Top Nonprofit Launches Anti-Biden Campaign

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Top conservative nonprofit, Citizens United is rolling out its latest anti-Biden campaign, focused on keeping Americans up to date on Biden’s failures and to help “fight back” against his agenda. The campaign is also focused on preserving the accomplishments of President Trump. Citizens United is set to unveil this weekend at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, FL.

According to Citizens United President David Bossie, the latest effort will keep Americans informed, especially considering the already notable difference in media coverage between the Trump and Biden administrations.

Fox News reports:

Bossie told Fox News that Biden “did not receive a mandate to impose his radical agenda on America and we won’t let him undo the successful America first policies of Donald Trump without a fight.”

The website will feature videos and op-eds and will allow supporters to join petitions as well as stay up to date on Citizens United investigations and ongoing Freedom of Information Act litigation “in order to hold Biden accountable.”

The website features petitions for supporters to join, including one to “restore trust in our elections,” another to “fight the Biden amnesty,” and another to “appoint a special counsel” to take on the federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax affairs.

The website features Citizens United’s top “stop agenda issues,” including “constitutional issues, taxes, jobs, economy, climate, border security, China, Middle East, and Law & Order.”

Citizens United is best known for its role in helping loosen campaign finance restrictions.

  1. That is the BEST NEWS I have heard in a LONG time. I am smiling while texting this. It is about time people gets some attitude to get in gear to SAVE our country,our constitution. and our individual religons and all our rights.

  2. I say you guys good for you, sounds wonderful to know that we have no choices any more. GOOD NEWS IF I EVER HEARD ANY.

  3. As I have said before in this blog, I will help ANYONE, including organizations like this to remove the Burden from our White House or to stop him from destroying our beautiful Country.
    He and his evil cronies stole the election from President Trump and as such, he does NOT belong in the White House.

    1. They all belong in jail and will be going pretty soon. Just watch. The deeper they sink the more they will have on them

      1. the judges who turned down DJT request about cheating,
        need to be put under OATH,to find out why they ruled the way they did.
        Refuse and you will loose all your pension and Healthcare.

        1. At this point, do you believe that putting a Supreme Court judge under oath would make a difference? When we know that they are not to be trusted, I do not believe an extra step would make any difference.

        2. This is the best idea I have seen in a long time. ALL Supreme Courts Justices should be requested(required to explained UNDER OATH) why they refused to consider the multiple affidavids sworn under threat of Perjury attesting to the irregularities from varios States.

          Something seems stranges.

  4. I just wonder, how can Biden and the demos be recalled,and taken out of politics before they turn us into a communist run nation. Can anyone tell me?

    1. He has majorities in both houses.
      We need to work hard and elect good candidates to replace upcoming liberals….in both houses.

      1. You can have a great candidates to run for office in 2022 but if you don’t get rid of those machines and mail in ballots and no signature verification and no ID verification they’re going to steal the election again and keep their majority.

        1. I agree. A lot can happen between now and November 2022. I am sure the Liberals are working to improve their election domination. They will have it all worked out so there will be no way anyone can tell elections will be rigged. America needs to wake up and we all need to work at stopping them.

  5. Best news I’ve heard in a couple of months.
    I’ve also heard that lawyers are uniting to help parents sue schools and other entities who won’t let them speak up. Megan Kelly spoke of her involvement in this group.

  6. Need someone or many to tell the truth and report.
    Not just what you want too, or completely cover up main stream media,
    the late night jimmies etc. just trained seals.

  7. Can we impeach all the democrat traitors who are selling out the country from Biden on down. His own party is afraid he might push the nuclear button because of his obvious senility.

  8. The more the better! Maybe some organization can even get the Republican Party to join the effort! They have been doing nothing for Americans for long enough.


  10. It’s good news but the real work depends on energetic GOP legislators. Very few remain. Cruz, Hawley, Jordan and a handful of others are too few to carry the conservative burden.

  11. If we allow the Democrats to continue down their present path, we will be a Socialist (Communist) country before Biden ever leaves office. Kamala is no better. She actively supports BLM.

  12. Biden had international support for his voter cheating and fraud to “win?” the election. It is impossible to get enough money for the “stop the biden agenda” when biden has unlimited money from foreign countries to support him in whatever he decides to do to our country. Also the corporate media, which includes all of the communist indoctrination TV news, has always been the voice for the democrats and their far left agenda and the RINOs have never done one thing to oppose it or even try to inform Americans about the conservative point of view. The RINO party is worthless and a new political party is needed for our country to represent conservatives.

  13. I will support all who try and bring the truth out. Since he took office millions of jobs gone, opened up borders for illegal immigrants can come in to steal our jobs. They were so hot and heavy during the campaign about COVID-19 but it was more important to try and impeach Trump again. They don’t care about the American people their agenda doesn’t include us. We can start now support good candidates for office in 2022 vote to drain the swamp creatures.

  14. I will support Citizens United. After they demolish Biden, then go after Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, AOC, Omar, Talib and on and on.

  15. The devil beat them to it! He is already destroyed. His horrid handlers simply keep propping him up for public appearances.

  16. ABOUT DAMN TIME….Already have the site favorited in my browser and will contribute just what ever I can…..#TRUMP2024

  17. It’s time to pile on. Drag Biden thru the mud as the dragged Trump. We conservatives need to fight back and use the “left’s” tactics to spoil life for Joe Biden.

    1. No need to drag old Joe through the mud. He is already wallowing in the pig sty. And he doesn’t have a life. He is nothing more than a senile surrogate.

  18. We need to pick up some of these politicians and water board them to get to the truth about what is going own—-start with BARR, Comey, Zukerface, and John Roberts —I know I am just dreaming but if it was an average citizen it would happen——————

  19. Not so sure about Citizens United since it opened Pandoras Box on “BIG DIRTY MONEY”!I definitely HOPE that “they” can get the word out and do something. ANYTHING to get Biden & his “crew” out of Washington. ALL that they’ve done so far is “repeal” anything Trump, AND “they” could care less about the average U.S. citizen who pays taxes, their salaries, percs & you name it. The BEST part is, that anyone who has a “brain” KNOWS exactly “what” they are doing & “why”.


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