Dem Congressman Files Lawsuit Against Trump and Others Over Capitol Riots

JD Lasica from Pleasanton, CA, US, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

The least remembered presidential candidate of 2020 is seeking the spotlight once again.

Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) — of Chinese spy escapades fame— is now suing former President Trump and others for “inciting an attack against the Capitol”.

“Today, I filed a civil claim against Donald J. Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Rudolph Giuliani, and Representative Mo Brooks for inciting an attack against the Capitol that terrorized lawmakers and prevented us from doing our job of certifying the votes of the American people,” tweeted Rep. Swalwell.

“Unable to accept defeat, Donald Trump waged an all-out war on a peaceful transition of power. He lied to his followers again and again claiming the election was stolen from them, filed a mountain of frivolous lawsuits—nearly all of which failed, tried to intimidate election officials, and finally called upon his supporters to descend on Washington D.C. to “stop the steal,” he continued.

Last month, the US Senate acquitted former President Trump of inciting the violence that took place on January 6th at the United States Capitol.

However, Swalwell’s 60-plus page lawsuit accuses Trump, Trump Jr., Giuliani, and Brooks of conspiring to block Biden from becoming the lawful President and aiding and abetting and inciting the rioters.

Trump’s spokesman Jason Miller released a statement in response to Swalwell’s lawsuit.

“Swalwell is a low-life with no credibility,” Miller said in his statement.

“It’s a disgrace that a compromised Member of Congress like Swalwell still sits on the House Intelligence Committee,” Miller contended in reference to Swalwell’s relationship with an alleged Chinese spy.

For those who don’t remember, in December House Republicans called on Speaker Nancy Pelosi to remove Swalwell from the House Intelligence Committee out of national security concerns following a report he had a romantic relationship with suspected Chinese spy Christine Fang.

Fang targeted Swalwell, raised money for his reelection campaign, and was able to place at least one intern in Swalwell’s congressional office.

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          He’s only here because he thrives on the abuse he gets if we respond to his idiotic posts.

      1. The voter fraud in 2016 was another Democrat anti-Constitution swat. According to a report taken in 2015 by Judicial Watch using the US. Census Bureau’s 2011 – 2015 American Community Survey and last months (from 2015) statistics from the Federal Election Assistance Commission which included information from 38 states the report yielded that 462 counties there were 3,551,760 more registered voters than adult U.S. citizens residing in those counties. Ever hear of the National Voter Registration Act? They make sure voter rolls are kept up to date. In California LA county had 1.6 MILLION questionable voters. Their voter rolls had not been cleaned up in TWENTY YEARS. JW sued and won and they had to clean up their logs. Don’t believe it was completed before the 2020 election? There were a total of 11 counties in California with similar problems. That is probably how the Democrats took over California. And you can be sure illegals vote in California.

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      1. Trump did NOT arrest anyone. Wonder how many of these Democrat anti-Americans were paid by George Soros? He already backs every left wing anti-American group that pushes HATE in America. He also is the lead globalist. Wonder where he got his globalist ideas from? Apparently weak minded American big shots are following his lead.

        1. He got his idea from Hilter. He was in Hilter’s youth army during WWII so he trying to destory America the way Hilter couldn’t

        2. I wonder how Soros has any money left, Hasn’t the SOB been suited to within an inch of bankruptcy? If NOT, WHY NOT?

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  1. No one ever accused Swallwell of being smart. Even though he’s on the “Intelligence” Committee. We’re still waiting for him to tell us what State secrets he divulged while sleeping with a Chinese spy and also placing another spy as an intern in his office. You cant make this stuff up.

          1. Chester County, PA, gas is up over $.50 gallon since Jan. 20th!. Don’t be surprised if it hit’s $5.00 gallon by 2024! Tax and spend Democrats are getting ready to really lay it on us. They’re talking 4 trillion in tax hikes to raise revenue in the next few years! PA Governor Wolf man is talking state income tax raise and state sales tax raise since Biden won. Hopefully this killing of the seniors in retirement homes with Covid will hit governor Wolf just like governor Cuomo because he and NJ governor Murphy did the same thing with Covid positive old people. They need to be held accountable!

          2. I’m retired as is my wife. We married in 1966. I graduated from Clarkson College of Technology, now Clarkson University; she from Syracuse U. She got a MA in Art History and Costume design from SUYAB and I worked my MSEE at VaTECH and NCSU.

            Now I load ammunition for my various guns as I prep for the impending revolution,

        1. Hess – why don’t you hang out somewhere else that follows your identical views? It must be really tiring for you to keep up this negativity… like maybe you don’t sleep well because your mind is truly troubled.

          1. He would have to speak to the guy in the mirror, no person or animal would listen to him over 10 seconds.

          2. Can you believe that idiot, Hess, stated in a comment he is a third generation conservative? True story! Do you think he knows the definition of liberal and of conservative? Maybe he and Dementia Jo-Jo suffer from the same mental deficiency……just saying.

          3. I disagree with you. Albert Hess has provided me with hours of amusement. I get a chuckle out of almost every one of his posts. What you see in his posts are manifestations of prolonged TDS.
            Biden and his troops “fairly and squarely” stole the election. They have said repeatedly since 2018 that Trump WOULD NOT be elected.
            Like fools we didn’t take them at their word. This should serve as a lesson learned. They did. Obama said that he would fundamentally change america and he did. Biden said that he would unite the country and build back better (whatever the hell that means to us).
            We could well be united 4 years from now keeping the Chinese out of america while the Globalist cabal takes over.

          4. I have no idea what effect the DOOSH in office will really mean. So I’m just buying up ammo and reloading supplies and when it get a bit warmer, I’ll start reloading thousands of rounds of ammo for my various guns,
            I’ think I’ll also buy a couple quiver-fulls of arrows for my bow.

          5. Has anyone from the DOJ started an investigation into the Battle Ground States where the aledged voting rules were changed by the Democrats to allow massive mail-in ballots to be counted without proper validation of being a legal vote. all the Dems are saying there is no proof of massive voter fraud as they make it about the entire nation being involved in voter fraud. But if the voting rules were changed in any and all of the Battle Ground States w/o the knowing of these changes and the States Legislatures approval, then all those unvalidated mail-in votes should have been considered illegal votes. All I want to know as A republican Presidential Voter if these States violated the Voting Rules by over reaching these voting rule changes by not getting the States Legislatures approval for doing so. There is where all the Presidential voter fraud is found.No Court would allow any evidence to be presented either by the Federal Judges or the Supreme Court of The United States.If any of the Judges or Justices were able to look at the evidence showing the Fraud then the Democratic party would have had the Presidential Election reversed on them. I guess our Judicial System wasn’t prepared for such a criminal conspiracy in our Elections. If this along with the Durham Probe doesn’t Charge, indict, and sentence the Players in the Russia Hoax started by an opposing Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Obama and Biden were told that the Russia Doseir was fake but they insisted that they wanted the investigation to continue on then President Elect Donald J. Trump which continued for 3 more years and found that President Trump did not Collude with Russia but Hillary Clinton was definitely trying to stop Presidential Candidate Trump from winning the election. Obama and Biden along with many other Russia Hoax players in his administration and The Deep State were and are more than likely to not be charged in their attempts to unseat a Duly Elected President Trump from Office.So Far only one FBI investigator a lawyer by the name of Weisman has been charged with altering a Document to get a Fisa Warrant to spy on Carter Paige and others. So this FBI Lawyer & investigator is apparently getting a slap on the wrist for his part of the Russia Hoax.The Dems are so afraid of seeing trump back in politics that they continuously try time and time again to keep him out of Politics. I agree with another comment that if this administration is allowed to continue to run our Country into the Ground that it will definitely bring about an insurrection by Law abiding American Patriotic Citizens who want to keep our Constitution of the United States intact as it was written. This Radical Democratic Liberal Party wants to bring Socialism into our way of life but I believe it will never be allowed to happen. Our greatest president ever President Donald J. Trump had our Country well on its way to being totally energy independant and had better Trade deals with all our worst trading partners who have stolen from us for many years. All I have to say is that if the Democrats continue on the destruction of our country then for sure they will see the end of their Party. I am also sick about hearing the Dems now have all the Power so they can change the way our Country is run. Our forefathers had no intention for our Government to be as big as it is and for the elected politicians to be in Office to make themselves wealthier but to make our Country’s Sovereignty more secure and Prosperous. Well in 2016 it took a Businessman Like President Trump and not a Politician to get our Country going in the right direction for all American citizens who pride themselves in being a Patriotic Citizen to help our County achieve exactly that.

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      4. Not so much! Trump is forever POTUS-45 -Swallwell is just an “also ran” with a bunch of others for POTUS-46

  2. You can never remove an inkblot from your clothes, that is what a Dem is! when disgraced, the media gives them air time!

      1. President Trump earned the Presidency by his policies and hard work. He was open and transparent too….NOT A CROOK LIKE THE SOCIALIST LEFT. He represents freedom and equality, thats why so many blacks and hispanics decided to vote for him in addition to other Americans, winning the election by a LANDSLIDE.

    1. When someone sues him for putting our country’s security in jeopardy and lying to try to take down a duly elected administration! Now we just need a GOP representative with the balls to do it!

      1. Rudy is right on top of this.
        He has put his muff diving daughter in charge of running the investigation.
        He is keeping all the evidence close.
        He just slips it into his Whitey Tighties.
        The Trump Adminstration was a bad joke.

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        1. that is the smartest thing you’ve said. They have no balls, got swindled by the dems and a crooked election and don’t know how to fight back

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    2. Rudy and his muff diving daughter are on top of this.
      He will be pulling the evidence out his pants at Sam’s Sex Club.

    3. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet barry soetoro appointed all the correct criminals to the correct positions to protect all their criminals .

    4. At the minimum, Sawlwellshould not be on any House Intelligence committee. How the standards have dropped. Not so long ago, if ANY candidate for public office was known to be sleeping with a Chinese spy, that would be the end of his political career.

  3. ATTN DEMs-RINOs Political leaders: I voted for President Trump twice! I had nothing to do with the break in of the capitol building, nor do I condone what happened there! President Trump did not incite the riot. We know you impeached President Trump because of your hatred for him. We, President Trump supporter’s, are NOT “domestic terrorist!” The fact is, we want justice! Justice for Hillary’s emails, Clinton foundation, Uranium One deal, fake Russian narrative, FISA abuse, obama’s spying on Candidate -President Trump, slanderous FBI investigation, impeachment (twice), and the stolen Presidential -Senate Election. & we have not forgotten the slanderous attacks coming from DEM political leaders, MSM, and the attacks from big tech, i.e. face book, twitter, yahoo who have taken our accounts, suspensions, timeouts, shadow banning etc. And then lets not forget, DEMs have NOT condemn ANTIFA / BLM (BLM being funded by our tax dollars)!

    1. Just one/two more things, o’bama’s $BILLIONS given to iran WITHOUT Congressional Approval, flown to them on UN-marked planes in the middle of the night but got CAUGHT anyway…..And then there was BENGHAZI…..!!!!!

      1. Just one/two more things, o’bama’s $BILLIONS given to iran WITHOUT Congressional Approval,” Just to set the record straight this money you are talking about was Iran money being held by the US government for years. So I don’t know that Obama had to get government approval to give it back.I agree with you I think it was wrong of Obama to do it and secretly as well. It should have done in the open for the America could see what Obama was doing.

      2. The DCNG general reminded me of Benghazi when he revealed his “stand down” orders while his NG troops were loaded on crowded buses waiting for action orders. . Also he revealed “stand down” type order to NOT even give a “prepare” order to his Emergency Reaction Team. What does THAT tell anyone about involvement of dimmies in the planning, expansion, and goal of the DC riot?

      3. The unmarked planes loaded with billions of unmarked cash didn’t fly any farther than globalist puppet, barry soetoro private bank .

    2. a Hess what do you think about that quote pretty much sums up most of the crazy crap if you like this garbage that is going on in our gov then you are as looney as they are thousands out of work illegals overrunning the borders lying cheating pedofiles like Biden crooks like the whole Biden bunch it only gets worse from here

      1. Your English language skills are deplorable.
        Are you by any chance one of those Florida Swamp Crackers?

    3. Trump encouraged his people to march on the Capitol.
      He told them to fight like Hell.
      They did.
      They killed people.
      Trump’s people terrorized the Capitol.
      They were not BLM or ANTIFA.
      We have only one President at a time.
      If your an American your President is Biden.
      Like it or lump it.
      You backed a loser.

      1. For you to say someone else’s language skills are deplorable and then say “If your an American” shows you need to go back to school to learn about using you’re.

      2. You are a lying black buzzard, NO ONE was killed by the people on Jan. 6. The police officer being hit by a fire extinguisher was debunked by the medical examiner and the police officer’s own mother told the press he died from a stroke, three others died with strokes and heart attacks and the fifth who died was shot by the Capital Police! YOU ARE DEBUNKED!

      3. If Americans wanted to listen to all your lies, we would follow you to globalist media, cliton opinion and feelings network .

  4. Swawell is NOT well. He needs to be found, quickly, by his keepers. How he escaped in the first place needs investigating.
    I’m considering filing a civil suit against HIM, for being stupid. In public. And congress.
    Heck, while I’m at it I’m filing a class action against ALL Democrats. For being stupid. And in public.
    There’s a slam dunk win if there ever was one!

    1. I find it all true, but there is a possibility of actually insulting stupidity here. The dems have gone way beyond that. Tying them to stupidity would be that insult.

  5. Swalwell, another true DemoCrap politcal sewer rat who played around with a Chinese woman giving away secrets and other despicable things; yet he’s still a political humper doing what he does at the public trough spending our tax dollars suing innocent people. A total egg sucking dog. Apologize for defaming the poor dog.

    1. He is doing exactly what the voters in his district want him to do.
      In 2020 he got 73% of the vote.
      Trump got 23% in his district

      1. Alice don’t be so angry that your globalist pills and globalist surgeries are not working, keep eating your handfuls of globalist pills and maybe one day something will sprout and you can stop to “imagine” albert .

  6. Bury Swalwell in his own I’ll advised and malicious litigation. Each defendant should depose the bastard to the extent legally possible. Let’s expose his character to the world, especially to the naive who voted for him. Cost him a fortune.

        1. That same globalist media conducted only on globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep on Nov 8, 2016 showed with 99% of the vote, globalist puppet hiLIAR got 99% to 1% . ha ha ha ha ha

      1. “globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ know globalist puppet swalwell have have appointed him five times”

  7. This is why we wanted President Trump to “drain the swamp”. If ever there was a resident swamp dweller, it’s Swalwell. Why is he even still in Congress, let alone on the Intelligence committee.????!!!! It’s absolutely, fantastically, mind-blowing, that creatures like this are allowed to be in office.

  8. Swalwell is a traitor, sleeping with the enemy, literally! He needs to be removed from office. And Swalwell, Biden is not a legal president. Proven voter fraud, mass fraud put him in office nd you have not the ability nor courage to admit it. You are a disgrace to your profession.

  9. This POS tipped his CCP hooker about the FBI investigation and she left the country. He didn’t do it just to protect her. If arrested she would have had to blow the whistle on him too. Which makes one wonder what the FBI was waiting for. They probably put her on the plane to go back home….

  10. Who is the slim ball attorney who brought this frivolous lawsuit?? Who ever he or she is should be disbarred.


  12. Wonder who fished Swalwell out of the sewer and stuck him in the House of Representatives?!!! He stinks to high heaven and was banging a known Chinese spy! He really should be in a Federal prison on traitor charges! Just DISGUSTING that thing is still in the House!!!!

  13. THAT is what you DO when you become IRRELEVENT!!! You SUE someone IMPORTANT so you KEEP your name in the papers!! And NOBODY is more IMPORTANT than PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!

  14. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Best laugh all day, of course it is early, something else may sound very, very funny to be before long. This idiot sleeps with a Chinese spy, won’t own up to it. Is sitting on an intelligence committee because
    Nasty Nancy put him there, knowing this about him. I think the bigger question should be why is she doing it. Follow the money folks. Did you know Newsom is her nephew? The whole family is corrupt and probably have Chinese ties. Just how much is China willing to pay they to turncoat?

  15. Law suits and investigations (that never prove anything) is the only function democrats are interested in. That, and bringing in illegals for the vote (not humanitarianism) is the main focus of democrats…and, taking our money to pay for these issues!

  16. Swalwell the traitor knows he is at the end of the road, so now he wants a good paycheck, before he gets thrown out. Democrats were the only ones in danger. How come no republicans are sueing BLM or ANTIFA for the same reason. Come on man. Republicans need to be attacking Democrats with law suits too. They created all this division, and they know it.

    1. If thye – republicans – only had a backbone….There was only ONE thus far – Trump and some that worked for/with him during his time in Office, + 75+ MILLION voters/supporters on Main Street….!!!

  17. Even when he should be laying low to avoid the fallout of his own scandal this seasoned politician (consider that an insult) can’t help but to thrust himself headlong into the woodchipper just for the attention he is apparently desperate to get.

    Man politics is a game for the mentally diseased, imagine doing this in your own life, going after a billionaire with a frivolous lawsuit is actually one of the dumbest things you could ever think of doing, just ask the brother of Jeff Bezos’ new girlfriend! Some district in CA voted for this guy to represent them with this level of judgment in his arsenal, yikes!

  18. One better yet with Chinese links is Mitch’s wife’s father is a business man in China. Now we know why Mitch has slandered Trump.

  19. Little Ricky has always reminded me of the kid who got shoved into his own locker in high school, and has spent his life “getting back” at those who, in what passes for his mind, “wronged” him. Bullies and buffoons always exhibit his behavior.

  20. Such a weasel!!!
    Would love to drop this cracker off in East Cleveland at 1;00 AM on a hot Friday night in July.
    Within 20 minutes he would no longer be stealing oxygen from the rest of us.

  21. This is one BIG IDIOT who loves China and wants to sue President Trump again, the same case that was tried for impeachment a second time.. and they lost. TRUMP is a WINNER!!

  22. Swalwell is a disgrace to our country and may well be guilty of treason. For that he should be arrested and tried. I volunteer for the jury.

  23. Swalwell fits in perfectly to the job description for a demon-rat. Hopefully someone can knock him down several pegs to reality. The focus is on ‘let’s gets Trump’ and ‘let’s undo all the good things Trump did for our nation.’ Our country is at war with an evil faction within whose whole concentration is NOT about what will BENEFIT this nation and the people but who can we sue to get some money, keep that person(s) occupied with a lawsuit, promote the demonrat party for more votes in the future, and make a name for ourselves and get oneself positioned for promotion. A perfect a** kisser seeking approval from some of the worst examples and traitors in our nation’s history.

  24. The pot calling the kettle black as the old phrase goes . . . but the kettle wins – and so will the Defendants – this is just another distraction ploy while they pass H-1 in the night while Americans are getting the shaft.

  25. Hey Swalwell how many times do you and your commies need to be told TRUMP did NOT incite this RIOT—-it was Pelosi and you were more than likely in it to–you’re just whining cause your soy lover left you high and dry—-you should be charged with treason right alongside Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Harris, Schiff, Nadler, Holder, Obama and lets not forget Maxine

  26. Why hasn’t CCP owned spy SWALWELL shit bag been executed for his blatant treason? AMERICA MUST SUE HIM FOR HIS EXISTENCE!

  27. As long as he’s spending his own money for the suit, he can look a foolish as he likes….it’s OK by me. Trump will be able to recover his costs when it’s over.

  28. Go ahead, swalwell, just when the American people were starting to forget about YOUR china scandal you put it back out there with your stupid lawsuit against President Trump. When are these morons going to realize the more they attack the president the stronger he becomes.
    swalwell reminds me of a “Ken” doll…with an IQ to match.
    Trump 2024 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 if there’s anything left of our republic.

  29. Swallow-Well is a nothing. He knows that this suite will go nowhere because there is absolutely no proof. In fact, there’s proof to the contrary (Pres. Trump requested 10,000 National Guard troops before Jan. 6, which was denied by Pelosi and DC Mayor). And he know the MSM has his back to reinforce his lie.


  31. This is another case of be careful what you wish for. Obviously, the 1st 3 witnesses will be the former chief of the Capitol police, the Dc police chief, and Nancy Pelosi. The first questions to all 3 will be “why was the president’s offer of 10,000 National Guard troops turned down by the police and by Nancy Pelosi”. Those troops were offered because FBI intelligence said there were many coming to cause violence. The next 300 witnesses for the defense will all be about the evidence of the election being stolen. It will show that CHinajoebama is an illegitimate president, and Concubine Harris is an illegitimate vice president. Witnesses will also confirm Nancy Pelosi’s knowledge of the pre planning of the riots, meaning she knew before she made the slanderous accusations and sham impeachment push that she knew the accusation were false. Of course then we get to Smallwell (Fang Fang’s name for him) having had a sexual relationship with a Chinese spy for over 4 years. She even got one of her fellowChinese spies put into his office as an intern. We have no idea how many top secrets he gave to her over those 4 years, since he was, and still is, on the House Intelligence Committee. How many lives did he cost? How much damage did he do to US national security with leaking those secrets? The answers to all these questions, and many more, will be exposed during this lawsuit. The Trump’s answer should be Yeah, bring it on.

  32. Unless successfully resisted, this administration will serve as a milestone in the total domination of a once great nation. A demented president will send the likes of Swalwell to disarm 120 million peaceable, lawful citizens while click-bait media won’t report it and schools won’t teach it. History may not record it. 

    The world won’t know that the primary defender of the free world has been defeated. The iron is hot and every concerned American must rise up off their sofas and elect people dedicated to free enterprise and prosperity. Otherwise, only a few will profit. Swalwell’s response here is classic democrat tactic. When caught committing a crime, file a lawsuit.

  33. Swalwell is a POS. If anyone should be brought up on charges, it should be Swalwell himself. He is a traitor to this country. He was sleeping with the major enemy of our country. Mafioso Bancy should also be brought up on charges for allowing the traitor to service on any committee and fir that matter should be dismissing from the Congress of the US.

  34. hay will you look at this POS that got had by a ugly looking flat cheasted CCP spy his wife and family must be real proud of this asswipe

  35. Democrats are totally stupid. They never think before they conjure up things. After it was shown how CNN footage was cut by them to project phony allegations against President Trump they still believe their own lies so much. Their hatred for President Trump has been ongoing for years. Two impeachment hoaxes and now going after taxes and two bogus lawsuits from 1/6. We all know it was Pelosi’s fault. They’ve all went against the US Constitution at every turn. They all should be tried for crimes, Treason!

  36. Many politicians Act like they are Gods and defy Christ and the Bible. But the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt. There is no peace, saith my God, to the wicked.” Isaiah 57:20. Learn to depend on God’s word for guidance, because the Word of God shines the light of truth on everyone. Smalwell is another example of hypocrisy, throwing the first stones after all the things he has done that were illegal and unlawful. Let he whose is without fault or sin, cast the first stone.

  37. Just part of the Chinese Connection. China has bought the demoncrap party and will expand and accelerate usage of dems to destroy America

  38. I guess this guy has absolutely nothing better to do with his time. Portland is still burning, just in case you really give a …..

  39. Has everyone heard the disgusting news that Rudy’s daughter has more than one sex partner, at a time?
    Her tongue has entered both vagina and anus.

    1. Take a break, your libby snow flake husband bill and his boyfriend frank want to use your mommy’s computer too .

  40. The lies and hatred of the Democrat politicians against President Trump, America, Our Constitution and against the American People has caused the division and misinformation within the United States. We have to hold these evil minded politicians accountable for their divisive rhetoric and policies. If their main purpose is to destroy Our Great Country, then they should resign and leave their positions open for truthful and patriotic leaders in our government. The truthful and patriotic Democrat politicians should divorce themselves from these hateful Democrats and realize that truth and loyalty to the Constitution and to the America People is the only way to unify our Great America. We Americans should have a Civilian Review Board to keep the evil minded politicians in line. This Civilian Review Board would have the authority to fine or dismiss politicians who step out of line or commit crimes against the People of the United States. This Government is of the People, by the People and for the People. The People should have more hands on power to keep the evil minded and hateful politicians in check.

  41. Swalwell is a security risk and he should be removed from congress and prosecuted. Him being allowed to remain there is disgraceful. We should demand that he be removed from office.

    1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ voter fraud will replace globalist puppet swalwell with another globalist puppet .

  42. Because leftist morons like Swalwell, think most Trump supporters & conservatives are stupid & cannot think on their own, so they do not believe that we as responsible independent thinkers, would on our own decide to go to a rally for Trump, Save America, Protect our Constitution, but that we are like sheep that have to be told to do so, by Trump.
    This is transference, and they are in fact line up & bow to their leaders like Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Harris, etc.
    We did not have to be told to go to the rally, we wanted to and had been planning to do so for weeks.

    1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet swalwell know that globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep are stupid & cannot think on their own .

  43. Perhaps Swallwell should be sued for violating his oath to defend the Constitution, for running and hiding when the horses of citizens came to the Capitol on January 6th, instead of confronting them and protecting the Nation.
    Any man, worth his weight in salt would have defended the Nation rather than run.
    Exile Mr. Bang Bang to China to meet up with Fang Fang. His heart being there he should physically be there. Deport.

  44. LIE! You crooks certified the crooked vote in spite of the turmoil you tried to blame on Trumpers, with no proof that they were in fact Trump followers. I believe they were wolves ( democrooks) in sheeps ( conservatives) clothing. All to put the blame on republicans!

  45. Poor Eric, he got CAUGHT!! Remember Eric what you do behind closed doors, the light of truth WILL shine through. If you want to be a creditable person, stop trying to be in the front, cause you will lose what reputation you have, which is very small…


  47. This jerkoff needs to be Tried and Hung for Treason for Having sex with and giving Information to a Chinese Spy. He has been compromised and used for years by the Chinese Millitary, and the government does nothing about it. Time for him to be dealt with via the Constitution and then executed for treason.

  48. What a crock of bullsh**. This is typical tactic and behavior of a communist spy, so it is not at all surprising that he would try to pull such a stunt. I do resent wasting taxpayers money. Judges are paid by our taxes, and these fake and frivolous propaganda “suits” are an abuse of taxpayers funds. The goal is to deflect attention away from the real insurrection by the democrats, including antia/blm riots, election rigging, etc.

  49. Eric Swalwell is a clown……….And the morons in California that voted for him are even bigger clowns. They should be embarrassed but that would require some intelligence and they clearly don’t have any.

  50. How the hell did this idiot get to become a member of congress? China must have rigged/backed it.

  51. This suit cannot have any merit. How was he as an individual hurt…he cannot prove anything and there is plenty of evidence to the contrary!

  52. This guy is not worth the time to even consider his absorb position. I hope and trust that President Trump, now citizen Trump, will crush his legal arguments like a proverbial bug….He should be striped of any assignments. He is certainly compromised. AZ

  53. When is Swalwell going to the cooler for his activities with the China spies. He should have been chemically castrated to prevent him from banging that CCP operative Fang Fang.

  54. Just another Communist in California looking to piss on someone. Show him Donald you have a man’s penis!

  55. Swalwell is like every other demonrat in D.C. — they BLAME everyone and anyone for all their mistakes. Swalwell is just doing what any other demonrat would do.

    Actually, this is hilarious, but pathetic and Swalwell is wasting everyone’s time and efforts because not only the courts, but every American knows President Trump did NOT INCITE that break in at D.C., but that whole fiasco was orchestrated by the Democraps via Pelosi and her ATTACK DOGS, ANTIFA AND BLM wearing Trump clothing to incriminate P.T. so the demonrats could once again Impeach President Trump.

    Anyone who says there were no Antifa members at the break in (like the FBI who is s part of the Cabal trying to destroy our Nation) is lying through their teeth. One of the Antifa leaders, dressed like a Trump supporter, was captured on video high fiving another member shouting “We did it!” It’s on video and when the FBI made that statement about no ANTIFA members at the D.C. break in, THEY WERE LYING. SWALWELL IS LYING TOO. ALL DEMOCRAPS ARE LIARS. IT IS WHO THEY ARE AND WHAT THEY DO…L I E !

  56. Mr. Swalwell should be more concerned about his own transgressions as a pipeline for the Chinese secret service. Not all that long ago, he could have been placed against a wall and shot out of hand.

  57. It’s simple diversion, as he already knows his suit is doomed. When anyone on the Right goes after him for his sleeping with a Chinese Communist Party spy, he’ll point at the lawsuit as the reason for that “persecution”.

  58. Wonder who helped file the law suit? He’s dumber than a post so help was needed. Another Calif. Loser. They hold the record for pathetic politicians that should be in jail. So pathetic. What a slime ball.

  59. Why do you people allow the moron Albert Hess to spread lies and misinformation. Continue to allow him to perpetuate lies I can go somewhere else.

  60. This idiot only proves that he thinks 110% w/the ” head ” between his legs and nothing more …

  61. Everybody should know that it was antifa that broke into the capital it was the democrats that set it up that’s why old as Nancy said the guard was not needed they airport antifa with saros they all are in it together have been from day one people need to wake up

  62. AMERICA should file a lawsuit against globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet, democrat criminal party for hiring libby snow flake sheep and transporting them to washington dc and dressing them in MAGA hats and MAGA shirts and paying them to invade the capitol at the exact time 1,000,000 Americans were enjoying Trumps peaceful speech .


  64. What an idiot. If this guy had more than 2 working brain cells, he could be dangerous. However, since he’s brain dead, I’m sure that his law suit will fail. Where did he get the idea that he’s so important??? He isn’t. Just another Demoncrap from Ca. Whoop-dee-do.

  65. Eric Swalwell is a “buck private” skank! That is, for those who don’t know, a pay grade below a two bit ho!
    Fang Fang said he is a terrible “trick” but performs better in the sack than in the hallowed halls of Congress! I wonder just what else Ms Chinese spy gleaned from old “skank” Swalwell?
    On a serious note…..this guy is not to be taken seriously! Fang Fang alone is enough that he should be thrown off all committee assignments, out of Congress and into jail! Question, if nothing illegal went on between these two, why did Fang Fang slip out of the country and back to China as fast as a plane could take her when their “affair” escaped into the sunshine?
    The Dems have a endless supply of losers just like Eric Swalwell, don’t they?

  66. This is an hypocrite, dirty person ….my friend in Italy said: these persons are only an name “idiote”.

  67. Swalwell is so pathetic that someone else has to hire someone to go to bed with him. Sorry ass was bedded by a known Chinese spy and Pelosi puts him on the Intelligence Committee. No shortage of stupid there.

  68. What an ASS he is. He just wants to deflect the spotlight off of him and his CCP spy relationship. Cali should start a recall on him also along with Nancy

  69. We need to file a lawsuit against this idiot.
    He’s like the troll – just wanting attention for himself.

  70. This is for mr. staleworth the democrat congress from what used to be California.. You are less than a P O S. How you got where you are is a reflection of the loaded ballot boxes so much in use these last few years. Am i saying you are no good at your job, well it depends on what your job is supposed to be. You should answer that question to your real ‘bosses’.

  71. So Eric Swalwell Is suing Rudy Giuliani and President Donald J. Trump…Talk about circle back !. for what?. Both Swalwell and his sleeping Spy Partner…needs to go to Prison for Leaking info and spying on the USA. Case closed.

  72. Albert Hessis a racist, calling someone a cracker I noticed=. He’s also a democommie mole that gets thrills with the idea of ending America, probably paid by Soros.. I once again watched apocalypse Hitler and with all going on one can see so many similarities. The great intolerance began in 1933 before Hindenberg had died. Hitler managed to get book burning, outlaw any other political party, the intolerance of Jews to the extreme began, he sent elected nonNazi party members to yes Daucha for reeducation, on and on. This is also where he got rid of his only challenger Roan head of the SA brown shirts having him declared a traitor killed with 85 others in the night for the long knives. Goebelles with his propaganda lies was in over drive. Goering is shown sitting in a chair declaring things like Pelosi, all lies when they hadn’t won as much as they expected.Half of Jews left Germany many to America. Those left behind died in the crematorium or shot before the war ended. So the only immigrants we need in America are christians that worldwide especially china and elsewhere are being persecuted. Swallwell is a commie goon not unlike Hess that needs to be censured and removed from office. Sad but Rhinos allowed this and German tolerance by elites while not liking Hitler let him do what he wanted. Eventually 100’s of millions would die when WWII starts 6 years later.. Right now we don’t have a country to escape to and I urge all to demand all red states to pass laws making them 2nd amendment sanctuaries and the rightful commanders of the national guard and all military in their states. A coalition needs to be formed with threat of secession. Its the peoples right as the state technically is supreme over the federal government. This may lead to civil war but enough is enough, conservatives, christians, good law abiding citizens are having their free speech , religion, and numerous rights abused and HR1 must be defeated in any way possible. I warned Trump to get rid of Fauci, his useless DOJ, and to send military in to end anarchy over 6 months. How ironic he did nothing and people like Fartface Swallwell with his Fang Fang Bang Bang commie have sold out America and he is still on intelligence committee. Election fraud rampant, only the truth deniers like Hess with the brains god gave a piss ant care less as they want America turned into a one party intolerant fascist/commie society and thank god for the millions of Americans with a 2nd amendment. I smell civil war if this isn’t ended now, and I blame SCOTUS. I exclude Thomas and Ailto only. The rest of the new ones are a big ?
    Cross the Delaware. Bring Flynn back to testify of the illegalities. As a conservative independent I will never join a party short of a patriot party to save America. McConnell and all Rhinos stabbing Trump in the back have to go. The pandemic is now I think purposeful bioterrorism by china aided by dumbass Fauci and The WHO. Fauci is a Chinese suckup not doing anything without their blessing. Maybe we are seeing the beginning of the apocolypse. Social media and all mega monopolies must be broken up.

  73. Looks like when this guy was younger someone invited him to a spoon fight and everyone brought forks!

  74. What is the name of the scum bag who filed this frivolous lawsuit? She or he should be disbarred.

  75. What does Swalwell have on Nancy Pelosi? Or maybe he’s her prat boy. Dumb as a rock there is no excuse to put him on the Intelligence committee.

  76. This creature Swalwell is just one example of the lowest of the low. This guy dwells in the cesspool of the swamp.

  77. This MORON doesn’t remember the LESS then Peaceful transition of power they gave President Trump when he won the election in 2016. They were yelling “Impeach 45 even before he was sworn in, Take a hike Swalwell.

  78. A little dog of the female persuasion man, ( a bit-h ), yet America has to put up with it because of voters with the same persuasion. How blind do we have to be to vote for a ‘they’ like this? This is one time where the new gender rules seem to fit the person, an ‘it’ would fit better but, oh well, c’est la vie.


  80. hay look everybody it the stupid ass hole who sleeped with a spy and alowed another into his officve

  81. Any friend of Howdy Dowdy can’t be all bad…can he??? Hopefully the court will charge him for bringing this BS before them!

  82. I am SO looking forward to this lawsuit. By calling all the evidence of voter fraud “lies”, he has given it the “standing” all the previous courts have said the plaintiffs didn’t have. But the first 4 witnesses for the defense will be Nancy Pelosi, the former chief of the capitol police, the DC police chief, and the DOD person who will testify that President Trump offered10,000 national guard troops to keep the peace, and that all of the 3 first witnesses turned it down down. This will show that Pelosi knew there was going to be violence but didn’t do anything about it. It will also show she knew the president didn’t incite anything before she made the false claims and pushed a false impeachment.
    Swallwell might as well call this suit the ‘guaranteed democrats lose the house in 2022″ suit. Nobody ever said the traitorous Swallwell was smart


  84. Eric, Eric, you need to get your nose out of Pelosi’s butt and stay stupid instead of stupid/woke!!

  85. Ladies and Gentlemen – PLEASE STOP RESPONDING IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM TO THAT IDIOT ALBERT HESS. If we stop taking the bait he will go away. We all know he is a joke. Let him be and get rid of the SOB!!!!

  86. I pray that Donald Trump will take this idiot SwallWell to the cleaners once and for all.
    Eric Swallwell sickens me. I wish I could be so sick as to throw up all over his shoes.


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