Dominion Voting Systems Hits Mike Lindell with Major Lawsuit

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Pro-Trump businessman Mike Lindell has been hit with a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems, the same company that is also suing pro-Trump lawyers Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani. Dominion is alleging that Lindell willfully damaged the company’s reputation by continuously pushing unsubstantiated claims that the voting machines were used to steal the 2020 election.

According to The Hill:

“He is well aware of the independent audits and paper ballot recounts conclusively disproving the Big Lie,” reads the lawsuit, according to the Journal. “But Lindell … sells the lie to this day because the lie sells pillows.”

Lindell told The Daily Beast last week that he hoped Dominion would sue him as it did Powell and Giuliani so that he could obtain evidence through discovery.

“That would so make my day because then they would have to go into discovery, and that would make my job a lot easier,” he said.

“It’ll be faster for me to get to the evidence, and to show the people in the public record the evidence we have about these machines,” he added. “I will not stop until every single person on the planet knows, whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, what these machines did to us.”

Lindell has been extremely vocal about his support for the former president, something which has cost his business a considerable amount as many stores rushed to cancel contracts with the businessman.

  1. All, please watch the documentary, “Absolute Proof “, that Mr. Mike Lindell hosts, and watch the entire program and decide for yourself whether what is presented is the truth!

      1. Of course, they do not want the truth to come out and prove this was
        a blatant attack upon America by the Chinese Communist and their
        lap dogs in the Democrat Socialist party.

      2. Of course… If the video was full of untruths why take it down ? Just show everyone why it’s wrong and win the debate. But if everything is true ?? Then I don’e blame them…

  2. I’ve been an Election Judge since 2012. Obama’s 2nd run for President. Back THEN several people told me that their votes were changing on the touchscreen to the Democrats candidates. They had to change them several times before their votes stuck. Who knows how many people DIDN’T notice before they hit the send button?? Notice that Obama said to tell Putin that he’d have more flexibility AFTER he was re-elected, not IF, like it was a sure thing!!! I can’t wait for this to go to court finally. President Trump, don’t go too far away, Melania pick out a dress for the Inauguration!!!

  3. Must be true if DVS suing Lindell & others.
    Make it Class action suit from ALL voters then OK
    Chap 7 DVS Co.,

  4. The NWO, AKA Deep state trying to scare anyone who questions their crooked Democratic ways. Yes they should make this class action because WE all know.

  5. Dominion is trying to scare off any and all investigations about the corruption of
    their “Voting” machines. They are working overtime trying to protect Joe Beijing
    from exposure and a corrupt election they helped rig. If their machines are so
    accurate and honest they would welcome a chance to bring it to court and let
    the chips fall where they may proving they are either CORRUPT AS HELL or
    honest. We all know that there is no way in HADES that Beijing Basement
    Joe could win a contest of any sort. 47 years in politics and no record to
    show except many deals with China which enriched him and his family
    at the expense of the United States of America and our Citizens.

    1. I did read an article on these blogs that an expert had “audited” these machines used in 1 states election and that they were 60% inaccurate. What is true and what is not true, I have no idea.

      But I do wish that an “audit” of the machines proving that they cannot be hacked or pre-programmed to alter votes, be made to satisfy maybe half of the general public concern of significant fraud having occurred November 3rd and before November 2022 rolls around.

      The U.S. can piss away 40 million on Russia collusion which as about as far fetched as you can get, but can’t have an investigation into the accuracy and fairness of a recent election, reviewing mail in balloting and electronic machines. I myself have to see proof of the accuracy of the results.

      1. Could be they keep it all in the family !! Wait that was Mitch McConnel who has a pretty wife who is elite Chinese an in business !! Worse ??? I would think it could be…..

    2. Supposedly they got rid of the evidence but it went up in a server and we all know who’s. Crooked sick BS . You can’t get rid of the proof so let’s go get it

    1. We have My Pillows on every bed and little Go Anywhere Pillows in my easy chair and in the van! LOVE every one of them!!!! The stadium seats are exceptionally good!!!

  6. This will cost Mr. Lindell some money upfront, but hopefully all those Dominion lawsuits will get dismissed with prejudice and force Dominion to pay all the legal expenses… IMO any device containing a microprocessor and connected to the Internet or other outside connection is NOT secure.

  7. My Dear Patriots, Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country by exposing the down and dirty left that will stop at nothing the covering up the theft of our presidential election. “This is not going to cost Mr. Lindell any money upfront if everyone will follow suit as I. My plan is buy several different item’s and pay at least double the price He does have good products and we do need to support his fight for truth, Justice and the American way, .Look at the two blog below for his web site and documentary “Absolute Proof”.

  8. I did watch the whole documentary on OANN and the FACTS are correct.So “who’s” writing this propaganda for “the Dems” who “ran the show” for the 2020 “election”?.Believe me, the DEEP STATE is Really DEEP & & it ALL SMELLS of deceit, lying, & undoubtedly comes from the “higher ups” in the Capitol.More than “half” of the “U.S.” voters KNOW that “ALL OF THIS STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN”! “WE” may feel down, possibly defeated, BUT “WE” still have a brain, AND CAN “think” for ourselves! Thank God for Mike Lindell who HAS A BACKBONE! The “Dems” are pushing “US” into a depression under “the guise” of Covid-19. “What”? better “way” to disconnect families, Churches, & socializing, than by “ISOLATING” all of “us” & FEEDING “us” their “news” propaganda..REMEMBER, “the TRUTH” comes out in the wash!

  9. Came out today from Arizona. Election discrepancies from forensic audit by dominion machine. Can’t wait to see how Dominion will explain this one😊

  10. Question? Will Dominion have to cough up things they may not want to come out when this hits the fan ? Hope so………………….

    1. Donna: If the trial goes to discovery, Dominion is finished.If I were Mike, one of the first things I’d ask for would be the actual program un-redacted to actually see where the holes are that need to be plugged.

  11. Talk about reaching. First they help fraud the American voters by changing the numbers and then they think they can silence anyone who stands up to them. Yea! Mike Lindell, oh and I bought pillows long before this mess started and they are the best pillows I’ve ever used. He is a Christian man who is following the evidence. Get ready to pay up Dominion.

  12. Well it may take a legal procedure “discovery ” to allow the investigations of the truth seekers to see the light of day in a court. However, beyond a reasonable doubt there was lots of election and voter fraud last November and the sum total of it most likely denied the lawful re-election of the POTUS.

  13. The dummycraps are scared to death, they have been found out,the fraud in the election,is coming out every where. They have been caught red handed at cheating, absolute proof shows it all. No one in their right mind would vote for dementia,puppet,slo joe, who doesn’t know where he is ever.The guy is an unfit,unstable,deranged, embarrassment, the world is laughing at this senile,weak,old,fool, that can’t complete a entire sentence with his jibberish. This laughing stock needs to be removed for incompetence,incoherance, endangeringour national security, and American people.

  14. I dont care what dominion says, there voting machines were rigged for Joe Biden. There was so much proof, just because all those judges threw out those lawsuits does not mean they were all lies. I believe those judges were paid off ny somebody.

  15. There is absolutely no doubt our election was stolen from the American people there are less than 98 million registered voters in the USA but somehow over 150 million votes were counted? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that there was very widespread fraud in the election!!! The US Census tells how widespread the fraud actually was!

    1. There’s your sign and they couldn’t see a fault in this come on give me a break. Ain’t no telling how much money was paid out to all these low life’s to fix the election. May you all be judged to rot in hell ASAP

  16. They just have to eliminate absentee ballots all together, this sure would stop(or at least slow it down quite a bit)and the ones that can’t get out to vote, they should find someone they trust to take them to their voting place and help them cast their ballot.
    We need to get our election system fixed, and anyone caught making someone to leave the counting building should be placed under arrest immediately. THERE HAS TO BE AT LEAST ONE OF EACH PARTY AT ALL TIME, if one has to leave, the counting has to stop until that person comes back or is replaced by the same party.

  17. I have watched hours and hours of testimony by witnesses who signed affidavits in WI, MI, GA, PA, AZ and NV. I watched Mike Lindell’s documentary.

    I have also seen data analysis of the votes showing data dumps for the Burden, subtraction of votes (voting is an additive process, not a subtractive one), have read Judicial Watch’s analysis of registered voters that show that there were more votes than registered voters in many states in past elections.

    There is NO WAY that I will NOT believe that election fraud occurred and that all the people that witnessed election fraud lied. Election fraud occurred and it occurred on a massive scale right under our noses.

    Dominion is trying to intimidate the people who KNOW that they helped steal the election from President Trump. Let them file all the lawsuits that they want because the good guys will be calling their bluff.

  18. Listened to Mike on – OANN or Newsmax – the other night. He was laughing about the lawsuit. for TWO main reasons. 1st) Non criminal court actions require only a “preponderance of evidence”. 2nd) the Dominion, as the “defendee” will have to provide info on inner-workings of voting machines plus any number of “variables” that are “built in” or possibly accessed accidentally or by some other means. All Mike has to do is present a preponderance of evidence that the machines CAN BE compromised and that actions were taken that MIGHT have compromised the machines. Mike will have a 3-ring circus pointing out denials are NOT evidence but historical events of past machine ERRORS IS evidence.


  19. May this entire snafu turn out for Mike Lindell just like it did for the CEO of Goya Foods: he nominated AOC as Employee of the Year. Her scathing ban of Goya fomented such a backlash that Every loyal American went right out and purchased Goya products. Yes, my family did, too!

  20. I have said this before this company is not going to let these cases go to court because like Mike Lindell said everything out in the open for everyone to see and ruin them


  22. Lindell has been on OANN several times. He gives out a code to order his sheets, which I will do. Mike has more courage than the congressmen who knew this stuff was going on and didn’t come forward. . I saw Absolute Truth and together with all the press releases with testimony from digital experts, poll watchers and election monitor there is no doubt the election was rigged. I blame the Supreme Court and John Roberts for the court not hearing the evidence. Roberts said if the 2020 was cancelled there would be demonstrations. His cowardice and dereliction of duty might cause a war.

    1. Wife & granddaughters votes were changed on voting Brentwood Pa.. would not live till it was righted..

  23. Hope he can go to Court BEFORE Biden’s 4 yrs. are up! THIS ain’t gonna happen since “THE TRUTH” must be silenced by the circus “running” the White House. Biden can’t speak without written notes, a teleprompter, OR a “babysitter” in the room. How long do “they” “THINK” that “they” can keep Biden in a cocoon?


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