Trump says Biden ‘Violated his Oath of Office’ in Scathing New Statement

The White House from Washington, DC, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Trump has never been one to hold back the truth. In a searing new statement from Trump, the former president blasts President Biden’s handling of the current crisis at America’s borders. Thousands of illegal immigrants are pushing their way into the country amidst a global health pandemic and Biden is welcoming them with open arms while American citizens struggle to pay their bills.

According to the statement from Trump:

Our border is now totally out of control thanks to the disastrous leadership of Joe Biden. Our great Border Patrol and ICE agents have been disrespected, demeaned, and mocked by the Biden Administration. A mass incursion into the country by people who should not be here is happening on an hourly basis, getting worse by the minute.  Many have criminal records, and many others have and are spreading covid.  Interior enforcement has been shut down—criminals that were once promptly removed by our Administration are now being released back onto the street to commit heinous and violent crimes.  ICE officers are desperate to remove these convicted criminals, but Biden won’t let them.

The spiraling tsunami at the border is overwhelming local communities, depleting budgets, crowding hospitals, and taking jobs from legal American workers.  When I left office, we had achieved the most secure border in our country’s history.  Under Biden, it will soon be worse, more dangerous, and more out of control than ever before.  He has violated his oath of office to uphold our Constitution and enforce our laws.

There has never been a time on our southern border like what is happening now but more importantly, what is about to happen.  Now that Biden has implemented nationwide Catch-and-Release, illegal immigrants from every corner of the Earth will descend upon our border and never be returned.  You can never have a secure border unless people who cross illegally are promptly removed.

I had a great relationship with Mexico, and its wonderful president, but all of that has been dissipated by the gross incompetence and radicalism of the people currently in charge. The Remain in Mexico Policy was incredible, but immediately abandoned by Biden, probably because it worked so well.  Likewise, our Safe Third Agreements in Central America were extraordinarily successful, so Biden foolishly ditched them too.  We stopped payment of the hundreds of millions of dollars paid to them and then developed an excellent relationship that made our country and their countries more secure.  We put in place powerful rules and procedures to stop the smuggling and trafficking, but the Biden Administration has abandoned these proven strategies and instead given the smugglers and traffickers effective control of our border.

The Biden administration has been in control for a little over a month and time and time again he’s shown the true disdain he has for the American people as continues to put the desires of illegal immigrants above American citizens. Republicans have pleaded for President Biden to reinstate the emergency order at the border to help curb the current immigration crisis.

  1. Since Biden loves these illegals so much, I’m for bussing them all to Washington, D.C.& the overflow to his great state of Delaware. After that he can bus them all to Pennsylvania. With help from Nancy, he will institute Martial Law & THIS is “how” “they” will set up the Central Communist Government in D.C..These “leaders” should all be tried for TREASON!!

    1. Don’t dare send them to Pennsylvania. We have enough already. Why do you wish them bussed here? I hope he busses them to your state George!

        1. Oh, OK. Your reasoning is because we have an asshole governor and democrat controlled supreme court that circumvented our state constitution that somehow myself and the other 3 million republicans should be punished for it. NO! send them to Philadelphia with that asshole mayor and attorney general and their sanctuary city BS and to Pittsburgh, Harrisburg and Scranton. That’s where the majority of democrats and there sleazy politicians and voter fraud networks are. Unfortunately they have a large voting block in the major cities and most of the less populated area are conservative. And even if PA went for Trump it would not have given him enough electoral votes to win. Georgia is the state that really F*&%ed up because we lost the presidency and 2 senate seats that gave all power to the dems. Blame them and send the illegals there! We are dealing with our legislators and they better get on the ball and return election laws to what they were so this can’t happen again.

          1. If you guys had taken control of your state we wouldn’t need to be worried about any of this.

          2. why should we, who live in the suburbs, have to deal with more criminals, i didn’t vote for biden?????!!!!!! the stupid biden supporters are proud of all this mess i say get them to foot the bill.

          1. PA did not vote for Biden, those who counted the votes did the deed for Biden and the CCP with FRAUD.

          2. that sounds like Michigan , They quit counting at 2 AM and they had a whole lot more Ballots when they Came back ,, What happened to locking them Up , Detroit is about a third of what it was in the sixties , Now we get our Cars and Ballots from China

          3. How much did Trump lose by in MI?
            How many fraudulent votes?
            His lose, plus one, like in GA?

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          6. …and those ‘ballots’ were the plot that thickens – yet, no one is doing any investigating about how, who and where they originated. A coordinated phony plot that was months in the making.

          7. How many of the vote counters in PA did Trump have arrested for voter fraud?

          8. Who has been arrested for the voter fraud in PA?
            Even more than the the number of Capitol Fecal Matter Smearers?

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          11. With the money Mr. Soreass pays me, I hope to one day join the ranks of the super rich!

          12. workers were told to leave by the liars and thieves in charge who were not republicans

          13. Legal votes at the polls went Trump. After polls closed in Erie county counters went home at midnight, Trump ahead., They returned at 6am and many Biden “mail-in” ballots magucally appeared and Trump lost our county. Ballots came in up to 3 days late and were counted. Same for the state

          14. Just like your globalist pills and globalist surgeries allow you libby snow flakes to change the gender you are born, keep on wishing . . . . .

          15. not all of Pa is democrat, you know. we republican are just as pissed off as other states. also the supreme court and corrupt lawyers etc, didn’t help the dems just did what they wanted and the stupid rinos, have no backbone. don’t put us all in the same basket – please! who is there to ask for help! if you now enlighten the good ones in Pa.

        2. globalist puppet $oro$ voter fraud gives PA; globalist puppet wolf and globalist puppet shapiro and globalist puppet casey jr and globalist puppet toomey and globalist puppet argyl and globalist puppet kenney etc .

        1. I’m sorry for y’all, Donna! It’s a disgusting thing MISTER Biden’s puppeteers are doing to the great State of Texas and the rest of our country. 🙁

        2. Flood TX with illegals, make them legal, give them amnesty and the right to vote, turn TX blue.

          That’s the plan.

          TX is a model for the rest of the states in the USA. Moderate scamdemic health directives, good economy, great AG and Governor and proud independent citizens.

          I’m from NM, a neighbor state and sad to say, NM is none of the things I mentioned above. NM is a model for what states in the Union SHOULD NOT be like.

        1. how many states got those 2 AM ballots from a Truck , It used to be one person tried to vote twice this year to be sure they trucked them in , Hillary still remembers 2016 and so does Obama ! Do not cut Biden down as Obama will run the Show !

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          2. globalist puppet $oro$ is running the show just like globalist puppet $oro$ ran the show under globalist puppet barry soetoro .

          3. What do you mean Obama is already run the show. Biden can hardly remember where he is and he goes no where without Vice President Harris. They should have left him alone the Democratic are just using him, they don’t care about him. Why did his wife let this happen, she should be ashamed of herself, I thought she loved him if this is Love I want no part of that kind of love. ALL SHE CARES ABOUT IS BEING THE FIRST LADY.

      1. Hey, PA is one of the reasons Biden is in there anyway. Illegitimate President and an illegal Federal Government. You should welcome MS-13 as one of your own. Elections have consequences. I think Obama may have said that.

        1. globalists fraud and globalist puppet $oro$ fraud and globalist puppet democrat criminal party fraud and globalist puppet rino criminal party fraud, has consequences .

      2. that’s right I don’t want or need anymore criminals in this state. Wolf and Kenny have seen to that already! i did hear they have been bussed to Maryland! who needs this crap – they aren’t legit just like Biden, no vetting, no nothing just bring em in! well i say put the right next door to every dumb demo in office.

    2. Just ship ’em all to Mexico City. That way, they can be close to the people they are actually representing.

          1. He was a German who happened to be born in Austria.
            Have you ever been to Austria or Germany?
            Are you aware of the significant differences between Austria and Germany in the first half of the of the 20th century?
            There was essentially no border.

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        1. Yes, to Soros’s house; then arrest them all with Soros and Obamas, and deport them together to Siberia, and banish them from USA forever.

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          He is like the Pope that way.
          All of God’s childern .

          1. He is the devil you idiot. Where their is soros there is corruption to the highest degree. He is the main reason why America is where it’s at today. All paid off to the demise of America is what he has said and wants. When you wake up some morning in the future and your family can’t leave the house for fear of ppl infiltrating America then maybe you will see. All you care about hessy is money. Your like soros. You go around trying to creat havoc. Your a troll whom has no ideal what it is to be a true American. Piece of fecal you love so much then eat this

          2. Albert, thank you for my first real chuckle of the day. Soros=Pope. So true, as unfortunate as that is for practicing Catholics and the world.
            By the way, Globalists only care for about 500 million people. The rest of us are held to be totally unnecessary. That is why they both support abortions, war, and GMO pesticide covered food.

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      1. Yes, to Obama’s house; then arrest them all with Obamas, and deport them together to Siberia, and banish them from USA forever.

    3. They should all be hanged. But in this day, we will take any kind of justice we can find. Problem is, there seems to be no justice for the Dirty Dems.

      1. Everyone who doesn’t like our Country and our Constitution and who wants politically correctness and cancel culture to flourish needs to move soon to a more compatible and comfortable country for their views. The list starts with red China, North Korea, Cuba, Russia, Venezuela, etc. We should print out brochures for moving to and travel to these countries to be handed out to protesters against the rules of law of our Country. We should do it very nicely like flower power children of old, but meaningfully. They need to go. They are not Americans. They cannot assimilate with us to become one great Country. They are globilists/communists/socialists/elitists and would be dictators. It”s goodbye time for them.

      2. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet barry soetoro appointed all the correct criminals to the correct positions to protect all their criminals .

    4. PLEASE don’t send them here, George (I live in Northern Virginia regretfully)!! How about we pack MISTER Biden up and send him and his Mrs. to live in the “box cars” with the illegals? She is, after all, an educator, right? So she could do some teaching if she remembers how. Oh — and send Kamelhair-a$$ with them so she can ensure MISTER Biden knows what to do. Yeah — that’s the ticket!!! 🙂

      1. I’d rather stuff Burden and his Missus in a SUV with 25 illegal aliens and put them on the road, through CA to Mexico. Maybe the SUV will have the same kind of luck that the illegals coming through a few days ago had……..

        1. How did that SUV get across the border?
          I heard that it drove over a section of the Great Big Beautiful Concrete Wall?
          Is that just another big CNN lie?

          1. It got over border by driving over a blown down piece of Trump’s Great big beautiful wall.
            Now you both know.

          2. libby snow flake alberta might get smarter when she reaches the second grade, but don’t count on it .

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    5. Lets just go to war with the Demorats and get it over with before this country gets even further in trouble. The Hell with Biden and his crap heads.

      1. I think we just may have to. When the ballot box is rigged and the jury box is corrupt, it’s time to open the ammo box.

    6. Yes, they all need to be charged and thrown in prison. He is breaking the law not to mention breaking our constitutional laws. Biden and his commie friends need to be impeached and the Democratic Party de solved from government ie starting with himself, Kamala and Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, Swalwell plus his whole cabinet of radical idiots.

    7. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party can transport all their illegal criminal invader voters to washington dc and dress them in MAGA hats and MAGA shirts and pay them to invade the capitol and pretend that they are American Trump supporters .

    8. The Democrats are a terrible bunch of folks. They display their disdain for common sense people just by what they do and say on a daily basis. Just look at the results they cause – the southern border for example.

    9. HOTEL California taking over the Golden State. Free, Free, Free Everything Free. Thank the DNC….

    1. He needs to be in a mental institution for the criminally insane, in my humble opinion! It’s his puppeteers who need to be in prison!! My, how far our once great country has fallen and continues to plummet at whiplash speed!!! 🙁

    2. Trump is more likely to go to to prison than Biden Hillary or Obama.
      Lock Him Up Lock Him Up Lock Him Up Lock Him Up Lock Him Up Lock Him Up
      Lock Him Up Lock Him Up Lock Him Up Lock Him Up Lock Him Up Lock Him Up

      How sweet the sound.

      1. If loving America and supporting AMERICANS is a crime….then I guess he needs to go to jail. WAIT….THE DEMS will vote on a bill making it a crime. Such destruction of our country in such a short time.

          1. Avoid globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep just like globalists avoid their libby snow flake sheep and cater to the illegal criminal invader voters .

        1. Loving America does not involve valuing your property at one point on a loan application to secure a lower loan interest rate and at a much lower point on your taxes to secure a lower tax bill.
          That is called fraud.
          It is a felony.

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          1. Question ….. If your opponent in an election cheats to win, does that make you a loser ? Just wondering

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  2. Biden and the democrats clearly have shown they hate Americans.
    Below is how Biden’s immigration plan is flawed:

    It will bring in Muslim from hostile countries to kill Americans
    It will bring in thousands of poor people that we will have to support
    It will bring in diseases that we have stamped out in our country like tuberculosis, which will kill Americans
    It will bring in gangs like MS13 that will rape and kill Americans
    It will bring in sex trafficking
    It will increase the labor pool thus depressing wages paid to Americans
    It will cause more crime on our streets, burglaries of our homes and businesses
    Biden’s immigration plan is a total disaster for legal American citizens. 

      1. They have already brought it and Biden, is spreading covid 19 all over our Country. He couldn’t get all the America vaccinated first before he adding more flames to the fire. He is a not for America he just wants to destroy us

      1. The American people and the Electoral College have chosen Biden as their leader.
        In 2016 the Electoral College chose Trump be the American leader.
        I readily accepted what happened in 2016, I made no claims of voter fraud.

        1. Not really. In 2016 the DEMS were pushing voter fraud in a lot of states and YOU know it. In fact they yell “voter fraud” EVRYTIME a Republican wins. Check it out they have tried to impeach just about every Republican president elected or at least discussed it publicly. Time to stop this “double standards” Democratic garbage! OOPS if it wasn’t for “double standards” the Democrats would not have any standards at all and the few they have are anti-American.

          1. Specifically which states did the Democrats claim fraud in 2016?
            Do you have any links?

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          2. Hillary committed voter fraud?
            Did the Trump inspired investigations lead to any arrests?.

          3. Did the globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party, mueller NO CRIME report lead to any arrests . . . . .

          4. They clearly found all the criminal evidence against globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and refused to prosecute themself .

          5. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party perfected voter fraud in 2016 but they under estimated the American voters, they were aware of the American voters in 2020 and realized that globalist puppet, chester the molester biden could not win and simply stopped counting votes and created fake numbers to appoint globalist puppet, chester the molester biden .

        2. At least you globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep accepted that the only fraud in 2016 and 2020 was committed by globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media .

    1. What is Biden’s immigration plan?
      What is the average annual immigration?
      How much is too much?
      Would America be better off if 10% or our population immigrated each year.
      That way we could get rid of Muslims, poor people, sick people, gang members, rapists, sex traffickers and burglars.
      Americans are truly awful people, but I am sure that some of them are really very nice people.

      1. You mean you haven’t heard? Biden’s law required the Border Patrol to release 117 illegals with the virus under the “catch and release” law into America. Did you know that so far 17 Border Patrol guards have died from the virus?

        1. Do you have a link to full text of Biden’s law?
          117 sounds like an odd number to have in a law.
          I do know that to date 19 Border Patrol Agents have died from Covid.
          I do know that 17 of them died on Trump’s watch.
          I do know that Border Patrol Agents are cops.
          So many cops think that masks make you sick…….

        1. In – Out
          It is all migration
          I E BFD
          The word is not capitalized unless you are a Trump Humper.
          Your words mean nothing, it is all in the graphics.

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    2. We should be banning people from all hostile countries.
      Even mackerel snappers, bible thumpers and jewballs

      1. You illegal criminal invaders flee your mid east schitt hole and come here and come out of your closet and then cry that after you start to collect your welfare you can not return to your mid east schitt hole because they will behead you for coming out of your closet .

      1. How many deaths from a virus on Obama’s watch?
        How much did the stock market go up under Obama?
        I doubled my net worth under the Big O.
        How did you do?

        1. Really? Remember his famous “shovel” speech? Did you know a White House Economist reported that 94% of jobs created in the Obama era were part time or contract? NO BENEFITS! Oh and that wonderful number of illegals he “deported”? Talk about sly, slick and wicked Obama counted those illegals who did NOT enter America but were captured by the Border Patrol at the border as “DEPORTED”! No other president has EVER done that.

          1. What I remember is the stock market performance.
            What I saw is that more and more work is becoming part time, and temporary, the gig economy.
            Is that Obama’s fault?
            Is it the most efficient way to produce goods and services?
            What percent of the jobs created by Trump are full time and permanent?
            Why should employers pay benefits?
            Benefits are pure Socialism.
            Employers should pay employees just what they are worth, no more.
            Let the employee pay for the benefits he wants pout of his income not the companies.
            You are confused.
            For a Border Patrol Agent to detain anyone they must have entered the US.
            Those Mexicans are sensitive about that whole sovereignty thing.

      2. This should not be news to anyone with a pea size brain. He’s had 4 years to plan all this.

          1. Not well. He placed all of his trust in the integrity and fairness of the american people. A lot of true americans did that . We just didn’t know how depraved the Dim’s actually are.. Now we know..

          1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep know all about losing an election in 2016 and 2020 and they fear to lose a third time to AMERICANS and TRUMP in 2024 .

    1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ are in charge, just like globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ were in charge during; globalist puppet bush and globalist puppet cliton and globalist puppet lil bush and globalist puppet barry soetoro .

  3. Every Republican Rep and Senator should bring articles of Impeachment against, Biden, Schumer, Pelosi and Harris. Its time to take the gloves off. See if we cant switch some of these vulnerable Dem Reps to Republican.
    A Patriot

        1. You come here everyday and Americans spank you with the truth harder than your libby snow flake husband spanks you and his boyfriends .

    1. But who will vote to impeach Biden, Schumer, Pelosi and Harris?
      I thought that the Democrats had the majority in the House.
      You backed a loser.

        1. You can not win 2/3 of the Senate in 2022, even you take every seat up for election.
          You appear to numerically challenged.

          1. You libby snow flakes should be working on what will hurt your feelings next, maybe the Dick and Jane books, you can change the name to Dick and albert, or Jane and alberta .

  4. Biden needs to stop this immigration mess. He has very poor ideas and is helping sick people into our country. He tells us to mask up etc etc but allows sick people with cobid to come in and spread it more. What is wrong with his thinking. Secure the borders. Your making a big mistake.

    1. They are showing how they think about American citizens, we come last, we are only good for paying taxes!! Get rid of these Socialist Communist group ASAP!!

    2. If Joe Biden ever had an original idea, hell would freeze over. These are not his ideas as it’s obvious others are pulling his strings. He’s not all there and that’s exactly how they wanted it. Use his popular name and well known as, “a regular guy” to sway people to vote for him, hold back any and all bad press or history of him and use fraud as much as possible to get him into the White House. Once they had that, they can just pull his strings to sign any and all executive orders they can think of. He will also sign without question, any and all bills that come before him. He’s a puppet of the 10th degree! Once he’s served his “useful idiot” purpose, he’ll be 25th amendment out of there!

    3. Actually, Cat Kin, MISTER Biden doesn’t have any ideas! He’s only parroting what he’s told to do and say! But regardless of who’s behind it, your description of them is 100% correct!

      1. globalist puppet, chester the molester biden takes all his orders from globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ just like globalist puppet bush and globalist puppet cliton and globalist puppet lil bush and globalist puppet barry soetoro did .

    4. I can tell you what’s wrong with him, his brain is mush! He couldn’t have an original thought if he tried! NOT MY PRESIDENT!

      1. Illegals were gathered at the border waiting for Biden to put his had on the Bible and lie. His immigration circus wasn’t started until Trump left.

      2. Take a break from earning .05 a comment payable by globalist puppet $oro$ and return to watching globalist media, cliton opinion and feelings network and see what fake number they feed you .

    5. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet bill gates and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and not happy that their coronavirus scam is not killing as many people as they planned to they try to find many ways to increase the number of deaths .

  5. How Right you are, our President Trump. What is going on is a disgrace. BTW, why is wife, Jill Biden ALLOWING THIS TO HAPPEN – LETTING HER HUSBAND CARRY ON AS AN ALLEGED PRESIDENT? IT IS JUST DISGRACEFUL!!!

      1. It seems she has no more common sense than her husband. THEY HAVE GOT TO GO BEFORE OUR COUNTRY IS TOTALLY DESTROYED!!

  6. No member of the Democrat Marxist Criminal Organization will honor their oath of office. They consider themselves citizens of the world above all else. The Democrats consider our Bill of Rights, which they ardently hate, as a stumbling block to subjugating us. Just as Edward I tried to replace the people of Scotland with English and Normans, Biden and his associates re seeking to replace us with foreign interlopers.

    1. We need to stand up , simply texting g each other our grievances will do nothing our fore fathers are turning in their graves!!take a stand fellow patriots!!!!my text # is 9735925205 I am willing to stand ,are you?

      1. Not really. The Red Coats told my ancestors to lay down their guns in the Revolutionary War. My ancestors shot them and we HAD America and WE THE PEOPLE will HAVE America again.

        1. The Red Coats were losers.
          How many Americans will have to be shot for Trump to return to the White House?
          All 85 million of them who voted for Trump?
          You backed a loser.

      2. Wrong. The Chinese and Iranians helped their B.F.F. Beijing Biden get elected through the same jacked up voter machine system that helped his fellow dictator in Venezuela get elected. Some of the top forensic computer auditors in the world proved it. Sadly the Democrat Marxist Crime Organization control the D.O.J. now. There is no justice in America now.

        1. Do you have the evidence?
          Are you going to turn it over to Rudy?
          If he makes you uncomfortable with his sticking his hands down his pants you could always hand it off to his muff diving daughter.
          Be very careful though, the word on the street is that her sex holes have maggots.

          1. Isn’t it interesting how Libertard Zombies resort to low rhetoric when they are hit with the truth. The evidence has been presented over and over. It is so obvious Helen Keller could spot it a mile away. The sad thing is the people Joseph McCarthy warned us of in the 40’s and 50’s have taken over the Media and high government positions and are blocking all serious action on this theft. The Communist take over of this nation is now to the point there is a strong movement here in Texas to leave the Union. The only good result of that is hopefully all the carpetbagging Libertards here will run out to the socialist dystopia the Democrat Criminal Organization is creating.

  7. Biden and his cronies have and will destroy America, unless a few democrats step and stop this Do any democrats have the balls?

      1. Actually it is Trump who has been neutered.
        He is licking his balls at Mary Legoland, as we speak.

  8. While I agree with Trump, name one politician who has not ever violated his oath to the Constitution.

    1. Just as soon as we win a majority in the house.
      Of course an impeachment is meaningless.
      For a conviction and removal from office you need 2/3 of the Senate.
      When was the last time the Republicans held 2/3 of the Senate?

  9. The dishonest pots need to be recalled. Who is reporting on the activity on this front? The people have the sovereign right to recall and replace any representative, R or D, that has not protected the rights enumerated in the Constitution and laws of the country. Are people lying by not telling us the truth?

    1. “Truth stands the test of time; LIES are soon EXPOSED. Whoever abandons the RIGHT PATH Will be SEVERELY PUNISHED.” (Proverbs) I send these WORDS of GOD to Manifest throughout The DNC-Democrats-Joe Hunter Biden’s-family members money 💰 laundering kickbacks, LIES, Deceit, Alliances with pagan wicked foreign nations-people Dominion-Smartmatic owners ballots voting Cheating Stealing, and All who are connected involved with these INCREDIBLE WICKED DEEDS. Now. I do NOT Agree with These evil plans from The DNC-Democrats Joe Biden-Harris-Pelosi-Schumer-Obama and all involved. I loose GOD’S WILL to PREVAIL throughout America and The Earth. I Decree in JESUS NAME.

    2. Senators and House members can not be recalled.
      The only way they can removed is by a 2/3 vote of the chamber in which they sit.
      You should take GED class in Constitutional law!

  10. Of course Traitor Joe has violated his oath of office over what he is doing with his immigration policies! Under normal times his actions woukd be a violation of his Oath, but in the middle of an epidemic his actions are criminal. No different than Cuomo’s crime with NY nursing homes!

  11. Biden is supposedly going to travel restrict people going to Florida, while 150 illegals tested positive for the Corona Virus without a hitch. Where’s the logic in those actions? Nowhere to be found since it’s all totally political…just like all the d@mned lockdowns.

  12. Donald, America would have much less problems, if your grandfather, the draft dodger from Germany, would have not been allowed to enter the USA!

      1. Donny comes from a long line of draft dodgers.
        When was the last time a Trump served in the military.
        Other than Don Jr.

        1. Why don’t you lefties ever mention that YOUR people (major draft dodgers) came out from under the rocks and slithered of to Canada? Trump had a legitimate medical excuse. Joe Biden was excused from duty also. He never served either. Biden’s son, Hunter, was kicked out of the Navy for drug use. Senator Blumberg D (sp?) LIED about his service. Carter (D) (the loser) excused all those jackasses that dodged the draft and went to Canada. Why didn’t Trump excuse Snowden? He let Americans know they were being spied on by their OWN government!

          1. I remember when the Right was screaming that Snowden needed some CIA wet work.

          2. Our own government spied on us the whole time when Trump was in office.
            They still do.
            It is called national security.
            If you see something say something.
            You have to look.

          3. Those who were openly opposed to the war went to Canada.

            The dirt bags developed bone spurs.

          4. How does the military service of the Biden family compare to the Trump family?
            How many of Trump’s siblings have been in war?
            His children?

  13. It’s painful watching this feeble man try to keep up the pretense. His wife should be ashamed of herself for letting this man be disgraced badly this after 47 years of service to
    Congress. VERY SAD, PITIFUL!!

    1. Allowing a VERY SICK, ELDERLY MAN to be paraded like a fool, not only in front of America, but on display for the world to ridicule, is “ELDERLY ABUSE”…………….there are laws against this and his family and the whole Democratic Party should be charged for taking advantage of his disability for their own personal gain and wealth. They are making money at the expense of making a fool of a man who is incapable of fully understanding what he is doing. ie: “I’ll take questions, what do you want me to do, NANCY?” …..

      1. Why didn’t Trump arrest Joe and put him in jail?
        Along with Lock Her Up Hillary and the Lying Kenyan?
        Is it because he is a poof?

    2. I see it as elder abuse. Which is illegal of course, for everybody except Democrats! lways With them, it’s always”do as I say and not as I do; freedom for me but not for thee.”

        1. Did you hear Trump at CPAC?
          How about that Cancun Cruz performance
          Teddy baby has taken up the Howard Dean mantle.

  14. Joe Biden is truly a sorry piece of anti American trash. He should be taken out of office by any means possible. Republicans! Where are you? Do you love your country, or not?

    1. The Republicans are too busy smearing their fecal matter in the Capitol.
      I can smell their love…..

  15. Why don’t the republicans file a cease and desist (or whatever) suit(s), like the dems did for EVERYTHING Trump tried to do. and make him stop his avalanche of USA killing orders. The Reps. just complain and NEVER actually DO ANYTHING. Totally disappointing.

  16. Most dangerous people in Washington DC?
    These people are leaders of DC Swamp.
    They let democrats comment treason against American people and Trump. Mitch McConnell & GOP leadership, DOJ Barr, FBI director Wray & all agents, CIA director and all her agents.
    These people are not working for Americans.
    Working for US Chamber of Commerce and Communist China 🇨🇳 money Bush family Globalist.
    Communist said America would destroy itself from the inside. Washington DC is totally corrupted and working against American people.
    Who is really telling Worthless Biden what to do? Who is the puppet master?????
    20/20 election was fraud and stolen from American people.
    Don’t forget rule of law is gone!
    John Roberts Supreme Court Chief Justice and other 8 are traders and totally corrupted.
    Where are the 300 federal judges appointed by Trump so called constitutional judges ??

    1. How soon can we get a majority in the House and 2/3 in the Senate?
      That is how you get rid of a President you do not like.

  17. What Biden is doing on the southern border is, in reality, an attack on American Citizens. HE IS “SEEDING” AMERICA, WITH THE VIRUS, transported in, just like a suicide bomber does. BIDEN IS INFECTING AND KILLING AMERICANS! They’re not stopped, not prevented from entering, no checks, to testing. Next, the Chinese army will enter through the same border.

  18. The oath is to protect our country of foreign and domestic? Criminals and diseased people in a pandemic doesn’t count?

  19. I would like to know as would a few million others…………..Just what PLAN does Biden have to deal with the new immigrants once he lets them all in ? Has he even thought about THAT ? Apparently not…………Then what will he do, why pass it all on the back of We the People. Pay for and give up what we have worked hard to obtain all our lives
    for and Biden in his fairy world will stagger around in a haze with his head up his rear saying ” I have lost my place, where am I ? ” I think more than 74 million have an idea where we wish he was……….at home in his basement !!!

    1. The same thing that Trump, Obama, Bush and Clinton did.
      Keep the pressure on.
      Illegal immigrants peaked at the end of Bush2’s second term.
      It has been going on pretty much straight line ever since.
      Speaking of head up rear have you noticed the maggots in your daughter’s crotch?
      Do you like to talk dirty as much as I do?

  20. Just who exactly is this Trump guy and why is he important?
    Does he hold some kind of elected or appointed office?

    1. Albert you must be nuts trump is the best president we ever had Biden needs to be impeached, he’s only in there because their cheating.

  21. Stupidity reins supreme in our Government. Biden is an accessory to Negligent Homicide. A car with over 20 illegal drove from Mexico into Texas in a vehicle for 7-8 crashed into a semi and many are dead. Biden invited them in he stopped all construction on the Border Fence and wall. The man needs to be tried for this crime and all others being committed by his guests, as an accomplice before and after the fact.

    1. How did they get through the wall, I mean cheap steel fence?
      Rhetorical question.
      They drove across where one of the sections of cheap steel fence blew down.

  22. I’ve never seen anything like it in my lifetime. This federal government is allowing drug dealers, human traffickers, and smugglers and more Covid-19 to invade our borders. So does that now make the United States like Mexico with their violence and murders? The politicians need their heads examined. INDEED, THEY HAVE TOTALLY DISREGARDED THEIR OATHS TO PROTECT THIS COUNTRY. Biden is being told what to do.


        1. 85 million people voted for Biden.
          How are you going to get rid of him?
          How are you going to get a majority in the House?
          How are you going to get 2/3 in the Senate?
          Maybe you thinking along the lines of a Second Amendment soliution?

    2. We have always had drug dealers and human traffickers crossing our boarders.
      When it comes to human traffickers slave ships come to mind.
      And the monuments to the people who tried to defend the use of slave labor.
      And lost.
      Why do those losers even have monuments?

  23. Is it not clear yet to everyone that the dems want to turn this country into a 3rd world country!!!!! I am praying that this changes but I do not see it happening. Pray to our Lord and Savior and look up and get ready to be raptured. In the meantime, stand up for our Constitution and stop these corrupt and US hating dem. The media does not inform us as to truth and they are complicate to the damage happening in the US

  24. Mississippi has finished their vote fraud case and found that the mail in ballots were 78% fraudulent and of the 78% 100% were for Biden! The judge has ordered a redo of the election in Mississippi, Texas is almost done with their investigation and coming up with the same circumstances so they are all flipping Biden the Bird because he is not legally or lawfully our President Trump won more states need to do a full audit of their election!

  25. bidne and the dems have always welcomed illegal aliens and foreigners against americans when will the people learn ? never in my opinion and whwn congress can vote millions of illegls and get by with it and the rest get paid with free checks every month they will never learn until this country is controled by a few and it’s comming look at big teck you can type in a url and if big tek don’t like it they either say error or send you to their perferred site before the year 2050 if americans are not very very careful this will be a socilist country it is well on the way now especially with biden and harris and bernie sanders in charge mitchell was bad enough in all his years in senate he has always been wishy washie

    1. You know perfectly well that impeachment does absolutely nothing.
      To move Biden you need 2/3 of the Senate.
      To impeach and convict Biden in 2023 you need to flip 5 House seats and 17 Senate seats in 2020.
      That is not going to happen.

    1. You can not clean house until you get a majority in the House.
      You can not clean house until you get 2/3 in the Senate.

  26. Dementia Jo-Jo is taking care of America and Americans just as if he hates the Country and all Americans and obviously he does!
    Even if they are doing a wellness check on the ones being caught… many are slipping through because this administration is not manning the border with same numbers of agents as the prior administration?
    How will Jo-Jo excuse his huge blunders if terrorists which we fully realize are slipping in (and how many ?) blow up a building/a city block/a city and kill only God knows how many or, they become suicide bombers or commit mass murder with guns? Even one murder is unacceptable! I am sure the marxists will try to find a way to blame it on DJT just as they always do! They can try to play the blame game or downplay an attack or attacks however, there are too many of their own party, as well as all Republicans, watching this play out! Terrorism under DJT has been really kept in check and no number of excuses will be enough to remove the guilt of him “allowing” any attack or attacks!
    Then there is the tremendous financial burden these people pouring in will add to our already out of control financial waste and spending! America is the largest “foster care” entity the world has ever seen! Stand by, it is going to get a lot worse!

  27. This idea that you cannot travel except with government order is just like China has laid upon their people. This order by Biden that you cannot travel to Florida which is indictive of the fact that Florida voted RED. You know these traits are one of the things one might look at in a mental disorder such as by- polar problems. Another idea of his was that all red voters do not get the stimulus checks. I understand that these things become more ugly if one has such a mental disorder. Then with that he has war powers he can be like Hitler and declare war on just anyone nation. By-polar people believe that they cannot make a mistake. I would think that our GOP would see this as impeachable for Biden.

    1. How many Chinese have died of of Covid – 19?
      Joe has not singled out any states for a travel ban.
      There is no Federal order that you can not travel to Florida.
      My son just bought a ticket from Quito to Miami for Monday.
      Stimulus check amounts are function of income not voter registration.
      How are Joe’s war powers different than Trump’s.
      Does Joe think that he is in charge of the military?
      Does he think tht he is The Commander And Chief?
      It makes no difference what the GOP thinks.
      They are to weak to impeach anyone.
      The Democrats have a proven track record.

  28. How could our government be so generous with illegals coming into our country while overlooking the serious problem with our homeless? Our house first. If any left overs then we help others. WAKE UP AMERICA!

  29. Since Beijin Biden and the Democrat Marxist Criminal Organization will not allow Customs Border Patrol and I.C.E. control the Border it falls to the states to do so. Gov.Abbott and A.G.Paxton of Texas should reconstitute the F Company of the Texas Rangers and commission them to perform their original role in the Rangers controlling the frontier along the Mexican Border. They should recruit operators from the Special Operations Groups of the Military Service. This operation will require people to have skills sets possessed by people like the Pipe Hitters of Special Operations Command.

  30. “In a searing new statement from Trump, the former president blasts President Biden’s handling of the current crisis at America’s borders.”

    The writer of this article made a mistake with the above sentence. Let me fix it:
    “In a searing new statement from President Trump, the legitimate president blasts Joe Biden – the FAKE president – for his handling of the current crisis at America’s borders.”

    There, I fixed it.

  31. In the preamble to the Constitution, that law made us a nation of GOVERNMENT BY THE PEOPLE – the government does not rule the people. Yet the Biden administration has forgotten that law; having been in office less than 45 days they had violated that principle and turned America into PEOPLE BY THE GOVERNMENT – only one point will be mentioned here which is sufficient to lead the nation into abolishing the Biden administration and instituting a new government – read carefully,

    …That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

    The Second Amendment was provided the citizenry the tools to be used, if necessary, to abolish this “…destructive government….” It is time for Americans to act decisively.

    To our Military Generals and Law Enforcement Establishment, you must understand that if the people “…STAND TO ABOLISH….” this government, it is done so because under the Constitution it is the “…right of the people….” July 4, 1776. It is the sworn duty of all military and law enforcement personnel to protect and uphold those rights guaranteed to the People Under the Constitution. The government may call it an insurrection or a revolution in that case it must be understood that it is the government protecting itself from the people. It is the American People who have the right to return the nation to the status of GOVERNMENT BY THE PEOPLE!

  32. The Democrats want their relief checks and care nothing about anything else. It’s not their problem……!

  33. Biden should be charged with crimes against humanity, enabling undocumented minors (“held in cages”) at US borders, enabling human trafficking, sex trafficking, criminal drug cartels, COVID pandemic. Biden’s admin. is endangering US border patrol, US citizens and national security. He swore an oath to protect our nation. He is in breech of that oath. He has endangered our nation. He must be held accountable. Perhaps the individual states will hold him accountable. Congress will not. The DOJ and SCOTUS are seemingly complicit.

  34. It’s absolutely treasonous what Biden has done to our nation! When are all the gun toting American’s going to go down to the border wall and stand tall to keep the illegals from coming into our country? If we have thousands standing tall what is Biden going to do, jail ’em all? Hell no, he can’t even detain and house the illegals…Biden won’t dare kill an American who wants to keep his country from this bombardment of illegals. I say, “Annie, get your guns!” We don’t have to shoot ’em just scare the holy hell out of ’em! Enough so, that they turn back at the border and go home with their tails between their legs. They’ll soon find out that Biden is the biggest liar of all. I am not inciting a riot here, when is standing tall a riot?

  35. I believe this is the 1st honest description of our country today. I want to thank all the we know best citizens for putting our country at risk every day.

  36. The illegal immigration that Biden is enabling is putting our nation in peril. Biden and the left should be held accountable. There is noting humane about letting millions of illegal undocumented aliens into our sovereign nation. Those nation’s that are sending their citizens here should be held accountable for human rights issues if their citizens feel compelled leave their country.

  37. Biden has violated his oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution. Article IV, Section 4 requires the United States to protect every State in the Union against invasion. The illegal intrusion of large numbers of foreign nationals across our southern boarder is the very definition of an invasion. They are not immigrants. Immigrants enter legally and apply for citizenship. They follow the rules and assimilate into American society. Our nation welcomes honest immigrants. We should never tolerate foreign invaders disrespecting our laws and abusing our nation.

  38. Canada – including Newfoundland & Labrador – currently has a total population of about 34 million people. I hope they have enjoyed all that open space and freedom. Where do they think all of the overflow and fleeing Americans will be heading. We currently have a population of over 300 million. How many people are there in the world?And – how many of them will be heading this way?

  39. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet barry soetoro have appointed all the correct criminals to the correct positions to protect all their criminals .

  40. The border problem is out of control because of schumer, pelosi and the dems, not biden. biden is too far gone to be responsible for anything. He just signs the forms like any good minion so he can collect his pay. I really hop 2022 is a blood bath for the dems.

  41. Texas, pick up all the illegals, put them In buses and transport them to Washington
    D.C., New York, California, believe they would be really comfortable there. Let those who scream let them in, take care of them.


  43. when these illegals rape someone’s child or sex traffics them, that’s on biden’s head. He can’t blamed Trump for that. it is well known in these 3rd world countries, that rape and other nasty deeds are the norm. they aren’t going to change just bc they are in our country

  44. I would love to see President Trump sue biden for posing as an imposter! biden is not legit and i will say this every chance i get






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