. Less and less reason to turn on Fox!

  9. I quit watching FOX in 2019 because of their bias toward Trump. The baby bears and wives can now tell everyone at their ELITE cocktail parties they have made good on their desire to turn fox into a mainstream news channel like CNN. Bet their ratings tank an advertisers flee they had better hope the liberal elite companies pick up the advertising losses. Also bet Hannity and Ingram will be next. Also the three talking heads on their early morning show had better start becoming pro Biden or their asses will go too.

    I recommend watching OAN.

    I watch Newsmax too but not the show were the anchor did, like liberals do when they can win a disagreement, got up and walked off the air when speaking with Mike Lindell about his proof of voter fraud. He s/b on the VIEW as they have a habit of doing that. He should watch Mike’s program on OAN called ABSOLUTE TRUTH and he s/b fired for unprofessional conduct.

    As an opinion program host you don’t just get up and walk off if you don’t like what the person you invited to come on your show says. You present FACTS that counter his claim. If you can’t do that at the time you simply say you need to do some research about his claims and will invite him back for another discussion.

    I invite everyone to watch it, especially voter fraud deniers, as it presents absolute evidence, provable in a court of law, that voter fraud did occur with Dominion Voting Machines and HOW IT OCCURRED. If I was one of the people or business being sued by them I would have all of the people showing proof of vote switching by dominion machines testify at my trial. The discovery portion of the trial should leave no doubt about what their machines did and how they did it.

  10. Not much left of FOX to bother. I do have choices. Unfortunately I am a news junkie and my habit needs constant feeding. I switch back and forth from OANN, Newsmax and FOX. OAN and Newsmax are a breath of fresh air after Juan Willioms takes over the conversation on The Five. His ignorance is stunning and insulting. OANN has some very good investigative reporting and Newsmax is right up to the minute all the time.I also switch to CNN and the rest of the alphabet channels to catch up on what the left is up to. It pains me but if you are going to keep up with the madness you have to listen to the whole nine yards.

  11. I quit watching any of them over almost two yrs ago except for Mark Levin. I will watch him as long as he is on there!! I keep expecting them to drop him any day because he is so ADAMANT about being Conservative!! And about the RIGHT THING to DO!!!

  12. Fox News is digging a hole so deep it will never climb out! One more reason for me to stop watching this channel! Lou Dobbs tells the truth so the left wants to silence him! I hope he goes to OAN or another conservative channel so I can continue to watch him. Bye bye Fox!

    1. Fox is under pressure from the Communist party in the White House to change the narrative and not present the evidence, or the facts. Its the shadow government behind the scenes trying to totally change America.

  13. Fox needs Lou!!!
    There are only a hand full of Fox hosts that are keeping Fox barley alive and on life support! Let Fox, once the Goliath of Cable News, finish committing suicide.
    Lou, on the other hand, can always find another venue because he is the talent; not Fox.
    I bet that Lou will find a spot in the new Trump media platform that I’ve been hearing about. I hope it’s true! That, and a new Patriot Party would be awesome. Trump can take all of Fox’s real talent and make them his own.

    1. FOX was the only “American” style network that was worth listening except NewsMax. Can’t figure why previous programs like this one was cancelled, either. Except for Hannity, Tucker and Laura there seems to be no other reason to watch FOX. I think the managers of FOX must be the biggest collection of Thumb Suckers-Bed Wetters and overall “Mental Midgets” in the news business. Well, I guess I will get my news from “The History Channel” which covers how news must have been told in the past !

  14. Fox News is getting worse by the hour
    Why don’t you dumb mfing morons get rid of dough boy neil bone head Chrissy Wallace stupid ding bat 🦇 Juan Williams and several others plus several bitches

  15. Fox has become liberal and tries to suppress the truth. Giving in to liberals is wrong. Dobbs is a good honest conservative. .I have already started watching OAN and now will do so more often. Tuckerm Hannity Ingrham and Judge Jeannine have good shows How long will it be before they cancel them? That will ruin Fox News and maybe that needs to ;happen.

  16. I stopped watching FOX right after the elections. I was so disgusted the way they were lying about every state results. I felt they were stealing the elections together with the putrid DEMoniacs. The only show I watch now is Tucker. He really has ‘balls’.

  17. I, too, love Lou Dobbs! He is always straight forward with his brilliance. His comments, and strong defense of the truth with facts is unmatched. I am really surprised at how long Fox allowed him to continue on the air. He will be greatly missed. I hope that he does not retire any time soon. He is too good and too plainspoken to sail away into the sunset. As for Fox – what a disappointment they have been over the past few years. It WAS a truly great network, even with Chris Wallace, who faked his way into making people think that he was as brilliant as his father. He gradually turned against the truth and now look at him! I have already turned off Fox – but watch Lou on Youtube – what will I do now? God bless you, Lou. You have made many lives better and kept many hopes alive with your broadcasts.

  18. And the DAMRATS win again because conservatives fold up like cheap accordions. How disgusting.

    Any Reasoning Chimp would conclude Biden did not win election and a coup was committed against the people of the US. ITS FREAKING OBVIOUS! WHY ARE WE BEING TOLD NOT TO BELIEVE OUR EYES!

  19. Smartmatic and Dominion are guilty. And it will be proven without a doubt. Eric Coomer of Dominion said he had made sure Trump would not win. He rigged the machines someway and he also claimed the fix would not be detected. Apparently someone smarter than Coomer figured it out!


  20. Lets face it, the cabal that is trying to change and influence all American institutions, including media and Tech companies, they want Fox to become a total socialist cover up station, so the American people are not informed on the facts and events changing the world. They want to get rid of any Conservative thoughts or values, not the same news station that Roger Ailes founded that took off like a firestorm with real news, truth, and substance. Lou isn’t conforming to their ideology, neither did Trish Reagan. Theres always room for real news stations who present the facts and the truth.

  21. The firing of Lou Dobbs is just another reason for me to stop watching FOX after being a regular viewer for the past 16 years. My decision to stop watching began with the anti-Trumper twits, Chris Wallace, Neil Cauvato, Juan Williams and a number of others. It’s unfortunate FOX chose to fire the wrong people.

  22. Just one more reason why I have dropped Fox News as any type of news source on cable, on the air (satellite) and on the internet. All apps deleted and switched to OANN. Perhaps OAN will pick Lou Dobbs up or he can resume his radio show! Good Luck Lou and you should be pleased to out from under the Fox Bolshevik structure!

  23. Another step in the way of truth. Admitting that Fox is no longer Fair and Balanced, but probably owned by GS, like all the others

  24. Theres PLENTY of the vidence the election was stolen. All these democrats are attempting to do is to COVER IT UP.
    None of the evidence nor Testimony was E-V-E-R even HEARD in any court.

  25. One of the few that FOX had that spoke the truth, FOX is dumber than those other media creeps. Well, that screws if for FOX, now let them live with declining audience, or maybe some socialist viewers will sign on. (four letter word here) Them!

  26. Travesty. The same claims made against Dobbs could more easily be made about many other newspeople on the left side of things. I hope this means there will be law suits filed against these people.

  27. SMARTMATIC is about to get their ” DEPENDS ” REMOVED by all these Defendants and their real true facts of this ROGUE COMPANY’S ILLEGAL ACT of setting up there algorythems to count ” ONE FOR YOU, THREE FOR ME ” program, and the TALLY WAS REGISTERED IN GERMANY AND SPAIN!

  28. More than ever, patriots need an available news source that is NOT censored by MSM and associated sources (to include the US government). There is plenty of conservative money in the country to establish such a source, if they will just “pony up”. Surely there are rich people in America who love this country more than they do Communist China! They should ask themselves, “Is there any better way that a rich patriot can spend his money, other than the establishment of a pro-American news source? Two or three billionaires in concert should do the trick. And such a thing can be done almost overnight.

  29. I am just sick that they fired Lou Dobbs. He didn’t do anything wrong, and with what just came out, now everyone knows that TRUMP WON, so there is no reason for Fox to fire him. I’m just getting sick of Fox. Everyone will soon leave them in the dust, if they don’t change their ways.

  30. The 2020 Election was a fraud and Smartmatic voting machines played a large roll in the fraud.

    The left will continue to try to get people to not believe this but all anyone has to do is look at the FACTS and they can see that the election was a fraud.


  32. The election WAS a fraud and those Dominion voting machines and the SmartMatic software were DESIGNED to flip votes from Trump to Biden. Those being sued should sue Dominion and its owners as well as SmartMatic and its owners.

  33. Gufield, Watters, Levine, Tucker, Hannity, Laura, Maria B.,and so many more are still on Fox. The amazing thing is that when you watch them, you can tell that they all respect and care for each and every one. You can actually see the disgust he has when he listens to that true idiot, Juan and Greg can hardly wait to respond with sanity when Juan finishes his “thoughts” and “beliefs”! When Fox hired Paul Ryan, I nearly fell off my chair. He is the main reason nothing was done the first two years when the President had both houses and could have done what is being done now. He was a true traitor to our country, as was many other “republicans” who had no problem lying to their voters. To top that all off, they brought in that liar Donna Brazil(?)!!!!! A true Hillary confidant, can you believe that ? Whenever they put her on, I turn the channel because I can’t even stand the sight of her! I just hope Fox sees their error and get’s rid of all those who can’t see eye to eye with their true followers. Let’s hope so.

  34. I use to get OAN when I had Direct TV but now I have COX and so far they won’t put it on. But I can get Newsmax however when they shut Mike Lindell up I don’t know if I want to watch them either. The problem is there is no more free speech in this country. If cancel culture does’t like what you say they fire off a billion dollar lawsuit and the wimps cave like a piece of rotten cake. The people in America had better wake up fast or in four years if not two we won’t have a country left. Then Nancy Piglousi and AOC will really see a civil war.

  35. Looks like Fox is making its big end run to the left. Not shocked. Their viewership was just too good, so they want to equalize the playing field by bringing themselves down to CNN and MSNBC’s level. Good, I’m sure the shareholders will be happy with their losses.

  36. It is too bad that the proof needed to show the voting machines were absolutely used for voter fraud will not be revealed. I believe that there was rigging of the machines.

  37. Fox fired Lou because Dominion is going after them. Dominion machines were hooked up to the internet and many computers, It was a cyber attack that many countries saw happening.

  38. Another Fox mistake, but I really do not care they have gone farther to the left than I care to watch, and refuse to watch them hang themselves!!!

  39. I enjoyed Lou who was a true professional. Our alternative is to switch back to CNBC or Bloomberg. Sorry to see Fox’s swing to the Left. That is what happens when the kids take over and have a poor moral compass.

  40. Fox was good but than was circumstantial, then the kids took over that was the end for me. It went way to the left! I don’t trust any news sources or anyone at all except for Donald JTrump……………


  42. I will advise everyone at work, my church, my local veteran association and anyone I meet to watch Newsmax in place of Fox New due to this action and will miss some of the very talented host that are still there.

  43. Fox has gone in the toilet like CNN and MSNBC, will never watch it anymore, all because of rhino, Paul Ryan, the Trump backstabber, who screwed over conservatives for years.worhtless pos

  44. The last of the conservative anchors have now been removed by FOX. Is there any fool out there who still believes FOX is a conservative site?

  45. Every last one of us needs to write FOX and tell them to put Dobbs back on! Also, tell them they had better keep Hannity, Tucker, Ingram and Mark Lavin or they will lose every last one of us. Do it now!!! Money talks, BS walks . . .

  46. Fox continues with their program of self castration. In a few more months, it will be complete.What a bunch of idiots!


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