Sen. John Kennedy Obliterates $1.9T Bill, Calling this a “‘Coronavirus Bill’ is like Thinking ‘the Stripper Really Likes You’

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Senator John Kennedy completely slammed President Biden’s $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill he signed today saying that calling the bill a “coronavirus bill” was like thinking “the stripper really likes you.”


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The Daily Wire reports:

“President Biden says it’s a coronavirus bill and my response is, ‘Right, you know, and the stripper really likes you,’” Kennedy said. “I said the other day that calling this a coronavirus bill is like calling Harvey Weinstein a feminist. It’s just chock-full of spending porn. There are parts of it I like. I like trying to help people who are unemployed, and I like trying to help our small business people, especially our restaurants.”

“But I don’t understand why we have to give bucket-loads of money to prisoners. Why do they need help?” he continued. “I don’t understand why we have to give money to people who are in our country illegally. I don’t understand why we have to give money to states whose revenues have gone up. I don’t understand why we have to give $130 billion to schools that refuse to open. I don’t know why we have to pay reparations — this bill has a reparations provision — and if you add up all the coronavirus spending, and then all the spending porn, there’s no comparison.”

“And to me, using a coronavirus bill to effectuate spending porn, is like looting after a natural disaster and that’s why I voted against it,” he concluded. “We tried with President Biden, he said, ‘Look, ‘I’ll meet you half way,’ we said, ‘OK.’ Well, and then he just ignored us.”

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