Pelosi-linked PAC Gives $300G for Gerrymandering Effort After Claiming She’s Against It

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Nancy Pelosi has claimed she’s firmly opposed to gerrymandering…but not if it could help the Democrats win. Pelosi’s latest act of blatant hypocrisy comes to light after Federal Elections Commission (FEC) filings showed the Pelosi-linked political action committee (PAC) called PAC to the Future pumped over $300,000 into a Democrat redistricting group

National Democratic Redistricting Organization is lead by Eric Holder, the U.S. attorney general during the Obama administration. Pelosi’s husband is the treasurer of PAC to the Future.

Fox News reports:

PAC to the Future made two payments to Holder’s organization late last year — one for $200,000 in October 2020 and another for $100,000 in December, FEC files show.

Holder’s group will be at the forefront of left-wing gerrymandering efforts aimed at creating favorable maps for Democratic candidates during this year’s redistricting cycle, the Free Beacon reported Monday. The group says on their website that they are “here to fix” Republican gerrymandering efforts.

“This year, the Democratic Majority passed H.R. 1, the For The People Act, which works to end to partisan gerrymandering by requiring all states to establish independent, nonpartisan redistricting commissions to draw open and transparent statewide district maps after each Census,” Pelosi said in June 2019.

“We will continue to fight partisan gerrymandering, ensure every citizen’s vote counts and oppose any attempt to compromise the integrity of our democracy.”

    1. Nothing so dangerous as an evil genius. Nancy was a genius at politics. She is dangerous as a leader. She has demonstrated she will break any law or tell any lie to obtain power. Her hand dancing and slurred speech during press releases is witness to the fact that she is failing mentally and the hatred for President Trump has finally consumed her.It’s up to her party to reign her in and stop letting her make fools of democrats. Her standing army and fortress fences in front of the Capital Building are an insult to our liberty and an eyesore to our citizens.

      1. Pelosi SOP is text book communism! The soldiers and fence are there to protect the Democrats from the American people when pushed beyond limitation! She/they know they have far exceeded what the government should do in a fair balanced open and free society and I would also be concerned about safety.

    2. Would wager the most hated woman in the USA, don’t know if she is just meaner than a rattlesnake or eldery and demented !!!!

  1. Move along! Nothing to see here! Unless of course you are opposed to crooked politicians whose end game is not in the best interests of USA.

  2. Such a hypocrite
    Pelosi and her cohorts lie cheat and steal to strengthen the party, manipulate the media and lie and cheat the American public
    I read it daily
    Contact you representatives with a hand written letter and complain
    Could you imagine 75 million letters

  3. Anybody who could possibly be surprised that Pelosi and her ilk are superficial hypocrites which is proven in every step they take, is either asleep in their basement like their MISTER Biden, or are “willfully blind and ignorant!” Neither bodes well for their intelligence quotient!!!


  5. She’s just got to go. I do believe she’s almost as “challenged” as Biden. I have to turn the channel when she’s on. And if there were more than dbl standards, I’m sure she’d
    make sure she used them all.

    1. Don’t want any of them dead but just OUT OF OFFICE never allowed to set foot in the WH or Congress as long as they live,they have done enought damage as it is.

    1. Judy, its been reputed that a Democrat is alive but for one reason….the PARTY….to heck with God, Family and self !!!

  6. Why did it take so long for the Republicans to wake up? You can’t correct pure evil with kindness, understanding and honesty.Gaining full control of the Republic has been the ambition of the Democrats for a century and they have been cheating or planing to cheat for years. The most recent were John Kennedy and Al Gore. They got away with Kennedy because everyone, even Republicans like John. Al Gore, not so much. That was before the genius of electronic voting machines which were made for switching votes. Now it seems even our Intelligence, FBI and CIA are compromised. Where are Republican leaders. Is President Trump the only voice in the wilderness? Either we will stand up and be counted or die on our knees. .

    1. They have BEEN COMPRIMISED for YEARs!! It was the FBI that cleared H.Clinton and gave the permission to SPY on PRESIDENTTrump over the RUSSIA DEAL that was SET UP BY THE FBI AND the CIA!!

    2. Mr Trump is fearless, he reminds me of Jesus Christ when the Romans and even his own people crucified him !!! One thing about it ,President Trump would only go down fighting to his last breath !!!!

    3. I have been screaming these things most of my life!
      The only thing you can kill with kindness is yourself! The more you extend the more they demand! Once you start……. there is never enough…..politically speaking of course!

  7. This woman is a sick,demented,deranged,evil,lying,hypocrite, that is even hated by her own party, she is the cause of America, being sold out , a long with their puppet,installed by the deep state, dementia,joe who can’t even read the teleprompter, selling out america, to our enemy. Stop listening to this senile,old,fool, and impeach this idiot.

    1. I for one would sure like them to answer for the laws they have broken, and keep wondering as old as I am will I live to see that even at 99 !!!! THEY, the powers that be, pick out a couple of token government law breakers, toss the book at them and that is their idea of justice ……………..

  8. This woman is the biggest bitch in this country, why can’t she be impeached, she likes to do it to other people!!

  9. the rape of American citizens is just getting started this is why the demo-demons are doing all they can to destroy any media that challenges them or disagrees with with them in any way making it criminal to exercise our Constitutional rights

  10. hey nancy with all that comes out of your office. lies /seperation/ hate fullness/ very hard to under stand how a catholic women who states she prays a lot can continue on in life miserably?

  11. We seem to be getting closer and closer to the point of no return. Lying, corrupt, Socialist/Communists like Pelosi, Biden, Harris, Schumer, Schitf, Obama, and Clinton are doing more everyday to shut the US down. Pelosi comes up with new ways to literally screw America at every turn, and Biden sits with his pen signing new executive orders, without one single person saying anything. Everyone of them is designed to chip away parts of America. We can’t depend on Congress to do anything about it, because the majority of them are a big part of it. We can’t expect the courts to fix it, because they seem to have bought into the corruption of the Socialist/Communists party, condoning it. If President Trump signed an executive order, liberals carried on like he was declaring war, with the liberal media, leading the troops, raging about how horrible the President was, when in fact he was the only one fighting for American rights. We seem to have no recourse, while these Socialist/Communists, steal our rights and turn us into the next Venzuela. This is the way Socialism works. Take away citizens rights, and keep spending the country into poverty. The Government takes complete control, and the people have nothing but what the Government chooses, to give them.

  12. She is ONLY against something if it helps her opponents. But if it helps her or her party out then you had better believe that she will use it AND support its use

  13. GOD BLESS OUR AMERICA….the democrats do not have the Americans peoples interest as a first priority…
    Then way are the American people still paying these people to violate our freedoms and rights.

  14. Stereotypical politicians speak out of both sides of their mouths with blind hypocrisy. This is why Donald J Trump was elected: an unprincipled politician he is NOT. Even Hillary was reported to say: ‘Donald Trump would be a great President: he is honest and cannot be bought.’ (Not like Dr. Falsie; tee hee hee! Catch my drift?)

  15. Pelosi has abused her body with alcohol, etc. so badly, plus given her advanced age, 81 and fear for personal safety due to her MOP…….untold millions will be privileged to see her drop like a rock to the House floor suffering a major stroke …..never to rise again! It is not a question of “if”, it is a question of “when”!

  16. Pelosi lies through her teeth and then expects Americans to trust that old bag of wind? Not happening. She is the most untrustworthy person in our entire Federal Govt…and NO ONE, AND I MEAN ABSOLUTELY “NO ONE” SHOULD EVER TRUST WHAT COMES OUT OF HER MOUTH! LIES, LIES, AND MORE LIES.

    Sorry, but the entire HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES has been compromised! The fact that those stupid representatives chose Pelosi to be Speaker time and time again, shows what a bunch of ignoramuses they are. Duh to all of them!

  17. Looks like Pelosi just had another color job? Bet she didn’t have on a mask! And even with colored hair, she’s still looks very old and mean! And her husband is big in this PAC. Well, of course! They share the same goals, are the same hypocrites, and plot the same evil ways to take down our country and push socialism up our butts. Conservatives/Republicans/people who love Freedom and rights and our constitution …. HEY, we all need to work harder and stop these evil people!!! Whatever it takes!

  18. The Rapture is likely to be between now and May 15,2021. So the Christians will be risen. Which mostly zombies and demonic democrat dictatorship liars are left to worry about their seven years of tribulation period. pelosi’s gang will have the party’s. This is all related to the Bible verses Psalms 90:10 and Matthew 24:32-37 the parable of the fig tree. Israel is the fig tree in the parable. Redemption is neigh for the prayer of Salvation asking God Forgiveness for your sins and asking Jesus into your Hearts . SEMPER FIDELIS



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