New Poll Shows Biden’s Numbers Trending Down

Kuhlmann/ MSC, CC BY 3.0 DE , via Wikimedia Commons

A new poll shows that Joe Biden’s poll numbers are trending down and his honeymoon in office is over.

According to Fox News:

Biden holds a 51% approval rating in a Monmouth University survey released on Wednesday. That’s down slightly from the 54% of Americans who gave the new president a thumbs-up in late January, days after his inauguration.

More noticeable is rise in Biden’s disapproval rating – from 30% in late January to 42% now. The rise comes as more people form an opinion of Biden – with those saying they had “no opinion” of the president plunging from 16% soon after his inauguration to 8% now.

“It’s probably not a surprise that Biden’s honeymoon period has closed quickly,” Monmouth University Polling Institute Director Patrick Murray highlighted. But Murray noted that the president maintains a net positive rating in the new poll, which was conducted Feb. 25–March 1.

Ninety-one percent of Democrats questioned in the Monmouth survey approve of Biden’s performance – basically unchanged since January. Eight in 10 Republicans disapprove, a jump of 10 points from a month ago. Independents are divided – with 43% approving and 48% disapproving. That’s a switch from January, when Biden held a 47%-30% approval/disapproval rating with independents.

An average of all of Biden’s approval numbers by Real Clear Politics shows that Biden’s approval is at 55% while his disapproval is at 40%.

    1. Wrong correlation. Right correlation is more people like america last than liked America First. Globalists like this trend. They would be ecstatic to see Biden with a 100% approval rating.

      1. Exactly!!
        Sooner or later the planet will be a one world government.
        White libbies are too stupid to grasp the fact that when that happens, it won’t be them in charge!!!!

        1. Unfortunately they will be in charge of conservatives in the United States! We will take the biggest beating. Our savings will be gone, and we will all be equal, but broke!

          1. Unfortunately, we conservatives, won’t be broke and equal. We will have armbands that say we voted for “TRUMP” so we should be punished! So no we won’t be equal. We will be broke!

          2. Trump tried to save us but stupid people didn’t want to listen. there is no other explanation. – if you want America back then we have to fight for it.

          3. It all means that from now until the next election in ’22 we must prove in courts of law that the National Election was a fraud. Maybe then the HR 1 (is that its name?) that Pelosie jammed down everyone’s throat can be tackled. If that remains standing no other party than the Democrats will ever win again. I do wonder if the Republicans played the same crooked games what would happen though. We would just have to be better at it than them.

          4. Aren’t you paying attention? Josh Hawley, Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, Matt Gaetz, and several more men who stand up and so not back down. New breed and we need more of them. Get the RINOs out.

          5. Yes mam a lil too late. If they all did their job like they all swore to do we wouldn’t have these problems. That goes for all including both sides. Everything is about money and power it’s degrading and preposterous. This world has gone too hell in a hand basket. We can’t trust anyone to do their dually elected job.

          6. There is already 20 state AGs against it. Several states have already become “Second Constitutional” states to stop Biden’s gun take. The DEMS have accepted Saul Alinsky’s 8 levels to a Socialist state. 1. Make people reliant on the government. 4. Take their guns and then you can create a police state. They already booed God off their platform at the DNC Convention in 2012. Was watching it on tv. Turned it off and turned my back on “Radicals”. The levels are found in Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”

          7. The latest EO changing the rule for voters. Legal and illegal voting. More (tampered with mail in votes) mail in ballets and ballet harvesting. Talk about stacking the deck.

          8. EOs are Constitutionally invalid for the purpose of federal elections. It is up the the state legislatures primarily, with the US Legislature being able to pass laws on the subject as well, but not the Executive branch.

          9. I so agree with you…a person would have to be staggeringly stupid to vote for Biden/Harris… amazes me how many under informed ,brain washed people with TDS there are in the USA.

          10. Yep once Satan has his grips in you your a gonner. Stupid is as stupid does. It’s like biting your own nose off despite your face . It can’t be any dummer

          11. Did it ever occur to you they were paid to vote? Quite openly in Nevada. “CNN credits Democrats Native votes effort that bribed voters for Biden votes.” That was on tv. Other problems: Judicial Watch finds 1.8 million extra voters. Bernie Sanders supporter admits to altering thousands of mail in ballots. Mailman caught with entire voting landfill. Pennsylvania postal workers face federal charges for dumping mail in trash. 100,000 voters in Brooklyn receive erroneous ballots. Civilian voters across Queens receive military mail in ballots. Virginia voter identified 1.7 million vote difference between state reports. Michigan moves 177,000 voters from voter rolls after legal challenge. Nearly 50,000 Ohio voters receive wrong ballots. Judge rules Virginia Board of Election rule about late absentee mail in ballots was illegal. That isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. And the Dems say there was no election fraud.

          12. And, here is a 100% Agent Orange, 76 year old 1968 Vietnam Tet Offensive survivor of the Army’s 199th Light Infantry Brigade at the height of the worst fighting of that obscenity we were NEVER allowed to fight to WIN: who is totally willing to fight THIS war because this time, the freedoms, choices, rights, property and future of the children and the world they will inherit: WILL BE OUR OWN AND NOT SOMEONE ELSE’S! God Bless America and damn all her enemies foreign and especially DOMESTIC, to hell for all eternity as it is all any of them have earned or deserved! AND, THIS VETERAN HAS HAD A DEGREE IN GOVERNMENT, FOR THE LAST 54 YEARS!

          13. Most people weren’t stupid, that’s why Trump got the most votes ever by a sitting President, including Obama. So how can that be true and he still lost? Carefully targeted fraud in the swing states.

          14. But that will be because of the Democrats financial stupidity. Biden is doing exactly the same thing Obama did. Turn his back on Americans and (pushed by George Soros) “open borders”. According to a White House Economist the job growth in the Obama era was 94% part time or contract …. NO BENEFITS. Also that famous deportation rate of his included illegals caught at the border designated as “deported”. Something no other president in history has ever done.

        2. Right and, even when BHO is made leader of the One World Government, the white marxist Dems STILL won’t be in charge! Who do you think is going to permanently have Obama’s ear….Pelosi and Schumer or BLM/antifa? That is a “no brainer”!

        3. They are trying their best to act like dictators now because they know soon they will be on the unemployment line for a very, very long time!

          1. Hopefully Trump will punish all of the dead voters who voted for Biden! They should not be allowed to vote more than once per election! He needs to hit them with an Afterlife Tax! Who do they think they are voting and not paying taxes anymore????

    2. You must never have known about all of the great things President Trump did for America! Biden is tearing them all down, one by one! What reality world are you living in?

      1. the left doesn’t want to know – they are so blinded by their hate, they even hate themselves. now we all have to suffer. here’s hoping someone takes them all out!

        1. Absolutely Joe Biden is a racists against the United States and it’s American civilization. Hell has a special place for him and the rest of the democrats.

          1. That may be sooner than you think. I think chapter 13 of Luke describes the end time. Earthquakes and all. Just read this weekend that there were 18,000 (YES) earthquakes in Iceland, Mt, Etna is spewing again and New Zealand barely missed a Tsunami. To top that off scientists are saying there are earthquakes on the moon. New Heaven and a new earth You have two chances.

      2. realitybasedbob aka the troll who writes under multiple names, knows nothing! “Its” brain function is worse than Dementia Jo-Jo’s! Having the word “reality” as part of this pen name is laughable!

      3. SO TRUE! I hate to have to say it, but sometimes Biden just looks stupid, and the rest of the world is laughing at us. Hard for me to believe he was actually honestly elected. When he’s talking and suddenly cannot remember what he was saying or where he is – yes, it makes me cringe. C’mon folks, admit you made a mistake and let’s move on. NEW President.

        1. President Trump’s 2nd term is being stolen now day by day, by O’Biden, wo stole the 2020 election by frauds.
          Jovan is in Maracopa to physical ballot audit of 100% of their 1.2 million ballots, as ordered by DaJudge! But political are resisting and delaying.

      4. Agree Joe Biden is a non American and is a undercover terrorists and traitor of the worst kind.

    3. you would be wrong hater! the only 2 reaso’s biden got in, was bc the dems have no common sense plus they lie and cheat!

    4. IF BIDEN’S #s are so HIGH, why didn’t he get MORE VOTES??? His tally was at 35 mil at the time of ALL of the Vote Closings!!Then the Libs took over with their FRAUD, so they could make Biden win. Trump had over 105 Mil at that time also!! Machines switched the votes from Trump to Biden and all of the extra votes being counted overnight that the LIBS dragged out from under their tables!! And the TRUCKLOADS being brought in, ILLEGALLY!!!

      1. You all know this happened. You’ve seen it with your own eyes. When Biden looks stupid (as he often does) we ALL look stupid – for electing him. It’s WAY past time to move on. And it’s time to secure our elections!!

        1. Absolutely American citizens and taxpayers let’s stand behind president Trump and vote maga2020 back.

          1. It’s a no brained but they took out votes away. We use to have a say so but not anymore it’s gone forever and no one has the balls big enough to do anything about it…..,,,,,,,,,,

        2. Time to arrest Obiden and Usurper NOT-ELIGIBLE Kammy Harris, void the unlawful ballots, recount all the legal ballots, and inaugurate PRESIDENT Trump because he lawfully won the 2020 election BIGGLLY !

      2. I have found at least a dozen articles on Dominion and they are connected to China. Or t least some of there parts came from there. If the votes you are counting jam you are supposed to RESET the machine and start over or the votes will be counted twice. Several people came forward about people NOT resetting after a jam.

    5. He will be reported to have a mini-stroke and Kamalla will start packing for the move to the white house.

      1. What a joke Obama is back in our country and our values are in trouble. Thank you democrats for your assistance for helping to turn our country into socialism and terrorists 3rd world country.

      2. We gotta make JAN.6 look like picnic, to prevent that whorrific situation! Will Military back us up?

    6. Obviously you are NOT based in reality bob. You sir are living in an alternate reality. Liking higher energy prices? Fool!!!

    7. Be honest, you know there isn’t one ounce of honesty on what you just said! All you have is jealousy!

    8. Better than Trump??? Not at all. Strange how any segment of Americans could forget the TERRIBLE economy under Obama/BIDEN. Terrible jobs performance and loss of U.S manufacturing. Terrible immigration. Terrible trade. Terrible foreign policy. 5 Wars in 7 years (Libya, Syria, Yemen, Iraq & Ukraine). Financing ISIS with $540 MILLION paid to a British marketing firm for ISIS recruitment videos. Massive surveillance of U.S citizens. And who can forget the Extreme Corruption of ALL Obama/BIDEN staffers. Hillary Clinton’s pay to play schemes. Uranium One. Awful, awful, awful.

      It’s only THANKS to President Trump that our nation SURVIVED Obama/BIDEN the first time, and prevailed over the Corruption & policy failures. Truly, I cannot understand how any American would inflict such horrible economic conditions on our nation again.

      Oh, but Americans DID NOT vote for Joe Biden, did they?? In Biden’s own words, “I think we have built the most outstanding fraud organization that our nation has ever seen.”

      Yeah– Dead voters. Felons. Non-residents. CCTV cameras showing ballots stuffed into counting machines 5-6-7 times. CCTV cameras capturing trucks arriving at 3AM with crates of Biden ballots (not a single Trump vote, isn’t that remarkable??). Mail ballots from people who showed up to vote & got turned away (because somebody else had already cast their ballot by mail).

      Some Americans were willing to give Biden a chance to prove himself & overcome the question of fraud. And what did they get?? Biden got distracted by a grotesque impeachment trial featuring doctored videos. Biden killed energy independence, spiking costs for home heating, transportation and commuting.

      Now Biden’s Covid package DENIES stimul;us payments to Middle Class families facing looming foreclosures & eviction– BUT hands out stimulus checks to ILLEGALS from Mexico & bails out FAILED Democrat Governors whose policies are DISASTROUS for their own taxpayers. Honestly I’d be surprised if Biden’s approval rating among Independent voters doesn’t crash to 20 PERCENT in a minute.

  1. Biden is tanking. He has not delivered on his promises. He was already having a hard time defending his acceptance/approval of China eradicating Muslims – Oughirs and now yesterday the Chinese courts determined that homosexuality is a mental disorder. Joe? Hell that must have been a kick in the ass to Barry too. Barry was funding the Wuhan labs along with Soros and Gates. Springstein and Little Steven were kissing their asses too.

    1. Good points.
      But the young (baby boomer spawned ) morons who are the “media” industry, will never let Joe fail.
      They are already working on how they will spin biden’s early departure from the White House and KA-mala and pelosi take over.

    2. that’s what the dumos do – they promise this or that then get in and have amnesia. it’s not a surprise

  2. Polls are always unreliable. They depend to a great extent on who is being polled. But I would not expect any conservatives to view Biden favorable. By this time even Main Street democrat voters voters should be seeing the disaster in the oval office. I would expect his true ratings to be closer to 30%.

  3. Goes to show how successful a so called “news” industry can manipulate a not so smart American public by not reporting truthfully and simply ignoring the truth.

    “Truth in Journalism?? Not in my Amerika “

    1. Just like Doctors and Lawyers, News Journalists should be licensed to report only the facts. Spout out your opinion and lose your license. Then maybe you can go to work for the National Enquirer.

  4. Biden is destroying our country, and any body that approves of him are as guilty as he is.
    Wait till all the illegals invade your home and rape your wife and kids and even kill them will you still approve of him. The blood is on your hands democrats. but i know you don’t care. all you care about is how much money you can load into your bank accounts from the hard working American people. shame on all of you because you are all guilty as long as you let biden keep getting away with his criminal activity

    1. I support everything that you said about horrible Biden. The Dem’s stuffing their pockets, and the lawlessness of flooding the country with illegals!

    2. This is what helped create “Brexit” flooding UK with thousands of immigrants, changing their culture, taking over, making “No Go Zones” citizens having their country changed by floods of immigrates that hate the hosting country. It’s happening in Germany now the “Alternative Deutschland” party, a populist party against Angle Merkle. This will back fire hopefully soon also on the democrap party!! Also in France, and The Netherlands.

  5. Does anybody remember why the “Neanderthal” Biden never won in his previous runs for President”?? It was not a mistake that he lost!!

    1. Disaster? Is that word descriptive enough for Mitch? If Republicans don’t wake up and get moving, we’ll be killing ourselves off in 2024.


    1. Millionaires made trillions off the sick and dying, so did CHINA! When that “CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY” trial starts I hope we can take back the “dollar” as world currency!

    2. Bidum is our useful idiot as will Camelho when she becomes our next pres. just keep the money rolling into their accounts stupid amerika. F China

  7. First and Foremost – who the hell believes in these “polls “ anyway?? !! NOBODY . I would bet that the vast majority of Americans won’t bother wasting their time answering these pollsters – period. I would also bet that if the truth be known — the majority of true democrats really think biden was and is a poor choice for president – and the ONLY way they would admit it would be for them to have TRUTH serum injection.

    1. I don’t answer them anymore. None of us should. Lets’ keep the pollsters guessing. Keep them F-ing stupid, which they are anyway.

  8. Biddyboy’s poll numbers should be -100, nothing positive. After all, he is not a Legal President, but a sham, a fraudulent president who got into the White House ONLY BECAUSE HIS POLITICAL PARTY COMMITTED FRAUD AND STOLE THE ELECTION. If any decent, moral American thinks any differently, they need to do the research and see for themselves exactly what illegal actions were performed to get that old fart in our White House…and are you going to be surprised!

    I don’t know about you, but I’m more than ticked off about our STOLEN election! I don’t like being PUNCHED IN THE FACE AND HAVING DEMOCRAPS ACTING LIKE NOTHING IS WRONG! I want to see dem heads role because of their actions! And the sooner the better!



    1. Unfortunately, you are SO correct. But what scares me is that if we can actually get rid of him, KamalaBama will take over. Now that really spells trouble!

      1. Ultimately I feel that it will sink the DEM-BOATs for several elections. Their negative vibes are beginning to really piss folks off – even DUMMY-CRATS!

    2. Very well said, Micala. But you know that Kamala should know better, right? Isn’t she still too frigging young to be SENILE like Bidee-Boy?

  9. I don’t even believe that poll!! Too many others have him WAY DOWN in the 30s and LOW 40s!!!

  10. But that’s just late in the afternoon near sundown, right? Oh whait…are we talking about the same thing?

  11. Nice to see the China still likes Joe Biden
    Joe Biden job rating more negative since his first week in office.
    51% approve (54% in Jan.)
    42% disapprove (30%)

  12. Who in the hell can approve of Biden? The numbers are fixed just like the election. STOP LYING TO THE PEOPLE YOU COMMIE BASTARDS.

    1. I don’t worry about their lying, They always get caught – eventually, Look how frigging stupid they look then. Everyone knows that the only thing stupider than a DEMocrat is just anothe Democrat. 😉

  13. A 90% approval from the Democrats??? Either the poll is a bald face lie, or the poll was taken in China. American Democrats can’t be that stupid…can they?

    1. Good Lord, I hope not. But most of the pollsters are Dems too. So they “fix” the answers any way they want the public to see them.

      1. Connie! But who takes the LAMESTREAM MEDIA seriously? No worries here.
        The Truth always comes out in the end.

    2. You tell me. They voted for BIDEN didn’t they? That should indicate how frigging stupid they are. Just because the asshole is President doesn’t indicate anything positive will happen. In fact, just the opposite is indicated.

  14. Hidenbiden is an embarrassment, he is the laughing stock of the world. our enemies, and allies know this guy isn’t playing with a full deck. Invisible joe needs to go, he has created the greatest crisis at our southern border, now the cartels,terrorists,criminals,human trafficers are having a field day, running the border. Hidenbiden has endangered our national security, and all the American people, he needs to be removed or impeached for his incoherant,incompetence, and stupidity of allowing the invasion of our country, his mental incompetence, shows he can’t lead,he can’t even answer a simple quesion.

  15. Don t believe these polls. He is destroying Beautiful America. Demorcrats are stupid voting for this jerk. (they have no Brains ) and they cheated. >>>>> Trump 2024<<<<<

  16. I just think people don’t like his dogs, other than that I couldn’t possibly understand why?

  17. It’s hard to believe that anyone could approve of this dolt. The left has been very successful at dumbing-down America.

    1. if you go and check out kh back ground you’ll fined out she was a very high dollar call girl. I saw a peace of and article from ab paper from Cal.

  18. Rasmussen is the only pollster that I trust and his daily tracking poll shows Slo Joe at 49% while Pres Trump was at 53% at the same time in office. Monmouth is a liberal crap pile as far as I’m concerned.

  19. Democrats are really a bad organization. All they have done since in office is rake in money anyway they can and we all know that’s what’s going on.

  20. That number seems way to high. Maybe they polled the coumo’s nursing home victims.
    Second picture is Joe after a border issue denial programming so he’ll know what to say.

  21. The only poll that matters is the one at the ballot box. We can only hope this mistake is remedied in ‘24.

    1. Only mandatory ID in person voting, back to paper ballots! Armed guards for chain of custody to televised live vote count!

  22. Come on man, Biden was never a viable candidate for President, he’s the puppet that can be controlled. His age and his dementia are against him.


  24. You liberals are stupid and deserve what you get. The left is on notice, the right is done playing nice. You lit the fire and it’s gonna be getting too hot for your lazy crooked a**’s and your gonna be sitting in GITMO with Michael, Hussain, and all the freaks involved.

  25. Problem is is that each party votes approval for the most part of their own party! But to be honest, Whether you like him or not, Trump did a very good job for America and Biden is doing a terrible job! If every person was honest, America would be in a massive panic cause Biden is scary, Kamala is worse and we are in major trouble! Voting against Trump cause he said things that hurt liberals feelings has gotten us a very very weak president in Joe Biden! And our other option of Kamala should scare every single red blooded American! We are in line for a very dark four years either way you look at it people! Buckle up America! It’s going to be bumpy!

  26. numbers can be soo misleading….he’s out to lunch and soo many are soon to become aware as more facts play out…

  27. Void the Result for FRAUD; SAVE USA
    LOL. And Kammy Harris is NOT Black; and she is NOT eligible for POTUS as she is NOT a Natural Born Citizen but Just an USURPER like Obama of Kenya.
    We MUST find a way to VOID the fraud 2020 election results for O’biden, then inaugurate President Trump2nd Term that he EARNED; then arrest and put the election fraud criminals in prison. There MUST be something in our Constitution FOR the USA to protect USA EVEN AFTER the fraud is certified by crooked election officials and the election fraud even further certified Jan 6 by the crooked Senators. The election fraud and coverups of so much evidence is what incited a few hundred of the thousands of peaceful protestors to forcefully enter the capitol to try to stop the fraudulent certification JAN. 6, of the fraudulent certifications of Electoral College votes by corrupt State OFFICIALS. V.P. Pence at that time refused to stop the fraud against USA.

  28. The irrational approval numbers constitute additional proof that the Demoncrats are living in a castle in the clouds, in an alternate universe…




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