The Democrats Snuck This Bill Past You and Biden Celebrated It

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President Biden celebrated the passage of the Democrat’s massive election reform bill H.R. 1 in the House last night and said he would absolutely sign it if it manages to pass in the Senate. The sweeping For The People Act of 2021 passed late Wednesday night with a vote of 220 to 210.

No Republicans joined Democrats in favor of the bill.

Fox News reports:

“In the wake of an unprecedented assault on our democracy; a coordinated attempt to ignore, undermine, and undo the will of the American people never before seen in our history; and a new wave of aggressive attacks on voting rights taking place in states across the country, I applaud Speaker Pelosi and the House of Representatives for passing H.R. 1, the For the People Act of 2021,” Biden said in a statement Thursday.

“It will rein in the outrageous gerrymandering that distorts our democracy,” Biden said. “It will empower the Justice Department to crack down on laws that curtail voting rights along racial lines. It will reform our campaign finance system to amplify the voices of the people — not the powerful. And it will modernize and secure our future elections against all manner of threats.”

The bill would create automatic voter registration across the country and allow felonss who have served their sentences to vote. The bill would also expand early voting and enhance absentee voting by simplifying voting by mail.

A major pillar of the legislation is setting up a new public financing system for congressional and presidential elections to incentivize small-dollar donations. The legislation would establish a 6:1 match using taxpayer money for each grassroots contribution to a candidate up to $200.

The bill also included a shot at Trump, requiring presidents to disclose their tax returns.

Republicans have fiercely opposed the bill calling it “reckless” and obviously partisan. [Related: Mike Pence Addresses 2020 Election ‘Irregularities’ for the First Time Since Leaving White House]

    1. I have provided all the information needed to Biden and Harris in Jail. But the GOP is a peaceful organization and will not fight. All you need to do is Search for Kamala Harris Birth Certificate, and answer these Questions: Said Candidate is not a “Natural Born Citizen”.

                 The Questions that need to be answered are:

      1. Was her father and mother U. S. Citizens when she was Born?
      2. Were her parents under the jurisdiction of their native Countries, as they    were here as students?
      3. can the united states obviate the Constitution and Laws of another nation for any reason?
      4. can anyone born with allegiance to a foreign nation be a “Natural Born American”?
      They rigged the Ballot and committed fraud they need to go to jail!

      1. I even question Obama as well. He produced a computer laminated copy of a birth certificate. Federal law states you have to submit an original. I also heard him give a speech overseas after he left office where he was laughing and stating he was born in Kenya. A lot of corruption in our government and it’s growing by the day. We need President Trump back to fix this!

        1. Obama’s mother was never in Kenya.
          Trump spent 12 years trying to prove that Obama was born there.
          He failed.
          Can Ted Cruz be President, someday?
          He was born in Canada to a Cuban dad.
          He was born a Canadian citizen.
          He did not renonuce his Canadian citizenship until he was 43 years old.
          This Princeton and Harvard educated lawyer didn’t even know that he was a Canadian citizen.

          1. Albert, I suspect that you know that it doesn’t really matter where BHO was born; if BHO Sr. was indeed his birth father, he was toast right there and then. The definition of a nbc at the time that the constitutional Framers codified it as an eligibility requirement for the office of the presidency was a person “born in the country, of parents who are citizens” thereof. And that eligibility requirement for that office – and as added by amendment later to the office of the VP, to clarify any possible misconception if the VP assumed the higher office – STILL STANDS, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary.
            As for Ted Cruz: Indeed, he is not eligible for the office(s). That the Repubs allowed him (and a couple of others) to be a candidate for the office of POTUS in 2016 showed that they were almost as guilty as the Dems in this criminal matter and deserve the same fate as a political party and organization. Which is to have their officials of record tried, and, when found guilty, the parties fined, dissolved, and those officials sent to prison. Along with a large number of other political criminals, when Justice is finally served in this country, in a number of political matters. As it will. As it will.

          2. Harris isn’t eligible, either. Both parents were from UK countries and here on student visas. She grew up in Canada…I don’t care how many degrees her parents have…she is not a NBC.

        2. Hussein had a real birth certificate, from the Coast Province, Republic of Kenya….signed by E.F. Lavender and the ethnicity of the parents was not mentioned..As was common then. His foot prints and an embossed seal are on the document.

          1. ourzoo10
            I suppose maybe you should read some to find the actual facts. The Immigration laws, of 1790, 1795, and the 14th Amendment disagree with you in many ways. My children born in three different Countries, while I served my 26 year military career are all natural born citizens and their State Department paper work states that on the certificates. Any child born of an American parent in any place in the World is by law a Natural Born American Citizen and anyone born within the borders of this USA is considered a Natural Born American Citizen.

          2. That last statement is NOT correct. Obviously you have NOT read the ENTIRE first sentence of the 14th Amendment. It states:”All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside”. Just because a child is born in the US does not make that child a citizen. There is a second part to the sentence that one has to be under the jurisdiction of the US – if the parents are NOT citizens then, neither is the child as that child is under their jurisdiction!

        3. I been in the Graphic Arts business for a lot of years. I have never seen such an obvious phony document. Not even teenagers back in the day did such a botched up job. Obama also was involved in spying on Trump and citizens. We have got to bring these corrupt people to justice.

          1. That wasn’t fecal matter.. Those were copies of your posts. They just smell the same

      2. <b>NOt </b> to mention,Biden has 2 Warrantsissued in April of last year for his arrest .. still open in the Ukraine issued by their Supreme Court.. pertaining to money laundering & Fraud, all wrapped up in the foreign aid fiasco during the Maobama admin along with his 'super star' son, Hunter..

        How much longer are the American people going to tolerate these illegal fraudsters!!
        The modern version of NEW YOUR TAMMANY HALL on a national level!!
        Sleezy Joe Biden Presidency

        1. Who can you turn to to fix it, the ghost busters? Unless the SC or the Republicans get off their butts and get organized instead of passing the buck, the Dems will continue to destroy our rights and further their agenda to make America radical Left in so many ways that we the people will only be we the socialist government. From that point on , the Democrats along with China will determine your future, assuming they let you have one if you follow their new world order rules. It’s already happening at a greater extent then we realize, because the media, especially CNN and MSNBC who are aligned with the NYTimes, the LATimes and the Washington comPost, will continue to support the Left agenda and continue to tell the lie until everyone believes it. We have no one to whom we can turn. They all talk a good line and then drop the ball.

          1. Why are the vast majority of news outlets opposed to Trump?
            Do they express the will of the American people?

        2. Trump had three months to round up all the vote fraudsters.
          He got zero.
          Give him credit for rounding up 200+ Capitol Fecal Matter Smearers.

      3. The phrase “natural-born citizen” appears in the U.S. Constitution. In order to become the President 0r Vice president of the United States, a person must be a natural-born citizen.

        The constitution does not expressly define “natural born” nor has the Supreme court ever ruled precisely upon its meaning. One can be a citizen while not being a “natural born” citizen if, for example, that person gained citizenship through the process of Naturalization. This does not pertain to Kamala as she was born is the usa. She did not become a citizen by naturalization.

        Under the14th Amendment’s Naturalization Clause and the Supreme Court case of United States V. Wong Kim Ark 169 US US 649 anyone born on U.S. soil and subject to its jurisdiction is a natural born citizen, regardless of parental citizenship. This type of citizenship is referred to as birthright citizenship.

        1. If my mom was vacationing in the Bahamas when I was born can I be President?
          Can Ted Cruz be President?

      4. Follow what the constitution says not what one party or other try to say is. We know where Kamala was born clearly but Obama has never been fully clear.
        The constitution does not expressly define “natural born” nor has the Supreme court ever ruled precisely upon its meaning. One can be a citizen while not being a “natural born” citizen if, for example, that person gained citizenship through the process of Naturalization. This does not pertain to Kamala as she was born is the usa. She did not become a citizen by naturalization.

        under the14th Amendment’s Naturalization Clause and the Supreme Court case of United States V. Wong Kim Ark 169 US US 649 anyone born on U.S. soil and subject to its jurisdiction is a natural born citizen, regardless of parental citizenship. This type of citizenship is referred to as birthright citizenship. This how Kamala is a citizen.

      5. I have tried twice to answer I will try one more time.
        1. Was her father and mother U. S. Citizens when she was Born? It doesn’t matter where her parents were born. It matters where she was born.
        3. can the united states obviate the Constitution and Laws of another nation for any reason? What are you saying here?
        4. can anyone born with allegiance to a foreign nation be a “Natural Born American”? What and who are you talking about? How do you prove their “allegiance to a foreign nation”
        2. Were her parents under the jurisdiction of their native Countries, as they were here as students? What does that matter if Kamala was born here in the USA? She was born in Oakland CA. Now Oakland is in the State of CA and a part of the United State of America.

        1. Let me understand this. If she was born in KENYA then she could not be president. Humm. Interesting.

      6. Add to that the fact that Harris aided and abetted insurrection riots, glorifying terrorism by antifa/blm, even posting bail for the perps; she needs to be impeached forthwith.

        1. Why? dumercrats have done that for years .It is unlawful to impeach a dumercrat. Ask SCOTUS.

      7. If you get three responds it is because they reject me for approval three times. I have been lucky I get approval later in the day or next day so don’t get alarmed with three responds in a row.

      8. 1. Your parents do not have to be citizens for you to be President.
        2. The jurisdiction(s) that your parents have been, or are under, have no bearing on your qualification to be President.
        3. Any country can obviate the Constitution and Laws of the US.
        4. One is not born with an allengence to any country, it may only be given by free adults
        5. A fool can ask more questions than a wise man can answer.
        The vote fraudsters need to go to jail.
        How many of them did the Trump Adminstration have arrested?
        How many Capitol Fecal Matter Smearers have been arrested?

      9. William F. Reade J. LTC USA Ret)
        Now I do suppose you do not believe in the Constitution of this USA , says anyone born to American parent or anyone born inside the borders of this USA or the possessions of the USA is an Natural Born American Citizen. It is hard to believe that anyone completing even high school and serving in the USA military as an officer would still believe this out dated total BS pushed by some. Now 2/3 of the states approved of the Amendment which made this the law of the land.
        I also sever for 26 years retiring as a Colonel and in college we were taught in Constitutional law the complete opposite of what your post is.

      10. Unfortunately the requirements for President are not the same for vice-presidents. Technically, she can serve as VP, but cannot ascend to the Presidency for PRECISELY the reasons you put forth.
        Should she try to assume that office she should immediately be challenged in court who, if there are ANY Justices left there, be tossed as “ineligible”. Problem is, she’s NOT the President now, so there is NO CASE to be made.

  1. Biden, You are the most useless person on this planet earth.
    Your facial expressions are hideous. Please do America a
    favor and resign at once. You have no voice, have no looks,
    have no brain, etc. Maybe take the thing out of your ear!!!

        1. Just like Godfather Bi-dung was the Obamanation’s life insurance, Kommie Hasnosense is Godfather Bi-dung’s life insurance.

          If anything happens to the Godfather while she’s still VP, it’ll be LBJ all over again, only much worse.

          1. You backed a loser.
            A loser who lost to Sleepy Creepy Old Joe the Perv.
            That’s gotta hurt.

          1. Absolutely correct. They are committing Elder Abuse every time they put this man out there. Even in the Oval Office
            He is no more President than I am.
            They are all illegally there so we actually have no government right now. All of those executive orders are all legal also and should not be carried out

        2. You screwed yourself.
          You backed Trump.
          You should have backed a Republican.
          Overall they did quite well, particularly at the local level.
          My Republican Govonor refused to vote for Trump.
          He won 68% of the vote
          Trump dragged down the entire Republican slate.
          In 2021 it is the Trump Humpers who are the RINOs.
          That is what we call life long Democrat turncoats.
          You know the kind, they used to be pro abortion until..,

      1. Eventually Biden and Pathetic Pelosi will be gone, even the Lord has limits, but will it be too late then to redo everything they screwed up?

        1. The laws they created will have to be done away with and look at all the dumercrats in congress and the courts as well as all the illegal voters they have brought in. Only way is another great flood and the dumercrats have all the boats.

        2. Eventually Trump will be gone.
          He is a fat old man with poor eating habits and no exercise who sleeps poorly.
          How much longer can he last.
          Biden will most likely out liveTrump.
          Biden isn’t up all night composing derogatory misspelled Tweets.

          1. Thank you Al, by responding to my comment means you know that there was truth in it and may the Lord save even you.

      2. I agree with you, Marcia. He looks like death warmed over. Personally, I don’t think he has many days left on this earth. His replacement is not eligible to be president, but, of course, no so-called Republican will question her eligibility, so the Good Ship United States of America will sink even further into the swamp. NAGA

        1. What is wrong with the Republicans who gave no backbone to fight. We can’t do it all and President Trump did everything he could while he was there but with very little help from any in the administration. He will never go away if that is what they are hoping for.
          They can either continue being scared to death of President Trump and the Trump followers because of their lies and how they stole the election and how intelligent he is compared to the lunatics running the country into the ground OR they could try being Presidential and move on to save the country.
          Guess there probably isn’t much hope of that happening.
          God bless the USA

          1. Republicans let this charade happen. It’s the reason Biden was able to get in office because they all catapulted to the big lie.

          2. Yes a considerable number of Republicans think that Trump is a big lier.
            My Repulican Govoner refused to vote for Trump.

    1. You backed a loser.
      A real loser.
      He lost to Creepy Old Joe the Perv.
      That’s gotta but hurt.

  2. Please get rid of this inept crazy president and the loony tune Democrat congress asap. They are destroying our country piece by piece.

  3. I am having such a hard time with all of this. Where is are military? They took an oath to protect Americans from foreign and domestic terrorists. We are surrounded by them and our government is full of them destroying this country…

    1. Sadly, I think it comes down to individual responsibility before we are unable to even have fellowship regarding these topics of conversation. We ourselves might have to get rid of them.

    2. AMEN,

      1. It won’t take an impeachment. The dems will probably vote to remove him within his first year after his executive orders undue everything Trump accomplished. Then the will use the 25th amendment to remove him for health reasons so Camaltoe Harris will be the first female president and also the first black female to hold that office. They really don’t care how far left she is and they really don’t care about the American people. Just like Obama had to be the first black president in history, these dems seem to think it’s some kind of badge of honor to have this “first in history” crap to make them feel important. As for governing, they are totally incompetent!

      2. Where are the American 1776 militia patriots?? many American Citizens are sick & tired of this short lived admin .. yet not many are willing to enforce the constitution and Statute laws

        1. We have seen it twice.
          The last time cost 600,000 American lives.
          Proportionally that would be 8 million.
          Let the fun begin
          Let the blood flow in the streets.
          Invest in casket companies.
          Turn disruption into profit.
          Be a responsible Repulican……

    3. A lot of people are having hard time with this party of thieves and I for one don’t int3nd letting them get away with rigging the election it still needs investigating and that Obiden bastard needs to go along with his Ho,

      1. So what does all this leave we the people. Not much now, we can only pray the next 4 generations will slowly change around. With the way they are being taught now that is unlikely as well. By then English will be the second language .Very bleak future. Thanks to all the Rhino republicrats and illegal votes.

    4. Who gets to determine who is a terroist?
      Do you think that the people who smeared their Fecal Matter in the Capitol are terroists?
      What about the person who killed the cop?

  4. President Trump warned everyone what would happen if Beijing Biden got in and it is even far worse than imagined!!! Dung brain Biden has just about ruined the country even before two months is up!!! People better get in gear soon! Let your yellow jello spined Republican Senators know you want NO PART of that Communist passed Unconstitutional Hr. 1. Cannot believe this is even happening!!!!!!

    1. I’m with gray dog , sick to my stomach you’re right where is the military? We need trump back NOW not in 2024 it will be far too late

      1. The military, in this case, cannot help. Do not give up your guns, and if you don’t have one get one now.(before they pass any gun rights restrictions) The 2nd Amendment allows a well formed (armed) militia of citizens to act against a tyrannical government. I for one, think it is time for that.

        1. Let the blood flow from the exit wounds?
          What are the chances of your daughter catching a round or two?
          One right between the legs would be such fun…..

      2. When Trump was in office the military did not back him.
        That is why Creepy Old Joe is in the White House.

  5. Your Children’s Children will live under Communism , No you won’ accept it outright , but keep feeding you small doses of Socialism until you will finally wake up and Find that you are already a Communist , We” so weaken your economy until you fall like over ripe fruit into our hands , First said by Nikita Khrushev in Sept 29 , 1959 ,, Now once again by Biden ,,America is at a time where We had best get rid of a traitor ! Now !!!

    1. I mashed thumbs up not down I agree ! He and the whole bunch need to be in prison for treason pushing socialism in our country is treason!

      1. At this point in time Trump is more likely to go to prison than Biden.
        So many of Trump’s associates are convicted felons.
        More to follow.

    2. The number of people living under Communism has been going down for forty years.
      There is no Communism in Russia.
      China is far more socialist than Communist.
      Communists do not have stock markets, billionaires, the biggest market for Rolls Royce.
      America has been socialist country for over a hundred years.
      A democracy with just a taste of republicanism.
      We love our Social Security and Medicare.
      Where would our seniors be without them?
      Starving and freezing?

      1. The very first thing that Trump did was to void ObamaCare.
        On the second day he built his Big Beautiful Wall.
        On the third day he played golf.
        Trump never rests.
        He wants you to be be his prey everyday.

    1. Just like thieves in the night. And they’re probably oh so proud of themselves. The Senate MUST step up and reject HR1.

    2. Not to worry, this piece if shyttt they passed will end up in court becasue the vast majority of it is unconstitutional.

      1. Like the election the Supreme Court don’t care if it is Constitutional.
        Why do they hate Trump?
        For the same reason as the rest of America?

  6. Jill biden you call yourself a doctor, what kind of doctor are you to let your husband do the things that he is doing, I’m sure you don’t care as long as he brings the money home, because that is all you care about. I’m sure you know how sick he is and you have brains enough to know that some of the things that he is doing is not good for the Country, why even his press Sec. looks LOCO, she looks as if she is in space. My God what is this Country coming to if this continue. Don’t we have at least one sober Dem who would step up to the plate and say, it’s time we cater to OUR COUNTRY and stop the bickering among ourselves?

      1. Less than 5% of Doctors are Medical Doctors.
        Educated people know that.
        There are more Doctors of Education (Dr. Jill Biden, PhD) than there are Doctors of Medicine.
        The Covid-19 vaccines were mostly developed and tested by Doctors.
        Not mostly Doctors of Medicine but Doctors of biology, chemistry, physics, materials engineering, epidemology, virology, data management and statistics.

    1. Miriam, are you a medical doctor?
      A PhD?
      Certificate holder?
      Sitting Certificate?
      Home Economics Award?

  7. If this bill passes the senate and it will since Harris has tie breaking vote, we will never have another Republican president or republican majority in the senate

    1. Have to disagree with you, Jeff, but I don’t think HR1 is going to make it out of the Senate. Joe Manchin may just very well vote against it. The bill has to get 60 votes in the Senate to go to old slow senile Joe, and I don’t think it’s gonna make it.

  8. This is such a DANGEROUS bill!!! It is certainly NOT for the people! It will change our country forever. The Senate must defeat this unamerican bill!!!

  9. Funny how gerrymandering became so terrible after Democrats lost control of most state governments. But I believe ending gerrymandering by state legislatures and all the other demands of this bill are unconstitutional. Elections are controlled by the states, not the federal government.

  10. As we sit back and watch America decay, We can only hope that one days soon democrats en masse begin to feel the pain of what they have wished and voted for. Those hard working democrats with homes, and good jobs, and children, will wonder what they were thinking. We will all be affected, not just Republicans. dems will one day be sorry.

  11. Arrest the entire democratic socialist communist party. Lead by pelosi, the democrats are the most lawless group of communists ever in this country, the USA. They need to be stopped immediately before there are no elections. Pelosi will declare herself dictator and thus country is done.

  12. The above biden statement is a perfect example of 180 degrees from the truth pack of lies ever uttered. Every single part of it is a complete lie. The bill will do the exact opposite in every respect of what biden is claiming.

  13. I’m confused? We just had an election that supposedly had 20 million more people voting than in any other election in US history, and they are telling us that this bill is to protect people’s voting rights, make it easier for people to vote, and have their votes count! Someone PLEASE tell me why we need this bill after this supposed landslide election???
    What this is really about is, the bogus election laws changed by an unconstitutional act by some courts in swing states, worked so well for them that they don’t want to give up that advantage. So they want to make it universal law across the United States. This in effect takes the states right to make there own election laws and map out political districts away. This absolutely should not be allowed and the Senate MUST stand up and do what’s constitutional and right! Calling H.R.1,the “For the People Act” is such a bogus name to get sympathetic support from low informed citizens is so damn low it’s almost criminal. They truly are so afraid they will lose the majority in the house and senate in 2022 that they need to start their cheating this early on! This bill will create never ending fraud on a massive scale and that’s what the hope. IT’S JUST SHAMEFUL!

    1. Only 65% of the people who could have voted did.
      If 95% had voted Trump may not have gotten even 40%.


  14. The did this in the middle of the night because they are ashamed of the things they are doing. Democrats should be ashamed!

  15. This is not surprising on any level! It’s a blanket bill to ensure Democrats have the unfair edge in all future elections. That no Republican voted for it is certainly not surprising, however. Even our usual RINOs did not put their stamp of approval on this horrible piece of mislabeled hogwash!

  16. Wish the military would have their own coup and arrest Biden, Harris, Pelosis, Schumer, Waters, AOC, Omar, BHO, etc.
    They took an oath to protect us… all of them. Dems think by passing this bill that we Patriots will sit back.NOT! A Civil War will not be fought with fires and looting.
    God help us.✝️🇺🇸

    1. All Americans Democrats and Republicans and all true Americans need to stand up against these tyrants not Americans

  17. Anyone else feel this way? I always explain my thoughts on these news topics without suggesting violence or hateful things and in a very plain reasonable way, so why do I get tagged with, “waiting for approval” half the time? Trump Train News, if you are for free speech like you claim, why have an approval board to scrutinize what people post?

  18. Didn’t think Sleepy Joe stayed up in the middle of the night. Who is pulling the strings or has the authority to push this type of bill through in the middle of the night.
    Should be Presidents responsibility

  19. And this is amazing? To who? Anyone who knows what demonrats do is not surprised. However…

    Don’t you think/feel something very radical is going to happen to these clueless, ruthless, and very desperate children running our govt? I can see their “FRANTIC BEHAVIORS” showing in all their clueless acts — like “they” are afraid their Party time will quickly be over, so pass as much hurtful and destroying legislation as quickly as possible BEFORE AMERICANS FIND OUT THAT THEY ARE REALLY IN THE WHITE HOUSE ILLEGALLY? Yeah. Why do you think they put up those 3 layers of fencing around the Capitol? DEMS are AFRAID of AMERICANS! .🥺😟😱

    What these very emotionally immature demonrats do not get is that the next President, i.e. President Trump AND the predominantly GOP Legislature, will turn everyone of their stupid legislation around, revise it, or actually make it Null and Void so it is worthless — And this dumb as dirt election law will be the first to be destroyed! Biddyboy really is “dumb as dirt” like everything he does.



  20. This is theft. We paid our wages into Social Security. They contributed nothing and I doubt Biden did either.

  21. Biden is a lier. The passage of this bill is a power grab by the federal government over states rights who under our constitution have the sole authority to administer elections through their respective legislatures. This law if passed is unconstitutional without an amendment to the constitution. It should be struck down by SCOTUS if passed by Congress and signed by Bozo Biden. That is if SCOTUS judges have the courage to do their duty.

  22. More evil from the elites. Nothing more than a takover of our government, designed to destroy our rights as cirizens.

  23. It’s appalling to me how EASILY the American people gave up their rights and freedoms.

    The virus was a means to scare Americans into complying with ANYTHING that the perpetrators wanted – masks, social distancing, closing businesses and economies, putting people out of work and on the government dole. Unfortunately it worked.

    Worst of all, with the cooperation of the Demon-crat party, the MSM and big tech, the fear and associated “health directives” along with illegal election law changes, allowed them to steal the election from President Trump.

    With this bill, the “questionable and/or illegal” activities that occurred in the 2020 election will be legalized and no election from now on will be representative of the will of the American people. It will only represent what the DC elite, MSM and big tech overlords decide is best for us.

    God help us and the USA if the Senate doesn’t stop this bill from passing, because you know the Burden will sign it.


  25. When this bill passes the senate. That will end all other parties to win.. So why do we need Republicrats any more. Why not give their salaries back to the people? Never happen Dumercrats will just divide it among themselves. To all who voted against Trump welcome to communisum you asked for it now you will have it. What I great country we once had. Feel so sorry for my great grandchildren. Maybe they can learn the Heil Hitler salute.


  27. It will be a pleasure to see the end of Biden’s presidency and one can only hope that it ends very soon!

  28. The Communist Democrats are just using the same voting tactics used by the old Soviet Union and is now used by the Chinese Communists. The democrat party should be abolished.

  29. Passage pf this bill is TREASON & also is an abject confession of the demonicRAT party that they are well aware the 2020 election was stolen & THEY ALSO KNOW STEALING THEM IS HE ONLY WAY THEY ARE EVER LIKELY TO WIN ABT ELECTION.
    Hopefully all the traitors masquerading as congressioal members will be indicted for their TREASON, immediately removed from their positions & detainedwithoutno chance of bail, while awating their trials.

  30. Typical behavior of De Muck Rats: sneak things through after hours when folks are asleep or when their attention is otherwise diverted. Have they not read the Bible? Do not deceive a man who is blinded by circumstances. And the Lord has a SPECIAL place for all those who love a LIE. Oh I forgot: the buggers do not believe in God. Their tin god is Big Government. But God is not mocked. Their abominations will find them out.

  31. The way to take control of this is to take control of the House.
    Can we do that with Rino Trump as our golden head?

  32. They continually break constitutionals and other laws. This has got to stop. Though The supreme court is not allowed to make laws they can and should certainly be able to put a stop to the house from breaking constitutional law. I do not say this lightly, “They have been involved in treasonous coups and should be brought to Justice.

  33. When Kamala threw her hat in to run for president, she was the 1st to b voted off the island! She’s a pelosi puppet! I’ve volunteered during the Trump Adm. To volunteer to put together term limits to no avail. Hence, since this will not be achieved how about mandatory age retirement??? Most states already have it- this way we could legally drain the swamp…. unfortunately McConnell will b going with THEM

  34. This violates the constitution and would require a constitutional amendment, so it will wind up in court. I also don’t believe a simple majority cuts it.

  35. Each state has State’s Rights guaranteed under the Constitution. Voters elect statewide officials so their states are run in the manner those voters prefer. This act will negate the will of the voters by usurping their power over their state’s election processes.
    Democrats have frequently and vehemently claimed that despite the upheaval in the 2020 elections because of the pandemic there was no fraud. If that is true why are they so determined that we need a 600+ page bill to change our election laws? What are they so afraid of?

  36. The problem(s) are as follows: Corrupt politicians on both sides; Vote Counters on the “Left”: Systemic Ignorance and Stupidity on the part of the voting public; Dem’s and some Rep’s getting “kick-backs” from businesses and countries getting millions and billions in aid that The Trumpster put an end to for his time in office (a swamp cleaning measure). And NOW, the dem’s are making sure they stay in power with this bogus bill they just passed in the “House”. Talk and diplomacy WILL NOT cause the left to “see the light” and change their minds – it’s engrained. Unless measures are taken to fix the wrong(s) being done by the “Left”, you may as well say good-by to “The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave”. The wrong doing and criminal activity by the “Left” is out there and in your face and yet – you do nothing but complain.



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