These Pro-Trumpers are Facing Massive Lawsuits

The White House from Washington, DC, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Since the November election, a number of Trump supporters and journalists have been hit with massive defamation lawsuits. As claims of widespread voter fraud overtook the airwaves some companies decided to go after anyone who dared breathe life into the claims. Two voting companies targeted right-wing news outlets, journalists, and prominent Trump supporters by claiming the parties willfully attempted to disparage their reputation. Take a look at the pro-Trumpers that were hit with these suits.

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  1. Of course, Dominion and Smartmatic would have to send their engineer for discovery, and these lawyers can now make these companies answer questions under oath.

    1. Those lawyers are saying if your shot is done and you did not like it call us and we can bring a lawsuit on them?????? they should get a job in a work place?

          1. I am disabled, so I had a ballot sent to me. However, “all” the legal voters out there used those machines, too. So, you can’t possibly mean “all” who used the machines, right? Yes, we know that there were after hours vote dumps, etc. And, some of the people working the booths cheated. But, we can’t blame every voter for the fraud that existed, right? :-/

          2. What you know is that no Trump appointed judge will even begin to look at your claims of voter fraud.
            I have no doubt that as many as one in one hundred votes is fraudulent.
            If Trump had one percent more of the vote in every state he still would have lost the general and the Electoral College vote.
            Not all voter fraud favors Democrats, most but not all.
            Look at the people charged voter fraud.

          3. In 2 states where there was voter fraud cases heard on the same election just not the presidential election the fraud was waaay more rampant than 1% try 84% and 76%!

          4. Over a 1000 sworn affidavits signed, oh you can guarantee there was massive voter fraud and in time this will all come out.

          5. Voters are not being blamed, it is the systems used that is being blamed for the vote count inaccuracy, It is the “MAIL IN BALLOT AND THE BALLOT COUNTING COMPUTERS AND IN SOME CASES THE PEOPLE COUNTING THE BALLOTS , AND THE ‘ELEVENTH HOUR’ ILLEGAL VOTING LAW CHANGES, that had a part in the election farce.

          6. How are they complicit when they vote for someone ,and without their knowledge the vote is switched to the other candidate ? Oh wait…. We are not supposed to think about that ..

          7. Lets not forget Ballot Harvesting, bringing in ballots from another state without any proof that the person lives in the state the ballot is turned in at! Without proof of citizenship or identification the problem was that the DemoRAT party used a totally fraudulent system which could be hacked by anyone intentionally so they had a scapegoat on all of the fraud so it would be next to impossible to figure out exactly who was pushing the buttons causing the machines to cheat Trump out of his ballots and add them to Bidens, as well as hyping numbers on authentically legal Biden Ballots when more votes came out of New York for the Pennsylvania election than in Pennsylvania that ain’t right no matter how you slice it!

          8. I’ve finally made my mind up about you, Herr Hess. You are not just a silly teaser…you really ARE stupid! And you can’t write English, either. Why don’t you get a job? Too old? Too young? Or unemployable?

  2. My pillow guy should get sued by Foxs News for chasing their viewers away. He seems to have the same promotional and advertising agent as Trump has: Ego, Ego and Carnival Barker.

      1. How are My Pillow sales compared to 16 months ago?
        Do you have those statistics?
        I am guessing that if sales were up Mike would have mentioned by it now.
        Your political positions are your business, just ask Trump
        How much has Mike paid in fines for scummy advertising practices.
        Crackhead to a sleazeball, oh the sin of pride.

          1. I do not know.
            Mike no longer publishes his sales numbers.
            The proof of how much money Mike had to pay for his advertising lies is all over the Internet.
            If you actually want to know Google it.
            It will be lies because the numbers will not be what you want them to be.

        1. Ooooooh — do I detect a bit of jealousy and angst there?? Easy to figure out for anyone who’s looking for the truth, Al, that when stores stop selling a product because they hate our good President Trump, sales are bound to drop a bit. Doesn’t take a great business mind to understand that. But I don’t need sales “statistics” anyway to understand that Mike Lindell is a successful, humble, shining example of a person who got off on the wrong track earlier in his life, but had the courage and strength and determination to pull himself out and make something of himself. Business statistics don’t determine the measure of a good person. And only vacuous, superficial liberals would even suggest such a thing.

          1. Should people stop using Twitter because they banned Trump?
            Should people stop buying My Pillow because Mike urged soon to be XpresidentRump to declare martial law to enforce his sense of the election results.

          2. If indeed he said to grant martial law that would mean his company would slow down to a trickle. Now that’s a man who only cares about his money right Hess? Sounds like you huh!

          3. Mac you are incredibly stupid.
            Martial law will not reduce the demand for pillows.
            How many pillows does the National Guard buy every year.
            Mike’s company is perfectly situated to manufacture military soft goods.
            Mike knows people in government, he would be a shoe in for lucrative contracts.

          4. Hess, Yes Mike is in a position to earn more $$$$ as a result of knowing where to go to seek contracts…The President of the USA is part of his network. Would you like for Mike to drop his network to make you happy??? Mike is doing business using all resources at his disposal and is being very successful. God Bless America for giving him a second chance to make a difference; for himself and family.” Business the American Way”…..zzz…her

          5. You can get a Crackhead to stop using.
            It’s much harder to get a Crackhead to stop behaving like a Crackhead.
            Only a Crackhead would urge a President to declare martial law because he was rejected by we the people.

          6. I know people who have never done Crack who have Crackhead personalities.
            They are so hyper that they hug their pillows in public, no shame.

          7. Your definitely a very sick man. I did know they let trolls in the mental institution have excess to the net…

        1. Stick with your own kind.
          The 20% of Americans who think that Trump won by a landslide on Nov 3rd, even the popular vote, not just the Electoral.

          1. Your stats are a big lie just like you . Haven’t you learned yet what is really going on. Your a bum Fuzzled idiot. Your kind will be gone soon! I do give you coodos you keep trying to spread your lies to ppl who do know better. I guess that would make you inadequate. You will never live up to God no body can. I’ve seen your posts and you will be with the devil when it’s your time.

          2. 75 million is a stretch.
            How much support has Trump gained since The Great Capitol Fecal Matter Smear.
            The earth tones and aroma were to die for.

          3. As of Jan. 20 the Trump adminstration published that Trump received 74,222,960 votes.
            Where are the other 10,000,000 plus?
            Did Trump find a big bag of mail in ballots in the basement of Mar-A-Lago?

          4. The democrats sure don’t want it investigate to prove to the country they won fair and square do they? What are they afraid of?

          5. What have the Repulicans come up with in their in their investigations?
            They were in charge for the the two months after the election.
            How many voter fraud inditments did they make?

          6. You are too modest.
            Trump got over 140% of the vote.
            So many votes that he got tired of winning.
            So he stopped the count.

    1. he did not chase the viewers away – republicans can make up their own minds we don’t do something just because other republicans do it. it was obvious that Fox News was becomming more liberal, that’s why we left! but now since they have lost 40 % of their viewers bc of hate and being anti Trump – Fox is trying to get us back. it won’t happen with me that’s for sure

    2. His name is Mike Lindell and he is a Christian that knows and loves the L ord and your remarks were mean-spirited.And he spoke truth.

        1. One can infer the same of you by reading your post. You sound like a ” crackhead ” that has no morality at ALL nor compassion for ANYONE. Why so much HATE????

          1. I hate people who tell the President to declare martial law because they lost an election.
            Do U

          2. Do you love Hillary?
            I can feel your love.
            Are you using a condom?
            It makes it bigger……

    3. “Chasing their viewers away” has NOTHING to do with Trump.
      It’s because of Lindell’s nauseating, monotonous, aggravating and mendacious ads that come at you seems like 10 times per hour.

      1. He is paying the bill so he has the right to have as many ads as he pays for. If you don’t like them turn them off. I think we still have some freedom of speech left in this country, I think. However people like you would like to see freedom of speech control to only say what you approve of.

    4. You a dumb ass. Just watch. Theres alot of proof even other countrues that changed the votes through dominion Now the country will see the proof this is what lindell sydney wanted they can show proif now

    5. Think you should be sued. What did he do to get sued for? He didn’t interfere with the election like Dominion did

    6. James the My Pillow Guy did not drive views away, what did was Sandra Smith calling the Az Vote early and bringing on loads of democrat talking heads. The old man had to come back cuz the sons and daughter in laws plus Paul Ryan was running the net work in the ditch.

  3. Our Country has changed too much, too soon! Can’t imaging what is going on with our current Moral Standards! At the present, we have NONE! We are unworthy of the Sacrifices made by our Fore runners! Shame on US!

    1. EPIC is coming just hold your horses.
      This is going to be the shocker that ever was.
      All will be fine just keep praying!
      restart is on its way. God is in charge he will never forsake thee..
      Trust in the lord almighty.
      He comes in many ways and faces. God bless

        1. I know. All good things come to those who wait! We are under attack but what ever is done won’t effect us for long. All is a false pretense. It won’t matter in the long run. He will come when the time is right. We all will know exactly when that is ,
          Things have to be in place like anything else to happen perpetually . 2021 has had a bad start but will be the best start we ever had…

          1. EPIC
            Epic failure at Dump Biden.
            It has no cachet.
            Dump Trump does.
            Trump is pulling his pud in the Mary Legoland dump.

        1. That’s your problem you sit with Satan. You know what heady God always wins and when your world comes tumbling down soon. You remember what I said.

          1. If god always wins Trump would be in the White House.
            Donald John Trump, the President Of The United States has accepted Jesus H. Christ as his personal savior.
            God did not deliver.

          2. Hess you have tooo have bad and good one doesn’t work without the other that’s where Lucifer came from. Maybe you should read ya Lil bit instead of worrying about money all the time. It may do you some good!

          3. FYI he did win but God gives us choices and Biden and his socialist choice to steal and cheat and be careful of calling out whether a person is saved or not you will answer for every word you speak no excuse will save you whether you believe or not it’s real and those who voted for abortion and all the issues the Biden administration stands for are just as guilty of doing the sin!

      1. Is EPIC that thing where you invade the Capitol and smear your feces.
        I am just starting to get over Covid-19.
        I don’t think the stench will make blow chunks.
        That would be disgusting..

      2. There is going to be yet another EPIC Trump failure?
        Will it be even more fun than The Great Capitol Fecal Matter Smear?
        Lots of earth tones and great smells.
        Fun for hole ahole family.

    2. Our moral standards have been improving since since the National Guard murdered those kids at Kent State.
      Those little scumbags shutdown the Vietnam War.
      My defense portfolio tanked.

    3. I came of age in era of free love hippies, lynchings, the murder of Vietnamese women and children, and Cambodians and Lations too.
      Our moral standards just keep keep gettingbetter.
      Now a Black man can buy most any house he/she can afford.
      If it is in White neighborhood it will be a few more decades before they are no longer profiled coming and going.
      If they are mowing lawn, in a professional manner, they will not be hassled.

  4. Is it just me, or is anyone else annoyed that we have to sometimes click to the next page and the next page, etc., to get all the article elements?? The only reason I can imagine needing to do that is so they can put more ads in front of us. But I find it annoying and often just log out when that’s required. Are you listening Trump Train?? 🙁

        1. Trump Train News is a for profit busisnes
          It is about profit, not principles.
          They would sell a rat’s asewhole to a blind man for a wedding ring.

    1. Should RINOS be silenced?
      Will any RINOS be allowed to speak at CPAC.
      Will Romeny be allowed to attend?
      How about that nice second generation Republican Lady from Wyoming.

  5. We have to get to the bottom of this!! Lou Dobbs, Judge Perriro, Mike Lindell , Rudy Giuliani , these people are a very respectful , trustworthy individuals and how come they suing them for an amount immeasurable amount billions that they know they can not afford it because they don’t have it, mmmm these people surely got something to hide they are hiding something (smartmatic voting systems and Dominion) they know they are guilty because they hiding ths truth!! We all know something happened November 3-6 when they stopped the counting, they hiding something and when the truth comes out shining through it’s gonna be shocking!!! I’ WANT THEM!!! BEHIND!! BARS!! TO ROT!!! IN PRISON!!!

          1. Are you still praying for Joe Biden?
            Praying that Trump will have him arrested for voter fraud?
            Lock him up?
            Be careful of what you pray for.
            It might just be the wrong him.

          2. Please stop or I will have to call 911 on you for religeous assault.
            I will protect my First Amendment Rights until death.

    1. Who will sue President Biden?
      President Biden will sue XpresidentRump.
      Over and over and over again.
      Elections have consequences.
      Lock Her Up was yet another Trump failure.
      Lock Him Up sounds pretty catchy.
      Maybe Biden should crank that up at his next rally.
      Inspire his people to smear their feces

  6. They are facing an uphill battle with the folks at Fox. All they have to claim is 1st amendment. Dominion and Smartmatic would have to prove that they personally said libelous remarks and were simply reporting the prevailing news stories. As for Mike Lindell…well he welcomes the lawsuit. They would have to participate in discovery and I am pretty sure they don’t want to do that. And what is it with these absurd amounts they are asking for. Their entire compensation package is only in the millions with the Government. Even accounting for triple damages it does not come close. So even if they were to win (which is doubtful) the amounts would be severely cut.

    1. The only thing that Dominion has to fear in discovery is fraud
      They are not scared.
      Mounting this suit is going to going to cost Dominion a lot of money.
      They are expecting an industry leading ROI.

    1. 85 million know the truth of who won.
      Trump was not successful at locking her up.
      With a gender change Biden may be successful.

    1. Mike Lindell is a very nice, decent, honest, generous hard working man who urged the President to declare martial to prevent the certification of the Electoral College vote.
      It was treasonous behavior.
      Mike is likely to lose his busisnes.
      Trump won’t care.
      It is all in the art of the deal

  7. Soros owns voting machines we found that out last election. No one is bringing him to the fore front on these voting machine issues? Why not? That Fanucian should be run out of Dodge. The voting machine he just drives them? He doesnt know what makes them go? How much money is enough.
    He must be an atheist because sure enough? At his age he should be feeling the Devil tugging on his pant leg.

  8. There was an article or false report on CNN about Justice Thomas, being accused of being a Trump supporter in the fraud allegations. Liberal Democrat companies will sue and go after Trump supporters in a heartbeat. Why can’t supports of conservatives do the same. Stop going by the rules and sue everyone that opposes them? The only way to get these leaches off their backs is to sue them for defamation or being falsely accused, for all property loss, money loss, mentally disturbed, and all others. Conservatives need to stand up and beat them at their own game. Enough with being nice and polite.

    1. Justice Thomas believes that there was voter fraud.
      Justice Thomas supports Trump.
      Justice Thomas is a Republican.
      All Repulicans support Trump
      Justice Thomas is not a RINO

  9. What should be done for the 75 million people who voted for Tump?
    The same thing that is being done for the 85 million who voted for Biden?

  10. Media sure has brainwashed alot of idiots. Lmao. Just watch. China joe already putting us in war. Wait until our country is bombed. Its close you dumb asses voted for communism. Well fixing to have it

  11. I thought most people knew that there has been voters fraud for decades. perhaps as much as fifty years or more. In Illinois alone. They had been caught twice that I know of fixing voting machines. They even openly bragged about registering tombstones. Other states have been exposed as well. To my surprise I found those that trusted the integrity of our elections and were appalled that someone would even suggest corruption. Mostly young people that hadn’t been around during relative honest news media. It has risen to a most dangerous level and it is about time it was called out and stopped. No amount of voter dishonesty should be tolerated.

  12. Why were DOMINION so fast about removing parts from their machines . and wouldn’t they let the machines be checked . It’s Because the lying BASTARDS cheated in this election so now because of that we do not have a president we have a damn COMMUNIST DICTATOR. Him and his clan of thugs along with PEEELOUSI OBAMA HILLARY and a lot more deserve to be executed by firing SQUAD . they ARE all a bunch of lying cheating BASTARDS.

  13. I sure wish I could these businesses that like to favor the devil. They should have no say since they are on the wrong country working. These companies better answer the questions under oath no 5th amendment for them. Dominion needs to be sued for everything they are worth people behind it locked up for interference, having democracts steal the election

  14. this is all OLD NEWS! are you looking for negative stories about Pro-Trumpers? One such recent one that was pulled out was about the TX. AG supposedly saying NO election fraud took place..BS.. Everyday the MSM pulls out at least 4 “breaking news” BS stories about Pro-Trumpers and runs with them..Pretty soon they fizzle out and you’re pulling something else out..Your credibility has gone down the tubes! So sick of this crap.

  15. Massine laws suits in hopes of quashing those claims but in reality this is what has been
    planned all along as if and when it goes to trial evidence can be presented and debated
    in the public forum. Exposing the corruption as those suing will have to expose their
    arguments and argue the evidence presented to the public. Having to defend the
    accusations in a public court would be devastating to the Demorats Socialist claims
    of fair and honest elections a evidence is laid out in a court of law. Even the courts
    which are rigged will be overwhelmed with the evidence presented and exposed to
    public scrutiny.

  16. What is said about going to the mountain…and the mountain coming to us??? Seems to me that someone should have figured out by now that the total number of legal registered voters and the number of votes published for both candidates show that there is something wrong… especially when the machines were built in China and while on line were potentially a liability, subject for hacking…

  17. They should all get together and do a class action suit or RICO suit against Dominion or Smartmatic

  18. Mike Lindell has said “what these machines did to us”, in referring to the the 2020 elections,Well he is wrong the machines did exactly what they were programmed to do by the humans controlling the voteing count. You can’t blame the pen for misspelled words, or the adding machine for the incorrect answer if the machine has be altered. It is the people control the equipment that is altered to represent what the owners want represented. GO GET THEM MIKE.

  19. All Trump supporters must unite and file class action suit. SUE THE SUERS. WE NEED TO STAND UP FOR OUR RIGHTS AND ELIMINATE ALL ENEMIES.

  20. The good thing about this is that the defendants can show all the evidence and proof they have in the court of law. and no justice will can say “No, we don’t want to see it, we don’t want to hear it”. There are a million incidents of FRAUD out there and someone have to see it, if not, we are losing our country or we may be already did.


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