Former Republican Officials Look to Form Third Party

R. Taylor/VOA, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Over 120 former Republican officials engaged in a discussion last week to form a new political party based a platform of “principled conservatism”.

The discussions included former officials from the Reagan, Trump, and Bush regimes, GOP consultants, former ambassadors, and even some former GOP elected officials.

The movement is being led by none other than Evan McMullin who ran President in 2016 as an independent. Prior to his run, he served as the chief policy director for the House Republican Conference.

Some other participants in the discussions included former Pennsylvania congressman Charlie Dent, two former Trump Homeland Security officials; Miles Taylor and Elizabeth Neumann.

Jason Miller, a spokesman for former President Trump said, “These losers left the Republican Party when they voted for Joe Biden.”

Following the report, McMullin tweeted:


“If there were to be a new, independent faction of the GOP or a new party all together, it shouldn’t only include Never Trumpers. Rather, it should unite all those who now commit to American democracy, truth and reason and who desire a political identity centered on those things.”


McMullin told Reuters that over 40% of those who attended his discussion supported the idea of a third party as an option.

Their plan would be to recruit candidates for certain races while backing “center-right” Republicans, independents, and Democrats in other races.

Potential names for the new party include “the Center-Right Party” and the “Integrity Party”.

  1. I see a group of Never Trumpers who will do anything and everything to bring down President Trump even if it would destroy the Republican Party. I say don’t leave the Party of Lincoln but stay and work for positive change as difficult as it may seem.

    1. That is one way to keep the democrats in power without cheating.
      My question to any thirds party thinkers is what are you going to do with the christian within the party? Are we welcome?

      1. Very pertinent question. What are they going to do with the Christian within the party – those of us who believe and practice worship of God implementing covid restrictions, mask wearing, quarantined in our senior communities or nursing homes who were not there to bid loved ones goodby, who have not seen our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren? Are those of us who are fighting against abortion, for the Bible’s definition of family, for support of our police welcome???

        1. I am very surprised of the amount of Christians that think this virus is a hoax and do not believe in the wearing of a mask and getting the vaccine. These are Republicans

          1. Survival rate is ~99.7%. That thing speaks for itself. We are dealing with media induced global hysteria and stupidity. Its purpose is being revealed daily by multinational globalist corporations and their govt surrogates.

          2. EXACTLY! The survival rate for the population as a whole is as you posted but among those over 65, it is 95% so it is the seniors who bear the brunt of this of which I am one. We did NOT have to close down our country and commit financial suicide; all we had to do was protect the vulnerable, unlike Cuomo who gave those in nursing homes a sentence of death. AND it is amazing how the seasonal flu has all but disappeared this year! Go figure !!!

          3. Yes but that media stupidity is bought and paid for by China. China found out that the media and the Democratic party is the easiest way to spread their communist propaganda. A lot of money will buy a lot of propaganda. They couldn’t buy out Fox News and Newsmax to name a couple of news outlets where you can get all the news and not just what the communist party wants you to hear. But the communist are doing their best to have Fox taken off the air and then they can have easy sailing from there. A lot of people have figured out that they are being duped and that is why Fox has become the #1 news source on cable and are challenging the major networks for the top spot.

          4. You mentioned global hysteria and stupidity. Trump knew this would happen and that’s why he had to play it down to some extent. It’s like a bunch of animals running out of a burning forest. He knew it was bad but tried to put some hope and faith into the people. He admitted he didn’t want to cause hysteria. There is a percentage of people in the world that are prone to lose their minds and run around screaming, “The sky is falling!” We have all been and still are scared, but getting hysterical doesn’t help. And the media preys on the weak people.

          5. Do not confuse Lisa with numbers, she may have difficulty with calculating the odds of even getting the so call virus!!!

          6. I am very surprised at the amount of people that do not do some basic research and still think the wuhan hoax is anything but political theater. Look how the democrats went back and forth last year between President trump is a racist/he is not doing enough. Compare wuhan hoax death rates to a corresponding drop in every other type of death. Mask? What is that doing for you? A The second thing you do when putting on a real mask is test the seal by covering the inlet, you should not be able to breath. If you can then there is no seal and the mask is doing nothing, try it with a surgical mask. The virus is 0.0125 micron that mask is protecting you at 0.3-0.2 microns, not stopping anything even if the was a seal. Why no removal and disposal protocols? You take it off then go about your business with the hoax virus all over your hands, it did nothing. They are what 70% affective is that like being 70% pregnant? They either protect or they do not, they do not. In a building with a ventilation system that is cycling all the air inside every 10-15 minutes what good is social distancing? You do not have to be a Christian to do that just use your brain.

          7. What you said may all be true. I won’t dispute it. But personally I have experienced people who have invaded my personal space before this virus was even heard of; and it causes me to step back, because of their closeness. Second, I don’t want someone coughing or sneezing close to me. I’d rather not share their phlem or their snot particles. A mask prevents the worst of it from going into your face. I myself hate wearing a mask because with COPD it makes it harder for me to breathe, and I can’t wait to get in my car to rip it off. But it still makes me feel safer what little it does help. I’m even entertaining the idea of calling in my grocery orders and picking it up just so I don’t have to feel like a fish out of water just to buy food.

          8. I don’t think it’s a hoax, but I do believe it’s being used for the wrong advantage. If ever there was a chance to keep the people down like docile farm animals it’s that. If the Covid didn’t put us on our knees the left will put us flat on the ground if they have their way. In my opinion the real reason for the church closings aren’t because of the virus but the cancel culture. They don’t like religion because it’s against everything they stand for and are trying to incorporate into our lives. So like everything else they have cancelled, because they don’t like it, the churches fall into the same catagory. And maybe a small part of it is that if any of them have any religious background it may give them a moments thought and cause them a few seconds discomfort.

          9. There is no scientific evidence that wearing a mask does anything to stop the spread of any virus, just ask those doctors treating Ebola patients. There is scientific evidence that wearing a mask may be very harmful to some people. Every study done shows shutdowns do nothing to stop the virus and do far more harm than doing nothing. This is also all about a disease that has a lower mortality rate than the flu with a99.987% recovery rate.

        2. The never Trumpers do not want God, look at there leaders. You cannot chase after little boys and have Christians around. If President Trump starts a party with the 95% of us republicans and at least 20% of democrats we will all have a home.

        1. In a never Trumper party, look at the leadership of the Lincoln project they have bashed Christians before and like to chase little boys that’s why. They are nothing more than establishment hacks dressed like republicans. This is all about trying to discredit a MAGA type party and it is only going to backfire like the both the impeachments. Now a MAGA new party would be welcoming everyone particularly the 95% of republican’s and 20-32% of democrats into the fold.

      2. If the party is created by never Trumper then no. Look at the leaders of the Lincoln project, why would you even ask. If it is a MAGA party then all aboard, because we will have a new home!

      1. In my opinion they were never true Republicans. Most have not stood up for the people. Went along with business as usual.

      1. I will support the person who does what he says and achieves results unlike politicians who just talk but don’t deliver. Trump has proved that a business person is what’s needed to make effective change

    2. I tend to agree, but it seems like a third party might after all be the only way to restore legitimate conservative thinking and action in politics.

      1. Problem with third parties is they take votes AWAY from the person you seek to elect.While I like the idea of a third party they, at this time, do NOT work as wished

        1. That thinking is very establishment but the environment has changed in the last few months. I know there are hundreds of shills out there trying to stem the tide of a new party but it is not going to work. First there has never been this kind of passion for a new party that was only heightened by the constant betrayal of the rinos, obamacare, 230 hearings, not fighting the election fraud and so on. Second there have never been the numbers to get a new party going as there is now, 95% of voting republicans and 20-32% of voting democrats is a big block if they left the failed establishment. Third, in that growing number of republican’s, including me, that are disgusted with the current bunch of backstabbing rinos and their extremist left partners understand that just sending a few new people in the same old party’s to the congress at a time will just get us the same thing we already have, toe the line and play the part you are supposed to play. Actors on a stage. It would take three elections for a new party to be the majority perhaps two but realistically three. In the mean time both rinos and the extreme left wing be loosing numbers.

    3. I say screw the party of Lincoln, just like they have been doing to their supporters for decades. While I suspect there is no peaceful path to a return of the American Republic, if one does exist, it probably lies with the formation of a third party dedicated to Americanism, the political philosophy upon which the Founders established our country.

      1. hold on to your horses there Old Shooter. 1. Ameica needs to back Trump for President.2. WE must demand our elected officials do the job we hired them to do or throw them out EVEN IF we like them,or are promised free stuff. At this point in time NO 3rd party candidate has ever won anything! That isn’t going to help us. WE need to return to the America of the 40’s where people worked because they understood economics, and were horrified at the thought of receiving “welfare”

        1. Hold on there partner, we have all that wishful thinking now. Go back over the last 20-25 years we have had the same thing over and over again. The rinos have proven they have no intentions of going back to listening to the base, support for cheney and throwing MTG under the bus and more proves that. Sending a few new people to congress at a time in the same old party is just going to get more of what we have right now. No third party has ever had this kind of support and passion. It is past time for a new party. You can try to push the shill narrative all you want but it is not going to work. The proof is there for everyone that wants to see it.

    4. Remove the failed backstabbing “leadership” who has provene they are not qualified
      to lead the Party. President Trump has shown which way the members want to go
      and return to the guideline that made it a great party in the first place and with a
      clear direction to go. The so called leaders want to roll over and compromise
      ever time an enemies appears to remind them they also are part of the Deep State
      problems that has plagued both parties.

    5. The Republican party is already being destroyed. They have done it to themselves. It has been damaged so badly I don’t think it will survive. For a long time it has lacked unity, too much fighting and bickering among party members, spies, rhinos infiltrating, and plain old cowardliness. They also don’t fight enough for what we want. They give in too easily, often to the bane of the voters. You don’t see this happening with the Democrats. They have a goal and are very united in seeing it through. The members are loyal and supportive to one another. They are stuck together like glue. The Republicans didn’t give our president the support he needed, and even now some of them are throwing him under the bus to save their own cowardly necks. I have lost faith in the party. It’s more like a club than a political party. I will no longer be a part of the party of cowards. We are tired of all the talk. We want to see some definite action! I’m embarrassed to even call myself a Republican. Therefore I won’t. If a new party is created they can sign me up.

  2. Civil war is inevitable, the Never Trumpers are likely to be treated the same way that the liberal dem bloodsucking parasoitical ticks. are

  3. Isn’t it strange that this is being discussed now with the knowledge that we the voter’s know who was really trying to run the country like it should be.. This is blatant proof that a bunch of career politicians are worried about their cushy jobs and under Trump they would probably lose or have to start doing what they were elected to do

    1. I believe that they fear paying for crimes…that they are among the “guilty as hell” for whom the only way out is to get rid of President Trump–at all costs.

    2. Bruce, I do not believe career politicians will ever do the work for the American people. The large companies and billionaires have everyone, of those so called public servants, bought and paid for. We, the people of the US, are the pawns, that are only a thorn in their side. We mean nothing to them. Ever tried to reach your representative? Oh, you will talk to someone, who says they will forward your concerns, but you will never hear from them. Their time is spent with those who have the most money to give them. You know, Adelson $218,158,100, Bloomberg $152,259,750, Whitman, CEO of Quibi, $518,200, Kiani $572,600, Pincus $949,872 and the list goes on and on. All the cops say, follow the money and you will uncover the crime.

    3. The U.S. Constitution needs to be amended to limit the years of public office. Example: Biden 43+ years as an elected officaial.

  4. No thank you! The REP helped the DEM Party and China to steal the Presidential / Senate Election. I will never forget that the REP Party has betrayed President Trump and the American People. With that said, I knowledge that there are a handful of REP who have tried to help us. But there is not enough of them. I am not in independent voter. I will never vote for a DEM and or RINO!!!

    1. FYI: Do not donate through WinRed! They still have all the TRAITOR RINOS on funding list! Donate individually to candidate or official of your choice!🇺🇸

    2. I sent out 6 of those this morning. They don’t get anymore money from me. I think it’s all a scam anyway. I sent them in their own paid postage envelopes. I won’t even spend money for a stamp.

  5. Way to go, genius’ – a house divided falls. When our great country falls into socialism, and snowflake ideology, we will have the Democrats to blame,…and YOU too! Your group, the Lincoln Project, and the Libertarian Party, just don’t get it. Yolu are all helping the Left to win.

    1. They don’t give a damn. They are guilty of evil doings, and are going to fry if Our President Trump succeeds. They will do ANYTHING to make him fail.

    2. They are part of the extremists left. One of the ways to convince your enemy to stop fighting is to infiltrate their ranks and destroy moral from within. I do not know anyone that ever thought they were anything more than socialists in rino clothing.

  6. Stop thinking about you and your parties and start helping the people of this country that need help! People now days do not trust the media or you so called American Government. You parties needs to realize we the people are your bosses, we put you there, so you better start thinking about the people or you will no longer have a job!

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  8. I am a committed conservative but I believe the two party system has ruined the country. Democrats stand together no how bad the decisions are and the Republicans just pretend to be principaled. Almost all of them focus on elections and not policy. Without term limits we are doomed. The founders would roll over in their graves if they could see what their country has morphed into. I am a Vietnam vet and I am struggling with the fact that we are now voting for the same communists that we lost 55,000 lives over. Khruschev was correct when he predicted that thye would destroy us with our grandchildren in 1960.

    1. I agree with all you said. But they don’t care. They have an agenda and they will not change for us. They want the new world order. They are power and money hungry..

    2. Thank you for your service. I have noticed a pattern over the last 20-25 years. When in the minority the rinos huff and puff but then claim they do have the numbers to do anything, like repel obamacare. When in the majority they hide behind stunts like “held up in committee”, or they just let an issue fade away, like the 230 hearings and still do nothing. Every two years the socialist are aloowed to chip away our freedom just a little bit more. Case in point, when the new congressmen and women showed up after the last fraudulent election they were immediately brow beaten into submissions and when some of them held their ground they were threatened with that set up event on the capitol, an innocent life was executed to drive the point home, and a excuse to lay blame ala the 1933 Reichstag fire. In everything you wrote you are 100% correct. it is way past time for a new party.

  9. DO JUST THAT !!
    ILL VOTE !!!!
    WE THE PEOPLE !!!!!!!

      1. Why? What has voting republican for the last 20 years done for us? Did they repeal obamacare when they could have? Did they cheer for President trump when he was nominated twice for the Nobel Peace prize? Did they fight for every penny for the securing our southern border or just begrudgingly go along? Did they stop the censorship of big tech when the could haver? Where any of them during the fradulent election? Where are any of them raising voice for solid Trump supporting canidates in 2022? why is cheney at 13% approval in her home state but they still support her in the DC swamp or throw MTG under the bus, because they care about the base, no. Nowhere to be found. They were playing the parts they were supposed to play, actors on a stage. The situation today is vastly different from any other time. Look at how far Perot went with almost no support. Today 95% of voting republicans and 20-32% of voting democrats is a large block of votes. There is a passion to get our freedom back alnog with a loathing of traitors like the entire bunch of rinos today. So just exactly what make the republican party a good idea?

  10. Unfortunately a third party would please the democrats very much. It would water down conservative votes unless the new party supports a GOP candidate. It’s going to be hard enough to fight the left’s cheating and rigging of elections, let alone a watered down vote.

    1. I believe that a Trump Party would be the only successful third party…it would eliminate the GOP and take a good number from the Democrats…those thinking, honest people who legitimately love the USA.

      1. Any “conservative” third party would simply hand elections over to the Democrats. It’s that simple and no amount of fantasizing will change the facts.

          1. Who says a new party with this much passion and numbers will not split the extreme socialist democrats also? 20-32% of democrat voted for President Trump that is going to affect them also.

        1. How do you figure that? After 95% of republicans and 20-32% of democrats voted for President trump you do not think that is a formidable voting block? Yes, lets look at Perot. Look what he did with little support. time have changed and so has the third party model. By what logic are democrats forced to vote only for democrats? I know several democrat that have not voted in years because they hate the extremist left wing views of the main stream democrats over the last twenty years. They have all said they would love to see an new party, I doubt my little circle is the only one that feels that way. Perot was there to keep George Busch out of the White House, he did what he wanted to do and faded away. He had no intent on doing anything else. President Trump is there for the USA, and is still fighting for us, that is a big difference.

        2. What’s the difference in that and what has already happened? I can’t see it getting any worse. I’m willing to take the chance. Besides, you could be surprised by maybe a horde of people joining the third party who are just as sick of the BS as the rest of us. The time has come where we’d better show more strength or we will all drown.

    2. As much as so many of us would love nothing more than to stick it to the establishment GOP and start a third party for the people, I agree that it would only serve to hand over wins to the democrats. Good intentions, bad outcome. For every house and senate seat coming up in 2022, we’ve got to find good constitutional conservatives to run for those seats as Republicans and support their election. We also MUST demand that alternative voting methods to eliminate fraud are established as law in each state by our state legislatures! Without voting integrity and an absolutely impeccable firewall to fraud, … get the point. Maybe machines should go away altogether, and we go back to a manual system that cant be hacked.

      1. Out dated thinking. Times have changed. What about the 20-32% of democrats the voted for president Trump? What about the democrats that hate the extremist views of the main stream democrats but cannot bring themselves to vote republican and not vote at all? Get beyond the two party paradigm. For the first two elections they would be a minority but still play spoiler. Why is there an assumption that a third party would not vote with the rinos when they had to in order to defeat the socialist? In three elections it is conceivable they would be the majority. Voting republican today is just going to get more of the backstabbing we have had for the last 20 years.

    3. Out dated thinking. Numbers are hard to pin down because they do not speak well for the extreme leftist but 20-32% of voting democrats voted for President Trump. This is not a finite pie and the left will loose another group because plenty of democrats are sick of the extremist views of the main stream democrat party and just do not vote. A lot of them may vote if there was a third choice. For the first two elections a new party would be playing spoiler but by the time a third election happened they could be an overwhelming majority. presuming there is ever another fair election, or even china jo coming with a reason to cancel the next election. One last thing. Why is there always the assumption that a new party would not vote against the extremist left?

    4. Why would a third party have to support a GOP candidate? If it is recognized as a legitimate third party it can have it’s own candidate under it’s new name. Whatever it may be. But something tells me that once the word got out that a third party is being planned the GOP may finally get their ducks in a row and do the work they’ve been paid to do. Of course by then it will be too late. I’m tired of being a loser. I’m ready for a change.

  11. What I see is nothing more than rebranding of the current Republican Party! Most of which don’t give a tinkers damn about America or the American people! Ordered by their handlers and funded by George Soros!

    1. That is correct. Remember President Regen tried to revitalize the republican party and that lasted right up until the day he left office, that establishmnet hack bush made sure of that, and it is not going to work now. We need a third party, one that is not beholden to soros, big tech, wall street manipulators the propaganda media and the ccp.

  12. Just another way for the communist ( democrats ) to ruin this country and take over. New party my ass. They will just be another way for the rich and big tech to make this a one-world order. We need to stand up against these greedy low lives and take our country back. The crooks have been running this world for too long. If we don’t fight, then we won’t exist.

    1. So what is your plan? Cannot vote for an extrem socialist democrat. Voting for a rinos will just give us more of the same. Why not a new party? Who says that life long democrats that are sick of the extreme left democrat main stream will not vote for a new party? What would you do?

  13. Sounds like a bunch of One World Order LOSERS, which is a GOOD PLACE for them. NOT one of them could beat Trump w/out the LIBS FRAUDULENT VOTER SCHEME and the Libs have that SEWED UP!!!

    1. A third party factioned off of the Republicans guarantees Dems to be in power FOREVER! A better Idea is to form a third LIBERAL Party, like, “Social Democrat Party” to take votes away from the Democrats! Then you will have Kennedy Democrats and AOC/Bernie Democrats voting against themselves.

      1. Who says that people that used to be democrats will not vote for a third party? Somewhere between 20-32% of voting democrats voted for President Trump. What about the thousands that will not vote because the democrats are to extreme and just cannot bring themselves to vote republican? Who says a new party would even run a presidential candidate if the numbers do not look right? Look at what Perot achieved with almost no support. This time things are different. There is massive support and passion. it may take three elections but a new party in the majority is possible. In the mean time they would be playing spoiler able to stop socialist and rino legation when they want, or vote for it as needed. The failed two party’s of today would have go to them for anything.

  14. “Come on everybody follow us!” Evan McMullin exclaimed as he trundled down the path with a horde of followers traipsing after him. It was at that point that Evan had realized that he had finally self-actualized and feeling so proud and accomplished he felt it incumbent upon himself to say a few words to commemorate this momentous occasion great new massive undertaking. As Evan turned to address the crowd he noticed that the crowd had dwindled a bit and he quickly hid the bullhorn he had bought for just such an occasion as it was unnecessary for the crowd which numbered only 10 people. “I see you there Mitt, how are you doing today?” Evan made beaming eye contact with John Kasich, and glanced at George Conway snacking on a candy bar. “Well Rome wasn’t built in a day” much to the delight of the under a dozen in attendance. “Onward!”

    1. Because you would have to vote all of them out at the same time. Look what happened in the last fraud election, the rinos brow beat the new people into submission in days. It would just be the same thing over and over again.

  15. “Yea, we don’t like Trump. Let’s form a 3rd party to make sure the demonKKKrats stay in power forever so they can totally wreck our country…”


    1. The never Trumpers are not going anywhere, they do have numbers or support. This is all about trying to stop support for president trump, and it is not working.

  16. Are WE the Republicans so dense we believe another party will be any different if we don’t purge the party of RINOS such as mcconnell, mukowski, cassidy, romney, AND ALL THE OTHER RINOS.
    The party is only as good as the members and how they vote, if they want someone that believes COMMUNISM, PROGRESSIVISM, PACIFISM is the way to go, vote democrat and join the democrat party or leave America the country you do not support and want to destroy.

    1. So you think that after the last fraud election when all the new members were brow beat into obeying and playing their parts in the play anything is going to be different in the future? How? What has happened to make them change? They have been doing this for the last 20 years we just never noticed. The establishment rinos are never going to let another pro-Trump candidate anywhere near DC – ever. Look how they support cheney and tossed MTG under the bus despite what their numbers in the polls were. The rinos do not care about the base and never will again.

  17. Let’s be clear, this cabal do not represent principled conservatism. Not even close. Members of the Deep State? Yes! RINOs? Yes! But not principled conservatives.

    1. The only way to fix the rinos is to vote all of them out at once, and that is never going to happen. They have already shown how deep they in the swamp and will brow beat new members into toeing the line. They will never allow a real Trump supporter near DC ever again – ever. How many of them are saying “in two years we need some real MAGA’s in here to help clean up the mess”? Not one and you never will. There is not one reason to trust them.


  19. The same people who funded the Lincoln Project are essentially the leftist Rockefellar wing of the GOP who want unlimited trade with China, where they make their billions. They always promote the myth of free trade, with China. These Deep Staters blame Donald Trump for “stealing their party” while still funding liberal Democrats. The choice is quite clear for Americans. A 74 million voter base is what these characters are up against. Most of these 74 million will be happy to help these characters pack their bags.

  20. We shouldn’t join if never Trumpers is in it. If they are not for Trump I have no use for them. We have to have a big change in Capital Hill. All left wings Dems and Republicans needs to be impeached before they screw this country up worse than it already is.

  21. There is nothing either “principled” or “conservative” about RINOs. Just consider the voting records of Senators Alexander, Capito, Collins, Murkowski, Portman, Romney, Toomey and Sasse, for example.

  22. Go ahead and do that . . . you will make every dumbocrapper Jump Up And Down With Joy . . . that one move will fracture any and all competition for public office forever. We will be subject to the whims of those dumbocrappers Ad Nauseum.
    Vietnam 3x

  23. Stupid idea!! The DEMS would win every election if they split the Republican Party. The Never Trumpers appear to be jealous of President Trump, and his ability to get things done!

  24. Just another group of criminals to raid the money of the American people. Same SHIT different name. More to play the BLAME GAME while stealing us blind.

  25. These ‘politicians’ are simply following directions — of the democrat’s !! Their INTENT is to split President Trump’s followers — insurance against a failed fraudulent impeachment. They know a third party will be a loser and they want to force Trump to form one to stop them. Just ignore them and they will soon die.

  26. There is already a third party in the making, the Patriot party. We don’t care about the never Trumper. They won’t work with anyone who disagrees with their communist ideology. You just don’t get it yet, but you will 😉



  29. I’m all for a third party since the RINOs disgust me. The thing is that President Trump needs to lead the way. No lukewarm wimps need apply.

  30. A third party is the last thing we need to dilute the vote if that happens will never win another race these people need to be shut down now

  31. The American people desperately need a New Political party. What is called the republican party is in fact the RINO party and they are a clone of the democrat party. We need a new party for conservatives who currently have no voice in the government. After a new party for conservatives is created the leftist RINO party politicians will be assimilated by the democrat party where they will be right at home. Bye Bye McConnell!

  32. I always think, once a traitor always a traitor and that is what these people, appear to be They don’t seem to have the interest of the American people at all. They are so self centered I would vote for any of them. I don’t like their party name choices either it doesn’t tell you anything about their motives..

  33. Now is the opportunity for the Republican party to become the party of the working people. Boot the rinos and the never Trumpers out and get down in the mud to fight the Dems, who now represent socialism.

  34. Why not just call it ” The RINO party? Or “the party of rejects”. They couldn’t win any election. They just don’t get the fact that they will never appease leftist to get votes, as they would vote for democrats. DemoncRATS love only DemoncRATS!!

  35. I think it would be great for the Never Trumpers to leave the GOP and find their own party of traitors and sellouts. President Trump had 77 million voters. Under the right leadership, the GOP could be a very strong party without the RINO’s.

    1. If you divide the votes, it will guarantee the democrats (left, progressive, liberal, commie-socialists) will always win without a fight. Remember Ross Perot. We don’t want a repeat. The republican party needs to unite and throw out the RINOs and false republicans. This will get us the voting power to take back this Country from china.

  36. “Integrity” Party which contains those who lied about Trump for FIVE years, ae in bed with the Chinese communists to fatten their wallets, and who talk a good game but don’t get anything accomplished. Talk about false advertising!!


  38. There are a few reasons why this is a bad idea but the most glaring and obvious one is, it dilutes the Republican party! You are NOT going to pull democrats over to this party, it will only come from current Republicans. What does this do? Well, it GUARANTEES the Democrats will win every single election from here on out. When you think of extremely stupid ideas, the words of Bill Engvall come through loudly, “Here’s Your Sign”.

  39. I know one thing. The Republicans dropped the ball on this election . They should have pushed for reform in 2016 – 2017, when they had the House. They should have fought for investigation into fraud this election.
    I would / will support another party, I’m finished with the Rino party.
    I’ll vote independent if I have to.

  40. I would NEVER join anyone who voted for Biden. Let’s talk and have a civil conversation, but you will never convince me to give up to any degree my conservatism because that embodies that which the founding of this country is based; God, family and country with the country being as conceived and created by the founding fathers!

  41. Once Main St. America has experienced the fact that Soros/Obama via Biden/Harris absolutely hate our country, and all mainstream citizens have suffered the unavoidable retributions of these haters, I believe an entirely new bonding will result, crossing parties and former political persuasions of all types. We all have our limits. Dems have been betrayed also, its just going to take a while for them to feel it. THen they will resist also. And at this rate, it wont take 4 years for a ‘revolution’. The radical left is not as popular with the average citizen as it is with the elitists. I believe this firmly. Human nature will prevail.

  42. Could someone explain how a 3rd party would help the demoncrats? I keep hearing all this BS that a 3rd party is bad. When a 3rd party was tried before they ran eccentrics/losers that ran on 1 pony platform. Today there are so many problems that need to fixed. A 3rd party agenda has to be all encompassing. And maybe the country is ready for that. As long as we have the liberals and Big Tech in charge, owning too many people, even the judges, and too many RINOs, and use the Dominion machines, Republicans will never win another election. Creating a new Party who favor a revolution is worth a try because having what we have in place now sure as hell isn’t working and NEVER will if we we keep status quo. Personally, I believe if the Supreme Court would grow a pair, hear and rule correctly on the election fraud and convict the cheaters for fraud/collusion/treason and name Trump the President then he could arrest the deep swap criminals and jail them. Another possibility would be a military coup.

  43. Wow, these idiots are actually believing their own story. I and several others I know left because of rinos and the arrogant never Trumpers betrayed us for the last time. Does anyone believe never Trumpers are anything but socialist in rino clothing. This is just a sad attempt to change the narrative but they are living in a bubble of their own making. Look at the numbers for cheney who last I looked was at 13%, mcconnell at 16% because they betrayed us. Then there is MTG, could not find approval numbers on her so they must be pretty high, therefore covered up. After the Lincoln project fiasco do they actually think conservatives will flock to them. Then there is the percentages from the fraud election 95% of republican’s and as many as 32% of dems voted for President Trump. If President Trump starts a new party millions of very passionate people will flock to him overnight, I believe that is why they are trying so hard to change the narrative.

  44. It is called “divide and Conquer”. “We shall all hang together or we shall surely HANG separately”! I think that the days of tax and spend are here after the Biden forty dictates from the executive branch after only two weeks in office make the word Democracy ring hollow. The monetary system will devolve from the dollar to internet money such as bitcoin and the YEN of CCP fame! Barter and trade are the only viable options after they increase the M2 and dilute the economy with fiat money as the dollar is now backed by virtually no manufacturing base. All major economists like Adam Smith, John Maynard Keynes, Thomas Malthus, John Kenneth Galbraith, Milton Friedman, and even Thorstein Veblen have based economic theory and practice on PRODUCTION. The depredations of NAFTA, GATT, and Fast track signed into law by first Clinton and then Bush finished what little heavy industry was left after EPA and OSHA ruled out the pollution they caused shifting these essential adjuncts of our society to third world nations by the policy of “Decentralization”. We lost close to three million manufacturing jobs as the satellite light industries were shifted to Asia, Mexico and other places around the world. What do we still make? Western Europe still retains the skeleton of heavy industry but we have nothing left of significance in these areas. The middle class is doomed! We are a third world country with a banana republic government. Keep all you got of any value at all for the coming days of trade for what you need. Expect many shortages and widespread starvation as we have sold ourselves down the river. Ain’t nuthin easy. I sweated as a Pipefitter until they shut the refinery down in 82 along with a thousand other refineries across the country so we are now dependent on OPEC for petroleum products. The last bright spot , the pipeline from Athabaska Canada to Texas was shut down by Biden’s dictate to quash it. I’m now four score in yahre so look for me on the other side of the river. I’ll be fishing with my brothers and my Father.

  45. A discussion about secession would be more productive. The republic, as we knew it, is finished.

    Separate the blue from the red. We’ll take the constitution with us and the blue can proceed to hell.

  46. I think that this is a great idea. Get the RINOs out of the Republican Party altogether and give them their own party. They are probable Dem votes in a Trump race anyway, so they will hurt the Dems, not the Trump Republicans. These are people who have been beaten down by the Clintons and Obamas for so long that they forgot how to win. I would like to hear which one of Trump’s policies that they are against is it America First, or protect our Borders, or have Fair Trade Policies – Which one don’t they agree with. All worthless swamp creatures!!

  47.  “principled conservatism”. Is that something like Bush’s “compassionate conservatism” double speak which meant nothing?

  48. I think many can agree that there is no more safety or security in staying with the Republican party. We could try for years to weed out the bad seeds in that party but would fail to do so. If a third party was created there would have to be vetting for possible members to insure the same wouldn’t happen to “dirty the waters”. It would have to include some of its own rules, and that is if any members actions show any sign of disloyalty to the party or enough reason to believe they were spies, a trial by party would take place and if proven guilty they would be either put on probation or ousted. It would have to be a party of firm rules or it wouldn’t survive, and become as corrupt as the one that already exists. The administration would have to be made up by people who have proven to be deserving, of the appointment or someone new who would understand they had a probationary appointment to begin with. There would be a CODE OF ETHICS for them to read and sign in agreement before taking an appointment. That way they couldn’t come back to sue if they were ousted. The details would have to be worked out, but that is just some examples to ensure that it would be a “clean” party.

  49. If ANY third party movement includes never Trumpers, count me out. Such a party would be the very same swap types that are OK with Biden’s voter fraud. And a party with never Trump people would most likely just hand over the next election to Biden and Harris. Harris is still saying violence of leftists will continue even after the last election. We need to have a third party that is American values, not Washington swamp.

  50. Is the idea of calling themselves the integrity party a joke? These democrats in republican clothing have no integrity. They only want to divide the republican party so the democrats will win every time. These are traitors to their country.

  51. Recruiting DEMOCRATS?
    Not the chance of a snowball in Hell that this “Party” will attract Republicans! All the Republican candidate need do is point to the “history” and “development” of this “new party” to show that THEY are the losers, the fake Republicans and Conservatives who, more often than not, sided with Democrats to protect their own personal and financial interests.
    THEY are the one’s who were, are, and will continue to be “RINO’s” aka “Republicans IN NAME ONLY”. These are ALL ‘closet Democrats’ who Talk the Talk but do NOT Walk the Walk of Conservatism OR Republicanism. They CALL themselves Republicans, they TALK like Republicans, but in the privacy of the voting booth they vote Democrat. Should they fool enough voters to be elected they vote “Republican” on the mundane non-essential votes but ALWAYS step out and support Democrats and their legislation where it hurts America and Americans.
    You can avoid ‘joining’ or ‘supporting’ such a treacherous and divisive Democrat-led movement, regardless of what they call themselves, or you can say goodbye to all of those things that Republicanism and Conservatism represent.
    America would never again live under the Rule of Law, for Democrats would destroy and remove all vestiges of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
    Don’t EVER think otherwise.

  52. If this “new” party has Never-Trumpers in it, then I want nothing to do with them. All they would be is a “branch” of the Demon-crat party.

  53. I would be for a third party, but right now we need to concentrate on stopping Biden with his executive orders. A third party right now would be a distraction. We have only 2 years to stop Biden. If we wait , his policies will form a 2 class society with the very powerful dictators at the top. Pay attention to what honest broadcasters are telling you. The stupid American is part of the problem. We are on the path to a Dictator , by his own words. To run the country by Executive order is a dictator ship, said Joe Biden.

  54. Lincoln Project 2.0, our motto is “everything you liked about the first Lincoln Project without the pedophilia and the 50+% of the donations going into our pockets, we promise to keep it under 50% this time!”

    Mr. Personality is heading the party, the incomparable Evan McMullin, as household name known to all!!!


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