Rep. Stefanik Introduces Bill to Limit Funding to Schools with Chinese Partnerships

Office of Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Rep. Elise Stefanik proposed legislation to limit federal funding for colleges and postsecondary education institutions with partnerships with The People’s Republic of China. The bill aptly named the “End College Chinese Communist Partnerships Act” or the “End College CCP Act” comes after the Biden administration reversed a rule which required schools to disclose Confucius Institutes, which have been widely accused of pushing the CCP’s views in U.S. classrooms.

Fox News reports:

Stefanik’s bill would allow institutions to restore eligibility to receive federal funding if they disclose to the secretary of education “all contractual partnerships” with a related entity from the previous 10 years and provide to the Education Department “sufficient evidence that such partnerships have been terminated.”

“House Democrats may have blocked my amendment last week, but their dangerous partisan obstruction will not stop me from standing up for America and strongly against China,” Stefanik told Fox News. “I’m proud to introduce the End College Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Act to halt taxpayer dollars from flowing through American education institutions to benefit the CCP once and for all.”

Stefanik, R-N.Y., last week proposed a similar amendment to President Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus package, which would have barred federal funds from U.S. schools that partner with China’s Confucius Institutes. That amendment was blocked by Democrats.

Stefanik’s legislation states that Congress has found that the Chinese Communist Party has “been engaged in a sustained effort to undermine all facets of American power through influence campaigns within the United States,” and that the CCP has “engaged in the theft of hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of intellectual property and academic and scientific research on college campuses, within national labs, and within the private sector.”

Students receiving direct payments from the Department of Education would be exempt from the legislation.

Recently, Republcian Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio blasted the administration’s choice to end the Trump-era policy which tracked Chinese influence in U.S. classrooms and universities. [Keep reading: Biden Ends Policy Tracking Chinese Influence on College Campuses, Republicans Fight Back]

      1. The Executive Order that replaces Trump’s requirements of being notified of CCP influence. C’mon man! It isn’t that hard.

        1. Some people you can hit squarely with the truth and they say where is the proof this is just another left wing saying. It’s like when they have nothing else they call you a racist. Left wing junk.

      2. In his 47 years as a swamp dweller how many bills did he approve of which penalized US big business in some way ? All these and his bill to grant Communist China ‘most favored nation‘ status cost the US over 5 million jobs lost to offshore countries, most particularly Communist China.
        Communist China and Biden; BFF’s

        1. If you don’t believe this is true, Richard Boyle, take a look at the last twenty things you have bought be it tools, computers, appliances, anything, and see where they were made! Most Favored Nation for trade status didn’t help us at all. Except for the monetary enrichment of the Biden’s. (allegedly, allegedly, allegedly !!!! OK?)

    1. All Chinese students should be sent back to China and schools closed that have anything to do with China. Spies are taught and created here and they steal and send back all our advances. China is #1 enemy and all travel from China needs to be stopped. Send Joe and his corrupt family to China and don’t let them came back here. Make China pay for all the damage and lives lost do to their virus. Time to take out the garbage from America. and many more to go.

  1. Hidenbiden and his crackhead son are a national security risk, both are in china’s pocket, and need to be investigated, for shady dealings,now.

    1. HidenBiden !

      I like that!

      I’ve been using ImPOTUS – the Im comes from Imposter, Impotent and Imbecile….

    1. Yeah, remember Swalwell and his bang bang with Fang Fang and no doubt crackhead and the dad banged a few during their trips there in Airforce 2.

      1. I tread where THAT was how the CCP got Hunter to sell them our secrets!! They took pics of them molesting the little girls they provided for them, then blackmailed him and Daddy too!!

  2. Brilliant move. The Chinese are fixated on one thing and that is destruction of this Country. The Democrats share that desire UNLESS UNLESS the money dries up. What slime they are.

  3. OUTSTANDING, stop the communists in their tracks. Ban Russia and all communist controlled, OR Islamic controlled. This is The USA, schools need to teach about it for a change.

  4. China is NOT our friend.

    I worked at a national laboratory that had responsibility for maintaining our nuclear stockpile.

    We developed the W80 warhead and a Chinese employee of a sister national lab was compromised by the Chinese government and provided design information to them (Wen Ho Lee).

    Lo and behold !!! A short time later the Chinese fielded a weapon that was so similar to the W80 that it was clear that US technology had been “stolen” and reverse-engineered.

    They do the same thing with ANY American technology they steal and then they sell it back to us, Our $$$ help them build their economy, their military and cyber power and we are helping to educate them to find ways to bring us down.

  5. Have you all been blind ⁉️😡 I was thinking today, these in Washington need to stop a President build things up for our Country and the next builds it back up ,that’s all us taxpayers do is pay for this crap everytime a different party goes in ‼️😡 It’s pathetic ‼️😡 We the people should say no more and NOT give another dime of taxes until these idiots start looking after our interest ‼️😡 We the people are being played like a fiddle and nothing ever productive gets done but put money in your pockets ‼️😡

  6. This is an honest-to-God epitaph! I have seen it inscribed on a tombstone spire. Surely founder Andrew Jackson is spinning in his grave to see what his party-for-the-people has become.


  8. The progressive socialists plan is coming together- Biden won’t mentally make it past his first two years in office. You’ll be seeing A LOT MORE of his MAIN HANDLER – Senile Joe’s WIFE JILL . We just saw her today JUMPING IN IN FRONT OF SENILE JOE when a reporter(?) was basically asking him about – weren’t these the same type of ‘cages’ that Democrats accused President Trump of using to throw illegal children in like caged animals ? And of course BIDEN was CLUELESS of how to answer and began to ramble in thought !! THAT’S WHEN WIFE JILL QUICKLY JUMPED IN and started trying to deflect , twist and smooth (lie) things over for Senile Joe!! Yep ….. you’re going to see A LOT MORE of Senile Joe’s main HANDLER when the little monkey is allowed to go out in public!!

  9. Biden and cohorts are doing all they can to pour money into China so that his son and others keep getting money doled back to them

  10. CHEATER Joe Biden will veto this bill because “you do not bite the foreign country hand that feeds you foreign country bribes and can blackamil you if you oppose them”!!!! Food for thought for all the free Amercian people!!!!!!!!!

  11. Ms. Stefanik is absolutely correct in her take, and the introduction of her Bill. Unfortunately the Bill goes after China, and as we all know China has the dims in their hip pocket. It’ll be a grind.


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