Senate Confirms Biden’s UN Ambassador Despite Her Controversial Remarks on China

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The Senate has voted to confirm Linda Thomas-Greenfield as the United States’ ambassador to the United Nations despite her controversial remarks in which she praised China’s approach in Africa during a speech she made in 2019.

Fox News reports:

Thomas-Greenfield was confirmed in a 78-20 vote. The timeline for her confirmation had been delayed after Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, used a procedural move to push the Senate Foreign Relations Committee vote from earlier this month.

The speech, excerpts of which were reported by The Washington Post, called Chinese intervention in Africa a “win-win-win situation” in which the communist regime and the U.S. could promote good governance, gender equity and the rule of law.

“I see no reason why China cannot share in those values,” she said. “In fact, China is in a unique position to spread these ideals given its strong footprint on the continent.”

Republicans cited Thomas-Greenfield’s speech as their reason for opposing her confirmation.

“Let’s be clear that Linda Thomas-Greenfield has a record of praising and sympathizing with the Chinese Communist Party. It is not anomaly,” Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., said in a statement. “An Africa expert, between 2013 and 2019 she testified before both chambers of Congress that the U.S. ‘is not competing with China in Africa.’”

          1. Yes I think you are right. It will be at the cost of America workers. The stock market will grow and the American work will lose their jobs thanks to Joe and China.

          2. Al you really need to get a life dude. You make yourself a real Ass. You will not change anyone’s mind to switch over to satanism , ie (your side).

          1. We woke up to the fact that Trump is not a Conservative.
            His only principal is to be the most powerful man in the world.
            Try as he might not even smeared fecal matter could keep him in the White House.

          2. Oh you will be heard all right.
            You will be heard like the people who voted for Hilary wwre heard.

          3. Poor liddle Hessie boy — he has obviously been left out when it comes to getting any kind of attention. So he comes to these websites where he can hide behind his computer and get some. Doesn’t matter that it’s all negative, of course, as long as he gets it!!

          4. You wouldn’t know the truth if it hit you square in the mug! Satan has his grips in you. That’s it your a goner. No coming back now

        1. Was China our enemy in 2016″ yes. China has never been our friend except the love our technology that they to steal for free.

          1. My first job out of college was stealing German technology.
            America stole it’s steam engine and textile technology from England.

          2. When you have people make your stuff on the cheap.
            They will figure out how to make it on their own.
            Chevy does not have Ford build their Corvettes.

        1. Did Obama bring the stock market to a historical high?
          The lowest unemployment in two decades?
          Those kind of lies?

        2. Helga…wass ist hier loss? Mr Hess is just having a lot of fun with his (he thinks) clever teasing. He’s probably a regular guy who just loves to tease people.

    1. Senile Democrat President sleepy Joe Biden is a puppet of empty suit Obama!

      It’s Barack and Moooochelle’s third term to turn the USA into a thirdworld sh*t hole!

      1. Obama had the highest stock market ever.
        And the lowest unemployment in two decades.
        Trump supporters turned our Capitol building into a thirdworld sh*t hole!
        The fecal smear heard round the world.
        Trump made the USA the laughing stock of the world.

          1. Oh I know what truth is and when its spoken. “Truth stands the test of time” lies are soon uncovered. Barack Obama was the biggest traitor to The USA in history. And the last thing he did, before skating out the back door of the White House in 17, was hand Iran, 1.8 billion $$. You remember iran dont you? Death to America, The infidels must die on and on. I wonder how many loving American parents are grieving over the loss of their son or daughter because that $ funded one of the bullets used by Iranian proxies to kill them? You need to get your facts straight. And whether you believe the truth or not, does not matter because it remains the truth. Go peddle your propaganda elsewhere brother.

          2. How many bullets has the US funded that have been inserted into Middle Easterner’s sons and daughters?
            When did Iran depose the duly elected leader of the US and install a CIA toady on the Peacock Throne.
            The Persians are an ancient civilization, they do not forgive, they do not forget.
            An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.
            So Biblical?
            Why do we have any troops in the Middle East?
            Because twenty years ago some Saudi terrorists took out the World Trade Center and then hid out in the no man’s land between Afghanistan and Pakistan?

            How many American bullets Iranians?
            How many Iranian made bullets have killed Americans?
            Why are we killing Iranians?
            Because they bombed the World Trade?

          3. Reply to  Albert Hess

            Oh I know what truth is and when its spoken. “Truth stands the test of time” lies are soon uncovered. Barack Obama was the biggest traitor to The USA in history. And the last thing he did, before skating out the back door of the White House in 17, was hand Iran, 1.8 billion $$. You remember iran dont you? Death to America, The infidels must die on and on. I wonder how many loving American parents are grieving over the loss of their son or daughter because that $ funded one of the bullets used by Iranian proxies to kill them? You need to get your facts straight. And whether you believe the truth or not, does not matter because it remains the truth. Go peddle your propaganda elsewhere brother

          4. The Truth:
            Biden has the highest stock market ever.
            Trump had the highest stock market ever.
            Obama had the highest stock market ever.
            Bush2 had the highest stock market ever.
            Clinton had the highest stock market ever.
            Bush1 had the highest stock market ever.
            Reagan had the highest stock market ever.
            Trump’s claim of having the highest stock market, ever, is true, and vacuous.
            Every President in the last 30 years has had the highest stock market ever.
            Has, had and have, they all so confusing.

          5. Oh I know what truth is and when its spoken. “Truth stands the test of time” lies are soon uncovered. Barack Obama was the biggest traitor to The USA in history. And the last thing he did, before skating out the back door of the White House in 17, was hand Iran, 1.8 billion $$

          6. The 1.8 billion was deposits on account in Swiss banks made for the purchase of Iranian oil.
            The money was never the property of the United States.

          7. . You remember iran dont you? Death to America, The infidels must die on and on. I wonder how many loving American parents are grieving over the loss of their son or daughter because that $ funded one of the bullets used by Iranian proxies to kill them? You need to get your facts straight. And whether you believe the truth or not, does not matter because it remains the truth. Go peddle your propaganda elsewhere brother

          8. I remember when the US deposed the elected leader of Iran and installed the Shah on the Peacock Throne.
            It gave us full control or Middle East oil.

          9. I remember when the CIA installed the Shah on the Peacock Throne.
            The most hated man in Iran.
            Do u

          10. If the unemployment numbers were so low, how did we get the highest number of people on food stamps ?

          1. The truth is that the stock market was as high as it had ever been under Obama’s leadership.
            Check it out on Newsmax.
            It is their lead story today………

          2. In the last year I have seen the stock market the highest it has ever been.
            In four years before that I saw the stock market the highest it had ever been.
            Where have you been that you could not see that?

          3. In the last four years the fact that Obama had the highest stock market ever has not changed.
            It never will.
            Not even a man as powerful as Trump can change historical facts.

          4. Delusional would be thinking that Trump won the 2020 election.
            I am with the Supreme Court on this one.
            I can feel Kavanaugh’s love……….

          5. In your and Trump’s opinion.
            Not in the opinion of the Trump appointed members of SCOTUS.
            Your and Trump’s opinion have no value.

        1. Hey Al, Perhaps you’ve not heard that a BLM/Antifa activist, John Sullivan, was one of the loudest voices edging the crowd at the Capital riot to “Burn it Down” and “take them down”. He’s been arrested and confirmed by the FBI and was paid by your favorite fake news agency’s CNN and MSNBC and others to take videos of the riot. Many have thought there were others behind the Capital attack other than Trump supporters and now the FBI has confirmed that belief. I’m sure when they find out the person planting the pipe bombs the night before will probably turn out to be a BLM/antifa activist also.

          1. How long had John been a member of BLM?
            How much money was he paid?
            Did CNN/MSNBC know that he was BLM?
            Or just another jamoke claiming to be video journalist?
            Thank God John was there.
            The FBI is using his videos to round up the fecal smearing Trump Humpers.
            Other than this Johnny come lately BLM wannabe how many other BLM/ANTIFA have been arrested?
            Somewhere between zero and one?
            Just what makes you think that BLM?Antifa planted the pipe bombs?
            Where else have they done this kind of thing?
            Have you ever had an orgasm from wishful thinking?

        2. How is all the lockdowns high gas prices 20+ million illegals becoming legal with free everything, losing our oil & gas independence and many other destructive policies destroying our once great country going for you you FKN MORON!!

          1. How have we lost our our oil and gas independence, in the last month?
            The most parotic Americans are second generation immigrants.
            Most immigrants believe in Jesus.
            FKN MORON!! That was crude.
            Dose your daughter’s vag have maggots?

        3. Obama had the highest stock market ever.” When was that?
          “And the lowest unemployment in two decades.” when was that?
          “Trump supporters turned our Capitol building into a thirdworld sh*t hole!” No that is not true. The ones that got arrested were democrats and non voting people.
          “Trump made the USA the laughing stock of the world.” Only to the left.

          1. On Dec. 23 2016 the stock market was the highest it had ever been.
            The December 2009 unemployment rate was 9.8%
            The December 2016 unemployment rate was 4.6%
            The July 2016 Unemployment rate was 4.6%
            Obama cut the unemployment rate by half.
            Trump managed only 25%.
            Until he managed to have the highest Covid- 19 death rate in the in world.
            It is part of his America First Program.
            500,000 and counting……. , USA USA USA USA!!!!!!
            How many of the people arrested are registered Democrats?
            Most of the Trump Humpers that I know don’t bother to vote because they know it is rigged.
            They are in it for the pageantry, the drama, for the identity.
            They like driving around in their pick up trucks, flying their flags and swerving at negroes.
            Which world leaders respect Trump, other than Putin?

        4. No, he didn’t have the highest stock market ever, he had the largest increase after the crash of 2008 but at 19,370 when Trump took over. At 31,000+ pts, Trump had the highest ever. Obama did not have the lowest unemployment as it was at 4.8% when he left office and under Trump at 3.7% before the pandemic hit. Obama had the biggest decline in unemployment but both of his figures were after a recession that would have come back despite who was in the White House.

          1. Please read for comprehension.
            Yes he did.
            At the close of Obama’s term the stock market was at the highest it had ever been.
            At the close of Obama’s term the unemployment was as low as it had been in decades.
            Obama cut the unemployment rate in half.
            Trump, 23%.
            Which President put us into a recession, which one pulled out of a recession faster than when we went in?

          1. Delusional is thinking that Trump won.
            All nine of the Supremes think that it is a real slapper.

        5. You really must be constipated between the ears. Obama did not at any time have the highest stock market. It started going up as soon as he left office. He had the HIGHEST unemployment rate in over two decades. When he left office there were over 65,000,000 people unemployed. It was actually higher than that because he had the labor office change the way unemployment was calculated. If you were unemployed but no longer eligible for benefits, you were dropped from the list. If you could get work from 1 hr a week to 32 hours a week you were taken off. Who can feed their family working even 15 hours a week with no benefits. The average income for his 8 years was down to the early 1990’s level, when Obama left office. You sound like Biden. You couldn’t tell the truth if it was on a teleprompter in front of you. Trump supporters did not turn the Capital into anything. The FBI reported to Pelosi and McConnell that something was going to happen at the protest. They were there for sometime behaving very peacefully until someone with a gun rushes up to the door breaks a window then starts yelling for others to come, help him. This was planned in advance. Antifa claimed they were originally going to stage a protest the same time, place and day as the Trump supporters, but decided it would work better to dress like Trumpers and insert themselves into the crowd, making it easier to stir things up. When it was over there was an interview with a man who said he was arrested, but let go. He said he was Antifa. Another man was making a video because he was ashamed of what he had done. He said someone offered him and others money to come in and start a riot, which he said they did. The police officer who died because he was beaten with a fire extinguisher, another liberal lie. He went back to work and texted his brother, said he was fine except for getting in the way of some pepper spray used by one of the police. He went back to work on the 7th and at some point collapsed and was rushed to the Hospital and later died. They did an autopsy, then he was immediately cremated. Family said they had been told nothing by the police or the hospital, but had received calls from media saying he was dead, he wasn’t. They rushed to the hospital. While in route they heard an announcement that he had died. The Doc told them he had no injuries of any kind, but he had a stroke. The family said the autopsy report has still not come in. Pelosi wanted to impeach again, based on the death of the officer, but he was not injured during the riot, as reported.

          1. During Obama’s term in office the stock market was the highest it had ever been.
            The only President to fail to achieve that distinction in the last 40 years was Bush2.
            Obama inherited a shattered economy, the worst recession since the Great Depression. .
            When Obama took office the unemployment rate was 9.9%, when he left, 4.1%
            When Obama left office there were 7.6 million unemployed Americans, at least according to the Trump Administration’s published numbers.
            At one point in time there were 23 million Americans unemployed under Trump’s leadership, at lest according to Trump Administration published numbers.
            You backed a loser.

          2. Trump knew what Pelosi knew.
            Should Pelosi have called out the National Guard?
            Trump supporters smeared their fecal matter in the Capitol.
            Of the 250 plus that have been arrested how many have been identified as Antifa?
            Trump supporters?

        6. Those are our good President Trump’s accomplishments, little Al, and you, like all the other vacuous Democrats, are only attempting to lay claim to all the good he did for our country. Obama and his Mrs were the worst things to happen in this country, and the beginning of this great divide we’re feeling right now!! And the only thing the world is laughing at now? Is that MISTER Biden and the vacuous Democrats are in control of the country (at least temporarily!!), and they know they can get them to bend over for anything they want them to do if they pay them enough, since they care nothing for America and the people, but only about power and lining their pockets!! Recent polls clearly show that Democrats are slowly waking up and people are beginning to regret voting for the puppet Biden! Guessing 2022 will be a big win for Republicans given what we’re seeing now. 🙂

    2. The Marine Corps has changed it philosophy, got rid of its heavy armor ie tanks, armor vehicles artillery etc. to prepare for war with China, they are our greatest threat.

      1. What possible reason does China have to attack the United States?
        Are they trying to be not only the biggest country in world but also the richest?
        Such shameful behavior………

      2. If the Marine Corps gets rid of it’s heavy armor ie tanks, armor vehicles, artillery etc. how will they subdue the1.4 billion Chinese?
        Did Trump consider you for SecDef?

          1. What will replace the boots on the ground?
            Won’t that be fun!
            That way we will be able to enjoy civilian deaths too, not just our brave soldiers.

    3. Trump does not lie.” That is true.
      “Why won’t Biden listen?” because Joe and China are the best of friends. China is only the enemy to the America workers. To wall street China is a money in their pockets.

      1. Why are we letting this asswagon, Hess, to get us so upset. Better to ignore him completely. Then he’ll find some else to bother. BTW…does anyone know how trolls are paid, and what they make?

      1. When was Biden last in China?
        Has he ever done business in China?
        Real estate deals, garment manufacturing?
        How many millions of dollars a year does the Trump Organization spend on Chinese goods?
        Their fabulous luxury hotels must have at least 10,000 flat screen tv’s
        Where does Don the Con buy those?

      1. You are right Mr. Hess. You will be the winner from now on with what the democrats learned in 2020 election. Their will always be enough votes to win from now on.

      2. You call that ,taking our country back ? All I see is the goof ball Biden giving everything away… Illegals first….Americans last …..Yes.. Good job Dims…

    1. Or have the Red States form their own Republic and let the blue states feel the full impact of their socialist/marxist doctrine. The blues will be quite happy to be rid of the Reds, that is until their society collapses from all the freebies and they run out of money.

      1. The Red states take more federal dollars than they produce.
        If the Blue states can dump the red states the Blue states GDDP will go up by 25$%

  1. With only 20 GOP senators giving a thumbs down, it shows just how spineless and irrelevant the current Republican party is.
    If this were a vote for a Trump nominee, you can bet there would not have been a single DemocRat voting “yea”.
    The GOP is totally useless and I don’t see it ever returning.

    1. Generally speaking Republicans are Conservatives.
      Trump is not as Conservative
      Conservatives have some principals.

        1. Trump has zero Conservative principles.
          Trump has zero principles.
          He even tries to stiff his hookers.
          Maybe he thinks he shouldn’t have to pay if it didn’t get stiff.

  2. Maybe he should move to China, and take all the Cronies with him. Can’t believe they want to send money to the Lab in Wuhan, as part of this relief bill. Sorry that people don’t even know about all the PORK!

    1. I do and it is so bad. The last two were just as bad. I’m still pissed over the $75mil that went to the Kennedy Center and the handout to the Pakistan Gay Liberation. We’ve got people here that need help. The Kennedy Center needed that money because Nancy Pelosi’s daughter sits on the board. PORK SHOULD NOT BE IN THESE BILLS!

      1. You do not understand how American politics work.
        You get elected by bringing home the bacon.
        Is it wrong to support gay liberation?
        Do you think that the Kennedy Center spending is excessive?

    2. Trump went to China.
      They laughed at him.
      They thought his import taxes would cost Americans money.
      They were right.
      I want to know what happened in Wuhan.
      I want Americans to be involved in the investigations.
      Do you?

      1. But the democrats don’t want to know what happen in Wuhan. The democrats made Trump and congress to change the name to the covid virus.

        1. I want to know.
          What Democrat said that they do not want to know?
          The naming rights go with majority party, it’s called democracy.
          The Democrats did not make Trump change what the world recognizes as Covid-19.
          Trump has always called it the, wait for it. the chiner virus.
          Like some kind of a low grade mooooron.

    1. Fix it you lazy slob.
      March to the Capitol on March 4.
      Squat down and make brown.
      Smear it all over Nancy’s face.
      Trump will march in and declare martial law.


    1. What has China done to America?
      Do they make a lot of things that Americans want to buy, at a price they can afford?
      Is that what makes them so awful?

  4. America First!!!!!!
    Take a moment and thank XpresidentRump for keeping the US first in the World for Covid deaths.
    500,000 and still counting.
    When will Trump reveal his plan to get to a million?
    Will he have really huuuuugggee rallies?
    Complete with private ‘kissing’ booths.

    1. Never going to make a million. Biden is here, and will take care of it. Then he said he is going to cure cancer. I for one cant wait. If he does all of that he will put Obama back in the basement as the worst Pres. we have ever had.

  5. This cannot continue.. something has to occur to stop this and hopefully it will happen soon. We all see that the RINOs and Dems are Communists. Some people will never wake up because they are so brainwashed by the mainstream media. We are becoming more endangered the longer this crap continues.

    1. How about you telling me how to get paid for those remarks? I am 82 and could use the income to help as the cost of everything is going higher than most disabled veterans can afford.



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