Justice Thomas calls SCOTUS Decision to Reject PA Election Cases ‘Inexplicable’

U.S. Department of Agriculture, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas blasted the Court’s 6-3 decision not to hear two Pennsylvania election cases saying they should in-fact be heard by SCOTUS.

Justice Thomas was joined by Justices Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch who also voted to review the two cases.

According to Townhall:

In his dissent Justice Thomas argued mass mail-in voting, which was conducted in Pennsylvania for the first time ahead of the 2020 presidential election in November, combined with election rules being rewritten last minute, makes the process prone to fraud and mistrust.

“The Constitution gives to each state legislature authority to determine the ‘Manner’ of federal elections…Yet both before and after the 2020 election, nonlegislative officials in various States took it upon themselves to set the rules instead. As a result, we received an unusually high number of petitions and emer- gency applications contesting those changes. The petitions here present a clear example. The Pennsylvania Legislature established an unambiguous deadline for receiving mail-in ballots: 8 p.m. on election day,” Thomas wrote.  “Dissatisfied, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court extended that deadline by three days. The court also ordered officials to count ballots received by the new deadline even if there was no evi- dence—such as a postmark—that the ballots were mailed by election day. That decision to rewrite the rules seems to have affected too few ballots to change the outcome of any federal election. But that may not be the case in the future. These cases provide us with an ideal opportunity to address just what authority nonlegislative officials have to set elec- tion rules, and to do so well before the next election cycle. The refusal to do so is inexplicable.”

“One wonders what this Court waits for. We failed to settle this dispute before the election, and thus provide clear rules. Now we again fail to provide clear rules for future elections. The decision to leave election law hidden beneath a shroud of doubt is baffling. By doing nothing, we invite further confusion and erosion of voter confidence. Our fellow citizens deserve better and expect more of us,” he continued.

        1. Although many on the left would say it was too harsh, I totally agree with you. Voter fraud is a direct attack on our republic. If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime!

        2. Well those that set it in motion and yes pay huge money are the ones worthy of death for Treason – the suckers at the bottom for whatever reason are “useful idiots” and deserve to receive sentences of labor for the public good to the capacity capable = merely prisontime with good benefits.

    1. Fraud Big time. States can not make their own election laws as they go along. And Only Blue and Swing States. According to the sized servers, Trump had over 100. Million Votes, And who in the #&!! will Vote for a Dementia Ridden 79. year-old Nincompoop that spends a whole Year in his Basement.Well, the DemonRats got enough Idiots to overlook that part.They are only looking for fake promises.

      1. States can, and do, have the right to determine their voting methodology. Problem is, that includes how they run FEDERAL elections, and THAT is wrong! The procedures/processes should be just as stringent as applying for any other ‘benefit’ or ‘privilege’ from the Feds. Which means it should involve a PHOTO ID to be able to transact any connection with the Feds. Voting for FEDERAL offices should at LEAST include such a protection.

        1. From what I have been reading, yes they do determine their own voting methodology but it must be done by their legislators, not the courts and not some bureaucrat.

        2. But is it clear we have a SCOTUS that more liikely than not will rule that all voting must be harmonized to match what went on in PA. At this juncture such a ruling is a guarantee

      1. The way to determine whether or not there was fraud is to investigate and find out. Those that oppose an investigation and do whatever they can to block it most likely are hiding something that needs to be found out.

        1. It has ALREADY BEEN INVESTIGATED!! It is the JUDGES that WON’T HEAR The CASE!! and THAT is what is ILLEGAL!!!

      2. Why ? Because the American ppl would storm the White House and literally pull them out and put them in jail if they knew the actual real truth

    2. There is probably more than just Robert’s that is compromised by the pedophilia cabal. Be glad when they get that shi## cleaned up. Maybe Robert’s, Barrett, and others will go bye bye.

      1. They won’t clean it up now that the LIBS are CONTAMINATING the WH again!!! Trump’s team WAS CLEANING it UP, which was another reason why the LIBS HATE HIM!! THEY were ALL going to be exposed for what they are!!!

    3. They are total gutless cowards…..
      SCOTUS is not a “career move” they’re to be soldier-guardians of the Founding documents there by assent as “WE the Peoples” protecters of OUR Rights…!

  1. This only shows me that even the weak on the SCOTUS are susceptible to being corrupted by the leftists and global elite!

    1. Roberts especially, I believe he is compromised by Epstein. He has that same shit ass grin as Comey and Strok, both heavy liars.

      1. How about the other six? Can’t they read and comprehend what the laws say? How about the other two Trump appointees? It seems the liberal judges are afraid to cross over and just apply the law, doesn’t it?

      1. roberts is a democrat – we can’t get them out unless we have strong republicans to take their place. the rinos are no help!

    2. This is what you get when the “powers that be” wield the sword of Damocles over the heads of our Supreme Court Justices. Where did they get the sword? From NSA monitoring American citizens in violation of Constitutional protections against unwarranted search and seizure. For example, Chief Justice Roberts has a sword over his head from pulling strings to adopt his two children. If exposed he would be guilty of a felony, lose his position and maybe his kids. This is the way power works in Washington!

      1. Yes. When they removed “ThinThread” from the NSA under president Bush our privacy was violated under the constitution. The young kids growing up today do not know what true freedom is. They take government intrusion as a given.

      2. They used to have to get a warrant to “tap’ a phone line and they had to have probable cause. Not so today with the NSA.

      3. The government today is a runaway power freight train. We the people need to regain control of the engine. The Democrats want to block the doors with Dominion.

      1. yes they are but do we let the country be run by these types of misfits – then you better forget ever seeing America again!! you have to fight harder and stand up to these dopes. we can’t be afraid and that’s why we need Trump back

    3. I worried about both Kavanaugh and Barret as they have many kids and are extremely susceptible to physical harm threats. I would not be at all shocked to learn that they have serious and real death threats to lay low on anything regarding fraud, DJT, Jesus, or even the Constitutjion!

      1. You have to make decisions on the law(s), and not on welfare of your family. If you’re doing that you’re making personal decisions instead of lawful decisions, aren’t you?

      2. They should NEVER have accepted the job, if they are so worried about their Families!! Besides their Families are WAY MORE PROTECTED than ANY of OURS

    4. Roberts is a big problem–he must be compromised some how—-I am afraid this country is headed for a civil war–the courts can not keep making these bad decisions—–I guess Mc Connell picked the last two justices—conservatives are screwed—-

      1. It’s coming to an end soon and it’s going to be epic. Thee hugest thing ever to happen here! Your eyes will bug out in disbelief. Pray ppl

  2. Dems don’t need to be concerned with packing the court. There seems to be cool aid served there too, based on some of their nonsense decisions lately favoring the left.
    Why is not following election rules to affect an outcome not illegal ??

  3. Those denials have John Roberts name written all over them. He has a vendetta against President Trump, and should be removed from the Supreme Court. He does not rule according to the Constitution, but by his feelings. He is the perfect example why the Supreme Court should have term limits, and should not be a lifetime appointment.

  4. Really a shame that the Supreme Court that Americans thought would have their best interests at heart turned out to be the traitors they are. Three judges agree that there is a strong possibility there could be fraud in the 2020 election and six who say oh well. Kind of says the 6 traitors will set back while the democrats destroy the country built on the backs and lives of those who died to protect it.

  5. This is the only way Dump a craps can win elections. They have to cheat the election process in effect for centuries. Working tax paying American citizens realize that the policies of the Democrat party are against them and favor illegals and non working slackers.

  6. The 6 that voted no… just opened themselves up for acts of treason against our country. Whether they know it or not.

    1. I strongly suspect the People En- Mass will most likely take care of the problem in the end. Then I suspect the Supreme Court will be done away with as will so many Police agencies that are not needed such as the FBI and a few more by meetings of state legislators.

  7. Disheartened, Disillusioned, Disgusted by this OUTRAGEOUS behavior. THIS IS FLAT OUT WRONG. It is an INJUSTICE TO THE CITIZENS OF AMERICAN. GOD HELP US!!!!!!

  8. This is what you get when the “powers that be” wield the sword of Damocles over the heads of our Supreme Court Justices. Where did they get the sword? From NSA monitoring American citizens in violation of Constitutional protections against unwarranted search and seizure. For example, Chief Justice Roberts has a sword over his head from pulling strings to adopt his two children. If exposed he would be guilty of a felony, lose his position and maybe his kids. This is the way power works in Washington since Obama took office!

    1. Don’t know about Damocles, but some are probably worried about that sword on their testicles. Especially, Roberts, who has a reputation to uphold with young girls, doesn’t he?

    1. So many had hopes they would hear about all the fraud! WE saw it as did many others! WE did look up to the supreme court, BUT now? Sorry lost my respect, and I think many others also feel the let down!

  9. Most dangerous people in Washington DC!! John Roberts Supreme Court Chief Justice and other 8 . They let voters law in 5 states be broken and did not here any fraud cases . GOP in Senate leadership along with Paul Ryan along with US Supreme Court let democrats committ Treason against American People & Trump. Corrupted DOJ Barr, FBI director Wray & all agents, CIA director and all her agents all these worthless individuals work for US Chamber of Commerce Communist China and Globalist (Bush family) Communist manifesto (America will destroy itself from the inside) These are the people destroying America from inside Mitch McConnell (TRADER)
    God bless President Trump !! Only one fighting for Americans jobs !

  10. God help us! Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are bad for your health but the Supreme Court refuses to ban them!

  11. It’s still not too late. The Justices could agree to investigate the voter fraud, decide on it, and kick Biden/Harris to the curb. Trump/Pence could be reinstated, and all of Biden’s executive orders, that destroyed all of Trump’s good work, could be changed back. If only our Supreme Court could grow a backbone and a big enough pair, this could all still be resolved. The majority of Americans who voted for Trump are past ready to see the voter fraudsters in prison NOW before it’s too late for America. Please Lord God, grant the SCOTUS the courage to do the right thing for our country…NOW!

    1. You know it would never happen. They are too worried about the democrats adding six more seats and filling them with people like Obama and Clinton. And you can bet they would find many others of like mind.

  12. What happened to Kavanah and Barret? Have they gone the way of Roberts? I’m anxious to read their reasonng in not accepting thiws case.

  13. There is significant fraud in are elections and the battleground states were targeted in a coordinated effort that could have easily change the results and did change the results in those states. However, the amount of fraud required to change the outcome required that the voting count be stopped in order to create the amount of fake ballets necessary. Trump is the duely elected President. Anyone with a brain can see it. I am 68 years old and my life time the vote count was not stopped any state, must less 5 states. The government no longer represents the people. The senators, congressmen, the Supreme Court Judges, and the current President are owned and operated buy big Tech Billionaires and Multinational Corporations. These corporations are multinational corporations are not interested in what is best for the USA, only what is best for their profit margin. They are screwing U.S Citizens and our country for profits and the POLITICIANS are complicit in Treason against the American people. That is why the DC inner circle and the media (which are controlled by the Tech Billionares) hate Trump so dam much, he is cutting into their profits! They all deserve to be taken prisoner by the American people, tried, and hung by the neck until dead from the flag poles in Washington D.C.!!!!!!!! Time for a new revolution to execute the treasonous bastards! All of the News Anchors, Tech Billionares, Corporate CEO’S, Senators, Congressmen, Supreme Court Justices, the Vice President, and the President!!!!!! God help America as it is being RAPED BY BIG TECH BILLIONARES, BIDEN, DEMOCRATS, AND RHINOS.

  14. What about the rest? Especially Amy and Kavenaugh? We know Roberts is being held hostage by Barrack Treasonous Obama (not to mention “hateful” and totally anti-American, Christian and everything the USA stands for!), and that the two “girls” on the Court (whatever they are – they are NOT US Citizens who adhere to either the Constitution nor the Bible!)

    HOW did everyone from the late 50s until now, allow Communists and anti-God take so much control of the very country that entered into a Covenant with God Almighty? I guess if God does not punish the USA – he owes Sodom and Gomorrah a big apology! However, God does respond to repentance and it looks like 80 million (voting age) American’s have come back to God, humbling ourselves before Him. Is that enough of a revenant?

    1. the dems have always been corrupt from what i remember! and you are correct about getting worse after the 50’s. it got really bad during obama and supporters stick up for these dead end politicians. leading this country down the toilet. that’s why Trump couldn’t drain the swamp, there are too many to drain.

  15. There’s no justic any more for these politicians that’s been around so long. They do what they want & get by with it. All they know is power.

  16. The Court should at least hear the case so all of the US can decide for themselves. Not even discussing this problem keeps the shroud of secrecy and uncertainty draped over the whole problem.

  17. To little, to late! Where was ACB? I guess she chose not to upset her haters. OK.
    But glad Justice Thomas and the other 2 chose to speak truth. It was all Roberts who was not a fan of President Trump.

  18. Leftists are determined to allow the USA to become socialist or communist nation. We must keep pushing for the frauds to be corrected and the ones that want to kill our country must be forever removed from power.

  19. it’s too late and shame on you so called “justices” you are weak and afraid of the left. you are the problem with this country not President Trump

    1. Democrats stole the election—and now they are getting away with it—-supreme court sucks–they are not doing their job a blind person can see that————–

  20. I have always believed that SCOTUS were the incorruptibles. Boy! Was I wrong!! Very sad that our Justice System is worse than the corrupted in the hemispheres.

  21. I guess the right has to mimic the lefts rioting at officials private residences. I’m not suggesting that I support this sort of activity, I don’t, but judges and the courts have abandoned their responsibilities to the public by refusing to provide guidance one way or the other on these issues. The frustration is mounting and afraid someone is going to get hurt.

  22. Now we know why those cases were denied an expedient hearing before the election. It would appear there are some on the SCOTUS are complicit in the stolen election.

  23. Our federal government, including the Courts are rotten to the core!!! What did the Founders have to say about this condition??

  24. Corrupt and cowardly with the exception of Justices Thomas, Alito and Gorsuch.

    The six have failed this Country and guaranteed that election fraud will continue as long as the “elite” ALLOW us to have elections.

  25. Are these people being blackmailed? I realize this is the “Chicago” way but the insanity of the SCOTUS in this election says they are completely corrupt. Justice Thomas and Alito are the last uncorrupt Justices left. The insanity of not taking the case the first time because no harm has been done (YET) and now that harm has been done the case is moot? This is cowardice or corruption, take your pick, but Roberts and the rest of these justices should be removed IMMEDIATLY. There is now NO LAW, NO JUSTICE and NO ELECTION!

  26. “SOMEBODY’S” got to step up to the plate and ACT! OUR vote means NOTHING since the Dems CONTROL the “elections”. “WHY”?? won’t the Supreme Court take the case? Something SMELLS BIGTIME!

  27. WTF!! So the highest court will not review obvious fraud cases. So that leaves it up to the American voters to decide. Well I’m in favor of Article 5 of the constitution, a convention of states run by the people for people. I say it’s time the people took back our Republic before we have to learn Russian and Chinese….

  28. Maybe Jefferson was also including the so-called “Supreme Court” when he spoke about the need to ‘refresh the Tree of Liberty’…. and tyrants.

  29. Except for a few, our Supreme Court Justices are playing politics which makes them worthless. If the state judges are and have gone against the Constitution then they should be removed and replace by unbiased and honest judges.

  30. The divisiveness will never be resolved if the court doesn’t even bother to investigate, the massive voter fraud that has been reported . What is most important here is finding out the truth. There are millions of citizens, who believe it was fraudulent and millions who don’t. The fact is millions of Americans are extremely upset about the direction the Government has been taking, and increasingly disillusioned, with this administration. including the courts, and their refusal to look at the evidence, ignoring the citizens of America. By refusing to look into these charges you have given the Socialists free reign to continue this illegal behavior and disheartened millions of honest. hardworking, citizens.

  31. Justice Thomas is right. What boggles the mind is why some states did not fire, discipline, or indict election and state officials, and even judges who failed to follow state law. By not taking up the Pennsylvania case, the Court is contributing to the undermining of the electoral process. I would like to hear the reasons for not taking up the case.

  32. The SCOTUS cowards were scared stiff that Biden would retaliate by watering down their power with court packing.So they bent over and had the fraudulent Democrats have it their way. It is the eternal fault of conservatives to have no spine, no willpower, no determination, no courage, no ethics. They are happy having both front legs in the trough and then the determined socialists can play at will.

    1. I’ve sadly lost faith in our judicial system. I understand the fear of the justices with all the threats and fears for their families. Maybe they better go back to practicing law.

  33. If the American people can’t count on the SCOTUS then the entire system of Justice is corrupt. I thought SCOTUS was supposed to rule on Constitutional issues when there is a legal complaint but if they won’t hear a case that affects the American people and their Rights then corruption and evil has the upper hand. The greatest document ever written becomes worthless. Insurrection at the highest level dissolves the Rights and freedoms of WE THE PEOPLE.

  34. I want to know why the remaining justices voted not to hear these cases. What value is the Supreme Court if they do not hear these cases? By not hearing these cases when evidence is available to substantiate review, then it must be assumed that there are other factors at play which must be acknowledged.

    We are all very much aware that Justice Roberts did not want to hear a case prior to the election and there was significant reason to believe that he and his family are under external pressure (illegal in nature), that is preventing him from doing his job.

    If this is the case this time as well, this information must come out and be made public. We now have to clean-up our judicial branch as well as our legislative and executive branches. Our entire system of government appears to be severely and significantly compromised.

  35. Looks like deep state corruption has already got to two of three President Trump’s recent appointees. This assumes they weren’t already deep staters. So sad that even much of the SCOTUS is corrupt.

  36. President Trump claimed that “…the swamp is deeper than you think…” Now, it has been confirmed. The three branches of government are totally corrupt. They are no longer representing WE THE PEOPLE. TRAITORS! TRAITORS! TRAITORS!

  37. YES SCOTUS, quit hiding your head in the sand hoping this problem will go away. It won’t; the LEFT will do it again and again, especially if they pass H.R 1 to federalize elections.

  38. I am not a fan of Abraham Lincoln but he was so right when he said this:

    “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

  39. This latest decision by the Supreme Court clearly shows that the progressive socialist Democrats who are now in control have absolutely no reason to attempt to stack the Court. They already have a liberal majority due to Kavanaugh’s and Barrett’s defection to the other side. A little voice in my head keeps telling me that Chief Justice Roberts should assume another title–“Dread Pirate Roberts” as he has given up defending the Constitution in his efforts to cave to the left. I’m sure he pressured the rest of the Court to decline hearing the election fraud cases because of his cowardice and his fear of reprisals from those to whom he now kowtows.

  40. Democrats are never held accountable for any of their crimes. They can steal an election and disenfranchise 78-million American voters and there is not a thing we can do about it? Is the America we know done?

    The SCOTUS even poked their heads in the sand. If SCOTUS doesn’t want to adjudicate election fraud they need to all resign. The American people only have them to stop blatant fraud in a nationwide election.

    Democrats not only disenfranchised 78-million American voters but all 250-260-million Americans.

    Democrats once again put foreign nations ahead of American citizens. Americans seem to love them; they need to turn to God the Father of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. God Bless

  41. Proof the court is compromised.

    If just to see the evidence, if they looked at it and said, nothing here constitutes fraud, OK…. But instead they punt!

    You gutless, worthless SCOTUS! Your JOB is to do EXACTLY this and you have punted! You are a disgrace!

  42. I’d like to hear the majority opinion defended. Maybe they don’t want to upset the swamp society. I guess we’re screwed as far as elections are concerned. Pelosi is going to mandate compliance to a socialist election that would make the old USSR blush.

  43. Looks like our former president was lead to pick a few ringers by the Heritage Foundation list supplied to him for the top SCOTUS picks. Barrett was labeled the stalwart of the justice system. It seems to me more like she Stalled Out. Kavanaugh is a product of the DC swamp from a DC court. What a disgrace….

  44. Justice Roberts didn’t want the case because he previously made a terrible decision in the PA case by denying to hear it earlier. If SCOTUS would take it now, it would be proven the Justice Roberts caused the problem and would have egg on his face. It’s clear the PA Supreme court overreached and changed PA voting law. Chief Justice Roberts is a crooked judge and should resign ASAP. He has to be one of the worst justices ever. Kavanaugh & Barrett are also turning out to be failures. My guess is the ‘left’ has issued warnings to them that their families would feel the wrath if they didn’t fall in line.

  45. Dereliction of duty, the SCOTUS has become an apparatus of the new socialist Democrats, and has called all efforts by the states to stop voter fraud, by only requiring people to meet the exact same standards as is required to register to vote, proof of citizenship, age, and residence, so the state can then issue them a voter photo ID to vote, that costs the voter nothing, as the states have said they would pay for everything, is unconstitutional?????

    So now that voter fraud is running rampant all over the USA, the SCOTUS refuses to protect the American people’s votes by looking into all the proven voter fraud, and all the witnesses who under oath has attested to seeing voter fraud perpetrated at most all polling places during the last Presidential elections!!!!!

  46. They are now part of the deep state…afraid that the dems will pack the court IF they don’t vote the way the dems want them to.

  47. Is SCOTUS PART OF THE CABAL THAT IS THREATENING U.S. CITIZENS? The Cabal has their fingers in every facet of our government and unless GOOD CITIZENS stand up and call them out, we WILL lose our Freedoms and Nation. Stand up for your rights Americans…or lay down as their doormats.

  48. It is as if the SCOTUS lacks the spine to do what they are supposed to be doing, and apparently that is the case.

  49. There are clearcut violations. The Supreme Court should have hear the case in late Nov and order the election to be re-run in Dec according to the stipulation outlined by the legislature.. Had they done, this matter would have settled once and for all. Failing to act would now invite the same to every future election. I perfectly understand why the Supreme Court do not want to pick the next President, but they should have done their job in a timely manner, instead of waiting till Feb.

  50. I cannot believe that Kavanaugh and Barrett voted to not hear these cases. Justice Thomas’ dissent is so appropriate….AZ

  51. I think the supreme was afraid to accept the case, especially since the possibility exists that it would have overturned some election results. They had new SCOTUS members that every democrat would have demonized if any facts came to light. It wouldn’t matter if the uncovered corruption, because all of the libs yfeyand media said it didn’t happen! Can you imagine the furor if were proven wrong.

  52. Okay I agree with the 3 justices but I don’t see the opinion from the other 6 justices.Give me their argument. I want to try and understand why they did not think they should hear these cases.

  53. What a disappointment Justice Kevanaugh is. I really thought he would be a staunch Constitutionalist, but he has voted with the liberal justices several times now. Could it be that his confirmation hearing was nothing more than a set up to get us to believe we were getting an honest justice?

  54. Here comes massive voter fraud in the 2022 and 2024 elections by the CHEATER criminal Democrat Party Mob leadership, which will lead to a Second Civil War, period!! What you sow, so shall you reap!!!!!

  55. Everyone knows that the election was stolen. We are told that Obama was the most popular president of all presidents and he received less than 70,000.000 votes the first time he ran, how can a candidate that was never seen outside of his basement and on the two rallies he had 12 people showed up win the election? And Trump had 10,000.000 votes more than the first time loose it?. SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG.

  56. The next move is to the Military Courts they WILL uphold the Laws and the Constitution…the election was fraudulent & rigged.. President Trump received over 77 million votes..its time to do the Legal thing and put him back into office and Arrest the others for TREASON..

  57. Thank you Justice Thomas. You’ve always shown a high degree of integrity and you do so with this election crisis as well. It has been so discouraging that the SCOTUS has refused to hear anything that pertains to this election especially when a multitude of us knows that fraud was committed and will never accept Biden as our president. It’s well past time that all the proof of this is heard by those who can really make a difference. SCOTUM is causing many of us to loose confidence in them for anything that might come about in the future. .

  58. We have one more ace in the hole ! The military , Trump knew what he had to do long time ago .
    The military is running the show !

  59. Supreme court refused to hear mountain of evidence proving fraud because Justice Roberts was afraid if the accusations were proven to be true and the election overturned there would be demonstrations. Justice Roberts cowardly behavior instead of performing his duty could start a revolution.It’s important these cases of fraud be heard by the Supreme Court and for the justices to do their duty and protect the Constitution they swore to uphold.Regardless of the outcome it is their duty to hear the plaintiffs in these case.

  60. Anyone who bothered to look at the evidence even a little bit knows this election was stolen from Trump. But the Maoist Marxists are OK with it so ‘Nothing to see here’. Amey Barrett and Bret Kavanaugh are a disgrace. They are Trumps two biggest mistakes. John Roberts is a RINO Bush mistake.

  61. Sounds like it’s time to replace some of these useless overpaid lazy judges.
    What exactly do they hear? If this isn’t important enough to hear what is?
    Pieces of crap!!!

  62. They dont need to enlarge the court. With a court like this they can Pass a bill making the GOPO illegal and membership munishable by improsnmnt and/or re-education
    The Democrats have apparnetly already Joined the Peoples Party of China. Obama care does allow for Death panels and harvesting of Organs.

  63. The unlawful Pennsylvania votes may not have been enough to overturn the election, but after investigating the unlawful votes in any of Arizona, Michigan, Georgia or Wisconsin the election would have definitely been overturned. Any combination of 3, and we have the legitimately elected President.

  64. I know, You know and the whole world knows there was cheating in the Pennsylvania election. So why did they get away with it ? The down and dirty U.S. Supreme Court .that’s why.

  65. Justice Thomas…. the only true conservative on the court.
    I love this guy….. AND HE’S GOT KNOWLEDGE, INTELLECT AND GUTS!!!! God Bless Him!!!!!!!
    I’ll take 2 or 3 more Justice Thomas’ on the court ANY DAY!!!!!!!!!!

  66. I agree with Justice Thomas. It was almost as though the Supremes were afraid of what they might find. Therefore, they refused to even look at the evidence. Out of sight/out of mind!

  67. Appears that “don’t rock the boat” Chief Justice Roberts, with the help of the liberal members, continues to politicize the Supreme Court, making it irrelevant.



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