Biden’s 100-day Moratorium on Deportations Blocked by Judge Indefinitely

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President Biden’s 100-day moratorium on deportations was dealt another crushing blow as a Texas judge extended his ban on the order indefinitely. U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton extended his ban on the Jan. 20 executive order that would have implemented a 100-day moratorium on almost all deportations.

Judge Tipton previously issued a two-week block of the order after Texas attorney general Ken Paxton argued that the order not only violates federal law but also an agreement between Texas and The Department of Homeland Security which required the state to be consulted beforehand.

Fox News reports:

But Texas argued the directive violates the Constitution and federal law as well as a contractual agreement between Texas and DHS signed in the final days of the Trump administration that the state would be consulted before reducing immigration enforcement or pausing deportations.

The agreement means that DHS must give Texas 180 days’ notice of any proposed change on any matter that would reduce enforcement or increase the number of “removable or inadmissible aliens” in the U.S. Paxton claims that agreement has been violated.

Our state defends the largest section of the southern border in the nation. Failure to properly enforce the law will directly and immediately endanger our citizens and law enforcement personnel,” Paxton said in a statement last month announcing the lawsuit.

The administration has since issued guidance to ICE agents, informing them that they will need preapproval from managers to arrest some illegal immigrants if they do not fall into the categories similar to those that were also exempted from the deportation freeze.

Since becoming President, Biden has issued a slew of executive orders aimed at tearing down Trump-era immigration policies. The executive orders have subverted Congress and many are criticizing why Biden seems to be more focused on helping those across the border rather than the millions of Americans struggling across the country.

      1. Exactly. Victories so few and far between since the tards stole the country on Nov 3rd. We’ll take it! Kudos to a Judge with some common sense and loyalty to America.

    1. Trump will be taking the oath of office for his second term on March 4 in his beloved White House followed by parade to the Capitol where there will be fecal matter smearing contests the hole family can enjoy.
      Keep your eyes on the little ones.
      Eaters will be disqualified.

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          2. You read my mind! It’s always been my deepest, darkest fantasy for Big Mike and the Magic Mulatto to do that to me! Add in sassy Sasse and saucy Fauci and my fantasy will be complete! 😛

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      2. Don’t all of you ppeople get tired of responding to the offspring of Albert Speer and Rudolf Hess? Frankly I would not waste my time.

    2. Now if we can only get a forensic ballot audit and a look into Hunters laptop before all that gets swept under the rug.

      1. Why did Trump fail to sieze Hunter’s laptop?
        Where is it now?
        Did the computer geek in Delaware copy his hard drive?
        Is he just holding out for more money?
        Our National Security be Damned?

  1. Question Senator Schumer Mocks Texas Amid Winter Storm Outages and President or not can criminal charges be filed against Joe Biden for being the cause of any illegal entry or American deaths from our border either directly or indirectly, since Biden’s AG Pick Just Refused To say whether Illegal Border Crossings Are A Crime and yet people are being allow in without proper medical releases or exams? Former White House physician Ronny Jackson told reporters he was “convinced” that Democratic Joe Biden, 77, does not have the cognitive ability to be commander-in-chief. “I’m pretty familiar with what it takes both physically and cognitively to do that job and what the demands of that job are,”

    1. charles wilkins
      Now since the US has immigration laws on the books which is the law of the land, and just because Trump refused to enforce those rules and directed his agencies to not abide by them, does in another way prove Trump was not doing the job as directed by the Constitution, “to make sure all laws of this USA are followed”
      Why do we have laws set in place by Congress and signed into law by a President if they are not to be followed by the agencies who the laws govern the operations of. Biden has just put the immigration laws back in place that Trump did away with.
      For your information, the present immigration laws on the books which Biden is ordered followed were written by a Republican House agreed to by a Republican Senate and signed into laws by a Republican President, Reagan.

      1. You are full of it. Not a single word you have said has a grain of truth to it. You don’t know laws from executive orders, and I would guess anything of substance on this issues period.

        1. you’re right as trump tried to enforce the laws that were on the books already!robert is a special kind of stupid isn’t he!

        2. Hmmmm that name rings a bell, could you statement be applied to another roberts at the so call sup court… would seem to fit… least the law/executive orders part.

      2. Robert I hate to tell you but you’ve got it backwards Biden IS allowing ILLEGALS into the country!! no I.D. etc. They have to be registered and held till Health checkups etc are collected!

        1. Robert apparently cannot read with comprehension.When in doubt, or very important, read three times to insure comprehension. That goes for all legal or important papers.

      3. Are you really that stupid? You were really talking about Obama and joe administration. President Trump stop the illegal immigrants from coming here. Stop watching the CNN and other fake news outlets that lie all the time. Grow up and start being American not a slave to communism.

      4. You are living in opposite land. La La Land. You are in effect saying it is the law to allow anyone to enter the US without documentation and stay here forever and take our jobs. If they commit crimes it is the law not to deport them? What law books are reading? Seseme Street?

      5. Charles You are an IDIOT. You have NO clue as to what you are talking about. you need to go back to your Liberal Safe Space and learn about the Law before you come out in Public and make a Total FOL out of yourself again.

      6. Why do we have a lock on our door? Why do we have police? Why do we have a military? Why do we have borders? Why won’t Canada allow a person into their country who is a felon?

      7. Let’a go back to the original laws on the books. I know a little something about them. My husband’s family came from The Netherlands in 1962. They had to wait on Ellis Island for a week to pass a health check on 2 adults and 5 boys. They had to be sponsored by a citizen of the US. This person was responsible for getting them jobs and also enrolled the 3 youngest boys in an English speaking school paid for by the parents. (The 2 oldest had gone to college and spoke English, but not the 3 youngest). They had to learn English before going to school so the language barrier would not hold them back nor hold back the US kids.The sponsor also had to find living arrangements and jobs were found before they came so they would not be a burden on the taxpayers, NO WELFARE OR FREEBIES..My mother in law started working at Wylers 1 week after arrival and worked there for 30 years, my father in law did the same. They both learned to speak English when the 3 youngest were in English speaking school at the time. Everyone had to learn English so they could assimilate into society. That was the law of the land, let’s go back to it.

      8. So what? Laws are written and passed by both parties and until said laws are amended they are the law!
        What you wrote about DJT and immigration laws is total BS! If you really believe what you wrote think about this…………if DJT had done anything with immigration not according to law or written in the Constitution, Pelosi would have been all over that and impeached him, AGAIN. Your mama bear was always on guard looking for a way to get rid of DJT.
        As far as what Jo-Jo is doing with immigration policies and everything else, is exactly what BHO is instructing him to. We see that…….why can’t you? BHO is restoring his “legacy”, such as it was………

        1. I would almost guess that Obiden has to have someone else tie his shoes as I can’t believe he is smart enough to figure out how to do it himself.

        2. I am sure his mama ties his shoes for him so he won’t trip. Jill is a motherly wife who takes care of her little boy. Protecting him from mean ole news reporters, Stumbles repeatedly over words when reading his teleprompter. Leads him around like a toddler. Still Joe is better than that annoying Kamala who has NO clue what she’s talking about and giggles like she is having a ball . I think the giddiness is from Kamala being SO thrilled to know SHE will be the President soon enough. God Forbid!

    2. Biden’s AG pick apparently has cognizance problems of his own. The man is not fit to be AG. He has his own problems with dementia.

    3. Ronny Jackson should lose his license to practice medicine for issuing a diagnosis with an examination .
      Not to mention going to jail for a HIPPA violation.

    4. It is definitely a crime to illegally cross the American border! The reason to me it was so astounding that Garland would not answer the question is, he would be derelict in his duty not to uphold the law! He can’t answer that or any pertinent question as comrade Kamala also cannot. It is obvious to me that Dementia Jo-Jo-‘s administration has not been TOLD what they are to think, say and do!
      Jo-Jo will have to be impeached before he can be criminally charged, I believe. If memory serves me, a sitting President cannot be prosecuted while in office. In his case, he is only following orders (mostly from BHO) so it certainly wouldn’t be detrimental to the country if he was in jail!
      When I think how this bunch criticized DJT, it is nauseatingly disgusting, in fact the actions of the entire Democrat Party are as well!

    5. Texas deserved to bemocked for cheaping out on their natural gas infacstructure.
      Heated instrument enclosures are not all that expensive.

      1. Why heat the infrastuctures in Texas with Global Warming heating the planet. You meam Global Warming is not real??? Gasp. You mean they lied to us??? Naw!!! Ya Tink?

      2. You dumb arse the instrument panels was not the problem. Production is not like plant operations. Stay in your dog house and out of mine.

    6. Yea, I don’t know why the Republicans don’
      t make him get tested like the illiterates made President Trump do!

    7. Don’t hold me to this but, I believe he is immune to any legal fall out but could be held liable in civil court, the same as they claimed President Trump could be for that B.S. that went down at the capitol. But again I’m not 100% about that, if any lawyers are reading this please feel free to correct me. lol

    1. Joe Biden and his son are BOTH criminals.. They are cheaters and I will NEVER recognize criminal Joe as MY president!! ! Joe is occupying the presidential office ONLY because they cheated BIG-TIME. We need to take our country back folks because we are being invaded and both sides of our government dont care because it does not affect them in their ivory towers and armed guards!!!!! BOTH SIDES of our government SUCK and only care about their power and NOT the Legitimate American people!!!

        1. He wouldn’t be legitimate even if he were legitimately elected. He belongs on the Funny Farm. Watch how quickly Kama-llama takes over!

      1. Biden is as legitimate a President as was Obama.
        We both have proof that Obama squirted out of his Mom’s maggot infested baby hole somewhere in Kenya.
        We are not quite sure where but definitely somewhere!

        1. If you believe BHO was born in Kenya, you should also believe as stated in the Constitution he was disqualified to be President.
          Who is the “we” you referred to in your comment……you have a rat in your pocket?
          The LGBTQ community must be very proud to have you representing them!

    2. He is no President at all. He is a disgusting fraudster who should be arrested and imprisoned together with Pelosi and Kamel Toe

        1. Strong leaders round up their political opponents and put them in jail.
          Russia and China have strong leaders.
          We have wimps like Trump and Biden.


    3. Biden is the guy who got the most votes on November third.
      At least that is the take of the Trump appointed judges, including three Supremes

      1. Also NYC has been under water for 20 years now. Scientists and journalists never lie. Global Warming. Run. Hide. Biden got 80 million votes. More popular than Obama. Just ask adam Schiff. Wanna buy a bridge.

      2. Yes because you dumercrats put them there while GOP wasn’t looking. Sneaky and unlawful. But that is what they do.

  2. The illegals that are still here are going to get stimulus checks. There has got to be a lot of love there for Biden and the far left to give away your tax dollars to them. It`s tear jerking.

    1. Only those checks? How many freebies do they get yearly? More than WE the People get on our SS per year! WE EARNED! What about our poor and homeless? OR the criminals in jail getting checks! Thats ok? Not to mention all the pay raises they give them selves, was it 15% this time? Hey you work for us how is it legal to KEEP giving yourselves raises for DOING NOTHING FOR US!

      1. This is how the democrats give money to illegals.
        California’s governor signed a bill into law Tuesday evening that will provide direct payments of $600 to many of the state’s lowest-income residents, including undocumented immigrants…

    2. The idea of the stimulus checks is to jump start our economy out of our Trump pandemic.
      The illegals will spend their checks, the Conservatives will save theirs.
      I haven’t spent a dime of mine.

  3. Now the only reason it is blocked is because the Biden Administration has not filed an appeal, which I am sure will be done within the next 30 days.

    1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet, chester the molester biden will keep appealing until the case is heard by a globalist puppet judge and he rules in the globalists favor .

    1. At least we have a judge who refuses to accept globalist bribes and globalist death threats who understands the laws of this nation and is willing and unafraid to enforce them .

  4. We all know why Biden is doing this. He hopes to bring what he deems a better class of voter into the American electorate. Those of the Maoist Marxist variety.

  5. It’s time to lock up this illigitimate,corrupt,racist,sexual pervert,puppet,dementia joe that is tearing our country apart. This unfit,unstable, deranged,person is not fit to lead anything,much less our country. Needs to be removed for incompetence.

    1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet barry soetoro appointed all the correct criminals to the correct positions to protect all their criminals .

      1. Yes. Most Americans want a white supremist racist with dimentia in the White house. Joe fits the bill. You voted for him. Enjoy your higher gas prices, lower wages, higher taxes, higher welfare. Isn’t it just great? Biden cannot even distribute Trump’s vaccine. He cannot handle logistics let alone pronounce it.

  6. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet, chester the molester biden will keep appealing until the case is heard by a globalist puppet judge and rules in globalists favor .


    1. Me thinks thats REALLY why all the fencing around OUR WHITE HOUSE! They know it was all planned and are more worried about the REAL folks than any mobs! They pay the mobs!

  8. Joe Biden is a complete buffoon. He not running America. Obama and China is. They want America destroyed. DOJ and FBI need shut down until they get American people who love America in there. The democrat gutter rats have to go now. Nancy Pelosi is a dangerous woman to America. She is running the house like a mob gangster. Shame on Republicans for not calling for her arrest.

  9. Americans must COME FIRST and FOREMEOST! PERIOD! No Matter who is sitting in the President’s seat! Never to play SATANIC SYMPATHY! We are A Judeo ~ Christian Nation! FOUNDED UNDER the Judeo-Christian Principles! “One NATION under GOD!” No one and nothing else!

  10. Thank God this Judge has more wisdom than most! It’s appalling that Joe Biden wants to stop deportations & flood our nation w/ impoverished Mexicans & Central Americans, while 10 MILLION + Americans are out of work & Middle Class families are struggling with lockdowns, a looming mortgage crisis… Biden has tossed his promise of $2,000 Stimulus. Even worse, Biden expects Americans to endure the LARGEST TAX HIKE in history in order for Democrats to fund LGBTQ programs in Pakistan and food stamps & medicaid for newly arriving Mexicans.
    Election fraud has consequences.

    1. Only problem is you’d get Kamala who is a bigger communist than Joe! Joe is just parroting the talking points that his handlers are feeding him! Did you see Joe approaching the WH and mumbling, “Salute the Marines,” because someone was feeding him info through an earpiece?

      1. MY BET is bo telling him what to think and say! Remember he tried to ruin us in 8 yrs! WE musy get rid of joe and hoe! He is a criminal and the dirt miss piggy will dig up, (theres plenty) And WALLA her plan would work. MISS PIGGY PRES? NO NOT NEVER

    2. Why wait that long? Get it started NOW! They care not about WE the People! Want us to suffer and give to other countries and illegals! WE DO NOT WANT TO BE LAST! GET IT? American #1

  11. It’s time to start blocking more of this lying, corrupt,racist,sexual pervert,puppet, that is unfit,unstable,deranged,jackass destroying our country, and allowing it to be invaded by people from around the world. He needs to be removed by the military/ or by force, there is no way 80,000,000, citizens voted for this incompetent,incoherant,dementia,embarrassment,that doesn’t know where he is, and can’t even read a tellaprompter, he looks like an pathetic, idiot around the world. Our enemies must be laughing that this nincompoop, in leader of the free world, and brain=dead.

  12. Good for Texas and AMERICA, the border belongs to the State of Texas, and Texas should have the right constitutionally who enters and who doesnt.

  13. The minute Texas goes, so goes the rest of our country. Thank God for this judge’s decision.
    People, please pay attention and stay informed. Our country is barely recognizable.
    Think how much has changed just since election day. Organize, get involved and get out and vote in 2021. God help us!

  14. You ask why Biden seems more focused on those across the border than the safety of the American citizen ? It seems fairly obvious to me ! Anyone in bed with Red China doesn’t give a damn about his country or it’s citizens ! Biden is not my President he is a traitor and an enemy to this country ! And so are all of those involved in the four year treasonous insurection against President Trump !

  15. Good for him. Governors need to fight against the crap the Biden administration does. He doesn’t care about the people. He cares about undoing ANYTHING. President TRUMP did. Even if so much of it is good for America. So so sad we elect these people to do what is best for America.

  16. Biden wants the the Illegals gone but wants to blameTrump.
    It is part of Biden’s dump Trump strategy.
    It’s working!

  17. A temporary “victory,” at best , if only because the Commiecrats will endeavor not only to overturn this to fulfill their New World Order dictatorial , U.N. Agenda 21 implementation here in the U.S.! They will violate the Constitution and amnesty at least 11 million illegals and Try to Give them the right to vote which no American Citizen should tolerate,AS ALLOWING IT NEGATES theirs AND RIGS EVERY ELECTION IN A ONE PARTY CERTAINTY OF VICTORY. especially Armed Forces veterans who fought to PRESRVE our Constituion in the TOTAL HONORING of the SAME OATH every elected official takes but rarely if EVER honors at all since few of these career parasites calling themselvs “politicians ,” have any sense of integrity, duty,honor or obligation to the ONLY constituency they are SWORN BY OATH TO SERVE AND PROTECT; AMERICAN CITIZENS,AND THE CONSTITUTION THEY ARE SWORN TO DEFEND AND UPHOLD AGAINST ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC!
    None of them will EVER do what is best for We, The American people and, the continuing rape and robbery ongoing of Seniors, Veterans active military personnel and their families, the teaching or rather of indoctrination of our children in the failed and failing further public educatiional system, the accruing of a $27 trillion debt and then their giving themselves RAISES for their obvious incompetence and fraud, PROVES THE CONTENTIONS BY VIRTUE OF THEIR ABSOLUTLY PITIFUL AND PRIVILEGED PERFORMANCE RECORDSI
    They have NO CONCEPT of truth, responsibility or accountability for their acts and no common sense or shame, and too many of them mostly in leadership positions, belong in Prison, NEVER ELECTIVE OFFICE!

  18. Hallelujah! I hope he makes it permanent. His changes to the immigration laws are dangerous to American citizens.. Congress passed our immigration laws years ago and no one has ever tried to follow them, except President Trump. While he was doing than, liberals ‘were going to the border and helping illegals to get into the country. Congress makes the laws but only abides by the ones they like.

  19. At this time, there is 10 times more evidence that would be required for an impeachment of the President than there was against Trump.

    1. But 10 times zero would be zero because there was never any evidence to impeach trump. Joe has real evidence of impeachable offences and crimes.

  20. Re Biden and immigrant policies, Biden is only interested in doing anything and everything that Pres. Trump didn’t do! What Biden seems not to understand is that all citizens approved of Pres Trumps methods of removing necessary people while all they can do about Biden is be infuriated and hope he is gone soon!

  21. Why am I not even a little sorry about Biden’s plight? Guess it has to do with my total dislike of the man!

  22. Biden hasn’t a clue about the time of day let alone what is in ANY of his executive orders. He does what he is told by the Obama club. The design is to fragment our country for the Obama corporate to sell it off to the highest bidder . All of the players become billionairs, China gets control of American business, Iran will be join in and kill the Jews with Obama’s blessing while the rest of the country will deal with illegal immigration from everywhere. The Left will still be trying to get rid of personal pronouns and pass laws about what you are no longer able to say or even think so that everyone will not know the difference and wil then magically love each other. Welcome to the Biden &Co new world order.

  23. Hello folks….
    It’s about time bidenzuela will not happen so quickly!
    Good for the Judge, finally one with some kahoness.

  24. “Law and Order” must rule! If not, we could become a LAWLESS NATION, with so many people running around looking for “FREE STUFF” in more ways than ONE!

  25. Why in the world do you people commenting here engage with this Albert Hess guy?? He is beyond disgusting. Instead, if EVERYONE writes TTN at [email protected]
    and complain about his filthy comments, we will get him off this site!! Do something positive instead of encouraging him. He gets on all these sites and spews out his filthy…


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