Fox News Ousts Host, GOP Congresswoman Censured

U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Christopher Ruano, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Trump Resigns from Screen Actors Guild

Former President Trump is resigning from the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists after the organization threatened to revoke his membership. Trump beat them to the punch by sending a letter stating his immediate resignation writing “you have done nothing for me.” Trump has been a member of SAG since 1989.


Fox News Ousts Longtime Host

Longtime Fox News personality Lou Dobbs is on his way out.

Fox News Media has canceled his show, “Lou Dobbs Tonight”, according to a report.

The termination of Dobbs’ program comes just one day after voting software company Smartmatic filed a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against Dobbs, Fox News, fellow on-air personalities, and some of Trump’s past and present legal counsel.


GOP Congresswoman Censured by Her Home State GOP

The Wyoming Republican Party voted over the weekend to censure Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney over her vote to impeach former President Trump last month.

The party also asked her to resign over that vote.

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Mike Pence Gets a New Job

Former Vice President Mike Pence has a new gig. Pence will be joining conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation as a distinguished visiting fellow. The Heritage Foundation is a conservation D.C.-based think tank that has worked closely with Pence and the Trump administration in the past.


Only the State GOP can Save America

With the complete seizure of the federal government by the Democrat Party, the chief avenue to accomplish anything may reside with the states.

First, some context: the (official) cancellation of the March for Life this year was unprecedented. Pro-Life is a massive stockholder in right-wing politics in this country, and hinges largely on action at the Federal level. Following the Supreme Court, including all of the Trump appointees, joining Chief Injustice Roberts in betraying the President and tossing the Texas case, it is becoming increasingly clear that federal-level solutions are likely out of reach. This is just an example. In fact, it is increasingly the case that most Americans consider all political solutions out of reach. The danger of this situation cannot be overstated, and it is up to those in power to preserve trust in the American system if we want to keep it alive.


YouTube and Vimeo Remove Mike Lindell’s Election Fraud Movie

Mike Lindell’s recent documentary about the 2020 election titled Absolute Proof was purged from two of the largest online video hosts YouTube and Vimeo.

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George Shultz, Former Reagan Secretary of State, Dies at 100

Former Secretary of State George P. Shultz, a titan of American academia, business, and diplomacy who spent most of the 1980s trying to improve Cold War relations with the Soviet Union and forging a course for peace in the Middle East, has died. He was 100.

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    1. It has been reported that she shuffled a million dollars of election funds illegally to her daughter.
      Ah well, she’s another crooked democrat. Nothing will ever be done.

    2. We need to have a GOP nationwide protest against her. We as a group must make as much noise as the democrats do to get results. Get her out! Get her out! Get her out!

    3. When a “person of color” is held responsible for any misdeed “serving” in Federal Government, is when hell freezes over.
      Any doubts, look it up in the recently issued government social justice booklet.

  1. Hi AC = Anderson Cooper How? Manny Times do you Band over selling you Ass too. My Pillow guy sells pillows to manny Americans Peoples. And your Butt Buty too Don Lemon?..

  2. The media, the government and no public entity that provides a forum for free speech in the USA should be permitted to censor speech. There is overwhelming evidence of election fraud in the swing States. It may not be enough to prove it in a court of law but
    there is no reasonable alternative explanation for the actual and statistical irregularities could be accounted for in the results of the election. This election was stolen and the LEFT and the MSM are rubbing our noses in it. Attempts to silence the declarations of the obvious by censorship and other tactics only confirms beyond a reasonable doubt that they know it was stolen. If thy actually believed there were factual and believable explanations for all of the irregularities in ballots cast laws circumvented and tallying inconsistencies they would embrace a thurough independent investigation of all suspicious
    activity and a forensic investigation of very voting machine in the country. They stole the election now they want us to shut up. NO WAY. We will not be silenced period.

  3. The RNC needs contributions to keep working. Trump needs contributions to a legal fund. Mike Lindel the Pliiow Man needs customers since they are out to destroy him now. Do something like put your money where your mouth is. If you really can’t donate or then keep telling the world how you feel about what has been going on.

  4. It seems that almost no one is happy with the president that no one wanted. If all the states that do not want him for president were to secede and form a new Republic, that would adopt all the laws, and guidelines of our forefathers, it would included almost all the states. That would mean that the new Republic would own most of the land that the U.S.A. sits on. Little Joe and his commies would not have much of a country to be president of. That would mean that any foreign Powers would have to deal with the new Republic. That would also mean that most of the existing military would be with the new Republic, since most of them would have their homes and families living in the new Republic. Little Joe would have nothing to fight with if he wanted to force the seceding states back into union. Can someone respond, and tell me how far off the mark I am, or if I even know what I am talking about?

    1. I feel the same way & have ever since obiden the fake pres came to b….Texas plus 17 other states filed against the swing States, if these same states would secede i know there would b others, anyrhing to get away from commie joe & his filth.

  5. Well, now that Fox has made the decision to eliminate one of the last two shows that I am interested in, I am totally done. I will miss Maria first thing in the morning though.
    I prefer show host that are honest and NOT LIBERAL LOSERS!

    1. There appears to be no source of truth in television programming. We must resort to alternative sources and get off the grid so we aren’t punished for our beliefs, and soon our thoughts! Pretty sad what “they” have done so swiftly in more recent times.

  6. Might as well take down the American flag because China will get mad. We all need to start fling the China flag. Wounder what would happen if we did that ?
    Are they still fling the flag on the U.S. capital building or not?

  7. I’ve stopped watching Fox, so I don’t know who is still on and who is off. However, I like Lou Dobbs, so sorry to see him go. Smartmatics has been using their fake billion dollar lawsuits to intimidate folks into denying any fraud. However, it opens Smartmatics and Dominion up to scrutiny during the discovery process. I agree with attorney Linn Wood. Bring it on Smartmatics so we can have all of the Dominion machines forensically examined.

  8. FOx is on their way out after years of going to them for reliable news I’ve become disgusted with what they’ve done lately. Signed loyal AMERICAN and veteran.

  9. The Government of the country has gone to hell and there is no tuning it back around. There are no penalty’s for the Democrats crime and corruption to our country. The only thing conservatives can do now that it has no Republican Party to defend them is to take up arms and fight back


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