Former CIA Director and Top Intel Officials Slam Biden’s Iran Approach

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President Trump’s former CIA director Mike Pompeo and other top intelligence and national security officials have expressed concerns over Biden’s approach to Iran.

Biden has signaled that he is willing to reenter talks with the worlds leading state sponsor of terror. According to State Department Spokesman Ned Price the Biden administration would “accept an invitation from the European Union High Representative to attend a meeting of the P5+1 and Iran to discuss a diplomatic way forward on Iran’s nuclear program.”

One official responded by saying the current president has choked.

According to The Daily Wire:

Left-leaning Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin wrote that the move from Biden comes after alleged Iranian-backed terrorists attacked U.S. forces in Iraq earlier this week — to which Biden still does not appear to have responded.

“Other Iranian proxies, such as the Houthis in Yemen, are not rewarding Biden’s more diplomatic approach with restraint — responding to outreach with new attacks on civilians,” Rogin wrote. “Meanwhile, the leaders in Tehran are acting as if they have all the leverage, making demands and escalating their nuclear brinkmanship.”

“The Ayatollah understands only strength,” Pompeo said. “I led a response to the Iranian threat that protected the American people from its terror and supported the Jewish state of Israel. Adopting the European Union model of accommodation will guarantee Iran a path to a nuclear arsenal.”

Nationally security expert Tim Morrison, who was on Trump’s National Security Council and is currently a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, told The Daily Wire in a statement that the Biden administration was giving up all leverage as it tried to restart the “dangerously flawed” deal.

GOP Rep Michael McCaul of Texas also responded:

The Daily Wire also included a statement from Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute Rebecca Heinrichs who said, “Iran takes cheating on the nuclear deal to the next level, fires rockets at Americans in Erbil just days ago, then threatens to keep nuclear inspectors out, and how does Biden respond? Absolutely chokes.”

This is the new message the United States is sending the rest of the world while returning to the failed approach of peace through appeasement by the Obama Administration.


      1. IT’S BOTH.….Biden never was a faithful patriotic American. Still can’t understand why some (not all) so called democrats voted for him at all.

        1. I think the brainwashed commie democrats were voting against our very capable president Trump unaware of all of Trumps accomplishments because they only watch commie tv stations and believe all the trash they are fed.

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  2. A bully steps back when his victim shows he will not back down. Iran and other bully nations and groups believe this administration will turn and run if they flex their muscles and loudly proclaim they will take us down. No one in any of the cabinet positions or the two top elected officials have ever done anything that would indicate they will stand up to any bully. We haven’t seen any strong response against anything the bully nations or groups have said or done so far. No reason to assume the administration will protect the citizens of our country against anything.

    1. Biden has already proven that the American people are last on his list. Money is coming i n to the Biden family coffers, The biggest crook next to Obama is back in the China white house.

  3. Doesn’t take Iran much effort to outsmart a demented fool.Obama sent them billions in cash. Slow joe will probably give them nuclear missiles.What a piece of 💩

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  5. Senile Democrat President Joe Biden is an Iranian foreign policy Schmuck!

    Former Democrat SOS John Kerry is total foreign policy Schmuck!

    1. P.S. It’s 1938 “Munich appeasement” all over again, this time with Iran but using different words!! We all know where that led to!!

  6. He’ll send Kerry over there to straiten them out. Unfortunately, do to inflation it’ll take 2 plane loads of cash.

    1. Nothing is going to happen to the Biden traitor. The courts are corrupt the FBI and all agencies are corrupt. HR1 will destroy any hope to ever have an honest election. Millions of illegals are on the way thousands are allowed in already. That means more voters for the dems and no more conservative voter will be left and able to win elections. The rhinos of the republican party should be tared and feathered. Lets start with Nancy.

  7. Iran is not the number 1 terrorist state as your article suggests. They are far down the list, well behind Israel (Number 1), China (Number 2) and the United States (Number 3). With Israel’s attack on 9/11, the USS Liberty in 1967 costing 34 dead sailors, the bombing of the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut in 1983 costing another 241 American lives and the bombing of the King David Hotel in Egypt in 1954 which Israel still annually celebrates to this day.

  8. Looks like this is going to cost the taxpayers another 140 Billion Dollars and get us nuked by years end. Next season’s Holiday Chorus will lead with “I’ll be Toast for Christmas, (just you wait and see)”

  9. The Ayatollah must be HOPING Joe will deliver another billion or two, in cash, on the runway like Obama and Joe did before? Yup, it was the two of them. And to thicken the Iranian nuke mess, isn’t John Kerry’s daughter married to a very high ranking member of the Ayatollah’s regime?? And, of course, John Kerry is right in the Biden Administration Clan.

  10. It appears that a couple of you prefer to call names rather than face the truth. Cowgirl, I can agree with you about Biden. The Democratic party could very well destroy our nation but that doesn’t justify what Zionist Israel has become. Before you simply want to call names and insults you should learn a little truth. That is what Republicans should be doing but apparently you have little interest in the truth. How sad.

  11. When talking to someone who only understands only demands and the power to back them up you do not offer a dove. You let them see into their future as we want or a road to the future they are on. Just give him a simple statement “stop what you are doing or we can give you a bomb delivered by air.

    1. You got that right. Hold on don’t be suprised when you hear about another plane taking off in the middle of the night with more $$ on it

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  13. Every action Joe Biden makes seems to be to get back on Obama’s track to end America both at home and abroad. He doesn’t even try to explain what he expects will happen like a kid playing with matches and fireworks for the first time, saying “lets see what happens.”

  14. The American people have never been Obama and Biden’s goals …they are in bed with Iran their friends….and are flooding this country with illegals so they remain in charge of the kingdom…..freedoms of Americans will be lost

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    by this mad man and his ilk.
    Where are the Generals, who took an oath to defend our constitution, that could subdue this bombastic idiot and his commie scum followers,
    Remove them from office until an honest open re-election can beheld.


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  20. Somebody in Biden’s administration needs to grow a backbone and do something before iran heats up the war in the middle east. Mr. Trump and his willingness to keep them in check was a deterrent. What is he doing???

  21. The politics of Appeasement from Obama and Biden we will give and give and they will take and and demand even more which of course we give and we gain nothing

  22. “No fool like an old fool”, so let’s make him President of the United States. We have become a laughing stock…how embarrassing.

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