Mike Pence Addresses 2020 Election ‘Irregularities’ for the First Time Since Leaving White House

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Former Vice President Mike Pence has been widely out of the public eye since leaving the White House. However, now the former vice president seems to be emerging to directly address the 2020 presidential election, events at the Capitol on January 6th, as well as the ultimate need for increased election integrity. In an op-ed titled “Election Integrity is a National Imperative” Pence blasts Democrats push for their “reckless” election reform bill H.R. 1.

In Pence’s first extended comments regarding the 2020 election since leaving the White House, the former VP notes that the election was plagued by “significant voting irregularities and numerous instances of officials setting aside state election law.” Pence points to the sweeping last-minute election changes prompted by governors and secretaries of state in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Throughout Pence’s article, he picks apart the “reckless” H.R. 1 bill being pushed by the left. The bill will ultimately increase election fraud, diminish the votes of legal voters, and provide a direct assault on the First Amendment.

The Daily Signal reports:

The bill would force states to adopt universal mail-in ballots, early voting, same-day voter registration, online voter registration, and automatic voter registration for any individual listed in state and federal government databases, such as the Department of Motor Vehicles and welfare offices, ensuring duplicate registrations and that millions of illegal immigrants are quickly registered to vote.

States would be required to count every mail-in vote that arrives up to 10 days after Election Day. States must also allow ballot harvesting—where paid political operatives collect absentee ballots from places such as nursing homes—exposing our most vulnerable voters to coercion and increasing the risk that their ballots will be tampered with.

At the same time, state and local election officials would be stripped of their ability to maintain the accuracy of voter rolls, barred from verifying voter eligibility, and voter ID would be banned from coast to coast.

HR 1 is also loaded with ill-advised changes to federal campaign laws that would impose onerous legal and administrative burdens on candidates, civic groups, unions, nonprofit organizations, and ordinary citizens who want to exercise their First Amendment rights to engage in political speech, including on public policy issues that are vital to the life of our nation.

Pence ends his op-ed by reminding us of the utmost importance of election security and protecting the freedom of every American’s voice, “the American people must have the utmost confidence that every voice matters, and every vote counts—or democracy cannot survive.”

  1. mike pence is nothing but a chicken shit when it comes to politics fortunately we do not have to listen to any of his crap again

          1. No, he is not. He wasn’t man enough to do the right thing and may have other serious problems.

          2. Strangely, we knew while it was happening that he was going to let us and our President Trump down. On the flip side, I wonder how many that might be true to our country are threatened, blackmailed, afraid for themselves and their families. It has got to be part of the equation. The difference is that Mike Pence was the Vice President. It was his elected job to stand strong for the Republic.

        1. I agree, Dianna, that we must unite and stand together. Unfortunately, Mike didn’t demonstrate his willingness to do that at the time it may have made a difference for our country and our freedom. So I think it is too late for him.

        2. Yes, there is such a thing a investigating further and finding out the TRUTH for yourself and not believing what other people repeat.

        3. Pence NOT included of course. His cowardly denial of support was nothing less than an attack on we Republican Trump supporters, and conservative Republicans. Go back home with “mommy” you gutless creep!!

        4. You are so right. We might not be able to depend on a single politician. Hopefully, there are a few left that are righteous. It is up to us! The citizens, the true patriots to unite and stand together for our Country and save our Constitution and Republic. Hold them all accountable, trust none!

      1. I feel the exact same way. Pence cared more for his corrupt ESTAB;LISHMENT Republicans than election integrity. I am so VERY DISAPPOINTED in both the Supre Court and Pence. I would never vote for Pence for anything again.

        1. I can’t imagine Trump choosing Pence as his VP running mate. Pence was a turncoat at a most critical time for the American people and the future of our country. Fraud on a humongous scale was committed and Pence led it slide, when it was his duty as VP to hold the crooks accountable and make sure that the fraudulent election did not get certified. Pence could have done the right thing and he would have gone down in history as a hero who did the right thing at the right time for the right reasons. Now his place in history is one of ignominy.

      2. Agree, when it needed to be said he hid behind his own skirt. I wouldn’t vote for him to scoop dog poop.

    1. gee, nice he thinks of all of this now, but when he had a chance to maybe fix it, he took the spineless way and just went with what the democrats wanted and did during the elections. so sad that he ruined his reputation all by himself. SCOTUS also cheated the country by doing nothing on this. shame on them. Thomas, Alito and Gorsuch are the only true justices on that court. the rest disgust me.

      1. No Gorsuch sat on his little balls…Alito and Thomas are the only true justices on the court they both wanted to hear the case…Thomas gave the other coward justices an ASS chewing in a letter for not taking on the court case in the first place!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

        1. There is not one American on the SCOTUS. All represent the little NATION that is 100 acres in Italy. You cannot have two masters. They are all worthless to the USA.

        2. The Supreme Court was made in the beginning to decide cases of mass election fraud, it was so massive in this case they feared it and refused to do the 1 thing they were created for!

      2. Mike was jealous of Trump the entire time he was VP. He had waited for the perfect time to destroy Trump & the right time to do it in front of the entire world. Of course, he is attempting, with his pretentious plans, to make sure he changes his style, in order to change people’s mind about what he did to Trump. He is the ultimate, worst kind of individual on earth – a wolf in sheep’s clothing. These type of individuals are the toughest to define. Of course, his hypocritical religious background keeps up the deception.


    3. Sorry folks, the “not so” SCJ Roberts is solely resposible for the debacle of the “big cheat” on Nov 3rd for not addressing the violations of Article 2 section 1 clause 2 of the US Constitution! Now the big cheat will be institutionalized with pig lucy’s / schmucky boy’s, HR1 bill!

    4. I love Trump and worked for his campaign. However, Pence would not have been able by himself stop the validation of the election results. It is not constitutionally supported. i would of been upset as Trump was that this election was stolen from him. What was supposed to happen is one Senator and one Representative dispute the election results which would of tipped off a debate. Eventually it could of went to each state legislature to vote on the election result as the courts clearly failed us and refused to hear the cases presented to them. Then the over-hyped Capital Riot happened and once again politics took over. That riot….fueled by Antifa and BLM activists killed Trumps remaining option. In the future you cannot advertise your moves and use the element of surprise. The left was ready for us. They are extremely diabolical and we all need to be careful when dealing with them. They right now run too much in our society and they are coordinated. Hopefully we survive the next two years !

    1. NOT TRUE. I DISAGREE with his comments, and I am SURE NOT a LIB!!ALL he is doing is giving LIP SERVICE to what SHOULD have been done and HE KNOWS as WELL AS I DO it NEVER WILL BE!! He did NOT STAND up for Trump when he needed it!! I will NEVER EXCUSE THAT!!!

          1. Sorry it’s supposed to say obviously she is talking about Mike Pence comment that’s what common sense is telling me anyways

      1. Pence against HR1 – thats comedy
        Pences acrtions on January 6th endorsed evertything HR1 wants to make into law.
        Pences actis on January 6th and his criticism of HR1 should become Websters ictionary example of Hypocrisy

    2. Just come once were all true but a little too late, as he left the back door or the Spine if you would to do the right thing at the time he was at office and say the right thing while he was in office in regard to the election and Fraud it was imposed on the people by the very rich and powerful percent!

    3. I don’t think any patriots are disagreeing with his comments, Richard. Only saying it should have been said during the election fraud coverage in support of President Trump, when it may have carried some weight. It seems rather meaningless at this point.

  2. Easy for u to say Pence.
    Too late for backsies partner😡

    1. I too thought he had a chance to look at this stuff in detail and let it go, for some reason.. Now I feel like it’s too late.

  3. I used to think Mr. Pence was okay but now I wonder if my judgement of him was wrong. He failed the American People!

    1. I agree. I think that he was totally out of his comfort zone. I think that he would make a decent Governor, but he shouldn’t be in the White House. To be honest, he’s just plain too nice. He wants people to like him, and he doesn’t seem to thrive on the battle like President Trump did.

      1. You will eventually find out that Mike Pence is anything but nice. The truth is coming and no one can stop it!

    2. Same here. I was looking forward to Pence running for president later on, but now I wouldn’t vote for him as dog catcher.

    3. I personally think the dems had something on him and threatened to expose it — he got scared just like others because he’s not dumb and knew about the election fraud all along so why bring it up now — he must be feeling the guilt of failing We The People !!!

      1. NIw that the dust has setteled Pence had folded when he threw Flynn under the bus and mislead Trump on those actions

  4. He didn’t even object or vote to investigate when he was in power! He’s not even admitting that he failed to even vote to investigate when he could have done something about election integrity which he now says is “of utmost importance”! Supreme Court failed to touch it making it (like impeachment) a political matter therefore it was all his responsibility as President of the Senate! It’s just misleading now to claim election integrity is now of the “utmost importance”! Probably just wants to fundraise off of us that he now sees it as of “the utmost importance”!

    1. Maybe he was blind like Gov. Kemp and SOS Raffensperger in Georgia when they said that they could not see any voter fraud.

    2. 80 million need to pay attention – Pences actions on January 6th was an endorsement of everything in HR1 – everything.
      Like Benedict Arnols before hime he appeared to be a Patriot rose to a rank of distinction and then defected to the enemy – the Anti American Globalists.
      Pence is a modern day Bnedict Arnold

  5. Where was my party GOP congress members when senator Cruz requested one single ten day investigation, and just one Supreme Court hearing? Where were they then we we needed them to fight for our vote? Would the democrats roll over and accept no investigation. Hell no, the would order with one party propaganda leftest media that their armies of communist terrorist anarchist burn down our cities and hurt our brave police officers. The democrats would justify the death and destruction along with open acts of terrorism. These loads of human poop who illegally rigged this election. Now the republicans need donations to fight a battle they cannot win, by being cowards after the rigged election, and like Mitch McConnell a blow hart worthless piece of human cowardly shit. We now know how evil our government really is, under Obama we suspected it, but now we know it, pure evil will continue used to be used against a once Free people. No one will be allowed to question the dictatorship.

  6. Too little too late VP Pence. When your voice mattered you didn’t use it wisely. Now we’re being inundated with draconian third world country legislation that could end our voting integrity for generations. This could have been remedied on January 6th. It wasn’t. There should have been an audit but the Democrats and RINO Republicans caused a Capitol Breach. It will be very difficult to remedy it now.

    1. I was also dismayed when the conservative non-profit The Heritage Foundation ‘hired’ Pence. Albeit for only one year, he is not worthy of their hire. I think he took that ‘job’ since he & his wife were ‘persona non gratis’ in their home state of Indiana – they were there for one week after leaving the Wash. DC.

  7. Stop HR1 & Socialist Communist DemoRats & Stop Corrupt Lying Beijing Joe Biden….In 2022 The American People Must Take Back The House of Rep & Senate…Stand Together & Unite!!!

  8. In the category of “way too little way too late” the mealy-mouthed Pence speaks.
    He had the chance to make this election fair by returning the Electoral Votes to the states for review, but rather chose to hand the demonKKKrats an ill-gotten “win” via total Election Fraud by doing absolutely nothing.
    If Pence decides to run in 2024, his longevity as a candidate will be a New York Minute.

  9. You couldn’t take care of this and announce fraud in Jan 6 th now your coming out of it with the truth you destroy Americans and tried to destroy trump how do you like the way god’s working now huh all the corruption is coming to the top and it will be all exposed very soon thanks for nothing

  10. Pence is a phony and coward. He did not stand up when he was called upon to do the right thing. He coward to the mob and showed how weak he is….and he was looking out for his own future political endeavor….weak!

  11. I will never vote for Pence however, he is 100% correct. HR1 cannot pass. Everyone needs to contract their reps even if they are democrat and urge them to vote no. The Supreme court should of addressed this at least but they turned out to be chicken shits and or corrupt. We the people have to address this NOW

  12. Thanks to Pence the Democrats are running the country into the ground so far we may not recover. All he had to do was not accept the “irregular” electoral votes until the proved valid….
    Trump would have won and we would still control the Senate

  13. I just read Mike Pence’s letter. I think he is a great honest person and know that he could not go against the constition. He was a great vice president and I think him and president
    Tump were the best we ever had in the White House. Jan 6 was sponsered by the liberals,george soros, antia and BLM. Not the wonderful people that marched for fair elections. Let us pray that bill never gets passed.

    1. I agree with President Trump being the best ever! But regretfully have some serious doubts about the rest of your comment and would have a difficult time voting for him at this point. Although I admit I’d vote for almost anybody if it means getting the dictating Democrats out of the White House!!!

      1. A difficult time voting for Pence that is just in case there’s a question (sure wish we had an edit capability on this website!). I would vote for President Trump any day of the week regardless of who he was up against!!

    2. A difficult time voting for Pence that is just in case there’s a question (sure wish we had an edit capability on this website!). I would vote for President Trump any day of the week regardless of who he was up against!! (Sorry for all the edits!)

  14. Pence has stuff to hide when it comes out under our President Trump Pence will be eligible for the death penitently! Pence knows this and is why he turned into chicken shit and NOT TO SAVE our president!

    1. God allows things to sometimes happen that, absolutely, baffles us. I believe Trump was taken down in order for corruption to come to the surface. God has his own time table & his own plan (AGAIN) for TRUMP. God isn’t through with Trump & Trump’s name is mentioned a multitude of times in the Book of Revelations in the King James version of the bible. Biden, is also, playing the part for the world to see just how great is Trump & people will bring him back at God’s time. 4 years the world has to see the destructive corruption of Biden & Pence. At the end of that time, people will know who is the right person for our President.

  15. Pence should have joined in the debate from the beginning instead of huddling around his Democrat Deep State pals helping to take shots at Trump. Pence climbed aboard the “it was Trump that encouraged the riots of January 6th” train being spun by the Socialist Dems and MSM and Pence knew that that was not true! Pence sealed his fate with the Republican and Conservative base and it’s game over for him now!

  16. If he really had the power to stop the vote and didn’t, then I have no respect for him. But as I heard from Fox News he couldn’t object. Fox is not always right, I need to know more, tell me where I can find this.

  17. Many of the people in government do not know the laws that already exist so this SCOTUS act was passed.
    The Judiciary Act of 1789 gave the Supreme Court original jurisdiction to issue writs of mandamus (legal orders compelling government officials to act in accordance with the law). Nowhere does it say a state or local government may remove the written or implied rights of a citizen. Nor does it give anyone the right to change the Constitution via any other process than that set down in the Constitution. Thus it is not legal for the feds to impose voting rules that originate inside a state. It does give the Court the authority to make the state follow the laws that conform to both the Federal Constitution and the State Constitution as written until legally changed by the respective rules set forth. So, Pence could have voiced his opinion before all the shouting started.

  18. Who cares what pence thinks…he’s proven himself irrelevant. Move along mike, you’re a traitor to President Trump and the American people.

  19. Why didn’t he speak up for the president when all this was going down. No he waits till that idiot is in office. Destroys America in his first month an then agrees that there was an issue. Shame on pence.

  20. Too little, too late…….he had a chance to REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
    He didn’t take it.

  21. Mike pence is trying to Kiss Azzzz , because he wants to run for president
    he can stick it up his Azzzzzzz!

  22. Although I agree that this is too little to late from Pence as far as calling out the fraud in the 2020 election I am glad that he publicly standing against H.R. 1. That bill destroys state’s rights guaranteed by the Constitution and too few Republicans are being vocal about how bad it is.
    Write, email and call your Representative- Republican and especially Democrat-and tell them you will not stand for this perversion of our Constitutional rights. We must convince the representatives of both parties that the majority of Americans understand how bad this bill is not just for one party but for all federal elections going forward.

    1. Calling out HR1? Pences actions on January 6th were actually supporting every piece of HR1. Pwence has a BA in hisotry. I like to thing it is a degree in treachery BA standing for Benedict Arnold. Pence is a modern day Benedict Arnold who threw “We the people under the bus” the same this Benedicta Arnold did.

  23. AND….”who” wants to hear this/his Rant now about election Fraud/integrity….???? should have helped President Trump while you still had the power, now you are NOTHING….STAY Home, you are USELESS….!!!!!

  24. Mikey you are a wuss! Where were you when you should have spoken up…BEFORE BIDEN WAS INNAUGURATED AND EVEN EARLIER…You are too little, too late!

  25. While Pence is a gutless wonder, and should be put out to pasture, HR-1 is the greatest anti American disaster in modern times. If the Democrat Party were being paid directly by the Chinese Communist Party, to do its bidding, they could not have hurt the United States any more than delivering what is in HR-1.

    I do believe that all Democrats should be imprisoned for life, without hope of parole. It would be only justice in action.

    1. On the other hand, ammo, and wall repair is a one time expense! Stand them up, and use a firing squad. Imprisonment is very expensive, and these slimy creeps have already cost the American people FAR TOO MUCH money already!

    2. Mike Pence is wording for the Chinese no different than was traitor Benedict Arnold was working for the British.

  26. If he knew this, why the heck did he not stop it by not accepting the electors from those states unless an investigation by Congress was done?

  27. then he is a stupid man …..the real problem is that he could not be Vice President. He was not able.

  28. I really don’t understand why the low life wants to show his face anywhere he knew what was at stake when he stabbed Trump in the back and kissed the ass of the DemoRATS, He also knew that the DemoRATS would make cheating beyond the scope of any election the new norm for the DemoRAT party which will put a strangle hold on his own Republican Party until it no longer can exist! By his actions of Cowardice to the DemoRATS he slapped all dead soldiers in the face by giving the GREEN LIGHT for the DemoRATS to force the Communist agenda into America, I’m sure the slap in the face pisses off more than just 1 desert storm veteran me!

  29. Lets not forget that this spineless Pence not only screwed President Trump but all 74 million patriots that vote for him and now we are paying the price because Pence didn’t have the balls to do the right thing.

  30. Mr. Pence will go down in history as a COWARD. Where was he when President Trump needed him? I’ll tell you where he was. He was hiding under his bed. He clearly didn’t get the backbone of his father. He has no guts for any tough fight.

  31. Mr pence Why not grab the bull horns at the time whatever you said is useless , you knew it and you let us down, just go enjoy your family let us deal with the leftist reckless agenda

  32. Gee, Mike — where were you when we really needed you and you may have had some influence?? What you say is true, of course, and may have made a difference had you expressed it before President Trump left office. At this point, I’m not sure anybody really cares — I know I don’t!!

  33. Man talk about being two faced !! Pence could and should of stood up and told the truth that he is telling now !! But I think he had it all planed because he wants to run for President in 2024 and with President Trump out of the running it gave him a better chance. but it didn’t work his and the China Communist Democrats way because our Great President Trump is going to be the next President !!!!!!!

  34. You can choose to like him or not, but I like Mike Pence, he’s an all round good guy. He’s just not cut out for the cut-throat politics of the Presidency. He’s got some of that Mike Huckabee thing going. He believes in the best of people, and unfortunately politics is just not that way. Too many people looking for ways to put the screws to you.

  35. Then, Mr. Vice President, and with all due respect: if all you reportedly say is true, WHY could you not muster the testicular fortitude to support your boss and the Commander-in-Chief? This is a rhetorical question and a moot point, I am quite sure. At the point of decision I was inclined to cut you some slack (perhaps he feels that he is following his conscience and supporting the Constitution by not kicking a questionable vote back to Congress…he must have his reasons), but now if indeed you come clean after the fact to cite rampant improprieties, patriots are inclined to invoke the old proverb: ‘cowards die a thousand deaths.’ Say it ain’t so, Mr. Vice President.

  36. Its not a Democracy! America is a Constitutional Republic. The fools that keep using the D word are idiots. Listen to so called conservative radio, most use the D word all the time. Fools. Learn your US history before you open your mouth!

  37. Too bad Mr. Pence didn’t have anything to say regarding the Nov.3, 2020 election and it’s irregularities. On Jan. 6, 2021, he evidently didn’t think “election security and protecting the freedom of every American’s voice” was very important. The least he could’ve done was allow the evidence of election fraud be presented before the Senate. Now, well after the fact, we’re supposed to believe him when he professes to care about election integrity and whether or not our voices are heard. Sorry, it’s too little, too late.

  38. I’m never going to forget this election was stollen, and the will of the American people was trashed. The Supreme Court lost all my respect too as well as the Rinos.

  39. Knowing for sure that Mike Pence will not be Presidents Trumps pic for VP if he runs again in 2024. I will say that it will be interesting to see who he will pick to be on the ticket with him. How Bout Governor DeSantis……Has a Nice Ring To It Don’t Ya Think…..TRUMP/DeSANTIS

  40. This election bill will have every future election “rigged in favor of the CHEATER criminal Democrat Party Mob leadership to win and we, the legal American voters, count for nothing’!!! It also will lead to a “Second Civi/l War with their criminal political party the target”!!! The American people will not have their basic freedoms as the free American people destroyed with out a fight!!! Their criminal Democraic political pafrty are to “dumb and stupid to realize that WAR, period”!!! Their is no known cure for their stupidity!!!!

  41. What is the classic phrase, “all sound and fury signifying nothing”—in other words–a bag of hot air.

  42. Great, Mike. Why couldn’t you be so bold and courageous about this issue BEFORE, when you might have been able to do something about it? Too little too late.

    The next Trump Administration (yes, there will be one) is bound to have a different VP.

  43. Dear Mr. Pence, Why now? So late! You could have made a difference. What are you going to do about it now? You owe this incredible country and the incredible patriots in the know and those who do not have a clue. You had our trust. Thank you for coming forward now, but what are you going to do to remedy to surge of evil overtaking our precious Constitution and United States of America?

  44. When needed most in the History of this nation – Pence did not support the Constitution, nor did he support “We the people”. Pence would not even support sending the election back Congress for state represtntatives to vote (One vote per state) as in the Constitution – in order to produce a president – which is a Constitutional means to redress this very situation and has been used three times befroe in history – Pence is a corrupt man devoid of Integrity – who blew any credibility on anything moving forward.
    Somone has the goods on Pence and he is their marrionette

  45. He did it as governor by getting scared and vetoing the prolife legislation the state congress passed and I was afraid he’d do it again as VP. Twice was enough for me. Lost my vote for sure.

  46. I must agree related to Mike Pence, too little too late! He should’ve spoke up when it was necessary about our election fraud and Corruption! I am from his hometown and I like Mike Pence but he made a terrible decision when he sided with the left on this election issue and with all the American people that Were at the capital Trying their best to express their first amendment rights! I believe he called them thugs and terrorist etc. just like the Democrats did when in reality, rumor has it the Democrats were behind it and set up the violence themselves to make it look like Donald Trump and the American voters that wanted him voted back in did .Very sad that things have gotten this far and are only going to get worse with this government. This is not America and how America government acts Or how America runs our country. This is how China and other countries do things. Next step will be our second amendment they are coming after! Is there anyone out there that can stop that that will not because they’re afraid of the left?? I say stop showing fear and be strong for America! Start showing strength! They are only going to run over most all of the American people unless you are an elite individual as They call it!!
    What has gun rights done to change anything in Chicago?? Worse place in the country for gun violence! What’s going to happen when the bad guys have the guns and we have nothing to protect our children our families our homes our possessions or our lives? I know a lot of people in government that need to open their eyes, get back in the game and correct this horrible corruption in our country, in our government, in our courts, in our communities! If they cannot do it maybe it’s time the American people step up every 350 million of them and show we are not going to tolerate this! This is our country, you in the government work for the American people! That seems to be forgotten over and over and over! You help us, you give us money, you want to take our oil away and raise our gas prices! you want to destroy us!!! You get paid because of us! You pay for everything in this country because of us and because of the taxes that WE The American people pay! We pay for our families our country our needs are medical! We do not pay for immigrants to come in illegally and take everything that we own or everything that we are paying for!!!!
    I say “
    LOCK THEM ALL UP!! We can run our own damn country better than that!!
    God bless America! And God bless us all🙏

  47. If Mike Pence had stood up for the integrity of the 2020 election, he wouldn’t have to talk about HR-1 now. Joe Biden is in the WH (doing exactly what they said they’d do!) because Republicans like Mike Pence looked the other way while Trump’s second term was STOLEN.

  48. When are thes people going to stop using the word Democracy we have a republic form of government .Our for fathers said we don’t want a Democracy form of government ,we want a Republic form of government , so that is what we have.

  49. What Pence said now is what he should of practiced that day he opened his mouth. All President Trump wanted was a recount of all legal votes but he hid behind his religion. He turned his
    back on 75 million Americans. He might as well give up as a politician. We Trumpers know who
    took away our freedom and gave us communism. Pence, you are part if the dirty seamp!

  50. Hey, Pence you old man!! It’s your fault this is happening!!! You sold your soul to the devil when you betrayed our President and the American people. Every child that is murder in their blood will be applied to your hands!!! You chose Satan over God almighty, you are nothing but an evil servant from satan.

  51. Right on Mr. VP — but we definitely need a bigger push for election integrity from the GOP!

  52. Unfortunately the first clue we should have seen was Pence is buddies with Paul Ryan. Which I am not fond of. When Ryan was speaker he was totally useless he of course is loyal to Romney, which is another wolf in sheep’s clothing. They both are still sulking that they were not successful in their election bid. So what better way to get your revenge than be a do nothing for your party. Then to top it off Ryan joins Fox news no wonder it now has turned on the conservative base. The guy it just a thorn wherever he goes.

  53. The DemonRatPack can Newer win without Cheating, Illegal Aliens, No ID, Or Rigged Voting Machines, Just think about how they was able to get a Kenya-Born Muslim Butt-Plug in to the WH. And even with 15.MILLION Fake Vote, all in Killarys Favor, Still she Lost.They Needed to Fabricate a Corona Pandemic, Non Existent in None CNN Countries.But Strongly Needed in the US to Force Paper Ballots, and Steal this Election.


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