Biden Makes it Official, Signs Massive Stimulus

Kuhlmann/ MSC, CC BY 3.0 DE , via Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden has made it official by signing the massive $1.9 trillion stimulus package. Only 9% of which, according to Kevin McCarthy, goes to covid relief.

This has been called the first major legislative win for Biden and the Democrats.

According to Fox News:

President Biden on Thursday signed into law the sweeping $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package that Democrats muscled through Congress without any Republican support, securing the first big legislative win of his presidency.

“This historic legislation is about rebuilding the backbone of this country and giving the people of this nation, working people, the middle-class folks, people who built the country a fighting chance,” Biden said.

The measure includes a $1,400 check for many Americans and an extension of a $300 weekly unemployment aid supplement through Sept. 6, as well as a generous one-year expansion of the child tax credit. It also provides hundreds of billions of dollars in funding for state and local governments, vaccine distribution efforts and small businesses still reeling from the pandemic.

Biden had initially been scheduled to sign the bill on Friday, but the White House moved up the timeline to Thursday afternoon in order to distribute the aid “as fast as possible,” Ron Klain, the president’s chief of staff, wrote on Twitter. Klain added: “We will hold our celebration of the signing on Friday, as planned, with Congressional leaders!”

Democrats have stated that this is the most progressive piece of legislation in history.

Joseph Brown from Heresy Financial goes into detail about the insanity included in this legislation in the video below.


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    1. He needs to be impeached and committed . The guy does not have two functioning brain cells and he is now the leader of the free world ?
      God Help Us !

        1. He not only scares the birds, he scares legal Americans especially. IMPEACH BIDEN, ASAP. Deport him with his ILLEGALS. Never to be allowed back.

    2. Joe, as you well know impeachment is meaningless.
      Joe, as you well know your party can not impeach him.
      Joe, as you well know you backed a loser.

      1. Still doesn’t change the fact he is clueless. What happens when the feds raise interest on the debt of 30 trillion. Do we do away with welfare to pay our bills?

        1. Gov. Abbott has sent the National Guard to the Border. Texas is getting the most of them and they fill the hospitals dropping babies and treatment for Covid19.. Biden spoke about the vaccines. He has sent very little vaccine into Texas–Got to punish them Texans –teach them not to vote for me..

        2. I think doing away with WELFARE would be a GREAT idea!!! We can’t drive down the road without seeing all kinds of HELP WANTED SIGNS!!! There are jobs out there is people want to work, but people on WELFARE don’t want to work they want to be paid to see at home and collect WEFARE!! We are retired but all our lives we worked to support the lowlifes that didn’t want to WORK!!!

      2. You are right in what you say. This is not Joe doing as well. this Pelsi and chucks and the democrat party bill. Biden is only signing it. Biden is only a puppet for the democrat party.

      3. Why you back a loser? Biden is a dummy and a PUSHOVER. Waiting for him to fall flat on his face ASAP. You know who has been waiting on the fence.

      1. Hess. We didn’t back a loser. You backed the real loser who sits in the Oval Office only because of fraud and deceit. So tell the truth, you really pleased with open borders? Canceling the pipeline? Driving America further into debt? If so, please explain “why” to us naïve citizens who favored Donald Trump.

        1. The idiots who voted for slow joe don’t care about debt or us having to foot the bill.
          They just want free stuff, therefore the vote for this clown.

        2. The winner sits in the White House.
          The loser can’t even Tweet.
          Naive citizens favored Donald Trump.
          The NYC real estate shyster cornered the US rube market.

          1. Where is Trump?
            How is his legislation doing.
            Is he ready to introduce Trump Tax Cut Two, the mother of all tax cuts.

          2. Trump is actively participating in the political arena. Too many people want him back and he will be back. In the meantime He is resting and playing Golf at his beautiful Mara Lago Club. .Biden/Harris will be raising taxes shortly–I hope they knick you Albert the HESS and then when the inflation caused from no domestic energy kicks in–I hope you feel the pain.

          3. Remember, Biden said “We have put together, I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the History of American Politics. He will be remember as the greatest fraud President in the History of America.

        1. Boy, with a name like Hess, it’s no wonder you are so filled with acid; just like your namesake in the Nazi Third Reich… Rudolph Hess. Maybe you will a similar fate be awarded.

        2. Trump did not lose and soon it will be reported about the forensics on the Dominion machines and the votes were found to be from non-existent addresses, faulty in many other ways that should have disqualified them. The next 2 months there will be a confirmation of a stolen presidential election .Joe was telling the truth about him having the greatest fraud organization in the history of the world..

    3. Why Joe, This is not his bill. This is Pelosi and chuck’s and the democrats bill. Joe only signs it.

  1. Total blue state bail out. Our kids and grandkids will be paying for this for years. The congress should know better. What a waste!

      1. Did you refuse to take yours? Oh you have to pay taxes to get a tax cut or did you just take the money like the rest of your group.

        1. I took the money just like the rest of your group.
          And I still had a six figure tax bill for 2020.
          My tax accountant should be in jail.
          He was.

          1. If you are so smart why do you not do your own taxes? You must be a trust fund kid or or you sued someone ,or sold used cars, or a professional fund raiser, ,a penny stock broker, maybe a white collar criminal?. .

      2. My kids received money from the tax cut and from Trump stopping the mandated health insurance payment Obama’s administration strapped them with. Now Biden is in office thy are responsible for thousands of dollars being given to illegals and felons. Some where in the neighborhood of 400 billion dollars. That’s just a small part of what the Democrats have strapped American citizens with. Shame on them and you.

        1. How much did the Trump Stimulus cost?
          Was it worth it?
          Shame on you for backing a NYC morally bankrupt real estate huckester.

      3. Can you read Albert? The tax revenues went way up when the tax rate was lowered. It happened when JFK was the president also.

    1. There are many blanks. Never show what he signed like OUR TRUMP! BUT a few have been turned and they are blamk! His puppet masters fill in THEIR wants!

      1. Executive Orders are public documents.
        Biden does not make a show of affixing a childish Sharpie scrawl.

        1. I think Trump was smart to sign like John Hancock a signer of the Declaration of Independence as he wanted Johnny Bull(the king of England) to be able to read his name.

        1. Your bunch blocked it. Now your bunch control it all as result of all the cheating. You will be at the tail end with the trampled on.

          1. TOO DAMNED MUCH. They are kept people and treated far better than American Taxpayers.

      1. I, at 83 never got the so called 600. Got 435, what take taxes out? Never got any others! OH sorry he has to give OURS to illegals!

    1. Nor will biden or any democ rat. All they do is steal out of one of my pockets and put one tenth back in my other pocket then claim they are doing me a favor.

    2. No one is giving you anything. it’s are money to start with. The only difference is that $1400.00 that they are “giving” you, is costing you almost $7000.00 in taxes.

    3. Hey Egghead, For your information President Trump wanted to give Americans at least $2,000.00 but democrats were too busy with a second baseless impeachment.The demoshits said no unless he bailed out Democrat missmanaged cities and States with Federal tax dollars meant for other things.Now we Americans get a tiny amount and illegals ,foreigners, and democrat cities get it all.

      1. It was the Republicans who put a stop to Trump’s second two thousand dollar vote buy.
        Biden isn’t up for election until 2024.

        1. Trump’s four years –he sure was a winner and the country was just purring along and getting richer when a real Business man was running the government instead of the Brown Bomber who is a Fasci-Communist and put us into 20 trillion dollars of debt.

        1. Because of all the pork that had nothing to do with any thing except the Obummer agenda. You backed a fraud.

        2. No, they fought the 1.9 Trillion! They fought Pelosi’s tunnel, they fought giving illegals fourteen hundred, they fought giving felons in prison 1400 dollars, they fought the bailout for failed states, they fought giving foreign countries American dollars to pay for abortions in their countries. In fact they fought against the wasteful spending of 1 trillion of the 1.9 trillion. Now you know why! Learn!

        3. My what a potty mouth you have Albert.. Too bad mama is not there to wash your filthy mouth out with soap.

  2. This bill is nothing more than PORK and Payoffs to cronies… Less than 10Percent has anything at all to do with Health issues… Its graft!!!

      1. From the bill you stupid arse. Oh I forgot you can’t read you only go by dumercrat talking points.

      2. Reported by the Economic pros that worry the feds will raise the interest rates on the 30 trillion dollars and we won’t be able to pay the 400 billion it will cost the tax payers. We will have to end Welfare and other programs created by those White Supremacist.

      3. Because that is all that will be going out to the citizenry. The rest is for a tunnel in S.F. so Nancy’s husband can have a subway stop by some undeveloped land that he bought years ago and wants to develop. It will go for Marijuana and booze and hard drugs for Nancy’s homeless and 25 K apiece to each and every over paid federal employee and to pay off the unfunded debt and pensions in New York and California. The rest will pay for the Demomarxist election campaigns of 2022 and 2024.. Then the slush fund will just evaporate away until the politicians have stolen all of it.

  3. He stated he had Brain Cancer, guess this proves it… I read an article that moneys went to illegal immigrants and planned parenthood… What a JOKE..

          1. What does it matter? You have to get other dumercrats to read and explain it to you in their terms.

  4. Now that the damage is done and I will be paying for this porkbarrel boondoggle ten times over, when do I get my $1,400 check?

      1. Hess, where do you go to school? The tax cut lowered the tax rates on the amount you pay taxes on. The tax schedule is listed in the tax booklet. Call you tax accountant.

  5. What is official is that Biden is already the worst President in US history followed closely by Barrack Obama, Clinton and Carter. I would say God help us but clearly this country has turned its back on God so no comfort expected.


  6. Biden’s a joke and just bailed out his liberal friends in Cal and N Y and other Blue states. Congress should know better than to approve this costly waste.

      1. Albert the Blue states could not have won without the stuffing of the ballot boxes and the votes of Illegal aliens.

  7. Senile Demosh*t President Joe Biden is owned by crazy Nancy and the other corrupt bluestate Demoshits!

    1. Pathetic Pelosi (should be spelled P LOSE I) and Soft Schummer both have got to go, they have bad, costly ideas that only benefit themselves and their rich connections.

      1. They will never leave–the money is too good and all of the insider trading that is not illegal for them but for everyone else you can go to jail for insider trading. Also the lobbyists bring fat envelopes of cash to hand to them under the table.

  8. Just think if all this money went only to Covid relief, every American would be rich and the economy would surge to heights never seen in our country. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Congress would for once do the right thing? No, what they did here was burden the taxpayers (us) with this debt and creating a way for a socialistic government. We will be taxed to death!

    1. How much of the Trump Stimulus went directly into the hands of people?
      Stock buy backs?

      1. The house controlled the release of those funds and a Trillion is still unspent. Trump wanted to place those funds directly into the hands of the people and the Democratic controlled house stopped it. Where have you been? You need to keep up. Biden has made America the great loser when people voted him into office.

      2. The corporations are the only ones who buy back their own stocks. It is said that much of the money that went to families was spent in the stock market because interest rates are so low they could get a better return.

    2. Wait until they take over all private property and make the owner of it the state also the same with any wealth or inheritance.. This is the beginning of Communism or Marxism when the State owns everything and a human is just a worker for the good of the state. All of the elites(politicians) live in luxury and you just exist.

      1. The US has been socialist for well over a century.
        Do you want to get rid of Social Security?
        How about unemployment?
        Mortgage interest tax deductions?

        1. If you think that is socialism you are even more stupid than I thought. Oh God can you please help this guy? He is so lost.

        2. Not Social Security because that is not socialistic. Those funds are payed by working Americans. Try welfare! It’s a socialist program made by old White Supremacist. Unemployment is a socialist program created to help for a short term not forever as the Democrats want to create. Mortgage interest deductions were to help off set the taxes you pay, again not a socialistic program. A little thought and a small amount of schooling (Public Schools a socialistic Program) may help you.

          1. To Richard.. The welfare payments to the welfare Queens and others who refuse to work comes right out of the Social Security Trust Fund. It was written that way by FDR as he could have never imagined that a single woman would have 15 to 20 children just to get ever larger checks and everything free.. One of the reasons the Social security trust fund is near bankruptcy.. This is the fund that illegal aliens get their checks from. They get the same or better benefits than American citizens.

        3. In a civilized society there must be some socialism to take care of the elderly who can no longer work or are ill and the same for some of the younger members of a society. In a free society–we still have our freedoms which Dr Fauci did his darndest to take away our freedoms with the lock downs..

          1. Biden ended our energy independence and did it before having an alternative in place, which will create another crisis. He should fire all his administrators. He did the same thing at the border and has created another crisis there also.

      1. Only a fraction of the latest from your bunch .It went to the people in need not for pure bull sh– Learn to read and less listening to Obumerites.

  9. Biden should be impeached. He is not competent to hold the office of Presidency. He is compromised re: China and complicit with the left’s fraudulent, Socialist agenda. The Republicans don’t have the “guts” or the votes to impeach him. Biden is enabling human rights abuses at our southern border and putting our nation in peril re: COVID pandemic and enabling illegal alien criminals; human trafficking, sex trafficking, enabling the exploitation of unaccompanied minor illegal aliens. What a horrific situation Biden is enabling. He should be stopped. God help us. Congress, DOJ, SCOTUS will not.

      1. Your back to that answer! By voting for Biden and the Democratic Party, you and those who share your basic views have made everyone in America a loser.

    1. I even read where those from countries who hate us are flying into Mexico and joining the caravans and guess we will see more destruction! ALL blood will be on joe and the hoe s hands!

      1. Do not forget that 2021 is the 20 year anniversary of the 9/11/01 disaster.. Lots of Mid- Easterners coming illegally over the border and headed for Muzzie land in Wi, MI and MN.

    2. Republicans are just giving Biden enough rope to hang himself. He is a corrupto-crat and in bed with the CCP.I noticed the Bill Barr is now the A.G. for Biden.

  10. All this jack ass is doing is just signing stuff and he doesn’t even know what he is signing only going by what they tell him. He is so stupid and senile to read what he is signing because he wouldn’t even grasp what he is reading. If someone doesn’t get rid of this retard soon there is going to be a war in this country and we won’t have to worry about the foreign countries. Sorry to say this country is doomed and will not get better until something is done about this whole corrupt administration. Democrats and Republican rhinos. He needs to be impeached and committed to an institution.

        1. States are arresting and investigating. As Biden stated, “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics. I take his word for it, unless he’s a liar.

        2. I do not know how many were arrested. Maybe they will be arrested once the forensic audits are complete.

          1. I do not believe it is the task of the President to arrest anyone. He has staff to carry out orders. There are law suits ongoing and the forensics are still in progress and it does not look good for Heels up and Biden.

      1. The voting machines count switch votes and give Trump’s votes to Biden and give Biden’s votes to Trump.. They had to hook the machines to the internet to do that .

  11. I want to know what craphole country is emptieing out fastest. Wherever it is, its starting to look pretty good.

  12. For anyone who has family and friends who voted for this crazy/empty brain old guy, make sure to thank them. Then, disown them.
    They are traitors to all of us and our country.
    I can’t even think straight!

      1. Remember what Biden said, “we believe our truths not your facts” The science of truths or the science of facts? Biden keeps everyone guessing.

    1. That sounds as likely as you having extra crunchy penis receptor maggots.
      Oh the joy of disrespecting others…..

  13. I see that Hess the Ass is already here.
    Those of you responding to his mostly nasty comments, are you NOT FAMILIAR with this ass?
    He has nothing to offer, and you’re NOT going to change him/her/it.
    Please just IGNORE.

    1. Really, I find him quite entertaining. Plus, I agree, he has made all American’s losers by his voting for Biden. He should be proud of himself for making himself a loser!

  14. A “win”??? The first major legislative win for Joe Biden??? $1.9 TRILLION! Where’s it going to come from? More debt, higher taxes? Or are we going to borrow the money from China! What happens when China demands repayment. Will the Chinese send their armies over to collect? Way to go Democrats. Hang on to your Bibles and guns, Americans… you may need them sooner than you think!

    1. It is like the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the tooth fairy.. The magic of the printing presses over at the Federal Reserve. Then they will print up U.S. Treasuries to back the printed trillions of dollars and then the Demomarxists will get to steal it over time Their motto is if it isn’t spent it is ours and poof it just disappears..

      1. Geographically Trump won over 3000 of the 3500 districts in America. Geographically Trump won. Population wise there is still questions on who won legally.

      2. If you think that we are happy to have a senile, demented grifter who has parasited off of the taxpayers for 50 years then you can have him. I hope he taxes everything you own..

  15. Of course the Democrat’s Stimulus bill is insane. It came from a group of people who tip the scales of insanity daily. Anything they pass belongs entombed and burned.

    There is so much crap stuffed in that legislation that the dems wanted passed and couldn’t get the votes, so they stuffed it inside this FAKE STIMULUS BILL. It is who they are and what they do!

    DO you actually think the Democrats are capable of truth or moral actions? Of course not! They belong to the “SNEAKY AND SQUEEKY PARTY” OF THE LEFT. No one you ever want to associate with…they are cancerous.

    1. They are not sneaky and squeaky. They are full blown criminals. Many in the House of Representatives have criminal records and some also in the Senate.. They never pass anything unless they can financially benefit from it.TERM LIMITS

  16. when Biden is found to be diagnosed as demented does this also make all of the executive order he signed unfit and should be null and void.

    1. Except in Arizona, Texas, California, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and every state that are actually looking into the thousand of sworn affidavits.

    2. They are coming–give them time to form an air tight case. There was so much fraud and in PA the Secy. of State changed a law that she could not do.. It is the purview of the state Legislature. It too them a while to put Brenda Snipes of Broward County FL in prison but she is there now and for a few more years.. She was in charge of all voting in Broward County FL..

  17. The fecal matter smears in the Capitol tells the whole world all they need to know about Trump supporters.

      1. That was to take the heat off of Hillary and her crooked e-mails that she wanted d to hide .. It would have exposed all of her Play for pay .and all of the Benjamins she accepted and speeches for half a million of 20 minutes by her hubby Slick Willy.

  18. Are there any maps of Capitol showing the locations of where the Trump supporters smeared their fecal matter, I want to avoid them.

    1. Here all this time I thought you wanted the locations to lick the stuuf off of the walls of where is was found.

  19. Indeed: from what I read, 9% of the bill addresses the COVID pandemic. The rest (91%) is typical progressive and left fantasy-land pork to entrench us further in their socialist workers’ utopian paradise. They treat a trillion dollars like it was a nickel. And the massive accumulation of debt will not end well for us or for our children…

    1. Nancy held the Cares act up for almost a year until she could get money to rebuild the cities that were burned and pay off the debt in CA and NY and also the unfunded pensions… She would not sign to give American citizens a helping hand unless she could give money to the teachers unions and pay for marijuana and booze for the homeless in SanFrancisco. and there are so many dirty things hidden in that money grab.. It will also pay for the Demomarxist elections for 2022 and 2024. I doubt that no infrastructure will be built like the shovel ready jobs of Obama.. THE money just becomes a big slush fund for the Democrats to steal and fritter away.

  20. Umm how about just reopening the economy fully and let us the people take responsibility without government in the way?

    1. How about just letting the people decide how much taxes they are going to pay?
      How fast they can drive?
      Even better, when they can have sex with children?

      1. You are a vile person. Are the little children your type of sex object? You brought it up–must be on your mind.

  21. I’m reading another war of words. The democrats whose arguments are found below couldn’t possibly have children or grandchildren because what sane person would foist this bill upon them? What country anywhere on earth has open borders except ours? What country allows border crashers who test positive for a communicable disease to enter?
    Can you think of a country where selected books were burned and speech was curtailed and made illegal? I can name a few. How did that turn out? On election night I heard that dignity was restored to the WH. Is dignity the insane orders of a man with the mind of a seven year old?
    Revolution is coming, it always does when events like these are unfolding.

    1. Seven year old–Biden is more like the 4 year old version of Senility. Biden finds it necessary to erase all of the good that Trump did or started.. He never once gave Trump credit for the vaccine that Joe had put into his arm on Dec 21, 2020. These illegals have more rights than American citizens and he is giving them all of the benefits that American citizens worked for, They are filling up the Texas hospitals and the drug cartels are bringing in so much dope now that the border is unprotected and the coyotes along with the cartels are getting richer and richer.. Biden has held back on Vaccines for Texas to punish the republicans who did not vote for him The book burnings–they did that in Germany when Hitler was becoming powerful. Just remember that if they can burn books they can burn Mankind also….

  22. But the good thing is that it is young, foul-mouthed, gullible, indoctrinated, democrat socialists who will get stuck with the bill.
    I like that!!!!

  23. Don’t acknowledge HESS it’s clear he’s starved for attention. Just move on with discussion and ignor

  24. Biden “knows” zip-period. He has his “handlers'” & “babysitters.’ Kamala & Jill are always “there”& he had to ask “NANCE” “if” press questions were O.K. The Whitehouse cut the feed.This guy is nothing but a puppet. Susan Rice & Pelosi are “running the show”. Somehow, someway, the deck of cards WIILL fall.Nance will invoke the 25th Amendment & KAMALA WILL BE PRES. & PELOSI NEXT IN LINE. Mark my WORDS!

  25. All real Americans will rue the day the democrats were given the upper hand in DC. There will be gnashing of teeth when our economy utterly crashes and the entire country is plunged into economic despair. Only fools think that money is free.

  26. The “First One” to GO is Pelosi. She “thinks” that she is “the QUEEN” & that NOBODY can “figure” any of this out. This woman has been in “office” for 34 YEARS! “Mad MAX” for 44? THAT’s THE SWAMP! The “rest” of ’em have been embedded for 30+ yrs. for PENSIONS!”WE” need TRUMP back ! “IF” he can’t do it, “WE” need somebody else who CAN & that “HE” supports!

  27. “Even the President of Mexico sees the problem at our southern border. President Lopez-Obrador openly admits Biden’s immigration policies (or lack thereof) are sparking a wave of migrants seeking to cross into America as well as driving human smuggling operations to new highs. Speaking about the people headed towards America, the Mexican President said, “They see him (Biden) as the migrant president.” So do we sir. So do we.“

    1. But the AMERICAN media loves this guy.
      Meanwhile even other 3rd World countries are laughing at America’s stupidity.

      1. Imagine what our enemies are thinking about now.. America is weak and 09/11/2021 a ten year anniversary is coming up.

    1. Albert Hess is probably the Chief Financial Officer for one of the Big Techs I wonder about him when he said something about politicians having sex with children. I turned it back on him..

  28. Massive Give aways to the states of New York and California to pay their back debts and unfunded pensions. and the teachers unions and 25K to each and every Federal employee. The money will pay for the Democratic elections of 2022 and 2024. The infra-structure will likely be like the shovel ready jobs of Obama and eventually the money will just become a slush fund and disappear. Not only have the Commie-crats stolen the election of 2020, they have now bankrupted the USA and inflation will return as in the times of Jimmy Carter, Joe has shut off our oil and gas and wishes us to be beholden to the Middle East for our energy when we were for 4 years energy independent and were even exporting our energy.. Joe has put good hard working talented craftsmen out of work arbitrarily so as to keep A.O.C. happy. Joe is a China quisling–he is in business with them and it does not benefit the USA. It benefits fit Biden family of GRIFTERS. He is flooding the USA with covid positive Illegal Aliens that he has invited to invade the USA and we are not even out of a Pandemic. They are here for the benefits and freebies–they are not educated and do not speak English. They only benefit the drug cartels and the Coyotes..

  29. After last nights address and he walked away… I wasn’t sure he was going to make it to the end of the hallway!


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