Tucker Carlson Savages Pelosi

Office of U.S. House Speaker's Speaker Office, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Tucker Carlson savaged Nancy Pelosi over her pick to investigate and assess security in the aftermath of the Capitol riots.

According to The Daily Wire:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson did a segment on Wednesday night highlighting comments from retired Gen. Russel Honoré, whom House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) tapped to conduct a security review of the U.S. Capitol following the Jan. 6 riot.

“Nancy Pelosi says General Russel Honoré has been quote, ‘assessing our security needs by reviewing what happened on Jan. 6, and how we must ensure that it does not happen again,’” Carlson said. “But that’s not right. General Honoré already has come to conclusions about what happened on Jan. 6, he’s been very public about that. And you should know what those conclusions are and what kind of person he is. Just because his title is ‘general’ doesn’t mean that he’s sane, or not a wild-eyed partisan. On the day after the Capitol riot, Honoré suggested it was an inside job, and that the sergeant-in-arms might be implicated in the plot.”

“How would he know that?” Carlson asked. “Well, of course, he doesn’t know that he doesn’t have any idea and who you voted for is irrelevant. These are sworn police officers. They’re doing their job, but General Honoré decided to attack them on the basis of speculation about their political beliefs. This is a problem that this guy would be in charge of anything. And that problem goes beyond General Honoré prejudging what happened at the Capitol on the base of no knowledge. Like so many of our country’s ex generals, this guy’s an authoritarian and an unhinged one.”

“He understands how to use force to achieve political objectives,” Carlson said. “And it seems like he’s being set up to use his military training against anyone who sees the world differently than he does. They’ll be reclassified as domestic terrorists. Who are these people and what threat do they pose? Well, according to General Honoré, those threats include the Constitution and our Second Amendment. For real, he believes your right to defend yourself is dangerous. He said that, and we’re quoting here, quote, ‘We can’t permit Second Amendment rights at First Amendment protests.’ Really constitutional scholar are you? Imagine a public figure with a general in front of his name making that statement. This is the guy Nancy Pelosi wants in charge of security. Honoré is not a fan of the First Amendment, either, by the way. On Twitter, he attacked this network, even told people to stop buying the we can’t use it profanity, the ‘crappy’ stocks of any company that advertises on Fox News talking to the stock price of advertisers. He retweeted posts accusing the social media site Parler of being, and I’m quoting now, 100% complicit in the Jan. 6 riot.”

The General’s assessment that the Capitol Police were complicit should lead to a fair conclusion at the end of his investigation.

    1. Nancy is the reason the Antifa/BLM Breached the Capitol building. There will be no independent, unbiased, honest investigation. Not even from the Senate. And really, Nancy has the authority to ensure the security at the Capitol. She was made aware of known threats days before Jan 6th. She ignored numerous calls from the head of the Capitol Security Police. Both Nancy and Mayor Bow-wow failed to authorize President Trumps offer of 10,000 National Guardsmen for enhanced security at the Capitol and on the National Mall. Even after both socialist democrat politicians were informed Antifa and BLM had activity indicating insurrection plans on their websites, they refused to enhance security. Oh, and did anyone wonder, there was some pretty good angles in some of those videos taken inside the building? One camera was actually behind the police officer who kept backing up several flights of stairs. The camera was behind the cop! Not in front of him! What does that tell you?


  2. Tucker, move off the Fox-news, move on to the other side NWMXD
    we will hear you better there
    your messages are not getting across now since Fox-news watchers left for the other side
    sorry had to get your news elsewhere

    1. I agree. I don’t waste time watching FOX anymore since I want to turn a channel on and not have to switch it to something else because ignorant, insufferable, or just plain stupid is about to come on.

  3. Honore’ is a political soldier. The Democrat Crime Organization is activating one of their operatives to whitewash their Reichstag Fire.

    1. As it turns out, nearly every officer above 0-6 these days, sold their military honor and duty for greed and self aggrandizement. This Hurricane Katrina National Guard General thinks he is qualified, and the sad thing? The Senate confirmed his racist bass.

    1. I’ll protect him, I’ll tell Maxine Waters General Marxist is a double agent whose primary allegiance is to DJT! The General will disappear, never to be seen again! Mad Max strikes again!
      On a more serious note……the Dems have done dirty deeds so long we now know them better than they know themselves! Someone wrote in a comment, Nancy was in on it which is the same thing untold numbers of us realized when they didn’t have nearly enough security on duty and Nancy is in charge of security! AND, of course we knew right away the Dems had placed bad actors in the crowd who gave the signal for the crowd to turn violent! The Dems long ago figured out how to sabotage activities and events and blame it on Republicans. Things eventually get sorted out at the cost of money and time but, the court system is so rigged in the Dems favor it is difficult to impossible to get one of them indicted and convicted! We’ll keep trying and one day we are going to catch, not just a big fish but, a whale!

      1. as long as you keep doing the same thing you have always done you will keep getting the same results, you face rubbed in the crap, but republicans are good at letting that happen.

      1. I was just banned from FB for 3 days because I called Biden White Trash. I’ve been thinking about it and wondering why my hands were slapped when it’s ok for every liberal/lefty/Dem to refer to our wonderful President Trump as “orange man bad”. Telling isn’t it…

    1. Reading a new book that follows the Israeli’s and compares what other country’s governments were doing at different times in the world as to what was happening in the Bible. The word “Democracy” comes from two words “demos” which means “people” and “kratos” which means “power”. Power to the people. In ancient Athens the people mostly didn’t vote for representation because laws, etc. were directly voted on by the people. Officials played a limited role.

    2. Pigloosi was never in touch with the citizens, she has always been or at least she thinks she is and elitist and therefor above the peons.

    3. Just a slight correction – – -fancy nancy does not “listen to the left”, she “dictates” to them; she is an avowed communist and has been for decades. This former chairperson, for CPUSA (communist party USA) resigned the chair position, prior to taking the Speaker’s gavel the first time (2006), but she did not resign her membership – -once a commie, always a commie.

  4. Seems he’s an EX-general for a reason. Make that for ’cause’.
    It’s arsehole like him who don’t give a damn how many people his orders send into harms way…. as long as HE isn’t one of them.
    Wonder where he keeps his Bippy when in public?

  5. This B*tch is trying to cover her own ass. Sorry to hear that Rush passed away; wish it could have been this B*tch! She can’t die fast enough for me, but her funeral would only gather up TV time which no one would care about. She wants to make the wall around the Capital permanent, but do not like the wall at our Southern Border. Why? She is not worth protecting. Because she knows the Patriot Americans are full of her BS and with her, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, Swalwell, Waters, Ohmar, AOC, plus others; people are not happy with their shams. She needs to be scared.

  6. What does it take to activate this person? I can see him being appointed to oversee the NG and others around the DC area. Only a deranged person (the guy qualifies) would be picked to do what Pelosi is looking over to see if it would work.

  7. Pelosi has to be reigned in! She has something sinister up her sleeve and it’s going to be disasterous for our COUNTRY.

  8. It would seem Parler has grounds for a multi-million dollar libel lawsuit against Honore’ and perhaps Pelosi. I really hate click-bait media (aka CBM) and yellow stream medai (YSM) because the people want facts while CBM and YSM hate them.

  9. Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats were all in on it. She is responsible for security at the Capitol, requests were denied to get help from the National Guard, another scam and shame and we watching this happen like the blatant fraudulent election!

  10. Domestic Terrorists……lets start with nancy pelosi, chuckU shumer, aoc, talib,omar, schiff, swawell, and the ENTIRE dumbocrap party and add in romney, murcowski toomey, cheney. ALL these domestic terrorists are deceitful enough to have been part of the seige of my capital on Jan 6. and fully expect when the truth comes out the world will know it!!! ,

    1. Roy, the sad part is there are so many ranking RINO’s. Wish more would back the young non Swamp aligned true Patriot Republicans with some True Grit!

  11. Nasty Pelosi and the Vindictive House of Tits for Tats..
    “Preyer-fully” hunting down the man she loves to hate!

    Will someone please take our checkbook away from her?

  12. Democrats, continuing to be rotten to the core. When will we get rid of these insane, hard-over anti American politicians? Is it time for a Boston Tea Party, of old? Is it still possible to vote them out of office, or must we hang them from the Capitol light poles?

    1. When everybody stops voting for the sick demented let’s ruin America lefts that’s when. If 90 % thought this they would be gons

  13. Pelosi knows it was a set up..trump has to be carful to think ahead of them for they are trying every
    angle to deposit him out of this planet….I can’t stand the left…they are so horrible! How do they sleep at night!

  14. it was all a set-up, she sent thousands of national guards home, and you can’t tell me these people scaled the walls, without opposition… cops taking selfies with the so called insurrectionists…it all should come crashing down on her head… anything to try and frame trump, she is that vindictive…

    1. One funny moment against Pelosi. A soldier stopped in front of her door and flipped her off with both hands. I hope they don’t catch him. Bet a lot of those people feel the same way.

  15. This “general” is a joke and a lying puke. If you believe it, you must believe in the tooth fairy, I’m quite sure the “general” and biden do.

  16. The DemoRATS knew exactly what was going on if real Trump Supporters had tried to Storm the House of Representatives the building would have been vacated long before any real Trump Supporters could have gotten inside the building!The DEMTARDS had Antifa act as Trump Supporters so they could try to lie about it and try for a Trump impeachment stating they would finally have a reason to Impeach Trump, BUT The TRUTH came out long before they tried this SHAM IMPEACHMENT as well!

  17. Sounds like this “general” is a D.C. Swamp creature to me… God forfend he ever gets in charge of the “secret persecution police”…

  18. Hope a democrat sues the President. Then the lawyers can subpoena Pelosi, the mayor of DC, Schumer, the head of the DC police, the FBI and maybe some in the CIA. Put them under oath. I’m no lawyer, but if they sue Trump the democrats are taking a very big chance of some going to be in political jeopardy.

  19. Why is this such a surprise? anything that n. pigloosi does or supports is going to be not in the best interest of the U.S. citizens.

  20. Nancy and the Capitol PoPo were in on it. I believe she had “family” members helping her in the shadows. And we already know that she had been notified by the FBI. This “wannabe” that she wants installed for security is EXACTLY the man we DON’t Want or NEED in that position. He has “Power grabbing dictator” written all over him!

  21. How long to Pelosi and her toadies think we are going to fall for their BS. Antifa/BLM were right in the forefront, inciting, and promoting violence. Of course she is going to find someone as insane as she is to investigate the riot, and find what she wants him to find. Give it up Nancy. We all know how corrupt and evil you are.

  22. Yes, Nancy was in on the whole thing and this guy will help her cover it up and use him to define new criteria to ID domestic terrorists and insurrectionists that will allow her persecute anyone who supports President Trump.

    She needs to be removed from office.

  23. It’s time to take back our Capital and kick the insanity out on their asses. We are the ones who need to start making decisions to get America back to it’s morals. These corrupt bastards were not elected.to start with. Fire their asses on the spot and then do the threatening if they return, they will see the Wrath of the People.

  24. Demoncrats accused Republicans who caused Jan 6-but it was organized by the Demoncrats-how stupid do they think we are.

  25. We have got to remove these types with anti constitutional objections from office, or we will be in danger of a military dictatorship.


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