Biden’s Border Adviser Admits He Caused Immigration Crisis

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We’ve known the recent spike in illegal immigrants rushing the U.S. border is because of President Biden but finally one of his advisers is confirming what we suspected all along. Southern Border Coordinator Roberta Jacobson said it’s no coincidence that migrants are now attempting to flood the system.

Throughout his campaign, Biden promised to roll back Trump’s tough-on-Mexico policies and now that he’s in the White House thousands a tidal wave of migrants are coming to our borders in the midst of a pandemic.

Fox News reports:

“There was a hope for a more humane policy after four years of pent-up demand, so I don’t know if I would call that a coincidence,” said Jacobson, who spoke during the daily White House briefing. “But the idea that a more humane policy would be in place may have driven people to make that decision, but perhaps, more importantly, it definitely drove smugglers to express disinformation, spread disinformation about what was now possible,” said Jacobson, who also serves as special assistant to the president, told reporters. She was also ambassador to Mexico from 2016 to 2018.

Jacobson said that the White House is trying to balance better policies and messaging. She repeated the frequent message of the Biden administration that now is not the time to come to the U.S.

“We are trying to walk and chew gum at the same time. We are trying to convey to everyone in the region that we will have legal processes in the future … But at the same time, you cannot come through irregular means,” Jacobson said.

The southern border coordinator said that with a $4 billion plan, Biden hoped to tackle immigration at its root causes, working to make Latin American countries safer and more prosperous. The money will be asked for through the foreign assistance package request.

The Biden administration has attempted to downplay the current crisis at the border but Republicans aren’t so easily fooled. Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary recently asked for more DHS volunteers to assist with the “overwhelming” number of people.

      1. No we care but the courts said something else? The issue as I see it is that the republican just will not fight. The few that do are attacked by the media. The establishment republicans are glad to see Trump gone so they can go back to their old ways of talking loud and do nothing. The establishment republican have no desire to lead only talk. Trump made them work and they hated it and Trump for making them look like fools.

    1. Republican doesn’t matter. You need to vote in people that believe in the constitution. I see a lot of spineless republicans that bark a lot, but don’t do anything useful.

      1. Absolutely correct! Thanks. With very few exceptions, Republicans have failed to fight for us. They are a pack of “girly men” who have taken the graft and are afraid of exposure!!!

      2. You are right. BOTH parties need to pull together to put America back on a firm foundation. They need to work together, not keep tearing the other party apart. There isn’t any room right now for each party to keep trying to be in “power”. We need to pull together as a COUNTRY, not a political party.

        1. dont hold your breadth, I would love to see that, bbut each day that passes they pull out something new that tears us more apart, like now university doing segragated graduations! >I mean we as a nation spent years to heal the racial divide and now they themselves want to segregate? Why dont they move back to Africa if thats the plan? They cant have it both ways. either we unite as a country under ONE FLAG and Constitution or they form their own groups away from this great land.! Enough of the insanity.

  1. The left likes to cause a continual crisis. They are never sorry, nor do they care about Americans or security. We all knew Biden and the swamp were working to radically change this country, this multicultural plan will be a disaster, and bring more unrest everywhere. People are dissatisfied with the lack of leadership on both sides. After all, Washington is supposed to be minding the store, and take oaths to protect and defend this country. How far they have fallen!

    1. SOON, the murder and robbery rates will rise. These are people their own countries do NOT want. Billions of dollars will NEVER help the poor because the rulers will take it. Since I live in Costa Rica, this is obvious to me.

    2. Government doesn’t solve problems. It only creates more problems. We need a strong leader like Trump was to provide a direction for government to follow. With Biden there is no strength, no direction and no plan. The US has lost its way.

      1. Every Democrat family should take a family into their homes and support them. That would be fair since they are so compassionate.

  2. OMG! The entire Biden administration is a freaking clown show! The right hand has never once known what the left hand was doing! AND, they all perform as if they are on the first job they have ever had in their whole life! They don’t give the American people credit for figuring out what is going on but, WE KNOW so, when they can’t lie about it anymore, they “fess” up after they have exposed themselves and it’s too late! Oops!

  3. The mentality incompetent pretender to the Presidency has spend 47 years in politic
    and can not point to one single bit of legislation or cause that he has ever supported
    or even had a clue about. Outside of his gaffes no one knows any thing about him
    except he and his family have gotten excessively rich thru corruption an abuse of
    ever position he has held. His connection to China would have any other human
    bein in jail for life without parole, but the Democrat socialist have circles the
    wagons to protect their dunce from harm, they do not let him appear without his
    handlers and even then he still screws up constantly

  4. It’s a disgusting shitshow. Billions spent on illegal immigrants when a damn wall would have protected us and for less taxpayer money. No wall! No wall! So now under Biden the Capitol is off limits with a fence through May but Texas and adjoining states have to put up with the illegal mess. Until “Biden gets a plan together.”

  5. Illegal immigrants add NOTHING to our economy regardless of what the liberals say!
    For each uneducated illegal coming in, it cost taxpayers $70,000 per year for each one of them! It cost in welfare, medical care, housing, food stamps etc:
    Thanks to the liberals Americans are being ripped off again!
    Even the liberals and their families will be paying the cost! In more ways than one!

  6. CREEPY Joe has NO clue what he’s doing, he’s pulling the trigger and missing the target, he’s so DUMB and is surrounded with IDIOTS whispering his DEAF ear, and he can’t comprehend what he’s doing, he killed the XL pipeline with NO plan in place for the thousands of the workers who LOST their jobs, now he just added 80,000 jobs to the unemployment rosters, DUMB move, then he wanted to open the Southern Borders to allow 100 of thousands of illegals to flood the Southern States, some with criminal records, many are sick with who knows what, if Creepy Joe wants them to enter the country then he better open the White House and his house in Delaware and have the illegals stay there and him sort them out

  7. Whatever. These demmies are jerkies. I’ll never forget when Gretchen Whitmer dem of Michigan got all dolled up in her faux leather jacket and went on tv and told us restaurant workers we can’t work again. I’ll never forget that witch. Gag me with a soup spoon!!!

    1. I just read where the State’s attorney is going after her. The same ones that are going after Cuomo and 3 other states. I hope that they convict all 5 of them and any others who were complicit in putting sick people into the nursing homes causing many older Americans to die. I believe that was their plan from the beginning. Get rid of the older Americans who REMEMBER what America was like and who will speak up about it. That way the younger generation coming out of the colleges have been taught to follow the party line. Just like the communists.

  8. How did all the unaccompanied minors even get to our border? Who brought them? I heard an in depth report today that said only 14% (14 of every one hundred) coming to to the US are seeking asylum. Most are not escaping crime or bad anything – they want better jobs, free health care and money that can be sent back to family members to improve living conditions and maybe buy a car or???.


  9. Yes he is a idiot wants to give tax payers dollars to other countries and wants to destroy USA . He needs to be thrown under a bus running about 90 . He is a communist dictator NOT A PRESIDENT .

  10. This woman was with Trump for two years. So she is probably not a lunatic, being familiar with border problems and trying to deal with them intelligently. She will be replaced soon.

  11. You fucking son of a bitch…you super scumbag. Look what you did to the border and the worst to me is keystone…killing all those peoples jobs…where is his live in wife? Hiding in the basement also! She must be a piece of shit to let them all suffer without their jobs that where so important to them…I’m so furious with him and the swamp…I wish I could do something to help all those people…like be GOD for just one day…I would straighten out his ass and all the other libs….please dear Lord help the good people in this country survive! Go TRUMP…MAGA…..🇺🇸👍

  12. Those who are invited by China Joe Xiden are ILLEGAL ALIENS … in no way are they immigrants ! They are no better that cannon fodder !

    1. I am an eminent authority on feces and all things fecal related. Fecalphile First Class Albert Hess at your service ma’am!

  13. I hope all who voted for O’biden are happy. Gas prices are up, illegal immigration is up and the wicked witches of the west have add to the number illegal voters who they can bully to vote Demorat. Oh, and I almost forgot, my BS meter has been broken for 2 months.

  14. Why is anyone allowed to cross the border illegally? If they were stopped at border there would be no kids, no problem. What is wrong with these commie democrats that these illegals should be allowed to stream in with virus, crime,

  15. Oh pleeeeeeese! The BiddyBoy administration is a COMPLETE FAILURE, no matter what it tries to do. America and Americans are being thrown under the bus daily and Joe is constantly lost in completing his sentences.

    I live in a border state and I dred going out in public because illegals spread all over our state AND NOW THEY ARE BRINGING COVID BACK INTO OUR FINALLY RECOVERING STATE!

    This ticks me off so much that BiddyBoy is so clueless what he is doing to American citizens. Someone needs to take a huge bus load of Covid infected illegals and take them to the White House –straight to the Oval office where Biden is. Let him deal with Covid infected illegals on a personal level!

    Even many Democrats are kicking themselves for putting that old man in our White House…yes, you were really out of your heads when you did that! This is our Country you dems ignored and threw us under that Biden bus. Shame shame on you!

  16. 2022 Is the first opportunity to get AMERICA BACK! … If you are a GOD Loving Conservative Constitution Loving American! … Then “YOU” need to run for every political office with an opening! Call your Republican Campaign offices today! APPLY TODAY! … Have you ever noticed when filling out a BALLOT that some entry’s have ZERO CHALLENGER’S? … Well, this is YOUR chance to get a FANTASTIC Political Position. AMAZING PAY AND BENEFITS!

  17. Just think,
    Liberal experts demand we repeatedly shut America down, over the virus…. but allow illegal aliens to cross the border and not require a Covid test, but wanting to set them free in America, while they wait for asylum…

  18. Never letting a good crisis go to waste is not good enough for these Demoncrat hosers: they must invent and manufacture new crises and inflame old ones on a daily basis. Now they are resurrecting and releasing yet another demon that Mr. Trump had just about put to rest. To hell with these people…

  19. if everybody dont know why pelosi and biden put that big fence around the capital . its because of sleepy joe bidens border plan letting the illegals into the country so they can live free on our money and then they find out they may not get what sleepy joe cant give . they want to be protected from every body not just the 70 million and sum odd republicans. but also the 11 million illegals plus the rest of them coming over the border . that is just what i think

  20. Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.


  21. Who else caused immigration CRISIS if not beijing jo? Does MSM or biden and his people think we’re stupid enough not to see the TRUTH? Why did POTUS TRUMP build the fence if not to contain the flow of illegals, ms13 gangs, cartels people traficking , etc.etc, into the US? You have to be stupid to think its trumps fault. BIDEN, and his advisers, own this CHAOS and DOWNFALL of AMERICA!


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