GA Prosectors Open Criminal Investigation into Trump Call

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

Georgia prosecutors in Fulton County have reportedly opened a criminal investigation into former President Trump’s recorded phone call with GA Secretary of State Brad Raffsenperger. The announcement comes only days after the Secretary of State’s Office announced it launched an investigation into Trump’s efforts to overturn the election results.

The Hill reports:

Fulton County’s new district attorney, Fani Willis, sent a letter to state officials on Wednesday asking them to retain documents regarding a Jan. 2 phone call Trump made to Raffensperger, in which the now-former president pressed the state’s top elections official to “find” 11,780 votes, enough to hand him a victory over President Biden in Georgia.

But unlike the secretary of state’s investigation — which was described as a “fact-finding and administrative” inquiry — the Fulton County district attorney’s probe involves a criminal matter that could expose him to potential felony charges.

While his efforts to reverse his loss encompassed several states, Georgia emerged at the center of those attempts after it was revealed that Trump had encouraged Raffensperger in a phone call to “find” the votes needed to reverse Biden’s victory in the state.

During that phone call, Trump repeated several false claims about the election in Georgia — that illegally cast ballots were counted, among other allegations — before insisting that Raffensperger could “find” additional ballots cast for Trump.

Trump officials as well as his impeachment defense team have defended Trump’s call with Raffensperger. His defense attorneys argue that the call was political speech and therefore is protected under the First Amendment.

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    1. What do you mean by Ga, Republicans? They are all dyed-in-the-wool closet democrats who don’t give a rat’s a$$ if corruption of the election is involved! Why didn’t they do a COMPLETE forensic audit of the ballots and machines – what is/WAS there to hide?

      1. Absolutely they committed fraud on several levels. They counted dead people, people voting in multiple states, illegals, along with flipping votes with the machines attached to the internet, making it easy to hack and change votes. Trump said,(paraphrased) “Just give me the dead people votes. How about those?” Good grief! It is so obvious, and these corrupt people have the nerve to open a criminal investigation into Trump’s phone call!

        1. Claudia..I have responded to you twice now and my TRUTHFUL COMMENTS are being “moderated”..!! This website cannot possibly be Pro-Trump and be moderating us like this..!!! What they are doing is unconstitutional..!! It’s tyranny…added to the already existing tyranny..!!

    2. I’m a Georgia Girl and I am completely shocked…!! However, THIS is what we are dealing with…Communist/Maoists/Socialists..!! They must not be allowed to get away with this VOTER FRAUD..!!

    3. Money talks and I read that lots of money was involved. If they were smart they would just let it go since there was no real crime anyway. The court needs to let the professionals come in and audit to put all of this away. Another idea, what about Mike Lindell’s documentary. That should make it absolutely clear. But I guess, democrats don’t listen to anything but the noise they make which is utter nonsense. I knew they just couldn’t leave President Trump alone after the sham impeachment. They are trying to take everything away from him. It’s time to stop being nice with these overgrown hoodlums.

  1. A full investigation needs to be done, this is a country of laws of which no one is above the law, just because Trump doe not believe the laws apply to him, when he broke 2 felony laws in the first impeachment , and apparently broke another Constitutional law decision, which say you can not yell fire in a theater, yet Trump did exactly the same thing with his proven lies about a stolen election, which has no basis in fact, it is not the Republican who were involved with the elections who are saying it, and Trump started this long before the election saying, that if he did not win it would be because the election was rigged, then claiming massive voter fraud, when even the people involved in the elections disputed along with the AG of this USA.

    1. If you DO NOT look for any corruption, you WILL NOT find any corruption! Exactly what the DOJ did – NOTHING!! In my opinion, this was a coup involving the dems, rino republicans, DOJ and the media!
      Why aren’t the members of the FBI that were trying to get Trump out in jail for their attempts which included lying to the courts to get the FISA warrants. Also, why isn’t hillary in jail for destroying evidence on her cell phone and having an unsecure internet server for government business?? Can you say DOUBLE STANDARD???

      1. AG Barr either was paid to do nothing or he was threatened to do nothing. He lied when he said he didn’t see any Voter fraud, mainly because he didn’t do an investigation. AG Barr was appointed by President Trump and the president was accused by the Dems of having AG Barr do his bidding. Not TRUE as all he wanted was for AG Barr to do his Job and investigate the Charges of Voter Fraud which he didn’t do but said he didn’t see any Voter Fraud. Then he resigns to step out of the lime light so to speak. The Russia Hoax investigation should have well been over early enough before the Presidential Election so the American Voters would be able to know exactly who they players were in promoting a coup to unseat President Trump from Office. President Trump didn’t take Office to make himself wealthy like most Politicians do who are dishonest and everyone knew he couldn’t be bought. We should demand to have full disclosure of our Politicians Wealth and how they obtained it. there is a Cash Cow in Washington, DC that most dishonest Politicians frequent often to build their wealth instead of using it to make America better for the Poverty level and Middle class people. But that’s not the case. Look at Ilhan Omar as she entered our Country under false pretenses and gets elected to Congress and takes part of her Election donations and pays her husband about $1,000,000 for Consultation fees. Great keep it all in the Family.

          1. Yes, the Bush family got their panties all in a wad because Trump called Jebbie Webbie “low energy Jeb.” Well, it was the truth. Jeb thought he could ride his father’s and brother’s coattails into the office. Truthfully, the entire Bush family (and I was dumb enough to vote for them before I knew the truth) are globalists. Bush Sr. was asked once if he could remember where he was when JFK was shot in Dallas. Guess what? He said he couldn’t recall. I saw a picture taken that very day, and there was George H.W. Bush in Dallas. That was when he was head of the CIA. Sort of makes you wonder why he was there at the time JFK was shot and killed. I no longer trust any of our intelligence agencies.

          2. Yes for sure! I sent e-mails to them and warned them Barr was a Bush Hack and a terrible choice! Trumps advisors did NOT serve him well!!!!!

        1. AG Barr has investments in Dominion voting machines. We all know why now the turncoat hasn’t been doing anything to back our President while in office and why he would not call for an investigation into election fraud. And, why nothing has come out on any of the other investigations he was supposedly heading. He is as crooked as the rest of the Dems. We don’t want him anywhere near our President DJT, ever again!!

    2. Robert and those of you who voted for Biden: In the next four years you are going to get what you voted for and it isn’t pretty. I don’t want to hear you complain about your taxes going up or gas prices doubling. I don’t want you to complain when your health insurance cost go up even further than they already are, or socialized medicine forces you to leave your doctor for one that has to see 100 patients per day. Don’t complain when you bring home less on your paycheck because you’re being penalized for climate change. Don’t complain when you lose your job because 15 million illegal immigrants suddenly become citizens. Then your employer decides to hire someone at a lower wage. Don’t complain when your job is just out right eliminated because the minimum wage is too high and your employer can no longer afford to stay open or even pay you. Don’t complain when your automotive or industrial job is eliminated because it’s shipped back to China. Don’t complain when interest rates double or even triple and you can’t afford a house or a car. Don’t complain when your stock and 401k take a massive hit. Don’t complain when we are locked into more endless wars in the Middle East. Don’t complain when otherwise safe communities are overrun by crime and start resembling Chicago, Portland, Seattle and Baltimore. Don’t complain when the educational system goes down even farther and higher education becomes unaffordable. You obviously are brainwashed by the government schools and fake news media and voted your feelings. Unfortunately facts don’t care about your feelings and you will learn this under the Biden/Harris administration. Just own up to it!!! And – when your wife is talked into aborting (killing) your unborn child, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Also, when the police are defunded and the new administration makes a play for all of our legally owned weapons, don’t look to me for support, safety, or compliance because I will be busy fighting to the death defending my family and home, using my GOD GIVEN 2nd amendment rights.

      1. You Sir are 100% correct,we Patriots won last time,we can do it again. I am positive once it starts,military will be on our side. I know the USMC is called “The President’s Own” for a reason.

        1. The Marines are the Presidents “army” . I know . They can be sent in if needed with no input by Congress or any ones refusal. And most Marines should still be Patriots .

      2. I think that was all for NAUGHT!!! 99% of Biden voters live on WELFARE and have the MAJORITY of their LIVES!!! they don’t work, so they don’t CARE what the Min. Wage is or how many Taxes are charged. Or how high the gas goes because they don;’t have to worry about going to work anyway!!!

      3. Excellent Comments, Ollie..!! Did you know that the Octopus has nine brains….? One in each tentacle and one in the head..!!

        So, that proves that the Octopus is smart..Just like YOU….!! Thank you for your educated comments..!

    3. Trump team can demand a forensic audit. There is already enough to give him Georgia. 10,315 dead voters, 66,247 under 18 years old. There’s more fishy votes to make GA a slam dunk. Let’s hope they go there.

    4. If you think Biden was elected president by legal votes,your neck must have threads,and your head screws on.
      We American Patriots are ready,bring on the Revolution! MAGA 2020& BEYOND.

    5. You would have to be an total idiot when you see those vote official’s pulling boxes out from tables and count the same ballots Over and over that put Obama Joe Biden ahead . Are you blind or totally stupid or are you a socialist Nazi ?

    6. Robert, what rock did you crawl out from under? Where has your head been buried in the sand? The first Clue that someone doesn’t know what they are talking about is making false statements like you just did.
      Did you even research that crap you just stated? Because from the varied websites I’ve collected data, there is absolutely MAJOR EVIDENCE OF VOTER FRAUD ACROSS THE U.S. — NUMEROUS STATES.

      Our Nation has collectively been gut punched by the Democrats and their outside collaborators (Soros, Gates, NWO, etc) when they stole this election. P.T. had 80,000 votes (tons of votes over Biddyboy) and at the last minute someone pulls out crates of ballots with JUST BIDEN’S NAME ON THEM!! Come on. I know you are NOT THAT IGNORANT. FIGURE IT OUT. This was a punch right in YOUR FACE and EVERY AMERICAN’S FACE!!

    7. Schiff, Pelosi,Schumer, the squad all lied. The first and second impeachment was a sham, lies,lies.lies.
      The only ones who broke the law was the Communist Democrats.

    8. Assuming you are right, you would be admitting that over five years of every smart Dem politician, lawyer, investigator, and media talking head spending millions of dollars, and hundreds of thousands of man hours of concentration and effort couldn’t make ANYTHING stick. That siad one would have to assume Trumps is one of two things–the smartest SOB in America, or innocent. Either makes him the right man for the job–don’t you think, if you can actually think, that is.

  2. If everyone would watch the video that Mile Lindell has had put together the truth could be seen that there was overwhelming proof of election fraud. If that had not happened we would not be having this impeachment trial now and Donald Trump would still be president. His legacy should be the accomplishments he was able to make in spite of “fighting” the democrats every day from the day he was sworn in in 2016. They pronounced to impeach him immediately.

    1. Yeah — little Obama would have run out with his hands up crying and screaming,”waaaaaah, they’re picking on me — waaaaaaaaah,” after the first three months of his term, if he had gotten the 24/7 harassment, bullying, false accusations, etc., they laid on President Trump! Gotta be a strong man like President Trump to get through all that, and he stoically and proudly stood up to it all, and without hesitation. I stood proudly with him then, and I stand proudly with him NOW and going forward!

  3. I am a Georgian and I am totally embarrassed as to what happened in the state concerning the vote. And I know of a lot of others in this state that are just as appalled. There are investigation going that I have heard and I hope that justice will prevail. I have been around a long time and never have I seen anything like this of this magnitude. And I hope I want ever see this happen again.

    1. How can Georgia and the honest citizens of Georgia ever get rid of that Tank Car who arranged what happened to the Georgia vote for all to see when those women sent the tabulators home due to a fabricated water line break and then on film pulled out cartons of votes from under skirted tables and began counting them?.. One was observed at a table running and rerunning the same ballots through a ballot counter? These illicit ballots were not in the approved cartons under skirted tables which is also illegal. Stacy Abrams the secretary of state is so filled with hatred that she refused to clean up the voter rolls of the dead and those who moved out of Georgia. She still believes she is the Governor of Georgia and has never conceded her loss even after a recount. According to the research of Mike Lindell even the runoff for the 2 Senate seats .in Georgia were not tallied correctly using the algorithms found in the Dominion voting machines. It is bad enough to lose an election but to know that the Dominion machines can be adjusted to get the desired outcome is really tough..

        1. Libra is talking about Georgia, and if I’m not mistaken, Georgia is the topic of the coversation. So — what other state are you referring to that he should take care of first???

      1. Did we have any doubt that the Georgia Senate runoffs would be handled any different than the POTUS election. They got away with stealing the election from DJT, why not steal the Senate seats as well?!! My question is where were the Republicans to not get this corruption turned around before they stole the Senate seats? No spine or just plain stupid in my opinion.

      2. People of GA do not like Stacy Abrams OR her sister. Like many adept politicians, she pulled the wool over their eyes for a short while; many have now turned against her. She stole the election and the people have found her out. At some point, Justice will prevail. Let’s hope it is in her lifetime so she can spend a few “quiet hours” in prison in order to contemplate her wrongs against the people.

  4. If Trump changed the votes that would be a criminal offense. It would be worth looking into but? Trump asked him to look into voter fraud, didn`t he? If you recall Hitler-y did the same thing. A pound of bricks or a pound of gold still weighs the same.

  5. If the corrupt folks in Fulton County want to open an investigation into President Trump regarding him alleging voter fraud in Georgia, then I say bring it on. We need to have these cases to force discovery to uncover all of the voter fraud that occurred in Georgia, particularly Fulton County. Then, we need to have criminal charges against all of the corrupt Democrats and RINO’s who have been running this scam.

  6. These suppose to be republicans are nothing but Socialist Nazi’s who are part of the deep state devil worshipers who sold there soles . God will deal with them in due time ..

  7. Congratulations Georgia, you have now fulfilled the perception of southerners as stupid and ignorant fools. Well you believed a Democrat campaign promise, when democrats are know promise breakers. 2000 dollar stimulus checks as soon as he was elected, and now it’s only 1400 dollars. Then the checks were to come in the later part of February, and now it’s maybe March. So much for their rhetoric that people need the money NOW. Who wants to bet they will never come.



    1. I am a 79 year old widow and I have seen a lot of unlawful happenings in my life. Right now I am saddened and extremely disgusted with the cruel HATRED that the EVIL DEMONS keep showing in America. My heart is breaking to think that fellow Georgians are downgrading the state where I was born and want to spend the rest of my life. I have never in my 79 years seen such horrible people. It is the time for all EVIL DEMONS tuck their tail between their legs and get a life and lose all their HATRED for a great president. What we have in our government offices all over this country need to act like a caring person for the office they hold.

  10. “The Hill reports:” Carries as much credibility weight as when “the communist party charges:” To them we say “in your face, reds.” How much are these frivolous impeachments and phony prosecutions costing the taxpayers? They need to be held accountable, and we look forward to the Senators, lawyers, Congressman who are the true Americans, not impostors, to go forward and legally take on the frauds. May the Lord inspire, and strengthen and empower them to do so.

  11. When you hear the phone call, you will know the truth, until then assume what anyone is saying about the phone call, is a lie

  12. The Democrats will spend the next 10 years trying to ruin President Trump. Their unhealthy hate of him is un natural and un healthy. What lengths will they go? How Low? At what point will they admit that they can not defeat him! Even a stolen election has not worked.



    YOU ARE A SICK TWISTED BUNCH OF SERPENTS. I can’t even call you “Humans”. You have digressed into the slithering, creepy world of”Forked tongues and false faces”. In other words: YOU HAVE SWALLOWED THE “EVIL” PILL AND CHANGED YOUR LIFE!

    Americans, are we going to let those “possessed” dems and RINOS waste our time AGAIN so they can pretend to win this Battle of GOOD VS EVIL?? Hell no! Time to STOP THIS STUPID CHARADE BY THE DEMS TO MAKE THEMSELVES FEEL BETTER — NOTHING WILL MAKE THEM EVER FEEL BETTER AGAIN — THEY DRANK OF THE EVIL KOOL AID AND NOW BELONG TO THE “UNDERWORLD”…no longer part of our World, always out to hurt, destroy, and abuse. Sound familiar?

    Yes, the dems/rinos have crossed over into the land of the burning fires, their new home from this point forward. TIME TO REMOVE THEM FROM POWER, OUR GOVT, THIS SOCIETY BEFORE THEY DESTROY MORE OF OUR NATION.

  15. The left just never going to sit down and shut the hell up, they just keep pushing on Trump. |The POS governor along with the other POS secretary of state made a deal with Stacy Abrams to allow a large number of votes to be counted which should have not been, The Ratrhinos should not by law allowed this to happen, the AG of GA should look hard at this S.B. woman as to her deals with the governor. You can listen to the tape of the phone call all day and all Trump did was call them out on there signing a letter of Intent with Stacy which was wrong. One thing for sure is the current governor and secretary of state are going to be one-term POSs.

  16. There’s a difference in asking to look into voter fraud to find out how the votes switched from Trump to Obama Joe Biden when Trump was up over a hundred thousand votes . And the 6 people who stayed behind to count ballots several times to put Obama Joe Biden ahead . Now this investigation should go forward and see the machines that switched the votes and illegal ballots . Plus the ballots that was summited that was fake .

    1. There should be little doubt that the election was rigged against Trump. So a question….When it has absolutely been confirmed (and it eventually will be!) that the election was fraudulent, what happens next? Does Biden/Harris get escorted from the White House and Donald simply resumes his seat? Or will the Supreme court order a new election with proper safeguards to assure an honest result? Or, worse, what if the Court decides that because Biden has been in office for a few weeks or more, it would be harmful to the country to play “switch” at this point. Any opinions?

  17. I think I have heard that phone call, and although Trump pressed the Sec. for a fair and complete recount where all fraudulent votes would not be counted, I do not remember him ever saying the Sec. of State to “find” any votes. It is more than obvious that the count in Georgia was a lot more than a little suspicious and that count should be redone with different people doing the counting and ALL of the signatures being validated. The same thing should be done for all the so called battleground states because there was obviously a lot of fruad in that election. Joe Biden himself bragged that he had the largest and most inclusive voter fraud organization in history.

  18. Then he should counter sue. I have never seen anything like the way these people twist and convolt due to hatred. What if they opened up the ability for Trump’s lawyers to prove these people cheated and stole the election? All the Rinos and the dems trying so hard to tell us that shame on us for daring to think they cheated to get Trump out of office. Sold our souls to achieve their goals! McConnell and all the others trying to cover up their guilt in their part in the Steal as well as the Capital “Riot,” they claim was MAGA, yet more and more info coming out that quite a few were BLM and Antifa. We should sue all of them. Didn’t they take an oath too, that they purposely plotted in back rooms to defy their own oaths? Our “Leaders,” are nothing of the sort.

  19. That’s a ball face bull shit lie they just can’t stop to get Trump for something even if it’s a lie just like the impeachment was all lies

  20. That swamp is wide and deep. The “Republicans” in Georgia are really pathetic. The fraud in Georgia was significant and that is what President Trump meant by find more votes. If the Republican Party continues to stay on the same path they are done for. I have made my last contribution to the “Republican Party”


  22. GA RHINOs are even bigger idiot than the liberal DEMs! Desperation make idiots and fools of them all, 😁😁 I got my 🍿🍿🍿and🥤🥤!!! Bring it on!!!

  23. My. Question. is. Leave. Trump. Alone. Please. There are. Far. More. Criminals walking. Out. Here. That. Should. Have. Been. Put. Away. I. Hope. That. He. Sues
    Everyone. I. Still. Say. Scumbag. Biden. Should. Be. Investigated and. His. Son. He. Is. Committing. More. Dirt. Laundry
    They. Cannot. Do. That. To. Trump


  24. I am a Georgian and I want every one of those so-called prosecutors fully investigated and tried for their criminal acts, even if that act was to take a company pen home with them. Those so called prosecutors do NOT REPRESENT GA, period. How disgraceful of them to shame our lovely State in such a nasty manner.

  25. This is the same story we have all lived with for more than 4 yrs already…these people are the REAL criminals who blame Trump for everything they’ve done.. disgusting. Time for them to face legal action and the correct punishment for allowing the Chinese to steal and election.

  26. OMG, here we go again. I don’t think I will ever vote again, let the SOBs cheat, steal, commit crime, murders, they will do it anyway no matter what good law abiding Americans think, say, or do.

  27. Careful what you wish for you may open up the corruption the Democrats pulled off in the state and I am sure you cheating liars don’t want that to become public.

  28. Why don’t you Democrats just stop. We are very tired of you going after Trump
    over and over. What you dish out is going to come after you. Remember that you don’t get by. You might should look over your own shoulder.

  29. Will they ever be able to find peace with themselves and loose the hatred they constantly carry for President Trump.
    He is a winner and they are scared to death of him and we the people who stand with him.
    Why else have they put up high, so high wire fence around Washington DC with Razor Wire on top and now are having the National Guard stay until fall? Must be afraid of something if they are living as though they are in prison.

  30. don’t blame all the Ga. republication I know a bunch of pissed off ones there that are going to be getting down to the bottom of this plus getting rid of a bunch that’s in office

  31. Another example of what extreme blind hatred does to the human brain!!! As all the other attempts to destroy Pres. Trump, this too will amount to nothing!!!

  32. During the time after the election in many states there were questions. The courts (yes including SCOTUS) cowardly ramped up semantics by deciding NOT to hear any case. The words used were No Systemic fraud was found. Now I did not hear one news outlet state what that meant so, I looked it up. here is what it said…System wide effect of a group or system as a whole instead of individual member parts. Now we know the system as a whole did not have fraud involved. They only needed a few close states to change a loss into a win. Wonder why no person has brought that out? Georgia did not want to be the showcase of fraud so we then come up with Trump telling this clown AG that with their control of the votes it would be easy for his office to find more than enough votes for Trump to win.

  33. So far there has been several people Arrested for Voters Fraud and yet the Democrats refuse to tell the Truth! It’s the Mainstream Media that has caused all this Deceptions and Lies, and until these Media Bullshitter’s come clean the bulk of the people will never know the Truth about how Fraudulent the Democrats really are!!

  34. More waste of time and money these leftists are running scared. Trump is thee only man they are afraid of plain and simple.. imagine if he did something wrong they would have something to go on but they can only think of false Allegations and trumped up charges. No pun intended I respect our president fully. It’s hard for one man to fight adversity everyday and still did good by everyone regardless race skin color or what have you…
    He was heaven sent and guess what ppl He is not done just wait. Why you think the left are acting like crazy ppl. Got something to hide maybe ?????????
    We know you do.
    God bless president Trump the true winner

  35. The sorry asses need to quit wasting tax payers money. all the Dems and some Republicans needs to be impeached

  36. GOOD..!! Now, maybe we’ll get to the bottom of the COUP/VOTER FRAUD because they will have to produce EVIDENCE that there were not ILLEGAL VOTES..!! It’s the ILLEGAL VOTES President Trump was referring to when he asked about “finding” votes because there’s plenty of evidence that illegal votes were cast as well as other “voting irregularities”…like vote harvesting, etc..!! Georgia was one of the worst offending states..!! GEORGIA IS SO BUSTED…!!!!

  37. Get these prosecutors just like they caught the prosecutor who went after the innocent Duke athletes Then put the prosecutors into prison.


  39. GA has turned into the IL of the south with one large urban area calling the shots of failure for the rest of the state. And what lives in those places, left wing lunatics.

  40. Just so hard to believe the turncoat traitor so called Republican leaders in Georgia could be so rotten and crooked as the Communist Democraps but sure is the case! Also just hard to realize how wretched most of the other ones are to! So many traitors on gun control and the UNCONSTITUTIONAL RED FLAG FIASCO laws to so many sucking on the Democraps like binkies! So many stinking Republicans you have to watch them very very close as they are very sneaky!!!!! Sure hope the Best President Ever President Trump can strip the party of them and boot them to the Democraps where they belong!!

  41. “Fulton County’s new district attorney, Fani Willis
    What would you like to bet that sorass had this beauty parachuted into the DA slot? Another demoRat robot takes the field….


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