Former Trump Aide Considering Senate Run

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Former Trump aide Cliff Sims is considering a U.S. Senate run, according to a new report.

Sims who has an interesting history with his former boss President Trump is considering the run in his home state of Alabama to replace retiring Senator Richard Shelby.

Sims, 36, left his role as CEO of Alabama’s conservative Yellowhammer News in 2016 to serve on Trump’s campaign team.

He then joined the Trump’s administration and spent a year helping the White House craft its messaging before becoming Deputy Director in the office of the Director of National Intelligence – a post that was held by former Congressman John Ratcliffe at the time.

Sims left the White House to write a tell-all book titled Team of Vipers: My 500 Extraordinary Days in the Trump White House.

The book caught ire from Trump officials and even the President himself.

“A low-level staffer that I hardly knew named Cliff Sims wrote yet another boring book based on made-up stories and fiction. He pretended to be an insider when in fact he was nothing more than a gofer. He signed a non-disclosure agreement. He is a mess!” tweeted Trump.

The Trump campaign team announced they were planning to sue Sims for violating his non-disclosure agreement following the book’s release.

Sims fired back with a civil suit against Trump contending that his book only contained information from his time during the Trump administration thus the non-disclosure agreement did not apply. The lawsuits were eventually dropped.

In 2020 — in a shocking turn of events –Sims eventually rejoined Trump world to serve in the quintessential role of overseeing the speechwriting for the Republican National Convention and the remarks prepared for the President’s children.

Donald Trump Jr. explained to ABC News that a reconciliation had been made:

Cliff is a staunch supporter of my father and his America First agenda. He fought to elect President Trump on the 2016 campaign and has done a terrific job as Alabama co-chair of Trump Victory this year.” Trump Jr. added, “I’m excited that he’s now working with the convention team to help make this year’s RNC a gigantic success.”

Sims’ potential Senate bid is being encouraged by former Congressman and Trump’s Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe.

Trump’s former ambassador to Slovenia Lynda Blanchard is also considering a bid for the seat.

Other high-profile potential candidates include GOP Congressman Mo Brooks, Alabama State Senator Del Marsh, and Senator Shelby’s former Chief of Staff Katie Britt.

There’s no indication as of yet whether Trump will get involved in the race.

  1. No Comment, until these candidates are vetted for conservative values, willingness to work with ALL conservative Republicans, will not throw any Republicans “under the bus”, their honesty, will fight for the Constitution, America and Americans every single day! Plus any other concerns about each of them as questions come up!
    Okay Alabama……this is where the decision is made on what “kind” of Republican will represent you and all of us in Congress! The responsibility and decisions are yours. Don’t let anyone else tell you who to vote for! Just remember, if the “wrong” one is elected he/she can and must be replaced in the next election!
    We must stop reelecting RINO time after time, after time! Saving America depends on it!

      1. NO WE WON’T!! I am so glad Shelby is leaving. I never knew before, but he was a House Rep on the Dem side before he became a Senator. I have contacted him MANY, MANY times about his votes with the left!! He never listened!!
        It is my contention that all of these RINOs got in on the Right just to throw a wrench in the works against Republicans!!!

    1. MO BROOKS is going to get my vote!!! Sims will never get any votes. I will make sure his actions are OUT THERE all through the campaign!!

      1. I think if not before, he proved himself this year against the LIBS in this Impeachment process and Election FRAUD!!

    1. I will be voting for Mo Brooks. It was a toss-up between Him and Tommy Tuberville in this last Election!! I voted for Tommy because of his Christian Values, and he WON. Replaced a Dem that should never have won in the first place!!
      Shelby has been in there for DECADES and was a never Trumper!! I called him on it several times. I just found out also that Shelby first joined the Political scene as a Lib in the house, then evidently switched to Republican to get into the senate!! I did not live here then. He and I have CLASHED MANY TIMES!!

    1. ONCE a RINO, ALWAYS a RINO!! And IMO, that is what Sims IS!!! He turned on Trump, to make himself “famous”?, by writing a FAKE BOOK!! All he was at the WH, was a GOFER, and he CLAIMED to be privy to everything going on in the WH??? I don’t think so!!!

    1. Caution should be the byword here. I believe a Trump endorsement is important and beneficial but if its the only yardstick in play that’s a red light warning and I’ll reiterate “exerciser caution and discernment Alabama voters” and choose wisely !!

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    1. You should vett whoever is running. President Trump endorsed Romney. How did that work out? Not good. My vote will go to Mo Brooks. I know without a doubt where he stands.

  3. DO NOT VOTE FOR NOR SUPPORT THIS RINO……we need better people in office, no someone that is a backstabbing SOB.
    Who else is running for this office there in Arkansas?

  4. Do not accept these problematic individuals until you are certain of their allegiance. Notice the Dems hang together. So should the Republicans. No more rhinos.

  5. Seems to me if the article is accurate he was interested in making some money. Cliffy you are going to have to go a long way to get support. I personally can’t stand turncoats. DemonicRATS stick together even when lying and breaking the law and shredding the constitution and when the king creates all of these executive orders. You do not support Mr. Trump 100 percent you DO NOT get my support. Mr. Trump has proven without a shadow of a doubt that he puts we the people first and this country first because he has acknowledged that the is the nation under God. That God is the creator and that Jesus Christ is the savior. Not to mention in his stance against abortion and the right to life. So Cliffy put your faith and trust in God and promise Him that you will do his will. Then you will get the support of the millions upon millions upon millions of us that voted for Mr. Trump. By the way creepy, sleepy, quid quo pro say it ain’t so joe is NOT my president. I don’t care what dominion says.

  6. Why did Mitch McConnell have to ejaculate on Trump’s combover after voting to not convict.
    Is he a typical Rebublican.
    Are they all that disgusting?


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