New Poll Reveals Who Republicans Would Support in 2024

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A recent poll by Harvard CAPS-Harris revealed a majority of Republicans would support Trump to become the party’s presidential nominee in 2024. The poll shows 52 percent of Republicans would support Trump to make the major comeback. The poll also showed an overwhelming majority of voters believe Biden will only be a one-term president.

The Hill reports:

If Trump ultimately decides against another presidential bid, however, it’s Pence who picks up the most support, according to the poll.

Forty-one percent of GOP voters surveyed said they prefer Pence for the nomination if Trump isn’t on the ballot. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) takes second place in that scenario, garnering 16 percent support, while Haley remains in third with the backing of 10 percent of GOP voter

Meanwhile, most voters — 61 percent — believe that Biden will serve only one term in the White House, while about 39 percent of respondents say they expect the 78-year-old president to run once again in 2024.

“Trump could well be the Republican nominee again if he decides to run again as no one else yet has a strong enough national profile in the party,” Mark Penn, the director of the Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey, said. “But it’s far from a sure thing for him, and most believe he won’t get the chance to have a rematch against Joe Biden. Only Democrats think Biden will run for a second term.”

Trump also won the straw poll over the weekend at CPAC with 55 percent of voters saying they would support Trump’s nomination for president in 2024.

  1. President TRUMP was the Rightful Winner for the 2020 election! His 2nd Term was taken away from HIM…He will own in 2024! GOD bless America! God bless Trump! God is always with the Righteous!


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