Lincoln Project Caught in Coverup Scandal

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The Lincoln Project’s recent scandal has just gotten worse.

Here’s our earlier reporting:

The anti-Trump group called the Lincoln Project has had Pandora’s box opened on their co-founder, John Weaver, who for years sent unsolicited and sexually provocative messages to young men online, suggesting he could elevate their career and get them to work in politics. Independent reporter, Ryan James Girdusky – who originally broke the story – has said there are close to 100 men that came forward to him.

This is a prime example of a powerful, influential older man preying on young, vulnerable young professionals looking to gain experience in D.C. Weaver wanted to satisfy his predatory needs while these young men were thinking it could be a great professional opportunity if they engaged in what Weaver wanted. It was a help me-help you attitude.

At least 10 of the men received sexual solicitations. In the most explicit messages, he acted like a male ‘sugar daddy’; offering professional and financial assistance in exchange for sex.

For example, he told one man, “spoil you when we see each other,” according to a message reviewed by The New York Times.

But wait…there’s more!

It turns out some of the Lincoln Project founders knew about the harassment allegations long before they were reported.

Multiple sources told 19th News that multiple cofounders, including the group’s executive directors, knew about the allegations as early as March:

Some of the individuals came forward with new details on Monday after they were released from their nondisclosure agreements. Several said Sarah Lenti, a managing partner with the group who was previously its executive director, knew about the allegations against Weaver as early as May 2020. Lenti confirmed that some of the group’s co-founders knew about the allegations as early as March 2020. Schmidt and Galen were among those who knew, multiple sources said.

Only three of the Lincoln Project’s eight co-founders — Schmidt, Galen and Wilson — remain after months of infighting about the group’s management, finances and the allegations faced by Weaver. Stevens, a former strategist for Republican Sen. Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, joined the group in May 2020.

The allegations didn’t conveniently surface until after the election in January 2021 which has raised questions of whether or not the media was complicit in the cover-up.

Not only is the group falling apart but multiple political entities are cutting ties with the embattled organization.

Online donation platform Anedot, Israeli Prime Minister candidate Gideon Sa’ar, and Schumer’s The Senate Majority PAC have all cut ties with the Lincoln Project.

  1. Disgusting individuals, including those who covered up——yet they will get away with it. Except when Judgement Day comes for them.

    1. god is too busy blessing; globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist puppet fbi CRIMINAL organisation and globalist media AND altar boy raping priests . . . . .

      1. Come on man! 🙄
        Reminder…….God gave humanity “free will”, He quietly observes and records what we do with it! There will be a day of reckoning aka judgement day when God will open the “Book of Life” and each will be judged by almighty God according to what is written in the book!
        You can be sure any “blessings” the godless horde you wrote about is getting, their “good fortune” is coming from the great deceiver, satan! They and their god, satan, will live in fire and brimstone, with more pain and suffering than our little minds can comprehend, for eternity!
        So do not despair, the ones you named, and more, are not getting away with what they are doing! We do get to see truly evil people receive some of their justice on earth but, if not…….it’s coming!
        If you are an atheist, please disregard this comment…. if you wish.

      2. Your frustration is what we all feel. When is someone going to be punished? Stay focused Vladimir, it will balance out if all of us start working at the state level to clean this up. If that does not work and the roulette voting machines and cheating vote counters are not removed there is always a civil war!

  2. There you go. The democrats with the biggest racist group against President Trump and his supporters never did anything.. It was the lies from this nasty group.. Now a bunch of perverts who are running like rabbits.. The democrat party will try to lie about they knew nothing along with CNN and other news outlets.. Just like January6. CNN and the democrats paid blm and antifa to riot and blame President Trump.. Time to take the Democratic party down.. Joe Biden is on the top of the list.

      1. Maxi, glad some of these replies make sense to you. Dimitry was a bit contradictory in his one liner. Your two sentences made perfect sense, but maybe Dimitry meant protect the victims?

  3. The Lincoln Project – A bunch of liars and COWARDS who pretend to be Republicans but are really cowardly Democrats who are phony in their effort to fool people into thinking they are conservatives. They are not!

    The best description of members of the “Lincoln Project” is LYING COWARDS WHO USE DECEPTION TO FOOL PEOPLE.

      1. I didn’t get the idea it was children. I could be wrong. I thought this guy was gay and wanted willing participants!! Ones that he could blackmail into doing his bidding if he provided the money for him to get them elected. In this way he could not be arrested for PROSTITUTION!!
        Even ROMNEY BELONGED To it!! I guess he decided he might be exposed, in more ways than one, so he got out of it!!! Wonder if his wife knows??

        1. She could divorce him!! I certainly WOULD. Maybe not if I were Catholic. To divorce a Catholic you have to name your kids as BSTDS!! THAT ALONE would cause me to LEAVE the Catholic Church!! To me it is BLACKMAIL!!

          1. Your kids are not bastards. To get an annulment you have to prove that there was something in the marriage that made it Not a sacrament. One goes thru extensive paperwork and interview. And review by several psychologists.
            If one does not know the facts… then quit posting falsehoods.✝️🇺🇸

    1. libby snow flake parents sacrifice their sons to altar boy raping priests and libby snow flake parents sacrifice their daughters to globalist puppet, chester the molester biden .

  4. “What a “terrible web” we weave. Always “remember” that theTRUTH “will” come out in the wash.”IF” you have nothing to “hide”, THEN, you have nothing to fear. ALL “these” politicians “HAVE A LOT TO FEAR”! ” Speak” with “forked tongues” AND “YOU” WILL be held accountable.”Today” , it’s all on TAPE or Video., The “TRUTH” WILL “prevail”, but it’s gonna “take”a “LONG” TIME.

  5. “THIS” is “sick”, “perverted” & VILE! “How come” NOBODY “knows” about this “stuff”! EASY! MSM, Hollywood, & the “Dems” don’t WANT “YOU” to “Know” ZILCH!.”What”t you don’t “know” doesn’t hurt you. I “could care “less” about “Gay’s” OR anybody else! PERVERTS “are” another story. “They” prey on INNOCENT “kids” “THESE PEOPLE” DID THIs! .”I” “guess” with ” Biden”, “THIS” is O.K.”?

    1. The Dems always know about this kind of perversion and other wrongs people do. They sit on it very quietly biding their time to expose these people at the time they think it will hurt Republicans the most! I am sure the Dems hate it when scandal is accidently exposed before they are ready to use it!
      BTW, the Dem party is so deeply involved with committing perversion with children it is sickening! Some of their “top” leaders really love young boys! Start with Jo-Jo-Biden, dirty old man, sexual pervert, nudity loving, etc.

  6. These guys, the Lincoln Project, would have made dang good Democrats! They conduct themselves exactly like Dems! They all belong in prison in general population so all those “bubba’s” will have fresh meat! Yuk, I can’t believe I wrote that!

  7. What a PACK of SCUMBAGS!! Might know Romney would be involved!! ANYTHING to get him elected to a position!! LOWLIFES!! ALL!!

  8. CONTACT ALL of your STATE REPS and implore them to make laws that you do NOT have to Follow biden’s laws!! States HAVE THAT RIGHT to do that!! Even COUNTIES do!! We have 7 states so far that are doing just that. I have written to my Reps concerning this. Make biden’s Administration IMPOTENT!!


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