Former Trump Campaign Adviser in Talks to Head New Trump Super PAC

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Trump’s former campaign adviser Corey Lewandowski is reportedly in talks to head the Trump team’s latest political venture. The details are still being kept under wraps but sources say that Lewandowski is the frontrunner to lead Trump’s upcoming super PAC.

Lewandowski served as Trump’s first campaign adviser in 2015 through the 2016 presidential primaries before being let go. Then in 2020, Lewandowski served as a top adviser to the Trump re-election campaign.

Fox News reports:

The move was decided during a meeting late last week at Trump’s south Florida residence at Mar-a-Lago when the former president gathered with his political team. The group included 2020 campaign managers Bill Stepien and Brad Parscale, senior adviser Jason Miller, former White House social media director Dan Scavino, and Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr.

“MAGA supporters and candidates supporting President Trump’s America First agenda are going to be impressed with the political operation being built out here,” Miller said. “We expect formal announcements of the full team in the coming weeks, which will include some very talented operatives not yet named.”

The meeting comes as Trump vows to remain the dominant figure in the GOP going forward and pledges to support primary challengers against Republicans up for reelection in 2022 who have crossed him in the past or who weren’t supportive of his efforts to try and reverse his election loss last year to Joe Biden. Trump’s also flirting with a presidential run in 2024 to try to return to the White House.

Immediately after the November election, the then-president formed a leadership PAC, named Save America, that’s hauled in tens of millions of dollars. But unlike leadership PACs, which have restraints on how much cash they can raise from donors, super PACs are allowed to raise and spend unlimited amounts of money.

Lewandowski also recently launched his own political action committee, Fight Back America, which focuses on supporting GOP candidates mounting campaigns to unseat Republicans who voted to impeach Trump.

  1. About time conservatives have leadership that will fight the democrats and RHINOs on their own turf. Niw the key is dealing with the left wing mdeia and social networks.

    1. RHINO is a big African animal with a big horn on its nose. What you are actually referring to is RINO which means Republican In Name Only .RHINO is an animal while RINO is a phony conservative.

      1. RHINO’s not to far off though. (Rhepublican In Name Only) Sort of like an elephant in a china shop, just not as attractive with the horn in his nose, and rather short tempered, always looking for something to complain about. I’d accept him as a phony conservative

    2. we repubs have to be our own media – we have to get the truth out there. there is a newspaper The Epoch Times, which is terrific, check it out.

    1. There were so many lax lawmakers, and heads turned the other way ignoring the systematic function of the electoral systems and voter laws. Adding Dominion machines that switch votes to the mix allowed foreign countries to elect the President, changing the will of the true voters of America.

        1. No, D Richard – YOU are the dope so duped you keep commenting on this site. YOU are the very essence of stupid and insanity. You keep spouting the same old libturd stuff expecting to get something different.

        2. no you are the dope that is why you and your bully brigade are called dumos. you think you’ve pulled one over on us – ha – we are intelligent and more savvy than you will ever know, we just didn’t have a chance with your corrupt clan. but make no mistake, we are stronger than ever and you’re going down

        1. The only safeguard to that is to eliminate it completely, and only allow mail in votes from the Military and verified requested ballots from those who can not physically get to the poles.

      1. sorry about your ignorance, but you cannot lose what was never allowed to be heard in the first place, that is called suppression. Which is just what happened.

      1. no more internet connection, all the workstations should be independent.
      2. dry run first then sealed all the counting machines, no more shut down.
      3. make sure there is another party’s observer next to each other.
      4. keep all the video on, all the times!!!
      1. Those crooked machines have the code built in to them, the only way to honest elections is to go back to paper ballots and the voter must put a thumb print on the ballot so it can be verified that the person has the right to vote. this will stop all the dead, the double voting across precinct areas. all mail in votes must be checked and received on or before the voting day closes.

    2. A Drivers License, or a State Identification Card, or a Passport, or a Welfare Card, all with a scannable bar code should be required to identify the voter before accepting a vote. America has 4 years to get it right. Time to get started. There is no reason that any adult American does not have one of these identification methods. The voting machine set up with a bar code reader, should be able to do the scanning before registering that vote.
      Then we wont have a state with 12 million citizens, providing 16 million votes in a Presidential Election. This can all be accomplished before the next election. Share this idea with everyone you know, especially your Reps and Senators.

      1. State of Georgia, just had their Senate vote…….VOTER I.D. for Absentee Ballots.
        I consider that, a solid step in the right direction, but more steps are required.

        1. Your right, but the democ-rats have already filed several law suits against that, so we will just have to wait and see what the courts have to say.

      2. Hard to think that legal voters wouldn’t have one of those IDs, isn’t it? How does one ever get through life without one?? Of course that doesn’t leave it open for illegals to vote for Democrats now does it?? :(.

    3. Yes, we need investigation into the 2020 presidential election! The fraud must be exposed & people held accountable….. otherwise why vote? To have it stolen again? Just like every devious & evil deed the Democrats foist on We The People, they’re never punished, so they just keep on & here we are now! What a mess!

      1. Keep your eye on the MyPillow Guy, and his demanding…full disclosure, and …….salting that request by providing the evidence that has been found to date!

    4. There is no fixing of those crooked machines, the answer is to get rid of them and go back to paper ballots and they should have to have a thumb print of the voter on them, in that way any crooked double or triple voting will be detected and would be thief can be arrested.

  2. First, all the Voting Machines go into the ocean to form an artificial reef. Then all cheaters need to get prosecuted. Then all voting rolls must be cleaned up before a state will be counted.

        1. Actually, John, I think we need it in time for the 2022 elections. Otherwise, we are likely going to find ourselves with another fraudulent voting process in place!

      1. The democ-rats will never allow that to happen, it is a huge part of their voting base, haven’t you see the law that states that everyone who dies is automatically a democ-rat?

    1. Democratic Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman ridiculed his GOP Texas counterpart for offering reward money for proof of baseless voter fraud claims. The only fraud they found was dead people who voted for Trump.

      1. Not true! Where have you been ? People voted twice, votes were changed from Trump to Biden & you could see the proof if you remembered to open up your eyes! Maybe you were having a brain fog ? The machines were also rigged !

      2. Proof please? Oh, that’s right, you vacuous liberals think it’s ok to tell untruths, don’t you, and don’t need proof. Truth is lies and lies are truth according to your philosophy!

      3. That sir is a LIE, there are several people who are now in prison for voter fraud and the majority of them were democ-rats, you need to stop with the lies, if you can’t post the truth then don’t post anything.

  3. Due to the fact that the democrats stole the 2020 election the entire biden administration needs to be removed. A thief should never be allowed to keep stolen property and it should be taken from him and returned to the rightful owner. The amount of proof that the election was stolen is both irrefutable and overwhelming and the question is: why is the thief sitting in the White House? How much time will biden and his handlers be given to destroy our country before the man who REALLY won the election is sworn in for four years as our president.

      1. Never was investigated! Come out from under your rock! There is no logical reasoning that 80 mil. Voters would have voted for sleepy Jo! To trade President Trump for a left wing nut!!! You got to be kiddin me!

    1. Yes, this massive fraud must be cleaned out of the count, and President Trump inaugurated 2nd Term to stop the Obama/Biden/Harris/DNC/Communists coup!

  4. Yes, good. BUT, no matter how good this is for Trump supporters, it will do no good unless the reasons why the election was stolen are not fixed. 1) Election day is election day, not election week or election month! Votes which come in after election day must be discarded. 2). States must be forced to stick to their election laws and not change them. Enforce that law. 3.) Get rid of mail in ballots. Go to the polls if you want your vote to count. 4). Absentee ballots need to be limited to those who are out of town on election day. To obtain an absentee ballot, your signature must be verified. Your permanent address must be verified. 5) Lastly we must have voter ID laws in place. It is total BS that obtaining an ID is racist. Offer it free for all who don’t drive or have no other means of ID. After all these things are fixed, then and only then will people trust the elections. 2020 was a major wake up call and if these problems are not addressed, forget having fair elections ever again!

  5. A Drivers License, or a State Identification Card, or a Passport, or a Welfare Card, all with a scannable bar code should be required to identify the voter before accepting a vote. America has 4 years to get it right. Time to get started. There is no reason that any adult American does not have one of these identification methods. The voting machine set up with a bar code reader, should be able to do the scanning before registering that vote.
    Then we wont have a state with 12 million citizens, providing 16 million votes in a Presidential Election. This can all be accomplished before the next election. Share this idea with everyone you know, especially your Reps and Senators.

    1. We can do it before the next election! The demonrats have been working on their corruption for years , We HAVE to fight back hard if we want to out do satans followers! Now is the time to get started ! ! !

    2. As much as I like the ‘bar code’ suggestion, there’s a simpler way….a thumb print,
      and a National I.D. (NOT a Drivers License, or Welfare card) proving Citizenship.

      Several States (shall remain nameless)…have been handing out both DL’s and
      giving out Welfare……to known (as in provable) Non-Citizens & Illegal Aliens.
      They claim that these aren’t intended as voting I.D., but…that is flat out falsehood.

      A thumb print cannot be corrupted, and….dead tissue doesn’t register on the scanner,
      so…there would be no incentive & less chance for the dead to cast their ballots and vote.

  6. We won’t have a country by 2024…..look how much damage they have done in such a short time. Rap this around your it. Trump runs for Florida seat in Congress. He wins in 2022. He then gets voted in as Speaker of the House. Impeaches Biden and Harris and becomes President. Finished out Biden’s term and then runs in 2024 for President. BOOM!!!!! It’s a great dream.

  7. GOOD!! Let’s get that Super Pac going full speed ahead! If every American who voted for Trump last November contributes to this Pac and brings even more people in, President Trump’s Super Pac will far outperform anything the deluded dems have.

    With this Super Pac, if P.T. decides to run in 2024, he will have the financial support to take down any other candidate for sure! President Trump is just beginning to take back our Presidency and Federal Govt.

    Psst. Don’t tell the deluded dems. They still think they are running things, they aren’t. Biddyboy is being attacked by his own party members now. Hey, what did they expect putting a senile ole codger into our Presidency? Yes! Biddy is destroying our Nation and our American people.

    The Democraps are the stupidest idiots in the world to do this to our Nation. I sincerely hope their actions “blow back” right in their faces and takes down a huge portion of that party! They deserve nothing less!


    1. All the way ! ! ! The more evil they do, the stronger it makes Trump supporters! The more evil the demonrats do, the more stupid they become! We need to beat them at their own games ! Palosi is so full of hate that she looks like her face is going to explode ! We need to take out the deep state then the whole democratic party will be gone ! We need to get that illegitimate. corrupt ,senile ,pervert out of the white house pronto before nothing is left of this country. He is not my present ever !

  8. Excellent move, Trump. If you can have a big effect on the midterms, the election in 2024 should be a snap. Your organization MUST be able to control the voting nonsense that happened last time.

    1. Control hell! It must be eliminated before next election. If not, many will not vote just to have it flipped to the Democrats!

  9. I’m really glad to hear this. Hope they go after ALL the RINOS. Our donations should go to the pac President Trump launches, and NOT the RNC. Should send them a message.

    1. Yes to Trump PAC only! Never ever give to RNSC! That’s McConnell’s Slush Fund to elect “his” candidates in republicans primary! No More RINOS!!!!!

  10. Yes, I completely agree. There has already been leaks to CNN from people currently around him. I hope he’s being very careful.

  11. Cory can “fight back” all he wants, BUT unless these voting machines & ballot box stuffing are investigated, the Dems will “steal” the “election” again. What “they” can’t win legitimately, they’ll just lie, cheat & refuse info related to “voting”, to be exposed or “investigated”.We better hope that “the pillow guy” can put his case before an HONEST judge & “maybe” the truth will come out BEFORE mid-term “elections”! In the interim Dominion & Smartmatic are gonna STALL for all eternity!

  12. Too bad that the leadership has to come from non-politicians. It’s obvious that the politicians who have been elected into office, aren’t doing anything to support either the party or young strong candidates trying to make inroads. They are content with Joe’s status quo. And well they should be, they can now go back to lining their pockets at the expense of the taxpayers.

  13. President Trump is still the president in my book! he should be in the white house now, not biden! I wish that Trump could sue biden for falsely pretending to be something he is not! also please President Trump hurry back – we need your fighting spirit. we don’t want to give up on the republican party but with rinos and those who have not been true, get them out of there. can’t wait for you to come back.

  14. All of this behind the scenes just goes to show you that Pres. Trump is still fighting for the American people. I don’t care if you call it pay back or whatever you call it, it needs to be addressed. Biden is a communist dictator and am hoping all of his stupid executive orders are squashed. Him and the Democrats hate America and I would like to know when all of there supporters are going to wake up. Don’t forget Americans pay there salaries. What if Americans rebelled on paying taxes, since they are abusing these funds.


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