GOP Senator Open to Censuring Trump

Office of Senator John Thune, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Republican Senator John Thune is reportedly open to censuring the former president Trump. The number two Republican senator indicated that there are multiple proposals circulating but noted that any such proposal would have to be “effective” if he were to jump on board.

The Hill reports:

“I know there are a couple of resolutions out there. … I’ve seen a couple of resolutions at least that I think could attract some support,” Thune told reporters.

Pressed if he was saying the resolutions could get support from him, he added: “Yeah.”

Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) has drafted a censure resolution that would also include language from the 14th Amendment that he hopes could be used to bar Trump from future office.

Thune, however, appeared to indicate that a resolution that also works in the 14th Amendment was largely a non-starter.

While Thune commented he doesn’t believe Kaine’s push to use the 14th Amendment to prohibit Trump from holding office again won’t gain steam, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer left the possibility open. Ultimately, it will depend on the outcomes of the Senate impeachment trial.

    1. If the Republican Party is to advance it must thoroughly clean house and toughen up on membership. No more Never Trumpers, no more RINO’s, no more embarrassments like Mitt Romney and Ben Sass. No more airing of party private business on cable and MSM to glean points with the Democrats. Democrats win because they demand party loyalty while Republicans seem to be going in all directions. Perhaps a name change or a new party with a slightly different agenda could be in order. Democrats have turned the word Republican into another forbidden name and will hang the tragedy at the Capitol around our necks like a Scarlet Letter.

          1. Al has been drooling for that new caddie at the auto show. Consequently, he has presented himself in a more annoying manner than before.

        1. There just could NOT be a bigger JERK than you
          Allbutt hess. Just watching your messages shows how much hate and negativity you bring to the table. But, you are a typical lying liberal democrat.

        2. Albert Hess, same ole guy, same message. You’d think you’d get tired of your same ole crap but President Trump must be so alive in you that you cannot let him go. Like Bugs would say, “What a Maroon”.

        3. Can’t wait for Biden to screw you over more. Love the high price of gas and taxes? The only thing this country needs cleaning is idiots like you and the GOP. The GOP is dead cause they stink. You have no business being in this country and the GOP has no business running anything they are sellouts

        4. Albert, AOC has put you on notice as the new cause of global warming/climate change, your torrential flatulence is greater than all the bovine on this planet. Quit eating those bean burritos and refried beans!

        5. Since you seem to be unaware of it let me enlighten you. If President Trump forms a new Party 70% of Republicans would join it. Fact!

        6. Albert Hess is nothing more than a “cage rattler”…He’s not worth your time to pacify him with any acknowledgement..Don’t let him rattle your cage! Be above that, Ignore him and continue with a good discussion among your patriots…

      1. Bingo Grace!
        You hit the nail on the head. RINO’s and the hateful Dems only exist because they keep getting elected!

        Think Term Limits! It limits their ability to continue the communist agenda!

      2. Actually it was RINOs that turned the word “Republican” into a dirty word!! Because of their LACK of CAHOONIES to stand UP TO the LIBS and DO THEIR JOBS!!!

      3. I agree with everything you said with exception of a new party or a party name change. That would be a good way to split the conservatives and insure democrat wins until everyone came together. This could take a long time. The Republican Party only needs to clean out the Rhinos if possible. This is hard to do in a states like Maine, Nevada, Pennsylvania, North Carolina but not impossible. It should be more easily done in Alaska and Louisiana. And if fraud could be eliminated, Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, and a number of other states could be flipped.

      1. Your Socialist, Marxist, Communist lefties are destroying the entire country. I can see why you are so in tune with them. You are as disgusting as they are.

          1. Hell! Venezuela is closer. We will be just like them if Biden isn’t stopped. Obama is pulling the strings you can bet on it.

      2. (My first comment to Albert Hess) You give it up Blood clot. You and those like you have destroyed the DNC (Grand Old Party). (Not really a bad thing the way I look at it!) Being a Democrat after Trumps exoneration yesterday is akin to being the popcorn fart you are this morning. You make a little bit of noise, stink like crazy and, continue babbling in spite of it. LOL @ Little Albert, THE resident oxygen thief!

  1. This is not going to end well.
    It is BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that the Republican party WILL NOT represent its constituents.
    We need to be very ready, loud and clear when 2022 and 2024 come upon us.

  2. Why is it a surprise to anyone that the RINO group just can’t shut the hell up. They are democrats in sheep’s clothing. Only saving their own butts holds any importance. They surely must have a clue how hard we will work to rid Washington of them as well as the dumb ass lying democrats.

  3. I’m waiting to see what the voters of South Dakota have to say about this. It’s supposed to be a “red state”; let’s see IF they act like one after Thune’s statements…


      1. Don’t bet in it. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Look over here at the Impeachment sham and don’t worry about what else is going on over here as they are slamming through $15.00 minimum wage, killing the Keystone Pipeline, allowing biological male compete in girl’s/women’s sport and Lord knows what else.

  5. Good, let them all came out exactly what they are, one by one, REMEMBER them AMERICAN, I want to form a new party but now I changed my mind, I WANT TO CLEANING out REPUBLICAN party

    1. Exactly. Why are Rhinos & Dems so afraid of President Trump running for office. They must have nightmares about a good life under President Trump!!

      1. The RINO’s and Dem’s are scared to death of Trump and the evidence he has to hold over their heads to “Leverage” them where he wants them!

  6. who cares what this over extended individual has to say . i didn’t vote for him what gives him the right to speak against the person that the whole country voted for.. not to mention the deep state is against free speech.


  8. Satan exists and so does his favorite political party the Democrat Party. Why can’t Republicans who like Democrat agendas just go over to the dark side. It’s hard enough to fight a battle without having to look over your shoulder to see if your fellow soldier is about to stab you in the back.

  9. The WHOLE CIRCUS is demeaning and disgraceful. JUDGEMENTAL are all the Democrats, and scared to death, that Trump will RETURN. Their whole lively hood rests on Trump not being able to run again. They have to do all they can to keep him out. I am sick to know that some of the Republicans that say they are for the People, have turned their backs on their sworn duty. The “Rhino’s” that the republicans have become, do their own bidding, not the peoples. 2022, will start the HOUSE CLEANING and it will continue on into 2024. There will also be some CLEANING in the Senate. These 4 years ahead, will make it clear just HOW bad life will be. Hang on Conservatives, and keep the faith, for we are going to return, with better voices and leaders, then what we have had for FAR TOO LONG… WE NEED TERM LIMITS. Let’s get that don’t too, in these next 4 years…. God Bless America and keep her whole. God Bless President Trump and keep him in good strong health.

  10. The answer is to not give any money to any candidate that goes against Trump. The republican establishment is only in it for themselves. I will only donate money after I see how this comes out and how they talk afterwards. I am tired of donating to establishment Republicans so I have not donated to anyone except Marjorie Taylor Green, Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan to date since the election.

  11. If you have ever noticed, this rino thume is Always standing with mc Connell along with my pathetic senator coryn from Texas. Old pathetic rinos that have long needed to be voted out

  12. OH NO! Only the House impeachment managers Jamie Raskin et al should be Censured, or better yet IMPEACHED for editing that video of Trump’s speech and thereby falsifying evidence. NAIL the Bastards.

  13. Awwww—is he another one speaking with forked tongue and lacking a spine? Is he not running again? Follow the money!

  14. Have you noticed that we only hear from and about just a handful of members in the Congress? Why are we spending millions and millions of dollars paying these others? It seems that however the leader of the party involved votes that is how the whole Congress votes. We need to remove the non-workers and those who would destroy this country.

  15. Would Thune also censure democrats who suggested assassination as a solution? Most of us would censure any senator who suggests anything other than carrying out government business.

  16. WHAT “wimps” these RINOS are!”SO” “who’s paying who”? Trump “wanted” to clean out the “SWAMP”! POLITICIANS ARE ALL CORRUPT” “We” are “STUCK” with a CORRUPT voting system, no more “machines” & ballot ONLY& NOT by mail to “everybody”. “Nancy” made sure of THAT! So, this “nitwit” with half a brain is now running the Country. “WHAT”? can “we” DO ? All, that I can “tell you”is “try” to send in $5.00, or $10.00 to “whatever” CAUSE that “YOU” believe in, that can helpTrump. As for “news”, ONLY go to One America News, or Newsmax.Fox 5 is no longer a “trusted” “news source”. HONET TRUE!

    1. Your Momma?? Wow, was she a “Lady of the Night” too? That with being a trumper humper, No wonder you are all screwed up in the head! Poor little albert 😥

  17. What are all these people afraid of? I mean, sheesh. It’s amazing how “the establishment” is so afraid of Trump. What do they have to hide. Those of us who study history can draw parallels to how frightened/disdainful the establishment was of Andrew Jackson.

  18. I always suspected there was a good reason why I never registered as a Republican.
    I have been Libertarian for many decades. Although I frequently vote for Republicans like Donald Trump and Darell Issa because the alternative is unthinkable.

    1. Well little albert, it is because of popcorn farts like you that have some magical influence over them. It’s YOUR dam fault! Wow, we used to frag popcorn farts like you in ‘Nam.

  19. President Trump did more for our country in four years all while fighting not only the hateful, anti-American, socialist democrats but the hypocritical RINOS too. Thank you, President Trump for exposing the deep state swamp rats who don’t give a crap about ANYONE but themselves. Evil politicians who are selling out the American people while lining their pockets at our expense. They take OUR taxpayer dollars, give it to countries that hate us only to get kick-backs for themselves and their families. Wake up America! We need a revolution to remove these criminals!!

  20. “WE” voted these “nitwits” IN? It’s “time” that “THE PEOPLE” vote for SOMEBODY who “represents” “US”! “Say one thing but do another”, AND “LET THEM HEAR” that ONE OF “US” are not too happy with ANY of “them”! OUR “PROBLEM” , “IS” “THAT” the voting system is CORRUPT! SO,”it’s TIME” to “clean the rolls” & NOBODY who’s DEAD from 1880 “CAN” vote in 2020 elections., AND “we” need photo “I.D.””If” you don’t “like that, let”s go with fingerprints OR an “iris” scan! Dems will NEVER go for ANY of this! For “them”, it’s a Civil Rights issue..

  21. Stop being so dumb Senator. There is no reason to impeach Trump and you will never be President anyway.

  22. Senator John Thune is a COWARD and a RINO. You are a huge part of the problem. Along with that major weasel Tim Kaine. I hope you both get defeated in your next elections.

    Kaine & Thune are examples of today’s useless, self-serving political hacks. They are both disgusting, lying, weasel politicians. It is scum like Thune and Kaine who have caused the American people to no longer trust politicians.

    Politicians are now one step below Used Car salesmen and LAWYERS on the chart of lying, corrupt, self-serving weasels.

    The one good thing about all this is that these weasels have exposed themselves so the American people can vote them out of office – the sooner the better.

    1. BOTH are friends of The She-Devil that walks in the woods screaming ‘They stole MY election’ while deleting 33,000 emails…

  23. Any GOP that takes the DEMs side in the impeachment or censuring of President Trump should and will be voted OUT!

  24. Who do these elected by the people jerks think they are ???? If the American people want President Trump back in office then these jerks that we voted in have No right telling us that he can’t hold office ever again !!!! It’s time to vote everyone of them out and get people like President Trump in that will do what the people who put them in want and not just what the Very Stupid Jerks want !!!!! VOTE THEM ALL OUT !!!!!!

  25. Censure Trump for what, the House Managers proved they want to submit their will instead of the will of the American people and eliminate their opponent for political reasons. The House managers tried to implement their meaning into the President’s words, he is the one who said to go patriotically and peacefully and make your voices heard. They are ignoring the 1st amend and Right of Due process. The Left said the same words to go Fight, including the Democrats remarks that were played in the videos today….and fight Antifa certainly did by burning down businesses in Portland, Twin Cities, Seattle, and Kenosha. All the Rinos are not going to get anymore support.

  26. ALL of those Rhinos jumping/piling on the last breath have skeletons under their beds. Of course it’s understood with the block of Dems. We know “we have it all”.

  27. While Congress is trying to impeach President Trump, Biden is signing executive orders, that are destroying America and not one of them seems to care. President Trump did not incite that riot. If you were all interested in America and it’s citizens, you would be stopping this impeachment travesty. stop the influx of illegals, and stopping his trillions of dollars spending on electric cars, and Medicare for all, designed to cost Americans trillions of dollars. and get rid of the sham Obamacare. him from adding more and more Americans to the poverty level, while giving illegals all the benefits we have worked for. Leave our gun rights alone, and remove Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Schitf, Nadler, Waters and the rest of the Socialists, Marxists, and Communist from office and try them for Treason. They have one goal to take President Trump out of politics, so he won’t have any influence and taking complete control of the country, gaining more wealth and power for themselves, while destroying everything good, America has ever stood for.

  28. To this gop if it weren’t for Trump you would have been gone along time ago. Trump didn’t need you to win you needed him to win. Only reason you are in that seat is on luck. There is no way I will vote for anyone in a party that is a sellout and cowards. Trump helped you gop to gain seats and money at the same time. You gop are the one to be censored

  29. What is wrong with these Republicans? Do they think these stunts are going curry favor from the dems? Well, those that are up for election in 2022 are going to be in for a big shock, we are fed up with your actions against fellow Republicans. Save your money and don’t stand for re-election.

  30. How many Traitors will be exposed in the Republican Party? Are there no men with Honor in the Republican Party any more!

  31. The anti-American dems and the RINOs are really afraid of President Trump, aren’t they -and rightfully so. Most of them are traitors to our country and their days are numbered. As an aside since a private citizen cannot be impeached, they much think that Donald J Trump is still president. hmmmm.

    As an aside how many of them knew about the hundreds of children that were rescued in the tunnels under the capitol building? Check out current pictures of the capitol. the tunnels are being destroyed. (read about pizzagate if you need to know more)

  32. I am wondering why this man who gave his all for America, took no salary, loved each and every American and you treat him as tho he was an undesirable. For Shame. I stand for President Trump, He has done what was needed to run this Country and you all are doing your best to destroy him. It will not work, God is on his side and when God is for us, everyone else may as well be. God Bless and Keep you President Trump.

  33. What’s wrong with transparency? Scare you? A little reminder of the impeachment scam kangaroo unconstitutional show has zero meaning. If this goes any further there’s going to be a real circus of so called impeachment happenings from inciting Democrats that are all over video calling for actual violence and riots. God help us!

  34. The dems & rino’s are scared of Trump because he’s exposing them for who & what they really are.This is why they are trying so hard to keep him from running again.

  35. If they can’t convict him, then they’re going to try to censure him? And they accuse Trump of incitement when they don’t recognize it’s them all along…idiots, every last one of them…

  36. Tim Kaine’s son is also a member of ANTIFA! This RINO REPUBLICAN like Romney,Cheney,Thune and the rest can leave the REPUBLICAN PARTY any time! Let’s face it they don’t do what the people that voted there JOKES into office! HUNT WE ARE THEIR BOSS’S! THEY ARE TO DO THE JOB WE WANT DONE NOT WHAT THEY WANT!
    I truly hope that these RINO REPUBLICANS will all lose in the next election! We need REAL REPUBLICANS not the GARBAGE in Washington D.C. now!

  37. Another RINO. I have been suspect of Thune for years. Seems Thune always has his nose up the Turtle’s butt. Wants things to be like they used to be in the Swamp.

  38. If these idiots keep their illegal actions up to block President Trump from running for office again, which is plain and simple their aim, then they will infuriate the Republican voters to the point there well could be an insurrection and or withdrawal of support and formation of a third party. These fools need to get their heads out of their collective rear ends.

  39. I can name Republicans who should be tried for treasonous acts against the Republican Party. Who should be no doubt impeached from the Republicans for sidings with the demonic democrats dictatorship liars. Einstein talked about people that went on hear say instead of facts. Said a man’s worth was in his investigation of truth and honesty. WE THE PEOPLE know the facts and stand with our REAL PRESIDENT St. DONALD TRUMP. When the Rapture happens anytime between now and May 15,2021 the rinos and demonic democrat dictatorship liars are nothing but trashy scumbag zombie growdamites. No man knows the exact time of hour or day & night except God Jehovah Almighty. Going by the time frame Jesus gave the people when they ask when Jesus would return to Earth. Psalms 90:10 tells our generation ages and Matthew 24:32-37 the parable of the fig tree is Israel. Be looking up into the clouds people for the day of repentance is upon the Earth. SEMPER FIDELIS

  40. One of the many reasons that no longer support the GOP Senatorial Committee, the GOP slush fund and the House Committee is they will give money to the RINO scum like Thune. Murlowsky, and McConnell along with several other stab in the back RINOS. I will only support Senators, Representatives, and anyone else…..Directly! Not one cent of my money will support treasonous back stabbers such as these!

  41. The LIBS and RINOS are out in FULL FORCE!! RUNNING helter skelter because of their OWN HIGH CRIMES and TREASON???

  42. All Democrats and their RINO recluse, reject subhumans are treasonous trolls and venomous, obstructionist vermin and it is THEY WHO SHOULD ALL BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE AND JAILED , THEN TRIED FOR SEDITION, HIGH TREASON , MALFEASANCE IN OFFICE OATH VIOLATION AND DERELICTION OF DUTY AND OBLIGATION TO THE ONLY PEOPLE THEY ARE SWORN TO SERVE ; AMERICAN CITIZENS! They also swore to defend and uphold the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and NEVER to become its chief adversaries through disdain, ignorance and attempts to twist its intent to fit their leftist, New World Order and “Obama’s Fundamental change,” narratives. they , NOT TRUMP , are traitors and insurrectionist and this Vietnam vet, disabled by our Government’s use of Dioxin in Vietnam during his HONORABLE service defending all they are trying to destroy FROM WITHIN by implementation of UN. Agenda 21 in this country, thereby ending the Constittional republic and all individual liberties, national soverienty and private property and making the citizens basically serfs and the political estabishment a 12th century Medieval “nobility.” with the first in effect World Emperor in the disgusting and demented persona of one Barack Insane Obama.IF YOU VALUE YOUR FREEDOMS AND CHOCIES AND THE FUTURES OF YOUR CHILDREN; YOU CANNOT EVER LET THESE VERMIN ACHIEVE THIS GOAL .PERIOD! AND, YOU CANNOT ALLOW THE CHANGES THEY ARE TRYING TO FORCE ON THE ELECTORAL SYSTEM WITH MAIL-IN VOTING AND DOMINION OR OTHER VOTING MACHINES AND NO ID VERIFICATION BY FINGERPRINTS AND PHOTOS AND NO ILLEGALS ALLOWED TO VOTE IF THEY HAVE NOT TAKEN U;S; CITIZENSHIP AND CAN PROVE THEIR RIGHT TO PARTICiPATE. PERIOD.Disagree all you want but this Vietnam Veteran has had a degree in Government for 54 years and spent 2 of them AFTER Vietnam as staff at the former Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington D.C, then in 1969 on Georgia Ave, NW and the place was a swamp even then; NOW 1000 TIMES WORSE!

  43. Correction;

    What a great morning it is not having to listen to the DNC and RINO’s whining about Trumps impeachment!

  44. John Thune is a coward a RINO 2 faced and don’t deserve to be where he is . TRUMP SHOULD still be PRESIDENT !!! With all the corruption in Congress today POLITICIANS lying and cheating and help RIGGING this fraudulent election and COMMUNIST cry babies in politics today wanting to suck up with the COMMUNIST and turn our country COMMUNIST and ruin this country with people like GOERGE SOROS all like him should be SHOT !!! POLITICAL GREED IS WHAT RUINED OUR COUNTRY IS THESE GREEDY POLITICIANS. AND ALL SHOULD HAVE THEIR MONEY AND PROPERTY TAKEN FROM THEM AND PUT IN FOR NATIONAL DEBT.

  45. IMPEACH THUNE……and a few other so-called Congressional members. They aren’t worth one centavo and certainly have shown their disdain for the people who elected them. Perhaps if a few were recalled, the rest would finally get the message that they hold those positions of power to SERVE THE PUBLIC.

  46. President Trump has done nothing to warrant these attacks. At least he speaks the truth when others won’t. Another advantage he has over some of our more “illustrious” congressional members is that he is NOT beholding to soros and his squirrels. RINOs and DIMBOS have nothing better to do with their sordid minds, so they find it appropriate to bite the hand that feeds them and display their hatred towards their fellow citizens who dare to tell soros and company where to go in no uncertain terms.


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